6 Best Flash Cards For Toddlers

best flash cards for toddlers

Looking for the best flash cards for toddlers? Congratulations, you’re on course to implementing the best arithmetic and language learning method for your little one(s).

Don’t get it wrong. Blackboards and learning apps are cool and all, but they are nowhere near as good as flash cards. There’s a whole set of scientific studies that back these humble cards. We can’t get into that right now, but I’ll give you a summary anyway.

Toddlers usually benefit a great deal from mental stimulation, especially the kind (of stimulation) that focuses on the right side of the brain. This is the subconscious and intuitive part of the brain. It takes in information quicker than the left side of the brain and you don’t need repetition for it to learn. The same can’t be said about old leftie!

Guess which side is stimulated when you use flash cards? The right! Every time you flash a card your little one will learn and retain whatever word or phrase is on that card thanks to the right side of the brain. You may want to keep the sessions exciting, relaxed and brief because…well, you’re dealing with a toddler and toddlers have a short attention span.

And equally important, make sure you have the right set of cards. Here’s a review of the best flash cards for toddlers to give you an idea of what to buy.

Best Flash Cards For Toddlers

Best Flash Cards for Toddlers – Quick View

Recommended Age# of CardsBest For Learning:
Carson Dellosa First Words Flash Cards4 – 7 years54Language, Animals & objects 
My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards1 – 3 years16Language. Feel of various objects
Counting Ring Flash Cards1 – 3 years26Counting, Basic arithmetic, Animals & objects
School Zone Numbers4 – 6 years28Counting, Basic arithmetic, Animals & objects
School Zone Alphabet Flash CardsAt least 3 years56Alphabet, Spelling, Animals & objects
Carson Dellosa AlphabetFlash Cards4 – 7 years54Alphabet, Spelling, Animals & objects

1. Carson Dellosa Words Flash Cards by Brighter Child – best flash cards for toddlers to learn first words and phonetics

54 flash cards for toddlers. first words.

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Even though Brighter Child recommends these cards for toddlers who are at least 4 years old, you can actually use them for 1 to 7-year-olds. The pack has a total of 54 cards with “starter” words like apple, ant, ball, leaf, nest, sock and many more. Besides, there are images of common animals and objects like fox, bike, button, duck, and banana just to name a few. They are pretty colorful as well, you can bet that your little one will have his/her undivided attention on these.

Quite a good way to keep him/her away from the TV, isn’t it?

Reasons to Buy Carson Dellosa Words Flash Cards

apart from the fact that these are the best flash cards for toddlers, here are some more reasons:

  • Excellent for learning first words. Printed with simple and basic words, this set will introduce your toddler to pronunciation, reading, and phonics. Most of the words have 6 letters or less, which makes the deck perfect for early education.
  • Your kid will learn best with images. On one side of these cards is a word. When you turn it around, you get the same word with its picture cue. This is the very first step to teaching your little one about visual-spatial learning.
  • Colorful design to keep the child’s interest up. While the words are printed in black, images are in full-color. The cards feature a red frame and rounded corners. These combinations make each card have some appeal on kids.
  • Thick material. You want your flashcards to be durable, and that’s why the Carson Dellosa deck features thick cards for longevity.

2. My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards by DK – best flash cards for toddlers to develop tactile learning

my first words flash cards

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If you’re looking for the best flash cards for 2-year-olds, then DK’s may just have the perfect solution. This set of 16 cards takes toddler learning beyond phonics. In addition to words and picture cues, each card in this deck has a tactile that the child can touch and know exactly how the object feels in real. If these aren’t the best flash cards for toddlers whose sense of touch is developing, I don’t know which cards are!

Reasons to Buy My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards

  • Language development. The flash cards are printed with words like sweater, dog, teddy bear, keys, car, fire truck, and other simple stuff. All these will go a long way in developing your toddler’s phonetics and basic sentence construction.
  • Translations. While the main word on a card is given in English, it’s also translated into French, German, Spanish and Chinese. In other words, this deck gives you the perfect foundation to teach your little one at least two languages. Don’t forget that people who are multilingual have better concentration, problem-solving skills, memory critical thinking ability, and listening skills.
  • Touch and feel area. This is the one feature that makes this set one of the best flash cards for 2-year-olds. Each card has an area that your toddler can touch and feel. By doing so, he/she will know how that drawn object feels in real life. Keep in mind that at that age, kids usually use all their senses, including touch, to learn. So this is like a step into kindergarten or pre-school already.

3. Counting Ring Flash Cards by Mudpuppy – best flash cards for toddlers to learn to count

Counting Ring Flash Cards for kids

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Use this set of flash cards to introduce your little one to counting and basic arithmetic. Each of the 26 cards measures just 5 x 2.75 inches, which is a perfect size for the small hands of your toddler. 20 of the cards have numbers on one side and illustrative objects on the other side. The number of objects corresponds to the number printed on the other side. Makes it fun to ask your child “how many apples are these?” And when he/she says “two”, you turn the card to show him/her how the number two is written.

Reasons to Buy Counting Ring Flash Cards

  • Excellent cards for counting. The numbers run from 1 through 20, which means that your child can use this deck to learn the first 20 numbers.
  • Includes arithmetic. 20 cards are for counting and 6 cards cover basic addition. Besides preparing your toddler for school math that’s yet to come, such basic arithmetic boosts creativity, critical thinking, and passion for math. And, your kid will be able to socialize properly with others in contexts that require some arithmetic knowledge like counting toys.
  • Colorful images. Kids are visual learners, duh! If you just put a number on a card, they can easily forget. But adding some art makes them remember the number. Over time they will recognize the number without having to see the images. Counting Ring Flash Cards use this concept superbly by combining numbers and artsy images. They may look a bit too artsy (and less realistic) but they do the trick nonetheless.
  • Cardboard material. The cards are made with laminated cardboard for durability. You can bet on them to last for so many years.

4. School Zone Numbers Flash Cards – best flash cards for toddlers to learn simple arithmetic

School Zone - Numbers 0-25 Flash Cards - Ages 4 to 6, Preschool, Kindergarten, Math, Addition, Subtraction, Numerical Order, Counting, and More

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Still not sold on Mudpuppy’s Counting Ring Flash Cards? Perhaps this deck by School Zone will do the trick. It has a total of 28 cards that are designed to teach your child counting and simple arithmetic. Just like the Counting Ring cards above, this set of cards is printed with numbers and images to make sessions more interesting. Take the number 5 for example. There’s the number “5” symbol on the flashcard, the number “five” word, and 5 cars as picture representations. So, every time your little one sees the symbol 5 he/she will associate it with the word “five”.

That’s associative learning at its best!

Reasons to Buy School Zone Numbers Flash Cards

  • Great for counting 0 to 25. The numbers are printed clearly on each card alongside their spellings and picture representations.
  • Introduction to basic arithmetic. In addition to the numbers, there are three extra cards. One is for addition (+), the other one is for subtraction (-) and the third one is an equal sign (=). Well, you get what the makers had in mind ☺. Hold out the number 2 card, followed by the + card, then the number 5 card, and the = card and finish the equation with the number 7 card. Just like that, your toddler will learn that 2 + 5 = 7.
  • Colorful images. It’s not just about numbers, there are images as well to make each lesson as fun as possible. From tractors to cars and even a whale, there’s plenty that you can teach your child with these creative flash cards.

5. School Zone Alphabet Flash Cards – best flash cards for toddlers to learn the alphabet

Alphabet Flash Cards. Preschool. Toddlers.

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This is yet another great set of flash cards for 2-year-olds or toddlers who are in that age range. School Zone recommends this deck for 3+ year-olds, but you won’t lose anything in introducing your enthusiastic learner to these flash cards when he/she is 2 years old. In fact, there may be more to gain because at that age he/she can already associate things. He/she will look at an image and associate it with the corresponding letter. You can go the extra mile and teach him/her a few things about pronouncing the letters and basic phonetics. That’s how helpful these flash cards can be in language development.

Reasons to Buy the School Zone Alphabet Flash Cards

  • Teaches alphabet. The deck has 26 letters in uppercase and 26 letters in lowercase. Each letter has a phonic association like A for apple, B for bee and C for crab. You can go a step further and introduce your young champ to spelling by forming simple words (like ace, bee, do and eat) using the cards.
  • Perfect size for toddlers. Each of the cards measures 3 x 5.5 inches. They are not too small for the child to lose or try to swallow, but they are not too large to feel bulky either.
  • Makes excellent toy. How about using this deck in card games? Try the matching game with your child. Let him/her match the uppercase and lowercase of a letter to win. Or you can start by picking out one letter and let him/her pick the one to follow in alphabetical order. There’s just so much you can do with these.

6. Carson Dellosa Alphabet Flash Cards – best flash cards for toddlers to learn phonics songs of the alphabet

Alphabet Flash Cards. Carson Dellosa. Toddler Early Learning.

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The main difference between these flash cards and the School Zone Alphabet Flash Cards is that this set has the same image for uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, the uppercase letter “D” is for dog just as lowercase letter “d” is for dog. This consistency is what makes it a perfect set for phonics songs. Otherwise, these two decks of cards are mostly similar.

Reasons to Buy the Carson Dellosa Alphabet Flash Cards

  • Good for mastering the English alphabet. In the deck, you will find uppercase letters from A to Z and lowercase letters from A to Z. Each one has a phonic association.
  • Picture cues. Phonic associations are basically pictured cues that also act as learning tools. When your child is tired of learning the alphabet you can switch to the images and let him/her identify an apple, dog, zebra, elephant, fox, lion and every image that he/she can.
  • Good quality cards. The glossy card stock used to make these flash cards makes them eye-catchy and also durable. 


We may be in the age of technology but the humble flash card still remains the champion of teaching alphabets, numbers and basic arithmetic. If you have a child, it’s important that you introduce him/her to this type of learning as early as possible.

That way you will give him/her the much-needed boost in language development, problem-solving, counting, arithmetic and a ton of other skills. And yes, you need the best flash cards for toddlers.

Any of the six above will do the job. Better yet you can pick two; say one for alphabets and one for numbers.

Best Sand And Water Toys For Toddlers

best sand and water toys for toddlers

Sand and water have been entertaining toddlers since the dawn of mankind!

Are they simply fun toys, or can they play an important role in the development of your toddler?

In this post, I am going to take a look at the best sand and water toys for toddlers. I will also be looking at some of the benefits that these types of toys will bring to your child.

Some can be used in the bath too, which is great if your toddler is hating bath time!

Sand And Water Toys For Toddlers

Ultimately, if you want to give your toddler hours of fun, then you should definitely consider Kids sand and water toys!

Not only will they give your toddler some excellent, social play, but they will also entertain you as you watch them.

Oh, and you really should watch them too, because any play that involves water can be potentially dangerous!

Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark

Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark for toddlers

Toddlers will have hours of fun playing with the Sandy Lagoon!

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The Sandy Lagoon by Little Tikes is an awesome sand and water toy that your Toddler will have hours of fun playing!

The pit comes with 2 characters. These characters can race down the twin slides to see who enters the water first.

In terms of size, this sand and water toy is perfect for toddlers. The measurements are 26.5 x 26.5 x 34.5 inches.

For toddlers, it is an awesome toy, where they can splash and dig until their hearts are content!

For Parents, you will be totally entertained by your toddlers activities! From far enough away that you do not get wet, obviously!

The Sandy Lagoon and all other sand and water toys help to develop hand-eye coordination, social, and active play.

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Yarrrrh! If your toddler is into Pirates too, then this sand and water toy is a winner!

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My Toddler absolutely loves Pirate toys! He also loves sand and water play.

The Anchors Away Pirate Ship by Little Tikes covers the fun from both angles.

Playing with sand and water toys will certainly give your toddlers imagination a workout. Throw in a Pirate themed toy and their imagination will go into overdrive!

I mentioned above that there is a small danger that you will get wet if you are too close to your toddler playing. The Anchors Away Pirate Ship takes it a little bit further too!


Because it comes with at least 1 item that squirts water!

First up we have the cannon. Thankfully, the range is not that great. Secondly, we have a totally portable shark squirter. I’ll say that again:

Totally portable!

Which means you are a target wherever you are observing the play from.

The build quality of the Anchors Away pit is outstanding. Little Tikes really do know how to make toddler toys that are built to last!

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+

American Plastic Toy Sand and Water Play Set

American Plastic Toys Sand and Water Playset for toddlers and young kids

With so many games to play, your toddler will spend hours of fun with this toy and sand toy!

View Price On Amazon

Next up we have the awesome American Plastic Sand and Water Play Set!

This toy is a mix up between a fun sand and water toy, and a construction toy for Toddlers.

Boy does it know how to spark their imagination…

Let’s take a look from a construction angle first.

This toy comes with a rotation crane and a dumpster to return the sand to the pit. This is a great toy for Toddlers obsessed with construction, and will also help with developing hand-eye coordination.

Now we look at the sand and water play!

What I like most about this playset is the mini waterway which allows easy transportation of sand and water all the way to the other side.

The journey can be a perilous one for the tiny barges. They will need to deal with any waves created by the snap-on wave creator!

All in all, this is an excellent sand and water toy that will keep your toddler entertained for hours.

Manufacturers recommended age: 18 Months+

Step 2 Splash N Scoop Bay

Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay Sand and Water Table

This sand and water pit is an awesome choice for a toddler!

View Price On Amazon

Next up is the Step 2 Splash n Scoop Bay!

This extremely sturdy, ultra-fun sand and water toy is perfect for Toddlers.

From a toddler’s perspective, the best thing about this toy is the water tower, which can be combined with the mountain to create a cascading waterfall.

If you know toddlers, then you will already know how much they love pouring water! Over, and over, and over, and over…

Another great thing about this toy is that you can cover the sand if you are not a fan of combining sand and water. Toddlers will happily play with either side for hours.

Obviously, when you have a toy with both water and sand you know they are going to get mixed up, right?

Along with the tables, you will also receive a small bucket, a weird ‘half-shark’ scooper, and a toy rake/spade.

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+

Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun

Melissa and Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel, Great Gift for Girls and Boys – Best for 2, 3, and 4 Year Olds

Going to the beach? Then take a long this awesome sand and water toy by Melissa and Doug!

View Price On Amazon

Melissa and Doug are very quickly becoming one of my favorite toy manufacturers! Not only do they appear on this list, but you will also see them on the following posts:

I said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Melissa and Doug are renowned for creating fun, educational toys for Toddlers.

They really are!

Although this last toy moves away from the standard sandpit type toy, I wanted to include it in this post because it is awesome in its simplicity.

It doesn’t matter how big a toy is, it only matters that your toddler is engaged with it. Trust me, toddlers will be engaged with this sand and water toy!

It is simple, sand or water can be poured into the top of the toy and your toddler can watch it cascade through to the bottom.

The best thing is, it is much more portable than any other option on this page.

If you are having a day out at the beach, then why not take it along!

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+

Toddler Benefits – Playing With Sand And Water

Develops Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are vital. Some of the toys on this page offer your child the challenge of getting water or sand from one part of the toys to another.

It will not be long before they develop their problem-solving skills to overcome this.

Develops Cause And Effect Association

When you pour the water or sand into a funnel, the result is that it comes out the other side.

These toys offer something very similar, especially those with long, winding funnels, or those with buckets or spinning water wheels.

Social Play

These toys are immense fun when a toddler is playing on their own. Add another person into playtime and your toddler will be learning some important social interaction skills.

These skills are vital for when your toddler reaches a School age and begins interacting with new friends!


In this post, I have detailed 5 items that I consider to be the best sand and water toys for toddlers. I also threw in some details about how these types of toys will aid your toddlers development.

Let’s take a second to remember one extremely important point here:

Any toy that involves water can be dangerous.

Did you know that there are around 10 deaths per day that can be attributed to (non-boating related) unintentional drowning?

1 in 5 of those are 14 years and younger.

It is VITAL that you oversee any play that involves water! It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to keep kids safe.

It is not just drowning that you need to be concerned about either. If you have read a number of articles on my blog, then you will already understand that keeping my toddler safe in his house is right at the top of my list of important Dad duties!

If your toddler is playing with water:

  • Do not let them run, they might slip over
  • Keep them away from electrical items, they might get a shock
  • Always observe, they might drown

Good luck!

Digger Toys For Toddlers – The 6 Best Options

best digger toys for toddlers

Digger toys are awesome, right?

There is no greater feeling than the feeling you get when watching your toddler playing. But, when they are into diggers, which toys are best for them?

In this post, I am going to take a look at some of the best digger toys for toddlers.

The best thing is, there are tons of different types of digger toys available. Some are simply toy diggers, and some are functional diggers! I must admit that my son loves the functional types best, but when the weather isn’t great he will pick up the indoor versions.

I am going to cover both options right here and let you choose!

Functional Digger Toys For Toddlers

Functional digger toys are basically small diggers that are used to pick up sand or dirt, before dumping it somewhere else.

The benefit of these type of digger toys is they allow the toddler to immerse themselves in being a digger operator. Throw in a hard hat and they are in their own little world, they ARE a digger driver.

Let’s take a look at some options now.

Big Dig Ride-On Working Crane Digger

The Big Dig Crane allows toddlers to roleplay, but do not forget the hard hat!

View Price On Amazon

Here we have the awesome Big Dig ride-on fully working digger that will be adored by your toddler!

The best thing about this digger toy is its durability. In fact, all of the toys on this page have been selected for their durability. When shopping for toddler toys, I always check to see how sturdy it is before buying.

I know what toddlers are like…Girls, or Boys, toys do not last long if they are not durable!

These ride-on digger toys are not only awesome for toddlers who need to develop their hand-eye coordination, but I have also seen Kids queuing up to have a go in a local park 6 deep. None of them were under the age of 5! These are toys that will last for years.

It was this moment that prompted me to buy one of these for my own son.

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+

The Dig and Roll Ride-On with Wheels

With The Dig and Roll Ride-On toddler digger, they are able to get moving too!

View Price On Amazon

The highly durable Dig and Roll sand digger is an excellent toy that will keep your kids entertained.

Many of the sand diggers available are on a base, which means they are difficult to move when you are small. This option allows your child to move the unit around with ease! If you recognize the design, it is because it is the wheeled version of the Big Dig working crane above!

If they have run out of sand or dirt, they can simply wheel it over to another spot and begin digging again.

Don’t forget the hard hat!

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+

ALEX Toys Active Play Super Sand Digger

The Super Sand Digger by ALEX Toys is another awesome example of a ride-on digger for toddlers and younger kids!

View Price On Amazon

With dual hand control, wide base, and a working shovel, your kids will love playing with this super sand digger.

There is one major benefit to this sand digger…it can be packed away and stored neatly when it is not being used! This is great for those who have small yards, and it is also great if it looks like it is going to rain.

The fact that it is easily stored means you can even pack it away and take it on any beach trips.

Manufacturers recommended age: 4+

Other Toy Diggers For Toddlers

Take Apart Digger Toy

I am a big fan of take-apart toys! This Digger take-apart Toy is awesome!

View Price On Amazon

Toddler toys that can be taken apart and put together BY A TODDLER (I have to add that bit) are an excellent way of developing hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills.

When I considered the best DIY construction toys, I had to slip in a build-it-yourself toy car!

My son has a take-it-apart toy car, and he absolutely loves playing with it.

This take-apart digger toy is an excellent choice and has many different types to choose from too.

They will begin with 18 objects that need to be placed in the correct order. Using the screwdriver, they need to add these objects together to build the digger. Once it is built, they get to play with it.

This take-apart digger is very robust and durable, which is great news – we all know what toddlers are like when ‘playing’! Even when they are not toddlers anymore, they will keep coming back to these take-apart toys.

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

Kids love LEGO, so why not give them a digger LEGO toy?

View Price On Amazon

LEGO is an awesome toy, period.

It has so many benefits to a child’s development, such as:

This DUPLO set includes a digger, a dumpster, 2 characters, a roadwork sign, shovel, and various pieces of DUPLO that can be picked up by the digger.

As with all DUPLO sets, it is very easy to build, and your toddler can use the pieces to rebuild anything.

The only limit is their imagination!

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+

Bruder CAT Skid Steer Digger Toy

The Bruder CAT Skid Steer digger toy is simple and robust, perfect for toddlers!

View Price On Amazon

When you are looking for toddler toys, you need something durable, right? And, when you are thinking about durability, then CAT fits the bill.

The Bruder Caterpillar Steel Loader is highly durable has been built to last. It is a basic digger toy that will work on any surface.

The only moving parts on the Skidsteer are the bucket and the 4 tires. Having said that, when you are a toddler and you LOVE diggers, then they can while away the hours picking up sand, water, dirt, or random pieces of LEGO!

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+

Toddler Benefits – Playing With Diggers

Develops Motor Skills

For the ride-on toddler digger toys, they will need to get used to the controls and understand the consequences of what happens when they pull the lever. This type of toy will help to develop some important motor skills. Specifically, these toys will help develop gross motor skills.

Develops Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are vital, and giving a toddler a digger toy, especially a ride-on type, will help them to develop their skills.

Think about it, after digging a hole in the sand, they will want to fill it back up. What is the solution? Use some of the excess sand in the pile they have just made!

Develops Spacial Awareness

Spatial awareness is an important life skill. I should know because my wife has absolutely none!

When a toddler is using a ride-on digger toy they will need to get used to the distance between the sand and the levels. When they first sit on a sand digger they will not be able to hit the spot straight away.

Given time, they will learn about space between, and their skills will improve.


Again, this is for the ride-on digger toys. With nearly 1 in 5 children suffering from obesity, it is vital that you get them outside performing some physical activity.

Lifting a few pounds of sand will definitely get their hearts pumping, right?


Here we discussed the best digger toys for toddlers along with some of the benefits of playing with them.

You now need to consider which one fits your needs, and more importantly…

…always ensure that you go the manufacturers recommended age for each toy!

I have an awesome time playing with my son whenever he wants to dig, but I draw the line when it is cold!

Good luck, and have fun!

Best 5 DIY and Construction Toys For Toddlers

best diy toys for toddler

It happens every time I get a screwdriver or a hammer out! My Son wants to use it…

The first time it happened, I used it as an excuse to NOT do the DIY job I was given. Boy did I call that badly…I had holes in the walls, and scratches on the floor! He needed his own DIY kit, and it needs to be tough enough to be used by a Toddler, but not tough enough to make holes in my walls! Here I take a look at the best 5 DIY toys for Toddlers.

Best DIY Toys For Toddlers

120 Piece Toddlers DIY Toy Shop Tools

Toy Choi's 100 Pieces Kids Construction Toy Workbench for Toddlers, Kids Tool Bench Construction Set with Tools and Drill, Children Toy Shop Tools for Boys and Girls

Your Toddler will not know where to begin with this huge 120 piece DIY toy workbench!

View Price On Amazon

This DIY tool toy bench has 120 pieces, which is too many to mention all of them in this post! But here is a rundown of the most important tools in this toy DIY kit:

  • Saw
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Safety Glasses
  • Pliers
  • …and much more!

Let’s begin with the DIY bench. The most important thing here is the bench needs to be sturdy because Toddlers will be leaning all over it. If it is a flimsy build, then it will soon become yet another pile of toys on your Toddler’s floor.

You will be pleased to know that the build quality of the Choi’s DIY Toy Bench is excellent! It is extremely sturdy and clearly built by people who totally understand just how destructive a Toddler can be.

You will need some batteries for the drill by the way…

I love the color theme of this DIY Toddler toy, although you may recognize the branding if you have a keen eye!

When a Toddler is choosing a toy, they are first attracted to colorful objects, which makes the bright yellow the perfect choice.

I mentioned early about the danger of ending up with a pile of toys on the floor, but there is no need to fear with Choi’s DIY Toy Bench because it can be packed away easily, ready to carry to another DIY location. This is easily one of the best construction toys for Toddlers!

This toy is the beginning of a full-on building set!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+

Think Gizmos Pretend Play Sets

Deluxe Toy Tool Set for Toddlers TG668 – Fun Tool Box Kit for Boys with 40 Pieces Including Battery Powered Drill - Tool Set for Toddlers & Boys by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected)

The Think Gizmo DIY toy is an excellent option for Toddlers! The kit contains every toy needed, and can be carried inside the toolbox!

View Price On Amazon

The Think Gizmos DIY Pretend Play Set has 40 items, but it is still too many to list here!

A basic rundown is:

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • …and much more!

Similar to the Choi’s DIY bench above, the Think Gizmo option also has a battery-powered drill, which is going to be the most popular tool that your Toddler will want to play with! I would put money on that…

In terms of portability, this DIY toy comes with a carry case so your Toddler can march around the house looking for various things to fix, or break further!

This Think Gizmo DIY toy is well built and definitely strong enough to stand up to Toddler play time.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+ (There are some small bolts)

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit Wooden Toy (Pretend Play, Sturdy Wooden Construction, 9.9" H x 5.5" W x 4.8" L, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, and 5 Year Olds)

Melissa & Doug are experts in creating awesome, educational toys for Toddlers! With over 30 years’ experience!

View Price On Amazon

Melissa and Doug pride themselves on providing a wide range of well-built toys aimed at developing your Child’s motor skills. The Take-Along Tool Kit is no different.

What stands out most about the Take-Along tool kit is that it is built from wood, which offers slightly better build quality than those made from plastic, but heavy play may damage the wood.

The Take-Along Tool Kit has a functional toolbox, which already has pre-drilled holes that your Toddler can use to practice using the nuts and bolts that come with the kit.

You may have also noticed that I rate Melissa and Doug toys very highly! In fact, I have recommended the Lock and Roll set in my search for the best lock and key toys!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+

Workbench Kids DIY Tool Toy

This workbench DIY toy for Toddlers is excellent value for money, and contains all of the essential toys!

View Price On Amazon

Here is another awesome toy workbench that is easily packed away to be carried over to the next important DIY task!

Filled with 12 toy tools, your Toddler will be fascinated with how they all work and what they can do with each.

The drill will need batteries, and as I mentioned above, this will be the most used tools in the set, so load up on batteries, because you are going to need them!

In terms of price, this workbench offers the best value for money. When compared with the Choi’s DIY Toy Bench, there are certainly fewer toys but the build quality is the same. That is extremely important when your Toddler is going to be playing with it, right?

The only other difference is the manufacturer’s minimum age recommendation. This DIY toy is recommended for 2+, which allowed a smaller Toddler to begin learning about DIY and construction!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 2+

Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It

Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It!, Fine Motor, Pretend Play Toy Tool Set, 6 Piece, Ages 2+

The Learning Resources DIY Toy Set is an awesome option for younger Toddlers!

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This is a fun little toolbox that includes:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench

It is an excellent starter kit to develop your Childs interest in DIY and construction. It does not include items such as nuts and bolts, which are key to developing fine motor skills, but it is awesome for them to use these while you get on with the real DIY!

All items can be carried inside the toolbox to the next important DIY task, and the build quality is excellent.

I had to put this as an option, simply because it has a lower minimum age, which makes it great for smaller Toddlers.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 2+

Why a Toddler WILL LOVE A DIY Construction Toy Kit

Let me begin by naming just some of the skills that a DIY toy can develop in your Toddler:

Personally, I rate DIY construction toys as the best way to improve hand-eye coordination, simply because Toddlers love playing with them, and the nuts and bolts require them to slow down and match up both items perfectly. Sure, there will be some frustration at first, as there always is when a Toddler cannot do something! The more they practice the better they will be, and they can then apply the same patience and coordination to other areas of life.

Ultimately, Toddlers want to do everything that a grown-up can. When they see a grown-up performing some DIY construction tasks, they will want to help, and the best way of getting them to keep quiet is to give them their own set of DIY tools to perform the same jobs that a grown-up is doing!

There are a few optional extras which you may want to consider when looking at DIY toys for Toddlers:

It is not simply the construction based DIY toys that grip a Toddlers attention. My Son spent hours as a Toddler playing with two other DIY based toys because he absolutely loves them:

It is well worth considering both of those as an option too, although there is a common theme for both of those, and that is a working drill!


If you are looking for DIY toys for a Toddler, then this page has identified 5 of the best, and 5 that will suit any budget.

You can go for a full-on workbench, or simply opt to go for a smaller toolbox. Either one will be absolutely adored by a Toddler!

There are three things to bear in mind though:

  • Teach your Toddler to pack the items away after use (I know, easier said than done!)
  • Watch how they use the tools, and make sure they are not doing anything dangerous with them!
  • Always check the manufacturer’s recommended age.

Take the opportunity to teach them how to use tools correctly. Have a goal in mind too! My Son wanted to use the real tools, and I promised him a small turn only when he had learned to use his tools first. That was clearly a bribe to help develop his motor skills a little more.

Construction toys are top of my Sons playtime list, along with fire station toys, and digger toys!

Good luck!