The Best Toddler Hip Carrier: Comfortable Hip Carriers

Want to know one of the best ways you can bond with your toddler? Let me tell you, by carrying them! I know; they are getting heavy now, right? What if there was an easier way to carry them around when their legs are too tired even to walk?

Well, there is. It is a hip carrier!

Because you are an awesome person, I have been looking around at some of the best toddler hip carriers. The 6 I have chosen are on this page!

6 Toddler Hip Carrier Options Comfortable Hip Carriers

Why a Toddler Hip Seat Carrier?

Once your baby reaches three months, they may be big enough to be carried with a hip seat carrier. This specialized babywearing gear distributes the baby’s weight on your hips and waist. Doing so relieves some of the pressure from your back, shoulders, and hips. If your hip hurts from carrying a toddler, I suggest you consider a hip carrier.

Contrary to a front-facing baby carrier that forces you to hunch forward or a backpack carrier that makes your back straighten, a toddler hip seat carrier lets you retain your natural posture. It moves around your waist, letting you switch the baby from one hip to another whenever fatigue creeps in.

So, take the load off with a hip seat carrier for toddlers!

What’s The Best Toddler Hip Carrier?

Not all baby hip carriers are made equal. While you need one, it’s essential to ensure that whichever one you choose is the best toddler hip carrier for you and your baby. It should be comfortable and affordable. Ensure it feels right on you, your little one, and your pocket.

Weight capacity and durability are the other considerations to keep in mind. You don’t want a hip carrier that won’t support your baby when they add just a few pounds. Worse yet, one that will wear out after two or three months of use.

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Are you feeling spoilt for choice? Well, you’re lucky because we have already done your hard work. Below is a list of the best toddler hip seat carriers.

Comparison: Top 6 Best Toddler Hip Carriers

Hip Seat – Recommended For Baby and ToddlerWeight CapacityCarry PositionsRecommended AgeAvg. Rating
Bebamour Foldable Baby Hip Seat Carrier44 poundsFacing inward, facing forward & horizontal3 – 36 months4.2
ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier44 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying, side hug3 – 36 months4.3 
Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat33 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying3 – 36 months4.3
Per Fashional Baby Hip Seat55 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying0 – 36 months3.8
Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling35 poundsFacing inward, side-lying3 months or older4.4
Hippychick Hip Seat79.4 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying, side hug6 months or older4.5

Review: Top 6 Best Toddler Hip Carriers

Bebamour Foldable Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Bebamour Foldable Baby Hip Seat Carrier Ergonomic Toddler Waist Seat

This Bebamour toddler hip carrier is simple and easy to use!

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If you can only buy one toddler hip carrier, make it a Bebamour; better yet, go for this particular model. It packs premium features yet comes at a very affordable price.

First, you can use it in three different ways: with your toddler facing inward, with them facing forward, and in the horizontal position. With a seat surface of 5 inches, this carrier is just enough for your baby or toddler to sit or stand on comfortably but not too big to feel bulky.

The seat has a non-slip surface to keep the toddler safe. The thick padding on the waist strap makes this carrier an excellent friend to your abdomen and torso for comfort.

It has a foldable aluminum frame. You can fold the entire carrier and store it in a bag or pouch when not in use. Its two zippered pockets – one in front and the other on the side – provide room for storing diapers, tissues, bottles, and whatnots. This carrier makes an excellent buy for babies between 3 and 36 months old.


  • Very soft surface that doesn’t hurt the baby’s bottom
  • The surface doesn’t sink in (to lose shape) even after extended use
  • Excellent construction
  • Supports multiple carrying positions


  • Not the best for plus-sized people
  • Not machine-washable

ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier

ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier Toodler Waist Stool Seat Carrier BC10

ThreeH has created a simple toddler hip carrier to take on the burden!

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A running issue with most of these baby hip seat carriers is their short-waist belt. ThreeH sought to solve the problem by introducing a longer, adjustable waist strap that can fit slim and plus-sized baby carers with simple adjustments.

By default, this hip carrier comes with a waist belt of 28 to 44 inches. If you need a longer one, you can order it separately, and you’ll get the entire belt, complete with all the buckles. The ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier earns several points from that fact alone.

More importantly, this hip carrier is comfortable and safe for you and the baby. Its large stool has a non-slip surface and a 30-degree angle, so your baby doesn’t fall off. That, combined with the Velcro strap and buckle, makes it one of the safest toddler hip carriers on the market.

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  • It has a pocket for storage.
  • Supports up to 45 pounds of weight or 3 to 36-month-old babies
  • The stool is made using EPP foam for durability, while the soft sponge pad provides comfort
  • Made with baby’s safety in mind
  • Extremely affordable. Represents the best value for money


  • Suitable for the shoulders but can dig into the hip and cause pain after prolonged continuous use.

Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat 6 in 1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier Backpack

Another option by Bebamour, and this time it has the option of a complete baby and toddler carrier!

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A toddler hip seat carrier is cool. But do you know what’s even better? A hip seat carrier that’s also a baby carrier. You can get that combo when you buy the Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat.

This hip carrier is designed for babies 3 to 36 months old and can support up to 33 pounds. And at 1.82 pounds, it’s light enough for virtually every adult to carry, even with a baby.

Note that babies 6 months or younger should be carried using the hip seat alone. If your little one falls into that age, detach the upper part of the carrier, tie the baby seat around your waist and enjoy some fun times together.

Its cotton and polyester material offers a comfortable surface for the baby and lasts long. Just under the seat is a large pocket that can hold several essential items, from diapers to phones and car keys.


  • It’s a seat and carrier combo.
  • A breathable surface (76% cotton) keeps your baby cool when the temperature is high.
  • Supports 6 different carrying styles: 3 as a hip seat carrier and 3 as an ordinary carrier
  • The waist strap is about 48 inches, which is long enough for most people
  • Fitted with a hood to protect the baby from the sun or light showers


  • Too small for bigger babies. Can’t support more than 33 pounds of weight

Per Fashional Baby Hip Seat

Per Fashional and Comfortable Baby Hip Seat Carrier Adjustable 0-3 Years Old Baby Carrier Baby Straps

Simple, great looking, and easy to use… the Per Fashional Hip Seat has everything you need!

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Some people will tell you that the best toddler hip carrier is one with a 30-degree tilt. That’s justifiable because a slight tilt provides a safer (and perhaps more comfortable) stool for the baby. You will find that type of stool in the Per Fashional Baby Hip Seat.

Padded with a sponge lining, this baby hip seat carrier has a waist belt that adjusts from 25.59 to 46.45 inches. In other words, it can fit slim as well as bigger waits. The adjustable strap helps you fasten the entire seat safely to your waist.

A small mesh pocket is on the side of this toddler hip seat carrier. This one is pretty small compared to the pockets found on other models. Not many things can fit in, probably just a phone, keys, or something equally small. Regardless, this well-designed toddler hip carrier can support up to 55 pounds. It’s ideal for babies who are under 3 years old.

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  • Wide stool and sponge lining provide a comfortable seating surface
  • A thick waist belt distributes the baby’s weight effectively
  • High weight capacity and fitted with two straps for extra safety
  • The waist belt is large enough for people of all sizes
  • 30-degree tilt prevents the baby from sliding off the surface


  • Limited color options. You can only get it in khaki, red, and dark blue 

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers (Summer Rainbow)

Rock the rainbow look with this hip carrier sling!

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This rainbow-colored sling by Hip Baby Wrap is perfect for people who prefer slings over ordinary hip carriers. It’s still a hip carrier, and the only difference is that you wrap the baby in it (rather than them sitting on a stool).

Is that a good thing? Absolutely! Your child will be safer because they will have an entire cloth wrapped around them, not just your arm. It also acts as back support for the baby.

Made with 100% cotton that is breathable, this sling can support up to 35 pounds of weight. It’s a straightforward carrier, but you’ll need to learn how to wrap it safely for the baby and comfortably.


  • It can double up as a nursing cover when you need to breastfeed
  • Aluminum rings make it easy to adjust the length of the sling
  • Soft, lightweight, and breathable fabric provides your baby with comfort
  • Excellent for slim, medium, and plus-sized users
  • Easy to maintain because it is machine washable. Be sure to place a sock around the aluminum rings to avoid damaging your washer.


  • The shoulder is not padded, but that shouldn’t be a big issue because the fabric can’t bruise you.
  • Requires a few lessons to learn how to wrap safely

Hippychick Hip Seat

Hippychick Hipseat Baby Carrier | Lightweight Adjustable Back Supporting Waist Stool for 6-36 Months (Black)

Hippychick has created a simple toddler hip carrier to make it easier to carry your tired little one!

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The Hippychick “Hip Seat” or Hippychick “Hipseat,” choose your pick. However you want to call it, this toddler hip seat carrier can easily turn into your best friend if you have a 6-36-month-old baby.

It features a padded surface that provides the ultimate comfort for your child. But not at the expense of safety. The seat has a non-slip surface that keeps the baby safely in place. For extra security, the carrier has a waist strap that firmly holds the position on your waist. It is well-padded and won’t cause any discomfort at all.

This carrier feels light despite the strong and durable material (it feels like Cordura). It’s machine washable, too, so that’s a plus for maintenance. Open the zip to remove the seat and throw it in the washer.


  • Does an excellent job in distributing weight
  • It has inward-facing pockets to keep your belongings safe
  • Ideal for older babies of up to 3 years
  • Easy to put on or remove
  • Well-made and durable


  • The waist strap is only suitable for slim people


Here’s a tip to wrap up the review: the best toddler hip carrier is one that allows your baby to sit in the ‘M’ position.

The above products support that, but it also depends on the age and size of your baby.

If you have the chance, ensure that the model you choose has enough padding for you and the baby.

A hip seat will do the job just fine if you are looking for a toddler carrier!

Good luck!


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