5 Reasons Why Your Toddler  Is Licking Everything

"Your toddler is probably going through the licking phase. Don’t worry, in time they will develop a different annoying habit for you to be concerned about! "

- Dad Gold


You know what it is like being a toddler (if you can remember that far back!) Everything is new. Your toddler might be licking everything because they enjoy the sensory experience.



Licking things may be giving your toddler some comfort. Licking may remind toddlers of when they were comforted during breastfeeding or bottle feeding.



Your toddler might be licking everything because they want to get a reaction from you.

To Get A Reaction


Do you have a cat or a dog? Your toddler could be mimicking their behavior, thinking that it is something that humans also do.

Mimicking Pet


You have a toddler. They lick stuff. You may not like this because it is a classic ‘catch-all’ statement, but it might just be a phase they are going through!

Just Something They Do - A Phase