"Some babies can jump straight to walking, while others take little more time to develop their fine motor skills."

- Dad Gold


Be your baby’s support, holding their hands as they take their first wobbly steps to explore their surroundings. 

Hold Their Hands


Cruising is a really great indicator your baby wants to start walking, so be sure to encourage the behavior. 

Encourage Cruising 


When you’re inside, let your baby move around barefoot or with non-slip socks. This helps your baby’s feet, ankles, and arches to develop. 

Skip The Shoes


Push toys are fun ways to encourage walking and often include other sensory experiences to help keep your baby stimulated. 

Push Toys


Start to tempt them to walk by leaving a trail that they will find hard to resist. This will encourage your baby to walk because they want to get back to playing! 

Make It Enticing!