"It’s not just your brain and your body chemistry that will change. You will notice adjustments in your thoughts, behaviors, priorities, and more."

- Dad Gold


From the moment you become a dad, your entire existence will revolve around protecting your child.

You Will Be More Protective


When you have a child, you will view the world in a whole new light, and you will begin to observe and pay attention to others around you.

You Will Notice More


Even if you were the most laid-back person before becoming a dad, you would develop a sense of anxiety and dread that you never knew possible.

You Will Worry More


Fatherhood is like boot camp. You will be pushed to your limits, but you will come out the other side stronger and a better man and father for it.

You Will Survive on Less


Being active and engaged with your baby will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

You Will Become Healthier


Life isn’t all fun and games anymore, and you will become more selective with your time – and often who you spend your time with – once you become a dad.

You Will Be More Selective