5 Positive Redirection Phrases For Toddlers

Dad Gold · October 2021

"Positive parenting allows you to keep the impact and importance of the word “no” while redirecting their energy into good behavior."

- Dad Gold


Whenever your toddler asks if you can go to the park or partake in an activity, instead of telling them "no, not today," try telling them, "we can go over the weekend." 

Change No To Yes


Another word that parents of toddlers find themselves using often is "don't." Instead of saying "don't run," try saying "slow down your pace" or "turn it to a walking speed." 

Remove "Don't" From Your Vocabulary.


If ever they’re doing something they shouldn’t be and you redirect their behavior, thank them for listening to you. 

Thank Them For Attentiveness


Instead of telling them “don’t run” or “don’t yell,” redirect them with funny phrases and activities. Toddlers listen when there’s an activity for them to do involved.

“Walk Like a Turtle”


Phrases like this one are a fantastic way to deter interest in items they “have to have” every time you go to the store. If their interest in it is genuine, they’ll ask you for the item for their birthday.

“We’ll Add That to Your Birthday List.”