Teaching Your Children Gratitude 5 Steps

"So, make gratitude as simple as being thankful for having all the cool toys and enjoying them instead of always nagging for new ones."

- Dad Gold


Setting a good example for your kid is the best way to teach them anything. They not only share your genetic similarities but also like to mirror your gestures, actions, and behaviors. 

Lead by Example


When you say ‘yes’ to their every whim, they start to take it for granted instead of learning the value of their possessions. 

Don’t Indulge Their Every whim


Start donating stuff to the less fortunate people in front of them and tell them how amazing it feels.

Encourage Selfless Act of Kindness


Having a grateful perspective will allow them to feel more content and appreciative of their wins, however big or small they are.

Teach Them Contentment


Whenever your child or anyone in your family thinks of something they’re grateful for, tell them to write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a gratitude jar.

Incorporate Activities to Make it Fun