Toddler Wakes Up Crying Every Morning?

"Are you feeling like going nuts because your toddler wakes up crying EVERY morning? Here are the possible reasons why"

- Dad Gold


As babies grow and reach the toddler stage, they may develop an unusual feeling of fear when they wake up in the absence of their parents. 

Anxiety Awakening


Sleeping discomfort is one of the common causes and could be the reason why your toddler wakes up crying every morning.

Sleeping Discomfort


Though it is a common problem in adults, many toddlers also suffer from sleep inertia. It is a state where your toddler wakes up feeling groggy or half asleep. 

Sleep Inertia


It is a sleep disorder brought about by introducing certain conditions such as pacifiers in a toddler’s mouth to make them fall asleep.

Inappropriate Sleep Onset Association


It occurs in old toddlers whose sleeping schedule remained the same even as they need less sleep with age.

Too Much Time In Bed