About Me

DadGoldWhere do I begin?

Let’s start with the obvious, I’m a dad. That goes without saying, right?

I have 2 kids. One was dragged out from the comfort of his Mother’s womb kicking and screaming. Honestly, he really didn’t want to come out, and who can blame him!

Since being born he has opened up my world and forced me to grow up and behave in a way that a Father should. Begin responsible for another human being is tough, which brings me to the reasons why I started a blog to help dads out.

Since starting this blog, I have been blessed with a second child! Life got a little tougher, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Why Did I Start This Blog?


As I mentioned above, being a dad is tough, and being a new dad is tougher.

Straight after the pregnancy test, the overwhelming feeling hit me like a steam train, my life is going to change!

Even then I didn’t fully understand how much it was going to change, and whether or not it was going to change for the better. After all, I quite liked being irresponsible!

When you get the overwhelming feeling that you are going to be a new dad, you begin to reach out for advice anywhere you can get it. Some advice is good, and some advice is bad.

I wanted to start a blog to help out the new dads, and offer some reassurance that it isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. In fact, looking after a kid is easier than you think, and tremendously fun!

In my life, I have always been the same. I am faced with a task and my immediate thought is ‘How can I make this easier?’ and ‘What can I do to improve it?’

When it comes to being a Father, I always take the same approach, which is why DadGold.Com is filled with some awesome tips for new and existing dads, alongside some products which I have found extremely useful in my quest to bring up a healthy, smart, polite son. I am part way there, but still learning!

Aren’t we all?

If you look close enough, there are also some tips to help you deal with another minefield…Mom! Mom will need some looking after, and will need you to be at your best. It helps you get some relationship points!

To counter the advice for looking after mom, there are also some awesome articles on how you can look after yourself, and how others can help to look after poor old dad.

Basically, this website is here to help you through the waking hours. From the time your kids wake up, to the time when they are back to sleep. Outside of that, you are on your own!

Enjoy reading the articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Good luck, and stay strong dads!