How Do You Know When To Stop Pacifier Use?

When To Stop Pacifier Use

OK, for reasons only you know, you gave your baby a pacifier. I gave my son a pacifier. The pacifier offered comfort to my son, and that was enough for me to hand it over. The question is, when do you take the pacifier away from your baby? How do you know when to stop pacifier use? Let’s take a look and answer some common questions.

What you will learn in this post:

  • When babies should stop using their pacifier
  • How do you know when to stop pacifier use?
  • …and more pacifier related questions!

How Do You Know When To Stop Pacifier Use

When Should Babies Stop Using Pacifiers?

The official advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics is that you should begin phasing pacifier usage out at around the 6-month stage.

The advice goes on to suggest that you should keep the pacifier out of sight when it is not in use to stop your baby from developing a habit to use it just because they can see it.

If you need to, then you should apply the pacifier to help them fall asleep, but you should remove it after they fall asleep.

I hear That Pacifier Use Impacts Breastfeeding, Is That Right?

Yes, it is. In fact, research has shown that babies who are given pacifiers do not take in as much milk during a breastfeeding session, the researchers concluded the following:

Pacifier use was independently associated with significant declines in the duration of full and overall breastfeeding.

Source: The American Academy Of Pediatrics.

Why Should I Stop My Baby From Using The Pacifier?

Why you should Stop Pacifier Use

Delayed Talk

Using a pacifier may delay your little one’s speech development. This is because using a pacifier will adjust teeth position, plus when babies begin to babble (practice talking), they will also be doing it with a pacifier in their mouth. That will lead to inconsistently developed muscles.

Ear Infections

If your baby gets regular ear infections, you should consider removing their pacifier earlier than normal.

Researches in Finland discovered that by reducing pacifier use, it also reduces the risk of an inner ear infection!

Remove Reliance

When deciding what age to take the pacifier away from your baby, you should be thinking about your little one continuing to develop a reliance on it.

Whenever you decide to remove the pacifier from your baby, it is not going to be easy. I can tell you that it just gets worse!

Ever heard of the saying short term pain for long term gain? That is what you should be thinking here. If you think that your baby is ready, then you should work to stop the pacifier use straight away.

How Do You Know When To Stop Pacifier Use?

Whilst the official recommendation suggests that you should remove the pacifier from around 6 months, you may want to continue the usage beyond that for your own reasons.

Pacifier weaning is a huge challenge! You have to work against addiction, and a habit at the same time.

The older your child gets, the more difficult it will be. Having said that, the older they are, the more options you have for considering pacifier alternatives. When your child is 2 years old, they can understand a lot more. That means you can add bribery to get them to get rid of the pacifier!

Are There Any Benefits To Using A Pacifier?

Reduction In SIDS

Yes, there is one huge benefit of using a paci! Research has shown a reduction in the chances of SIDS death by using a pacifier.

For me, that is one of the sole reasons why I was happy with my son using a pacifier!


I know this is also the reason why you want to get rid of the pacifier, you don’t want your baby to get comfort from the pacifier, but it can also be looked upon as a benefit.

Your baby will need comfort in life. Maybe they get comfort from it when you are not in the room with them, or maybe they are sick and need some additional comfort.

The Rules Of Pacifier Weaning For Babies

There are certain rules that you should adhere to when removing the pacifier, both for your sake, and also for the sake of your baby too! First, you must decide when to stop pacifier use, and then you should learn the rules.

Remember – consistency is key! This is a battle of wills that you must win, any loss will put you on the back foot for future battles.

Don’t Give In

The key message is that you should not give in. The first day of withdrawal is likely to be noisy, frustrating, and filled with a little anger. The good news is that as each hour that passes, it gets easier and easier.

During the tough times, do not give in. It is important that you continue with removing the pacifier! By giving up, it strengthens your baby’s resolve that you will give in with a little pressure.

Stagger The Withdrawal

By staggering the withdrawal, I mean you should following this process:

  • Stage 1 – Remove it during the day, and give it back as they are due to sleep, or nap.
  • Stage 2 – Remove the pacifier for naps too.
  • Stage 3 – Remove the pacifier for night sleeps, but still use it to soothe them back to sleep if they wake up. Remove it when they are asleep.
  • Stage 4 – Complete removal of the pacifier!

You have made the decision on when to stop pacifier use, and now it is time to implement the plan!

Provide Alternatives

When my son gave up his pacifier, it was because I bought him some boxing gloves. The words exchanges where:

‘I can give you these boxing gloves, but they are for big boys who don’t have a pacifier’

The pacifier was given to me immediately and he never looked back.

The key message here is that you should provide some pacifier alternatives.


If you are wondering when to stop pacifier use, then the information on this post will have absolutely helped you!

One of the biggest problems when deciding when to take away the pacifier is actually getting your child to stop using it! I devised 7 excellent pacifier alternatives for toddlers that you might want to consider using.

By getting rid of the pacifier, you will be battling addiction and a habit. Those make this a huge challenge, but not impossible (although it may seem impossible at the time). As a parent, you need to stay strong and do not give it. The battle to give up the paci will be over soon, and you will never have this battle again (unless you make the decision to have another child!)

Good luck!

5 Beautiful Baby Night Light Projector With Music Options

night light projectors with music for babies

Is your baby’s sleeplessness giving you sleepless nights? Are you at your wit’s end due to a lack of sleep? Don’t panic. There are things you can do to help your toddler or baby get to sleep early or on time!

If it is an early, or stress-free night that you want, then you could help yourself out by using an awesome baby night light projector with music to help soothe your little one!

Here are my top 5 night light projectors with soothing musical options…

Best Night Light Projector with Music Comparison

  # of Songs Auto Timer Rating
SOAIY Aurora Projector Night Lamp12
Customizable playlist
Yes 4.2
TOTOBAY Ocean Wave Projector Nature & customizable playlist Yes 3.7
Moredig Baby Projector Customizable playlist Yes 4.1
AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light 12 preinstalled & customizable playlist Yes 4.2
Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector Nature & customizable playlist Yes 4.0

Best Night Light Projector with Music Review

1. SOAIY Aurora Projector Night Lamp

View Price On Amazon

SOAIY’s night light projector with music has a little bit of everything that’s good: a relaxing Borealis/nebular pattern, ambient LED lights, music, timer, remote control and basically everything that you would expect in a good night light projector for toddlers.

When you cover the dome you get the Borealis/nebular pattern. When you remove the cover you get a brighter LED color that you can use as a substitute for the ordinary light. Both options will keep your baby’s eyes transfixed on the ceiling.

Best Features of the SOAIY Aurora Projector Night Lamp

  • Cool light pattern: this is what your child will like the most. Instead of some random colors, this projector displays Borealis and nebular-like patterns. Imagine looking at the aurora borealis on a dark night in the Antarctic sky or observing the stunning nebular cloud using a really powerful telescope! This right here is the closest thing to those two. And when your little one seems tired of marveling at them you can switch the mode to a warm LED color.
  • Adjustable angle: instead of projecting patterns in only one direction, this lamp rotates through 45 degrees to ensure that the pattern moves to various positions on the wall and ceiling. That’s top-notch entertainment for any toddler.
  • Customizable music: while it doesn’t have built-in songs, you can create your own playlist on a phone, iPod or any other MP3 player and plug the device to this lamp. That’s an opportunity to play your child’s favorite lullabies.
  • Remote control: when the child finally goes to sleep, you can use the lamp’s remote control to switch it off, reduce the volume, change the light and what-have-you. Besides, the remote allows you to set the timer in case you want the lamp to switch off automatically after 1, 2 or 4 hours.


  • You can only set the timer using the remote control. If the remote fails it means you won’t be able to use the timer either.

2. TOTOBAY Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector (Newest Generation)

View Price On Amazon

Contrary to the Moredig Baby Projector which only has built-in songs, the TOTOBAY Ocean Wave projector allows you to create your own playlist in addition to the 4 hypnosis sounds that are built in the device. You can hook it to your phone, MP3 player or computer to play music, or you can load the songs on a memory card and insert it in the projector.

Look at it this way: you can create a playlist with your child’s favorite songs!

That alone is reason enough to call it one of the best night light projectors with music. But it offers plenty more, including several projection patters, LED lights and easy controls.

Best Features of the TOTOBAY Ocean Wave Projector

  • 19 color modes: the Ocean Wave projector offers an abundant number of color modes. There are 7 seaside patterns and an additional 12 LED lights. If you want to create a sea-like ambiance you can choose from the 7 ocean wave options and let the projector rotate (rotates through 45 degrees). Alternatively, you can pick a warm LED light to get your little one in the mood for sleep.
  • Built-in sounds: we’ve mentioned that you can hook an external player like a phone to this projector and play your child’s favorite lullabies. The other alternative is playing the 4 hypnosis sounds that come with the projector. From seagull sounds in the ocean to insect sounds in the forest, bird sounds along a river and merry nature sounds – the choice is yours (and your child’s).
  • Remote control: this is a convenience that you don’t want to miss out on. Feeling too tired to make the walk to the projector? Switch it off with remote control. You can also use the remote to adjust volume, change the light mode, choose an LED light and so on.
  • Timer: if you need the device to shut itself off you can set a timer for that. There are 4 timer settings: 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours.


  • Makes some slight noise when rotating even when the music is turned off. However, it’s not so much noise to deny your baby sleep.

3. Moredig Baby Projector with Timer and Remote

View Price On Amazon

If you’re looking for the most well-rounded night light projector with music, then this is it. In addition to calming songs, the Moredig Baby Projector offers tons of options when it comes to lighting. You can either choose a warm and sleep-inviting LED light or project a pattern on the ceiling.

Regardless of your pick, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a built-in timer for anywhere between 5 and 500 minutes. If you don’t want it to run the whole night you can set the timer so that the unit shuts off automatically.

Best Features of the Moredig Baby Projector

  • Three lighting modes: you can choose between a starry night, animal kingdom and warm LED light. The first two options project a pattern on the ceiling (stars or sea animals). LED lights, on the other hand, create a sleep-inviting ambiance. There are 4 color options for LED lights, namely warm, red, blue and green. You can change the brightness level of each light.
  • 360-degree rotation: the Moredig Baby Projector is not one of those projectors that just stay there. It rotates through 360 degrees to project the pattern on different parts of the room. That’s one of the ways through which it grabs the baby’s attention and keeps him/her from crying.
  • Soothing songs: the 12 carefully selected songs are relaxing and soothing. You’ll be amazed at how fast they can make a baby (and even you) go to sleep. Simply press the music button and a tune will play. You can adjust the volume to a level that’s comfortable for your little one.
  • Remote control: this is important because there are times when you want to change the pattern, start/stop the music or turn off the projector altogether without having to get out of bed.


  • The remote only works over a 5-meter distance. It might not be so helpful if your toddler’s room is far from yours.

4. AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light

View Price On Amazon

Think your little one is an up and coming astronomer? There’s barely a better way to acknowledge that interest than gifting him/her with this night light projector with the capability of playing music.

It displays an awesome night sky complete with the moon and vibrantly colored stars.

The 12 relaxing lullabies that come with the lamp will put your little astronomer to sleep before he/she can count the stars. They are loaded in a 128MB memory card which you can take out and customize the playlist to suit your baby’s interest in music.

Best Features of the AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light

  • 360-degree rotation: the moon and stars rotate through 360 degrees to give a factual representation of the night sky. It barely makes any noise while rotating. Also, you can stop the rotation at any time. It’s possible to have the lights on and the rotation turned off. There are some night lamps that don’t have such a setting.
  • 9 different colors: in addition to the beautiful night sky pattern, the AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light has 9 different LED lights that include red, blue, green and white. They are perfect if you want to create a warm and sleep-welcoming ambient in your baby’s room.
  • Remote control: this is a given for any good night light projector with music, but a point worth mentioning nonetheless. The remote works over a distance of 32 feet and controls almost all the functions, including the timer (yes, there’s a timer with 5 to 999 minutes), volume and ON/OFF switch.
  • 2 power options: you can choose to power the AnanBros lamp with a USB cord or with 4 AAA batteries.


  • You can’t change the rotation speed on this night lamp. That may be a bummer if you want it to go slower or faster. Other than that, the device is perfect in so many ways.

5. Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector

View Price On Amazon

The Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector is a lot like the TOTOBAY (check #2 above). They both have an ocean wave lighting pattern, LED lights, built-in hypnotic music, customizable playlist, timer, remote and even fall in the same price range.

As a matter of fact, if you’re not feeling so thrilled about the TOTOBAY lamp you can go with this one as a substitute. So what does it bring to the table?

Best Features of the Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector

  • Ocean wave lighting: there’s something about ocean wave projector lamps that makes them irresistibly cool. Not sure if it’s their bluish light or the underwater pattern they create in a room. Either way, this particular model will create that blue, relaxing ambiance in your toddler’s room.
  • 7 different lights: the color blue is always nice in a child’s room. But every once in a while you may feel the need to mix things up a little. Luckily, the Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector allows you to choose from 7 different colors, including purple and green. In addition to that, you can set it to LED mode. In that case, your color options shoot up to 12.
  • Customizable music: it has a built-in speaker for playing mellow music as your little one enjoys his/her much-needed rest. The lamp takes a TF card which you can load with your toddler’s favorite lullabies. Alternatively, you can hook up your iPhone, iPod, MP3 player or laptop (even PC or Mac) to the lamp and play music straight from the device.
  • 45-degree rotation: the lamp rotates through 45-degrees. You can turn off rotation using the remote control that’s included in the package. Speaking of which, the remote control also allows you to turn the lamp on or off, change lighting colors and modes, set the timer and adjust the music’s volume.


  • It doesn’t have wireless connectivity like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You have to use a cord every time you hook up to a smartphone, iPod or any other device. That, however, shouldn’t be a big bummer seeing as most of these lamps don’t support wireless connections.

Projectors With Music – Do They Work?

The relationship between babies and sleep is, um, let’s call it complicated.

There are days when your little one will be out like a light and there are days when he/she will have trouble getting to sleep. The latter case is the more problematic one.

Babies need good quality sleep for proper mental and physical development. Not to go into details but if your toddler doesn’t get enough sleep, he/she will be at a higher risk of developing diabetes and being overweight. He/she may also have learning and attention problems.

Those are all things that you want to avoid at all costs. How? By putting a night light projector with music in your little one’s room. These soothing sleep aids not only calm your baby to sleep but also grab and hold their attention when they wake up at night. That prevents them from crying and ultimately sends them back to sleep. Besides, the soft light that they produce will make it unnecessary for you to switch on the bright light when you go to check on the baby.

Long story short, a light projector is a must-have.


See how simple it is to get your little one to sleep? All you need is a night light projector with music. And the best part is that all these lamps are pretty affordable.

Need a more specific recommendation? How about one ocean wave lamp (TOTOBAY Ocean Wave Projector or Delicacy Ocean Wave Projector), a one-night sky lamp (SOAIY Aurora Projector or AnanBros Remote Baby Night Light) and the Moredig Baby Projector because it provides more options when it comes to projected patterns.

Good luck!

The Best Toddler Hip Carrier: Comfortable Hip Carriers

best toddler hip carrier

Want to know one of the best ways you can bond with your toddler? Let me tell you… by carrying them! I know, they are getting heavy now, right? What if there was an easier way to carry them around when their legs are too tired to even walk? Well… there is…it is a hip carrier! Because you are an awesome person, I have been looking around at some of the best toddler hip carriers. The 6 I have chosen are on this page!

Why a Toddler Hip Seat Carrier?

Once your baby reaches three months he/she will be big enough to be carried with a hip seat carrier. This specialized babywearing gear distributes the baby’s weight on your hips and waist. By doing so, it relieves some of the pressure from your back and shoulders.

Contrary to a front-facing baby carrier that forces you to hunch forward or a backpack carrier that makes your back straighten, a toddler hip seat carrier lets you retain your natural posture. It moves around your waist, letting you switch the baby from one hip to another whenever fatigue starts creeping in.

What’s The Best Toddler Hip Carrier?

Not all baby hip carriers are made equal. While you definitely need one, it’s important to ensure that whichever one you choose is the best toddler hip carrier for you and your baby. It should be comfortable and affordable. Be sure to check that it feels right on you, your little one and your pocket.

Weight capacity and durability are the other considerations to keep in mind. You don’t want a hip carrier that won’t be able to support your baby when he/she adds just a few pounds. Worse yet one that will wear out after two or three months of use.

Feeling spoilt for choice? Well, you’re in luck because we have already done the hard work for you. Below is a list of the best toddler hip seat carriers to choose from.

Comparison: Top 6 Best Toddler Hip Carriers

Hip Seat – Recommended For Baby and ToddlerWeight CapacityCarry PositionsRecommended AgeAvg. Rating
Bebamour Foldable Baby Hip Seat Carrier44 poundsFacing inward, facing forward & horizontal3 – 36 months4.2
ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier44 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying, side hug3 – 36 months4.3 
Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat33 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying3 – 36 months4.3
Per Fashional Baby Hip Seat55 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying0 – 36 months3.8
Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling35 poundsFacing inward, side-lying3 months or older4.4
Hippychick Hip Seat79.4 poundsFacing inward, facing forward, side-lying, side hug6 months or older4.5

Review: Top 6 Best Toddler Hip Carriers

Bebamour Foldable Baby Hip Seat Carrier

Bebamour Foldable Baby Hip Seat Carrier Ergonomic Toddler Waist Seat

This Bebamour toddler hip carrier is simple and easy to use!

View Price On Amazon

If you can only buy one toddler hip carrier then make it a Bebamour; better yet go for this particular model. It packs premium features, yet comes at a very affordable price.

First of all, you can use it in three different ways: with your toddler facing inward, with him/her facing forward and in the horizontal position. With a seat surface of 5 inches, this carrier is just enough for your baby or toddler to sit or stand on comfortably, but not too big to feel bulky.

The seat has a non-slip surface to keep the toddler safe. For your comfort, the thick padding on the waist strap makes this carrier a good friend to your abdomen and torso.

It has a foldable aluminum frame. When not in use you can fold the entire carrier and store in a bag or pouch. Its two zippered pockets – one in front and the other on the side – provide room for storing diapers, tissues, bottles, and whatnots. Overall, this carrier makes an excellent buy for babies who are between 3 and 36 months old.


  • Very soft surface that doesn’t hurt the baby’s bottom
  • Surface doesn’t sink in (to lose shape) even after extended use
  • Excellent construction
  • Supports multiple carrying positions


  • Not the best for plus-sized people
  • Not machine-washable

ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier

ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier Toodler Waist Stool Seat Carrier BC10

ThreeH has created a simple toddler hip carrier to take on the burden!

View Price On Amazon

A running issue with most of these baby hip seat carriers is their short-waist belt. ThreeH sought to solve the problem by introducing a longer, adjustable waist strap that can fit slim as well as plus-sized baby carers with simple adjustments.

By default, this hip carrier comes with a waist belt whose circumference measures 28 to 44 inches. In case you need a longer one you can order it separately, you’ll get the entire belt complete with all the buckles. The ThreeH Baby Hip Seat Belt Carrier earns several points from that fact alone.

More importantly, this hip carrier is super comfortable and safe for you and the baby. Its large stool has a non-slip surface and a 30-degree angle to it so that the baby doesn’t fall off. That, combined with the Velcro strap and buckle, makes it one of the safest toddler hip carriers on the market.


  • Has a pocket for storage
  • Supports up to 45 pounds of weight or 3 to 36-month old babies
  • The stool is made using EPP foam for durability while the soft sponge pad provides comfort
  • Made with baby’s safety in mind
  • Extremely affordable. Represents the best value for money


  • Good for the shoulders but can dig into the hip and cause some pain after prolonged continuous use

Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat 6 in 1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier Backpack

Another option by Bebamour, and this time it has the option of a complete baby and toddler carrier!

View Price On Amazon

A toddler hip seat carrier is cool. But do you know what’s even better? A hip seat carrier that’s also a baby carrier. You can get that combo when you buy the Bebamour Baby Carrier with Hip Seat.

Designed for babies who are 3 to 36 months old, this hip carrier can support up to 33 pounds of weight. And at 1.82 pounds, it’s light enough for virtually every adult to carry, even with a baby in it.

Note that babies who are 6 months or younger should be carried using the hip seat alone. If your little one falls in that age detach the upper part of the carrier, tie the baby seat around your waist and enjoy some fun times together.

Its cotton and polyester material not only offers a comfortable surface for the baby but also lasts long. Just under the seat is a large pocket that can hold several essential items, from diapers to phones and car keys.


  • It’s a seat and carrier combo
  • Breathable surface (76% cotton) keeps baby cool when the temperature is high
  • Supports 6 different carrying styles: 3 as a hip seat carrier and 3 as an ordinary carrier
  • The waist strap is about 48 inches, which is long enough for most people
  • Fitted with a hood to protect the baby from the sun or light showers


  • Too small for bigger babies. Can’t support more than 33 pounds of weight

Per Fashional Baby Hip Seat

Per Fashional Baby Hip Seat for 0-3 Years Old Baby

Simple, great looking, and easy to use… the Per Fashional Hip Seat has everything you need!

View Price On Amazon

Some people will tell you that the best toddler hip carrier is one with a 30-degree tilt. That’s justifiable because a slight tilt provides a safer (and perhaps more comfortable) stool for the baby. You will find that type of stool in the Per Fashional Baby Hip Seat.

Padded with a sponge lining, this baby hip seat carrier has a waist belt that adjusts from 25.59 to 46.45 inches. In other words, it can fit slim as well as bigger waits. The adjustable strap helps you fasten the entire seat safely to your waist.

On the side of this toddler hip seat carrier is a small mesh pocket. Compared to the pockets found on other models, this one is pretty small. Not many things can fit in; probably just a phone or keys or something equally small. Regardless, this well-designed toddler hip carrier can support up to 55 pounds of weight. It’s ideal for babies who are under 3 years old.


  • Wide stool and sponge lining provide a comfortable seating surface
  • Thick waist belt distributes baby’s weight effectively
  • High weight capacity and fitted with two straps for extra safety
  • The waist belt is large enough for people of all sizes
  • 30-degree tilt prevents the baby from sliding off the surface


  • Limited color options. You can only get it in khaki, red and dark blue 

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers

Hip Baby Wrap Ring Sling Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers (Summer Rainbow)

Rock the rainbow look with this hip carrier sling!

View Price On Amazon

This rainbow-colored sling by Hip Baby Wrap is perfect for people who prefer slings over ordinary hip carriers. It’s still a hip carrier, the only difference is that you wrap the baby in it (rather than him/her sitting on a stool).

Is that a good thing? Absolutely! Your child will be safer because he/she will have an entire cloth wrapped around him/her, not just your arm. It also acts as back support for the baby.

Made with 100% cotton that is breathable, this sling can support up to 35 pounds of weight. It’s a pretty straightforward carrier, but you’ll need to learn how to wrap in a way that is safe for the baby and comfortable for you.


  • Can double up as a nursing cover when you need to breastfeed
  • Aluminum rings make it easy to adjust the length of the sling
  • Soft, lightweight and breathable fabric provides your baby with comfort
  • Excellent for slim, medium and plus-sized users
  • Easy to maintain because it is machine washable. Be sure to place a sock around the aluminum rings to avoid damaging your washer.


  • The shoulder is not padded, but that shouldn’t be a big issue because the fabric can’t bruise you
  • Requires a few lessons to learn how to wrap safely

Hippychick Hip Seat

Hippychick Hipseat Baby Carrier – The Easy, No-Fuss Baby Carrier That Takes Care of Your Back

Hippychick has created a simple toddler hip carrier to make it easier to carry your tired little one!

View Price On Amazon

The Hippychick “Hip Seat” or Hippychick “Hipseat”, choose your pick. However you want to call it, this toddler hip seat carrier can easily turn into your best friend if you have a 6-36 month old baby.

It features a padded surface that provides ultimate comfort for your child. But not at the expense of safety. The seat has a non-slip surface that keeps the baby safely in place. For extra security, the carrier has a waist strap that holds the position on your waist firmly. It is well-padded and won’t cause any discomfort at all.

Despite the strong and durable material used (feels like Cordura), this carrier feels light. Its machine washable too, so that’s a plus as far as maintenance. Simply open the zip to remove the seat and then throw it in the washer.


  • Does an excellent job in distributing weight
  • Has inward-facing pockets to keep your belongings safe
  • Ideal for older babies of up to 3 years
  • Easy to put on or remove
  • Well-made and durable


  • The waist strap is only suitable for people who are slim


Here’s a tip to wrap up the review: the best toddler hip carrier is one that allows your baby to sit in the ‘M’ position.

The above products support that, but it also depends on the age and size of your baby.

If you have the chance, be sure to inspect that the model you choose has enough padding for you and the baby.

5 Of The Best Affordable Baby Carrier Options

Best affordable baby carrier

When you are expecting a new baby it can feel like money hemorrhages out of your wallet! The thought of yet another item to purchase may have you breaking out in a cold sweat… but don’t worry. In this post, I am going to run you through a list of the best affordable baby carrier options!

Just because you are not paying top dollar for a baby carrier, it doesn’t mean you can’t find a safe, dependable option within your budget.

Baby Carrier vs. Baby Sling: Picking the Right One for You and Your Baby

Just before you meet your bundle of joy there comes the (rather tricky) task of deciding which parenting products are going to serve you and your baby best. Picking the right baby carrier or baby sling will be one of those decisions.

First things first, what is a baby carrier and what is a Baby sling? Do the two differ in any way?

As a matter of fact, they do differ. By simple definition, a baby carrier is a cloth designed with a seat that your baby rests on. It has straps that attach to you. By doing so, the straps ensure that you support your baby while keeping him/her close to you for protection. Baby carriers can also include additional back support for you.

Calling a baby carrier “a cloth” may seem too basic because it actually looks like a backpack (or front-pack). A typical baby carrier is made of heavy-duty material like cotton canvas, cordura, nylon, or PVC fabric and has a fairly large seating space.

A sling, on the other hand, is essentially a large piece of fabric that you place sash-style over your shoulder, allowing you to hold your baby in front of you.

Knowing the difference between the two babywearing products is just the first step. Next, you need to know the benefits of each, when to use it and the best products on the market today. We have you covered on all that!

Best Affordable Baby Carrier Options – Carriers

The primary selling point for baby carriers is their generous padding and fixtures. They offer nice and comfortable seating for your baby, which makes them ideal when you’re expecting a long day out (e.g. hiking or going to a theme park).

Most babies will be able to support their own heads from the age of 4 months. So it is always worth checking each option to ensure it offers the best support for your baby’s head.

Typically, carriers come in either front or backpack style. Either way, the best affordable baby carriers are those that are equipped with adjustable straps that can extend in length as the baby grows.

Some units feature a canopy or hood to protect your baby against elements like sunlight and rain. If you and your Baby are outdoorsy people then those are the ones to consider most.

Speaking of consideration, below are three of the best cheap baby carriers to add to your shopping list:

ModelWeight CapacityPositions Supported
Infantino Flip8-32 pounds
  • Front outward
  • Front inward (narrow)
  • Back carry
  • Front inward (wide)
MaxKare Baby Carrier8-33 pounds
  • Front outward
  • Front inward
  • Back carry
Lictin Baby Carrier7.7-33 pounds
  • Front carry
  • Side carry
  • Back carry


Infantino Flip 4-in-1 – The Best Affordable Option!

Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, Grey

The best affordable Baby carrier award goes to this Infantino Flip 4-in-1 convertible carrier!

View Price On Amazon

Weight capacity: 8-32 lbs

The Infantino Flip baby carrier is called a 4-in-1 because you can use it in four different ways. First, you can carry your baby in a “facing-in narrow seat” position. That means your baby will be facing you and his/her legs will not be spread widely. This position is perfect for newborns who don’t need their legs uncomfortably wide apart.

Secondly, the carrier allows for a “facing-in wide seat” position. Your baby will be facing you, and his/her legs will be wider apart. This position is for older kids whose legs and groin regions are well developed.

The third position is “facing out”. While your baby will be positioned in front of you, he/she will be facing the same direction as you.

Finally, the Baby carrier supports back carry. You will need this style when you have to carry the baby for a long time. Generally, your Baby will feel lighter when you carry them on your back.

Besides the various carrying positions that it offers, the Infantino Flip earns a spot among the best affordable baby carriers because of its excellent design and finish. In addition to having straps and a waist belt (for you), it features an adjustable baby seat (for your baby). In other words, you can customize it for a comfortable fit.

Reasons to Buy the Infantino Flip 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier

  • Offers 4 different ways to carry your baby
  • Fitted with an adjustable seat, straps and waist belt. It can be used for small infants and older babies as well. It’s also good for parents of all body sizes, including plus-size people.
  • Sufficiently padded for your baby’s comfort
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Package includes a Wonder Cover bib

MaxKare Baby and Infant Carrier

Baby Carrier Infant Toddler Baby Backpack 100% Cotton Ergonomic with Breathable Mesh Pockets and Hood

This MaxKare carrier is made from 100% cotton and allows excellent airflow for Baby and you!

View Price On Amazon

Weight capacity: 8-33 lbs

Designed with 100% cotton, this unit from MaxKare is one of the best affordable baby carriers on account of the comfort it offers to you and the baby. For starters the cotton fabric used is skin-friendly. It’s reinforced with plenty of padding that not only offers snuggly seating to your baby but also protects your back from bruising.

The baby carrier supports three babywearing styles. You can carry your baby; face inward, outward or use the backpack style. Either way, you and your baby will be safe thanks to the fastening options that come with the carrier. They include a waistband buckle as well as a hook and loop fastener.

You may need to know that the carrier only comes in purple, which, to an extent, is a nice thing. Purple doesn’t stain easily, so keeping the carrier clean shouldn’t be an uphill climb. In fact, it’s machine-washable.

Reasons to Buy the Maxkare Baby Carrier

  • Can be used for Babies who are at least 3 months old
  • Made with 100% cotton that is durable, breathable, skin-friendly and machine-washable
  • Fitted with a hood to protect your baby against sunlight and other weather elements
  • Anti-scratch edges prevent both you and your baby from injuries and bruises
  • Supports three different carrying positions, namely, front-outward, front inward and back carry

Lictin Baby Carrier

Lictin Baby Carrier for Newborn - Baby Carriers Front and Back, Breathable Adjustable Ergonomic Baby Backpack Carrier for Infant up to 33 lbs/ 15 kg, Gray

View Price On Amazon

Weight capacity: 7.7-33 lbs

If you thought cheap baby carriers don’t pack impressive features then this model from Lictin will definitely change your mind. It is SGS-certified and tested to meet ASTM F2236-16a standards. In other words, the material used is soft enough and safe for a baby.

Plus it is breathable, so your Baby will get enough air during those hot summer outings.

Lictin did consider the baby carer as well during the design of this carrier. While the shoulder straps are interlayered with sponge for extra comfort to the user, its belts are widened to help distribute the weight of the carrier. That means your waist will not have to bear all the weight. And the fastening tape, together with its accompanying buckles, allows you to adjust the fit of the carrier while at the same time guaranteeing your baby’s security.

That extra safety and comfort that you and your young one get from the Lictin Baby Carrier are what earns it a spot among the cheap baby carriers to consider.

Reasons to Buy the Lictin Baby Carrier for Newborn

  • A removable hood that protects your Baby against sunlight and other weather elements
  • Pocket breathable window for temperature regulation. You can zip it during the cold weather or unzip it when its hot outside
  • Lots of padding and sponges for extra comfort
  • Has H-type safety belt for easy adjustment. The carrier can be used by people of all body sizes. Buckle locks and unlocks easily
  • Has pockets for storage

Best Affordable Baby Carrier Options – Slings

A sling makes an excellent choice when you want body-to-body contact with your baby, which is always an important aspect of bonding. The best affordable baby slings feature a ring that allows you to make simple adjustments. You can move your baby up and down more easily (compared to a carrier) when you want to stand/sit or breastfeed.

Yes, the sling will help you create some privacy for breastfeeding sessions.

Overall, slings are ideal for newborns who need to be held in the arms frequently. With one of them, you can hold your baby on your hip and free up both of your hands. Their small and lightweight nature makes them easy to transport. Plus most of them are made of very soft fabric, rocking your baby to sleep will feel like a breeze.

An important point to note is that baby slings can be a bit confusing to use for first-timers. If you’re finding it hard to figure out how to use yours you may consider watching a how-to video, requesting a sales clerk for help or asking someone who has experience with baby slings to help you get a hang of it.

In the meantime here’s a review of three of the best affordable baby slings on the market today.

ModelWeight CapacityLength of SlingMaterialAlready Tied
CuddleBug Baby Sling35 pounds177 inchesCotton & spandexNo
Boba Baby Sling35 pounds180 inchesCotton & spandexNo
Baby K’tan35 poundsN/A (already tied)Cotton & spandexYes


Cuddle Bug Baby Wrap – Best Affordable Baby Wrap

CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling + Carrier - Newborns & Toddlers up to 36 lbs - Hands Free - Gentle, Stretch Fabric - Ideal for Baby Showers - One Size Fits All (Grey)

Simple, easy to use, highly rated, and totally affordable!

View Price On Amazon

The proprietary blend of French terry cotton and spandex that is used to make this baby sling will make you fall in love with babywearing. It is nice and soft to the touch thanks to cotton, yet it expands gently on account of the spandex material used.

Besides offering a warm snuggly feeling, the blend allows your baby to grow in the sling. That’s one of the reasons why it’s among the highest-rated affordable baby slings.

In case you’re not sold yet then you may need to know that the CuddleBug baby sling is, in fact, a 3-in-1 product.

First, it’s a sling that doubles up as a wrap. Secondly, you can use it as a nursing cover. The 177-inch-long material is more than sufficient to cover your baby when he/she falls asleep (when you’re not at home) or create room for privacy when you need to breastfeed.

Finally, you can use the sling as a postpartum belt during the recovery phase after delivery.

Reasons to Buy the Cuddlebug Baby Sling

  • More than just a baby sling, it can also be used as a nursing cover and postpartum belt
  • Cotton and spandex blend makes the sling warm, soft, breathable and expandable
  • Recommended for babies and Toddlers of up to 35 pounds
  • Fits slim as well as plus size baby carers
  • Perfect for the front as well as side carry (on the hip)

Boba Baby Wrap Grey

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Grey - Original Stretchy Infant Sling, Perfect for Newborn Babies and Children up to 35 lbs

The Boba Baby sling is another easy to use, cheap option!

View Price On Amazon

If you are interested in cheap Baby slings for new parents then this piece from Boba ought to be on top of your shopping list. It’s very simple to tie, which explains why it’s one of the best slings for new parents.

Actually, there’s only one way of tying your Boba Baby Wrap. No second-guessing yourself, no unnecessary “fashion” experiments with the sling and most importantly no safety risks for your baby!

Designed with 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex, the Boba Baby Wrap is soft, comfortable and breathable. The spandex allows it to stretch and add more room for your growing baby (without sagging).

With a length of roughly 5 yards, the Boba Baby Sling is long enough to act as a nursing cover, especially during breastfeeding. Plus the stretchy material (cotton and spandex combo) provides more room when you need it.

That may be the case if you are a plus size or if the baby is closer to walking upright than crawling. Boba recommends it for toddlers who are 35 pounds or less.

Reasons to Buy the Boba Baby Wrap

  • Very comfortable. Baby will likely fall asleep every time you tuck them in this sling
  • Made with a strong blend of cotton and spandex to keep your baby safe
  • One of the simplest baby slings to ties
  • Its machine washable

Boba offers arguably the best after-sale support. You can contact them for help on how to tie and use your baby sling

Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier

Baby K'tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier, Infant and Child Sling - Simple Wrap Holder for Babywearing - No Rings or Buckles - Carry Newborn up to 35 lbs, Black, Women 6-8 (Small), Men 37-38

Baby K’tan has released some awesome Baby carriers, but this is the most affordable!

View Price On Amazon

The Baby K’tan Original Baby Wrap Carrier and Sling has cotton as the predominant material, as is the case with all the good and affordable baby slings.

But there’s a twist to this one.

While most cheap baby slings require you to do the tying yourself, the Baby K’tan comes ready-to-wear straight from the box.

If you are a new parent or are generally new to baby slings you may find them rather complicated to tie. And that’s where this model comes in. All you have to do is wear sling, tuck your baby nicely, and ensure that he/she is snug in the warm cotton fabric of the Baby K’tan. It has a double-loop design for added safety of your baby.

Since its slip-on wearable, this Baby sling is not adjustable. That would have been a major downside if the good people at K’tan didn’t offer it in varying sizes. Just make sure you choose a size that fits you and the baby comfortably. The rule of thumb is to base the decision on your pre-pregnancy size, and there’s a K’tan chart to help with that.

Reasons to Buy Baby K’tan Original Baby Sling

  • Tied and ready to use out of the box
  • Can be used for five different carry positions
  • Supports up to 35 pounds
  • Well-built with natural cotton and double-loop design. It is machine washable
  • Available in various sizes starting from 0 to 24

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Baby Carrier or Baby Sling

There are so many brands and models of affordable baby carriers and slings. You would think that’s a good thing, and it is in some respect because parents are spoilt for choice. The problem comes when you have to choose just one, without making the wrong choice.

The recommended products (above) will work fine for virtually all parents and Baby carers, but just in case you want to keep browsing here are some tips to keep in mind:

Affordable Baby Carrier Considerations

  • Safety: Your baby’s safety should always come first. Whether it’s a carrier or sling, look at the design and construction. Make sure its well-build to sustain the baby’s weight. The material used should be strong (cotton is always a safe bet) and connections at the edges should be tight. Check that the openings are not too large for your baby to slip out and fall down.
  • Comfort: here we’re talking about your comfort as well as that of your baby. How you tie your Baby sling will determine your baby’s level of comfort, so be sure to get that one right. If you’re buying a ready-to-wear sling then check that its size fits both you and your baby. The same goes for baby carriers. Those with lumbar support and extra padding will make you feel like you’re getting a massage.
  • Climate control: breathable fabric is great for warm weather. On the other hand, heavy-padded carriers and thick slings make perfect choices for wintery weather. Some baby carrier units like the Lictin Baby Carrier allow you to zip or unzip when it’s cold or hot respectively.
  • Durability: the longevity of a baby sling or carrier largely depends on the material used and the quality of tailoring work put in its production. As mentioned, cotton is always the best in terms of comfort and in durability as well. In the case of a carrier, you can consider one whose skeleton is made of lightweight metal like aluminum.
  • Usability: how easy is the carrier or sling to use? Carriers are generally straightforward, but slings are not. Don’t buy a sling that you can’t tie. If you know you probably won’t be able to tie the sling by yourself you can consider buying one that’s already tied, like the Baby K’tan Original Baby Sling.
  • Maintenance: Babies are messy, and that’s okay. But it doesn’t justify using a dirty or stained baby carrier or sling. For easy cleaning, make sure that the one you choose is machine washable, or at least easy to cleanse. Check its labels for instructions on the same.


Those are the ultimate best affordable baby carriers and affordable baby slings. Each one of them will make your parenting job a lot easier and fun while putting your baby safely under your protection. And if you have the budget it won’t hurt to have more than one; perhaps one carrier and one sling.

From a general point of view, some activities like breastfeeding and completing house chores feel easier and convenient when you have a sling because you can rest the baby on your laps or hip.

On the other hand, doing outdoor activities like hiking or trips to the store will feel like a breeze if you have a baby carrier. That is to say, if you can get at least one of each then, by all means, do so.

Good luck!

14 Most Essential Things A Newborn Baby Needs (Checklist)

Most Essential Things A Newborn Baby Needs

Where do you start? You have a baby on the way, and even though you have brushed up on some newborn baby tips, you still have no idea what to buy first! What are the most essential things a newborn baby needs?

In this post, I will give you a rundown of each item, so you can chill out, relax, and wait for the birth!

…if only it were that easy, right?

14 Most Essential Things A Newborn Baby Needs – Checklist

14 Most Essential Things A Newborn Baby Needs Checklist Infographic

Calm, Quiet Environment

First things first, an essential item that your Baby will need is to come home to a calm and quiet environment.

I know it is a challenge, especially if you have other children, but you still need to think about the environment they will be arriving in.

Babies are brand new. Although I have never got much sense from a baby when asked, I imagine the world is a pretty scary place.

Imagine coming home to lots of noise, stress, and arguments? Put some measures in place to ensure your new baby is not disturbed too much.


There are 2 types of thermometers that I recommend you purchase before the baby is born.


You need to think about the climate that your new baby will be taken out in.

If your baby is due in Summer, then there is no need to purchase big coats for a newborn! If it is going to be a Winter baby, I am pretty sure you will not need shorts or a Summer dress.

You will need to cover the basics, and I recommend the following items:

  • Sleepsuits
  • Jumpsuits
  • Outdoor Clothing
  • Socks or booties

In terms of how many of each item? Let me tell you that babies will need a change of clothing at least 4 times per day! Now you can make your own mind up…


Food is truly one of the most essential things a newborn baby needs!

If your baby is going to be breastfed then you are pretty much sorted for the next few months (although you might want a breast pump).

Should you choose to use a milk formula for your newborn then you will need to buy a few tins of the formula of your choice. I would not stock up on formula right at the start. Always be sure that your baby is happy with the formula before bulk buying.

Babies have very sensitive stomachs and your choice of formula might not agree with them.

Bottles (If formula-fed or using breast pump)

Load up on bottles, seriously!

I recommend you get in at least 12 bottles for the baby food. These are essential items that a newborn needs! Whether you are planning to breastfeed or bottle-feed, you are likely to need bottles.

The bottles will also need to be sterilized before use, so a sterilizer is also a very good idea. I used the Philips AVENT Microwave Steam Sterilizer, simply because it is cheap and so easy to use.

Somewhere To Sleep

It is essential that your baby has somewhere to sleep when they are not feeding and pooping.

Sleeping recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics can be found here.

Ultimately, you should not co-sleep with your newborn, and their crib should be bare.

A bassinet is my choice when it comes to baby sleeping arrangements. Simply because they are much easier to pick up and move to whichever room you are in!

Oh, and don’t forget the sheets and blankets…


If I can give you one tip, it is to load up on diapers before your baby is born.

Babies will need a diaper change up to 12 times per day at the start, so you can easily go through a packet of them in no time at all!

If you have friends who want to buy you a gift for the newborn, the answer is always diapers! Everytime.

Don’t forget a diaper bag too, oh and diaper wipes! A diaper bag is very important when traveling with a baby. These are 2 extremely important baby items.


When you are considering the most essential things a newborn baby needs, many people go straight to the stroller.

I think it is because they cannot wait to go and show their newborn off, right? And who can blame them?

Yes – a stroller is essential. When you are shopping for a stroller, ensure that you purchase one that can take the car seat. Because it is so much easier to pick your Baby out of the car and put the seat on the stroller… especially if they are asleep!


For me, I would not recommend anything other than a baby monitor that detects movement or breathing.

Too many babies are lost due to SIDSand as a Dad to a newborn, I don’t mind admitting that scared the hell out of me!

I truly believe that have a baby movement monitor allowed me to get some good quality sleep during the early stages of being a Dad.


You can never have enough blankets!

Baby blankets are comforting, my son still has his!

One of the most essential items that a newborn needs are burping cloths. They are not simply for burping, they are great to have on hand to clear up and baby-related spillages too.

Bathing Equipment

Babies poop, pee, and puke. Everywhere. Anytime. Without warning.

After a while, they begin to kick up a stink!

Bath time can be extremely fun for a Baby, but it can also be a bit scary in the beginning.

A baby bath is essential if you want a sweet smelling baby. It is also essential that you take great care when bathing your baby!

Changing Mat

A changing mat is a very good friend to you!

I personally used a portable baby changing mat, simply because it was so easy to roll out and use anywhere I needed to use it.

I loved the fact that I could roll it up an take it out with me too.

Car Seat

The only thing I recommend when choosing an infant car seat is that it passes all the required safety tests, and you can easily fit it onto the top of your stroller.

There are so many choices available when looking for a car seat, so choose wisely.


You will need a small number of bibs for your newborn, these are also essential.

When shopping for bibs, always go for waterproof bibs that can be wiped down and used again without the need to run them through a full wash!


When considering the most essential things a newborn baby needs, I found the first few easy, but then as the list progressed I found it a bit of a challenge.

Babies need so much equipment when they are born because they rely on you for everything.

The items on this page would be the first items on my shopping list to prepare for the arrival of a newborn, there is no doubt about that!

Now you have the knowledge on the equipment needed, all you need to give your new baby is a huge dose of love and affection. Even when they are crying. I know, it is tough!

Good luck.

7 Rules For Welcoming A New Baby In The Family

Welcoming A New Baby In The Family

Welcoming a new baby in the family takes a lot of prep work!

It can be stressful, and it can also be challenging. Especially if the new baby is going to be welcomed by their siblings too.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to be prepared to welcome a new baby into your family!

Welcoming A New Baby In The Family

Welcome To The Family, New Baby!

how to welcome a new Baby
Tips for what you should do to welcome a new baby into your family!

Apart from eagerly awaiting to hold the baby in your arms finally, you need to prepare a couple of things to stay ready for when you bring your little newborn home.

You may already have all of the baby essentials covered, especially if you have been clever and organized baby showers and parties! This to check on some of the new Dad must-haves too, in case you missed anything…

If you have a big pile of gifts, take some time to go through them all to see if there is anything that you still need to buy or produce (if you are the resourceful type!)

Here is a list of all the things you need in place to ensure that welcoming your baby into the family goes smoothly.

Get Nursery Items in Check

It’s never too early to decorate the baby’s nursery, especially if it’s the first baby. If you already know baby’s sex, you can freely decide on the color; maybe you can go with pink, blue, or even neutral greens, beige and yellow.

Ensure that the nursery is airy and open, and has a window. It is crucial for your baby’s room to have natural lighting and efficient ventilation.

Although there is no restriction or limit for what you can include in your nursery, make sure that the basics are present. These include:

  • A crib for the baby to sleep in
  • Station designated for changing diapers
  • A comfy chair where you can nurse and settle your baby
  • A spacious wardrobe for you to store baby’s clothes and additional items

Prepare the newborn’s sleeping arrangement

When preparing for the baby to sleep on their own, you can choose between having a crib, a bassinet, or a cradle.

Although it’s months away to when your baby finally starts moving while lying down or rolling over, it’s safest to let the baby sleep in a crib.

You should be extra careful when looking out for a crib and make sure it meets all the safety regulations. In case parents decide to place your baby’s crib inside their room for about 12 or so months, it is advisable to consider the size of the crib as well.

A cradle might be helpful for babies that require a little help when sleeping. This is because the swaying motions can rock and soothe baby to sleep.

Hammocks and cradles help to calm babies, as long as they are safe and secure.

If you are more likely to move your ‘bundle of joy’ around the house from one room to the other, a bassinet is your best choice. A bassinet is usually light and easily portable but can get unusable after about 6-7 months as it is small.

Food choices

Until your baby is about 6 months old, breast/formula milk will be the only food they need. However, Mom might need sufficient breast pads to prevent leakage from ruining her clothing.

Also, invest in a quality breast pump and packaging bottles for the new-born for when you have to be out of the house for some time.

If for any reason you need to start formula feeding, there are a variety of instant formulas that are suitable for babies to start.

One tip I have is that you do not stock up too much on formula before your baby is here. I have a couple of friends that stocked up on formula only to find out their new baby was intolerant!

As soon as you confirm your baby can handle the formula of your choice, then you can bulk buy.

Diaper preparations

Unlike feeding formulas, it’s never too early to start stocking up on diapers. This will be one of the first items your baby will use as soon when they get home, and boy will you know about it!

Bulk buying will not only help you save money, but also will save you the inconvenience of dashing to the store late in the night. Also, stock up on other essential items:

  • Soft wipes
  • Baby powder
  • Diaper rash creams

Cloth diapers are an excellent alternative to disposable ones as you can find some that are soft on your baby’s skin, and allow reuse, which helps to keep the budget down considerably.

However, with cloth diapers, you need to continually keep an eye on any signs of wetness, and handle careful washing and drying.

Since the stuff that your cute adorable baby will deposit on the nappies will have a remarkably strong whiff, ensure to get a diaper basket with a lid as you store them for washing later.

Involve the older siblings

All children love attention, and for some siblings, it can be difficult bringing in a new-born that will get all the parents’ attention.

They can feel as though all the gifts and affection are only for their baby brother or sister, and can end up feeling down or even resentful. Keep an eye out for your kids rejecting you because you spend too much time with the baby (in their opinion!)

When preparing to welcome the newborn, ensure that the elder siblings get adequate attention. Get them some gifts; a trip to the park, ice cream or a new toy are a great way to show them some love.

House rules for the elder siblings are also a great idea to ensure that everyone will coexist happily. The older siblings need to understand that they should not interfere with your baby’s sleep and should not wake them up to play!

The siblings can play at a spot far from where the new baby sleeps to avoid interference. Set up a playing area that is far from where you would typically lay your baby to sleep.

Give them other things to do as they wait for the new-born to wake up, such as playing games, reading a book, or learning.


Although it will take some time before your little one can start crawling or even walking, it’s never too early to child-proof your home.

Pay immediate attention to open electrical output and sharp edges on stairs or tables first. Eventually, work on the lower windows, drawers, and open doors.

Time to check out ways you can toddler-proof your home if you have not already done so!

Throw a homecoming party

What better way to celebrate the coming of your new baby than inviting the whole family.

Ask a couple of people to your house and make merry out of it. You might get a few more gifts out of it too!

Be careful though, always check with Mom first! Mom has been through childbirth and might not want a ton of people descending upon your home to celebrate. 

How do I prepare my older baby for a new baby?

Nurture excitement in the elder kids by asking for their advice regarding caring for the baby, such as what color of the shirt the baby should wear. Ask them to join you when preparing for the baby, such as when cleaning up or stocking up baby items.

You can also read them stories that show them their new roles. Funny stories that show them the joy of being elder siblings are a great idea.

Acknowledge the older baby’s feelings and safeguard them, so they may feel that the new baby is not a threat.


frequently asked questions
Here are some frequently asked questions!

Will the new-born wake up the toddler?

It is usual for newborns to wake up during the night several times, mainly to feed.
Sometimes, as you try soothing them back to sleep, you might hear cries from the next room as your toddler awakes due to interrupted sleep. I don’t need to tell you that babies can have loud, ear-piercing screams, right? Your baby’s loud crying in the night might be a worry for your toddler. Always go to the toddler and reassure them. Be gentle and consistent and train them to soothe themselves back to sleep.

How do you congratulate someone on their new baby?

For anyone, a new baby is an accomplishment and the mark of one of the most exciting and memorable moments in life.
If you know a new Mom or Dad, they will highly appreciate it if you send them a message of congratulations and best wishes for the new baby.
Oh, and a gift will be very useful too! Then in with the new parents to see what they need. Check out my list of things a new Dad needs.

How can I help my sibling with a new baby?

If your sibling is about to become a parent, especially for the first time, they may require a lot of your help. It is your job to support and spoil them as they enter this new phase in life.
A gift such as a shopping hamper or a package of new-born provisions such as diapers can go a long way into easing them into easing their new journey.

Can a new-born and a toddler share a room?

There is no right or wrong decision as to whether siblings should share a room; it all comes down to the space that the family has. In about two-thirds of homes, siblings share a room.
This helps them develop a communal mentality as they share their toys, space, experience, and parents.


The coming of a new baby to the family can be a memorable moment for parents, siblings, and other relatives. A new baby requires a lot of care, and a parent will use all the help he or she can get.

Getting prepared involves setting up for the baby’s needs and even adjusting the other siblings to accept and help with taking care of the new-born.

Everything will fall to place as they grow.

Good luck!

Toddler Proof Your Home – A Complete Guide

toddler proofing your home

Toddlers have absolutely no fear at all!

So many items around your home are dangerous for toddlers, and I am betting that you don’t know about half of them!

In this post, I am going to show you the steps I took when toddler proofing my home. Because it is our job to keep them safe!


I admit it, I am a little obsessed with making our home completely Toddler proof…

Since my son was born, I only see the worst-case scenario, and I am sure that I am not the only one! For instance, around 2000 deaths per year are a result of a home injury to a person 14 years or younger.

As he steamrolls throughout our home like a bull in a china shop, my eyes are scanning the environment for breakable items, things he can hit his head on, and things he can trip up of stand on (mostly his toys by the way).

Even when he is sleeping, I am worried about him falling out of bed, sleeping walking out of a window, or accidentally strangling himself on a random bit of cord that he found somewhere! It is tiring…

Whilst we cannot protect our children 100% of the time, especially for the rest of their lives, it is our job to make the house safe and protect them as much as we can. In this post, I am going to run you through what I do to toddler-proof our home, primarily for their safety, but also because it costs too much to replace breakable items!


Your First Task – Stalk Your Home

As I walk into each room of my home, I run a quick scan of the area to identify anything that we (my wife and I) may have inadvertently left out that may be dangerous to our Son. That is simply an ongoing process that I will probably never stop doing!

If you have never toddler proofed your home then you will need to do this for each room, but what are the things you need to look out for?

Luckily for you, I have put together a list of the common things I checked when I started to toddler proof my home because at first, it is difficult to notice things when you have been used to leaving items out since before you were a parent.


How To Toddler Proof Your Home


Electricity Sockets

toddler proofing be aware of electricity
Blank your electric sockets to stop objects being inserted into them.

Let’s begin with possibly the most dangerous item in your home, electricity. Toddlers can bite into cables or stick metal objects into electricity sockets, so what can you do to protect your toddler from the dangers of electricity?

Plug Sockets

Purchase some plug socket blanking plates and cover all sockets that your toddler can reach.

Do not leave chargers plugged in

Phones, tablets, lights, your toothbrush, all of these items will need to be charged. Constantly. Sometimes, especially when you are in a rush, you may leave the charger plugged into the wall socket, but not actually charging anything. This can pose a significant health risk to a toddler or a young child. Especially one who likes putting objects into their mouth!

Always unplug electrical items when they are not in use. Better still, move them out of harm’s way completely.

View Price On Amazon



toddler proofing store knives correctly
Kids and knives do not match well! Always store knives away from the reach of a toddler.

Knives and other sharp items (scissors etc) must be stored away from your toddlers reach. It is vital that they cannot reach knives if you want a toddler-proof home!

I have already discussed what you can do to make your kitchen safe for toddlers, but here we take a look at knives.

You have a couple of choices here:

  1. Buy a knife rack
  2. Store knives and sharp objects too high for your toddler to reach.

Sharp objects include knives, scissors, meat skewers, peelers, meat thermometers, and many other things. Take some time to go through each drawer that your toddler can reach and move everything sharp up high.

View Price On Amazon


Sharp Corners

toddler proof protect sharp corners, table with sharp edges
If your toddler runs headfirst into the corner of a table, it can cause some serious damage!

When I enter a room, I begin by scanning it for potential dangers. I even do it in other people’s homes, whether they have kids or not!

One of the most easily missed dangers is sharp edges on furniture. You know toddlers as well as I do, they are not very steady on their feet, and they have absolutely no spacial awareness! You need to prepare for it by protecting each corner to ensure that any bumps are not as bad as they can be.

I must mention here that I know toddlers need to go through the bumps to enhance their awareness of their environment. The goal here is to minimize the damage of a toddler running full sprint into the corner of a table.

View Price On Amazon



open window danger for Toddlers
Always ensure that you can lock your windows to keep your home Toddler proof.

It is very important that you have the ability to lock your windows. Not only for security, but also for inquisitive toddlers who just love to open and close anything they can find. More than 4000 children are injured by falling out of a window each year.

Take some time to consider this: Your toddler begins to sleepwalk, which brings with it a whole world of potential hazards! During their sleepwalking episode, they open a window and fall out. You are asleep,

I know that is extremely unlikely to happen, but why not prepare for that anyway? Why not implement a lock on each window of your home? Not only will this stop your toddler from opening the window during the day, but it will also stop them from opening the window at night too.

Also having the ability to lock your windows will help to stop the bad guys from getting in!

There are window locks for all possible types of windows that you have throughout your home. Another option is a security cable for each window.

View Price On Amazon

Whilst we are on the subject of windows, you may also want to cover your windows and glass doors with shatterproof film because toddlers can run pretty fast and their heads are tougher than they look.



toddler proofing keep doors locked
If you want a Toddler proof home, ensure that you can lock your external doors with high locks.

This is very similar to locking your windows and carries almost as much risk to your toddler too (it will not hurt as much if they fall through a door).

Any entrance to your home must be secure and your toddler must not be able to open them without you being present. There is no point having a toddler-proof home if they can escape!

I mentioned above about the dangers of toddlers sleepwalking, and if they manage to get to an external door which is easy to open, they could find themselves outside in the middle of the night. Surely I do not have to explain how dangerous that can be, especially if you live near a road!

You must be confident that your toddler cannot open an external door.

Secure each entrance with a hard-to-reach lock and sleep soundly!


Hot Water Faucet

toddler proofing cover faucet
Hot water can scald a child and result in permanent disfigurement.

If the temperature is high enough, your toddler will be scalded with hot water. For those of us who have picked up a hot plate without realizing, we know how it feels!

It is a challenge to secure any hot water faucet from being used, especially as you cannot raise the hot water tap out of your toddlers reach!

You can, however, purchase a safety guard for faucets.

Again, I know that it is important to realize that kids sometimes need to learn the hard way, but I would prefer it if they did not hurt themselves in the process!



toddler proofing install stair gates
To stop your toddler falling down the stairs, add a stair gate to the bottom and top.

As soon as your little one begins to crawl you should be arming each flight of stairs with a stair gate, it is common sense!

When I was deciding how many stair gates I need, I considered all possibilities. What if my son went sleepwalking in the night? Would I be happy if he left his bedroom? If he did, is there a room that I prefer for him not to go? Are there any rooms in the house that I do not want him to go into even if he is awake?

I opted for 3 stair gates. One for the bottom of the stairs, one for the top, and one for his bedroom. That may be overkill but hey, I am all about safety!


Glass Objects

toddler proofing tidy glass objects
Always ensure you clear away glass objects, so they cannot be smashed or used as missiles!

When I enter the home of a friend, I stalk the living room to see what is easily breakable. The most common items are all made of glass, which is especially true if they do not have any children.

Have a look throughout your home for any glass objects that your toddler can reach up and grab. If there are any objects, then you can bet your bottom dollar they will be broken within weeks!

A toddler proof home must not have objects that can be used as missiles!



toddler proof home put batteries away
Any battery can cause serious health concerns when swallowed, especially button batteries.

Batteries can be extremely dangerous to toddlers and babies, especially the button battery types!

It is extremely important that you do not let children play with batteries or any devices where batteries are easily accessible.

If your toddler swallows a battery, they could end up with severe burns in their throat or stomach, or even worse they could die from their injuries.

I always store batteries on a top-shelf. Sure, I get some complaints when my wife cannot reach them but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?


Blind Cords

toddler proofing blind cord
To keep a Toddler safe from strangulation, always use the safety catch for blinds.

This is not simply cords which are attached to blinds, there are many household items that have a cord attached to them which could cause an accident where your toddler is strangled. It doesn’t bear thinking about!

Most blinds already have a safety item which needs to be installed with the cord to ensure that it will not strangle anybody. Use it. Always install it.

Take some time to check through your home to identify any loose cords which can be reached by your toddler and secure them, or remove them completely.


Fairy Lights

toddler proofing fairy light dangers
Cheap fairy lights have been known to cause fires. Switch them off at bedtime.

Fairly lights are pretty, and my wife has a mild obsession with them, but they can be dangerous if they are not secured or stored correctly.

For a start, your toddler will be attracted to the pretty lights and may decide to wrap them around their neck. See above, I do not need to tell you how dangerous that can be.

Not only are they a strangulation hazard, but some cheaply made fairy lights have been known to cause house fires.

I always ensure every fairly light is switched off before retiring to bed! It is worse around the Christmas period, where it can take some time to go through them all!


Picture Frames Falling

toddler proofing hang frames correctly
Falling photo frames can hurt if they fall on your Toddlers head.

This one is unlikely to happen however, it is something that I thought about some time ago. It is a potential hazard and something that you really should prepare for, just in case.

I first noticed this when my wife decided to create a photo wall. Exactly 2 hours after the decision, she had put up over 20 photographs on the wall, all inside photo frames. I must admit, it looked good then, and it looks better now that we have added more as time has progressed.

A few days after the initial set up, my son was playing underneath the photo wall and bashed into it, as these boisterous male toddlers do, right? Immediately after impact, the wall shook and I thought some of the frames were going to tumble down onto my sons head. They didn’t…but they could have!

When placing photo frames on the wall, always ensure that you put the frames up correctly. Secure them to the wall. My wife used 1 nail for each frame, which was not enough. I secured the frames by adding 2 screws into the wall.

When you want to toddler-proof your house, it is these little things that you need to notice, along with the big things that everyone knows about!


Sharp Objects

toddler proofing sharp objects
Sharp objects can hurt if your toddler falls over with one in your hand.

Pens, pencils, needles…sharp objects are commonplace in most homes, but it is only when you have a toddler to control that you realize just how dangerous these objects can be!

Take a look around your home and make a note of all the sharp items that your toddler can reach. Now imagine your toddler picking it up and running down a hall, still not very steady on their feet. Does your stomach turn? Mine does just thinking about it.

Remove all sharp objects and place them high enough so they cannot be reached by Toddler’s hands.

As I look around now I can see sharp pencils and pens, along with a fork that somehow made it out of the cutlery drawer.


Cleaning Equipment

toddler proofing put bleach up high
Always ensure that you store cleaning equipment out of reach!

If you want to toddler-proof your home then somewhere near the top of the list should be moving all cleaning equipment, especially the Bleach! Each year, 25,000 Children attended hospital after ingesting poison.

One of the first things I did was move all items that I didn’t want my son to drink if he got a little thirsty. Drinking cleaning equipment will cause some serious health problems, so always be aware of where each item is at all times, and store them out of reach.

I simply moved everything to a storage unit at head height (that’s my head, not my sons). I do not want him to reach them, and now he cannot.



toddler proofing hide alcohol
Hide your alcohol! Because it would be such a waste if someone else drank it!

It is second only to cleaning equipment, there is also another liquid that you do not want your toddler drinking. Mostly because it will make them poorly, but also because you do not want them to drink YOUR alcohol, right?

Store alcoholic beverages well away from your toddlers reach. Again, I suggest moving them high enough so they cannot reach.


Bed Falls

toddler proofing bed guard
Ensure that you protect your Toddler from falling out of bed with a bed guard.

8,000 Children are injured each year as the result of a fall in the home.

Bed falls are very common with toddlers because they literally DO NOT stop moving when they are asleep. You would have thought they would have burnt all of their energy running around all day, right?

A bed guard is an important tool in your quest for toddler proofing your home.

They are easy to install and easy to use. You can be sure that your toddler will not fall out with a bed guard in place. Plus it means you get more quality sleep because it is one thing that you do not have to worry about!



Toddler proofing your home is either something that you learn over time, or it is something that you take advice on. In this post, I have run through the common ways of ensuring your house is toddler-proof and much safer than an average house for your toddler to play in.

When we are visiting friends I usually have one pass through each of the rooms my son is likely to play in, removing various objects that he will hurt himself on. It is even more of a challenge when we visit friends who do not have children!

Good luck, and stay safe!

Best White Noise Sound Machine For Baby

Baby sleeping with relaxing noise from ocean

When your baby finally drifts off to sleep, it is one of the greatest moments of your parenting life, right? The only problem is, sometimes it is a challenge to settle a Baby!

Thankfully, there are many tools we can use as parents to help us get some adult time back. I have already taken a look at one particular sleep-inducing tool (night light projectors), and here I take a look at the best white noise sound machines for babies!

DadGold recommends…
Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine, Toddler Sleep Aid Night Light, Unique Baby Girl Gifts & Baby Boy Gifts, Woodland Baby Shower, Portable Baby Soother, New Baby Gift, Gender Neutral
Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine
As much white noise as your baby can listen to. All wrapped up in a cuddly owl! What more do you need…

White Noise – Is It Good For Getting A Baby To Sleep?

Simply answer – yes, a white noise machine is an excellent tool for getting your baby to sleep, especially if your baby suffers from colic.

In another trial, 80% of babies fell asleep within 5 minutes of listening to white noise.

I am not sure about you, but I would take those odds at 3am!

Let us take a look at the 5 best white noise machine options:

5 Best White Noise Sound Machines For Babies

Bubzi Co Baby White Noise Sleep

Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine, Toddler Sleep Aid Night Light, Unique Baby Girl Gifts & Baby Boy Gifts, Woodland Baby Shower, Portable Baby Soother, New Baby Gift, Gender Neutral

The Bubzi White Noise machine is an awesome choice to help get your baby to sleep!

View Price On Amazon


The Bubzi has 10 relaxing songs, along with heartbeat, and bird songs.

Songs include: Minuet, Brahms Lullaby, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hush Little Baby, and others.

Auto Shut-Off

A 30-minute auto shut-off ensures that you do not disturb your baby’s sleep.

Power Source

3 x AAA batteries, which means the Bubzi is totally portable and can be used wherever you need to use it.


The Bubzi is extremely well made! Like any cuddly toy, it is made to be comfortable enough for your Baby to hug it.

The cuddly toy can be cleaned easily by removing the sound and visual unit beforehand washing the cuddly toy. Always use cold water.


Any visuals are excellent tools to distract your Baby. The Bubzi has a star projector unit, which will keep your baby entertained while the while noise soothes them to sleep.


You can adjust the volume by choosing one of the 4 volume levels. The maximum volume is a little too loud if you plan to keep the Bubzi in your baby’s crib.

Other Features

Included with the Bubzi white noise machine is an adjustable strap, which allows you to attach it anywhere in your baby’s crib. Always be careful when attaching anything in your baby’s crib. When they are not very agile, it is fine. But, when your baby is able to move around and reach out to grab things then you should remove anything that may be dangerous, such as any cords. When your baby is agile, simply remove the strap and give them Bubzi to hold onto.

Buying the Bubzi White Noise machine helps Moms overcome postpartum depression. Each purchase will include a donation to Postpartum Support International. An awesome contribution to an excellent cause!

Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine for Baby

Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby | 3 Soothing, Natural Sounds with Volume Control | Compact for On-the-Go Use & Travel | USB Rechargeable | Baby-Safe Clip & Child Lock

The Marpac Hushh if a highly rated white noise machine!

View Price On Amazon


There are 3 sounds, gentle surf, bright white noise, and deep white noise.

Auto Shut-Off

There is no auto shut-off functionality with the Marpac Hushh, which is slightly disappointing, but if you are going to be awake until your baby is asleep, then you can always switch it off manually. I recommend that you do not leave it on all night, or throughout your baby’s sleep during the day.

Power Source

The Hushh is powered by a lithium battery, which is charged via a USB cable. You can also use the unit whilst it is plugged in.


The Hushh is very durable with a strong build quality. It feels like it can accept a few knocks, but I would not go overboard!


Along with the excellent, calming sounds of the Hushh, it also has an ambient LED nightlight. Awesome to keep your baby entertained, but will also help to stop you tripping over things when it is dark!


The volume settings range from 0dB to 85dB. I recommend that you do not set this unit over 50dB if you are going to place it close to your Baby.

Other Features

A great feature of the Hushh is the child lock. As you can hang the Hushh in the crib, it is vital that you can lock the settings to stop little hands turning the volume up and down.

Also – the Hushh has a strap that allows you to attach the white noise machine anywhere in the crib. Please remove this strap, or place outside of the crib when your baby is old enough to reach out and grab objects.

You will also be pleased to know that the Hushh is backed up by a 12-month warranty!

Pictek White Noise Machine

PICTEK Sound Machine for Baby Sleeping

The Pictek white noise machine has 24 soothing sounds, and auto shut off!

View Price On Amazon


The Pictek has a vast array of sounds to choose from. You can select 24 of them, including white noise, lullabies, rain, zoo sounds, home appliances, and ocean sounds.

Auto Shut-Off

There are 3 options available. Auto shut-off can be set to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and also can be set to stay on all night (not recommended).

Power Source

You can either plug in the white noise machine, or you can power it with 4 x AA batteries.


Hardened design, but light. Perfect for travel.


No visuals.


Variable volume control can be set from off to loud. As I have already mentioned, the recommendation is that you do not set the volume greater than 50dB.

Other Features

The Pictek has a headphone adapter. Although using headphones is not a great idea on a baby, it does give you the option to plug in a better quality speaker if you need to.

An 18-month warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee come with the Pictek.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

Baby Shusher For Babies - Sleep Miracle Soother Sound Machine For New Parents

The Baby shusher really is a miracle when you need to get your baby to sleep!

View Price On Amazon


Unlike all the other options on this page, the Baby Shusher only has only one sound, and that is a real voice continually shushing! We all know that shushing will soother a baby, so why not leave that job to technology?

Auto Shut-Off

The Shusher has a 15 minute, and 30-minute auto shut-off.

Power Source

2 AA batteries.


Portable, but be careful when handling the shusher. It can break easily if it falls onto a hard surface.


No visuals.


Volume control, with a max volume of 85dB. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that you start the shusher at a volume loud enough to get your baby’s attention, then turn the volume down as your baby becomes more relaxed.

Other Features

The Baby Shusher is made with BPA free materials.

OHbaby! 2018 Gold Award Winner and Voted by parents as BabyList’s 2019 Best Product Award

You will also be pleased to know that the Baby Shusher is backed by a 12-month limited warranty.

LectroFan White Noise Machine

Lectrofan High Fidelity Noise Machine With 20 Unique Non-Looping Fan & White Noise Sounds & Sleep Timer, ffp

Adaptive Sound Technology has created an awesome white noise machine that will send your baby off to sleep!

View Price On Amazon


Ambient fan noise can reduce the risk of SIDS. With that in mind, you will be pleased to learn that the LecroFan has 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient noise selections. White noise, pink noise, and brown noise.

For those of you who do not know the difference:

White Noise

White noise is intense, like static or an untuned TV.

Pink Noise

Pink noise is less harsh than white noise, and the intensity drops as the frequency increases.

Brown Noise

Brown noise is very much like rushing water, or strong wind.

Auto Shut-Off

The LectroFan has a 60-minute auto shut-off.

Power Source

You can power the LectroFan with a USB cable or an AC adaptor.


The LectroFan has excellent build quality! Some of the options on this page are built to be added to your baby’s crib, but the LectroFan is not.


No visuals.


You can control the volume with a dial, which means you can set the volume at a level that you and your baby are comfortable with. It is important to remember that you should not set your white noise machine louder than 50dB if it is going to be placed near your baby’s crib.

Other Features

The LectroFan comes in 3 styles, and 5 colors.

Also, the LectroFan is backed by a 12-month limited warranty, giving you peace of mind!

Safe Way To Use A White Noise Machine For Babies

There are some rules to using a white noise machine for babies, and after completing some research on the use of white noise machines, I always stick to the following guidelines:

  • Place the white noise machine at least 7 ft away from your Baby.
  • The sound should not exceed 50dB.
  • Always use a timer! As tempting as it is, do not leave the white noise machine on throughout your Babies sleep because it could lead to sleep disturbance. Use white noise to get your baby to sleep, but switch it off shortly afterward.
  • Use sparingly – do not use every night, or it will become difficult to get your baby to sleep without one!


If you are looking for a white noise machine for your baby, then any of the options on this page are excellent!

Details given in this post are for guidance only. White noise machines can be an awesome way to sending your baby off to sleep, but you should always carefully consider other options too, such as a Baby night light projector!

When I have struggled to get my baby to sleep in the past, I have used white noise, night light projectors, and if none of those options work, then it is a short drive in the car and he fell asleep within minutes!

Research has also shown that ambient fan noise can reduce the risk of SIDS, which is another great reason to use white noise to get your baby to sleep.

Good luck.

9 Awesome Dad Baby Bonding Ideas

Dad baby bonding ideas

Does your baby not want some awesome dad time? When mom has all the natural things that a baby needs, how does a dad bond with his baby? After all, you don’t want to develop the daddy blues!

Dad is competing with Mother Nature, which will be a huge battle, but one that needs to be won!

In this post, I have 9 awesome ideas that dad can use to create a lasting bond with his Baby

9 Awesome Dad Baby Bonding Ideas

Why Dad Bonding With His Baby Is Important

The lack of a bond can lead to dad thinking he is useless, or unimportant during the early stages of a baby’s life. For this reason, it is extremely important to begin bonding as soon as possible.

If dad feels useless, it could lead to the baby blues and he may withdraw, causing arguments and friction which the baby will almost certainly pick up on.

Before I begin, if the baby is not born yet then NOW is a good time to start bonding! Fathers can begin bonding while he or she is still in the womb. Secondly, the sooner a dad holds his baby after being born, the greater the bond will be.

Studies have shown the beginnings of a strong bond when dads hold their babies shortly after being born. If the baby is already born, then take a look at these bonding ideas!

9 Dad Baby Bonding Ideas

9 Top Dad Baby Bonding Ideas Infographic

Feeding Time

3 chicks being fed in nest
Feeding time is awesome for some baby bonding. Baby will know that dad also has some food-related uses!

As I said above, dad has some serious competition in the form of Mother Nature. Mom’s have everything that a newborn needs when they are in the womb, and as soon as they are out of the womb.

Dad can step in at this stage and be present during feeds if breastfeeding, spending time with mom and baby when feeding is in progress.

The more that dad is present during feeding, the more the baby will look to dad as an important part of that particular process. Just ensure that you are not taking anything away from mom when you are doing this.

The key point is that you work together to ensure your baby builds a strong bond with dad and mom.

Maybe dad can take some of the night feedings? Just a thought!


Batman lego character, playtime
Nothing builds a bond quite like having fun together!

From the early stages of a child’s life, it is very important to start playtime! For a start, it is fun for both parents and children. Secondly, studies have shown that regular playtime with dad improves cognitive development.

Obviously, I am not talking about building lego or playing contact sports here, playtime with the baby is much more gentle!

Great games for dad and baby playtime are:

  • Peekaboo
  • Dancing (Obviously dad will need to do all the moves)

Ultimately, playtime will build a strong bond and will improve babies congative development and will strengthen babies imagination.

Read a book

Dad reading a book to his Baby
Reading a book together will build an awesome bond!

Studies have shown that dad reading to his baby will improve language development.

Not only does it improve language development, but it also means the dad spends more time with baby and acts to strengthen the bond.

You can go one step further here and read a book that is ABOUT dad!

These books can be fun and interesting to read. Take a book called The Dinosaur That Pooped Daddy for example. This book has some awesome pictures and is very funny. When daddy reads this with a smile on his face, his baby will see happy dad and the bond will grow stronger!

Learning time

Dad teaching daughter
Dads teaching their baby will increase the bond because the baby will look to dad as a source of information!

Children love learning. Sure, they might not show it sometimes, but their brains are thirsty for knowledge.

Dad needs to be aware of this and needs to act on it.

Even as a baby, children love to learn. Respect quickly grows towards all the people they see as teachers, those who are the font of all knowledge.

Obviously, I am not talking about dad bonding with his baby by running through a few long calculations here! I am talking about simple things, like pointing at items and explaining what they are and what they are used for.

Babies are not going to be able to remember a lot of this, however, simply the act of teaching is enough to strengthen the bond, and will feed their inquisitive nature!

Outdoor time

Dad paying outside with Baby, bond building
Dads can help to build a bond by taking his baby outside and showing them the world!

Outdoor time builds on the tip above about being a life-tutor. It also doubles up as some outdoor special time with your baby!

Spending time outside has some huge benefits for dad and baby. For a start, it opens up the world you the baby by allowing them to see things that they do not see indoors. Wildlife, shops, and nature.

Be a teacher outside the house where they will have so much information to take in. As the baby looks around at objects, dad can be pointing them out and giving them a name.

Secondly, fresh air will make the baby very tired, making it much easier to settle them later on in the day! Dads need to know these things if they want a little more sleep!

Same clothes

When babies are born, they look to their parents and notice similarities. The challenging thing here is that they are much smaller than you are.

By wearing similar clothes, you are matching yourself with them which will help to build a bond.

We all know that matching is a very common way to build rapport with someone, so why not use that to your advantage when dad is building a bond with his baby?

If dad has a favorite sports team, why not buy a matching sports kit? Does dad have a favorite band? Favorite car manufacturer or a favorite drinks brand perhaps? There are so many options out there, and each one of them will help to build a bond.


Baby sleeping on Dad, building a bond
Naptime is awesome for bonding, and you get to some sleep!

Be careful with this one because it can quickly turn into a habit where they will not able to fall asleep without someone there! I know this because it happened to me…

Babies nap. A lot. Napping is the perfect time for some skin to skin contact!

I could write thousands of words on the benefits of skin to skin contact! Skin to skin has been shown to aid development and reduce maternal stress. This is also true when dad spends skin to skin time with his baby. Keep your baby close!

Before you lay your baby down in the crib, consider whether you have some spare time to let the baby nod off on your chest. There is nothing that builds a bond stronger that skin to skin contact! Use this time to your advantage.

As soon as they drift off to sleep it is time to lay them down in the crib (carefully)! Co-sleeping has been shown to increase the chances of a baby suffering from SIDS, which is why it is vital that you lay them down correctly.

Bath Time

Baby in bath with bubbles
Fun time in the bath can help to build a bond too!

Bath time is an awesome time for some dad and baby bonding!

Not only does dad get to spend some quality time with his baby, but there are also so many fun things to do during bath time that will entertain his baby until it is time to get out.

Being new to this world, a baby will love bath time because the feeling and movement of water cause sensory overload!

Spend some time pouring small amounts of water over their legs and watch the reaction. If it is good, carry on. If it is bad then it is probably best to stop and move on.

Squeezy toys, bubble machines, and books are great ways to entertain a baby during bath time, so use them to your advantage.

Attend Baby groups together

Dad holding a Baby up outside
Attending a baby group as a dad can help to build a bond by spending time with them!

There are many baby groups that dad can take his baby to for some awesome bond-building time.

When my son was a baby, I took him to a Baby Yoga class. It meant that I was able to spend some good quality time with him, and the room was full of dads doing the same things!

I admit, my son did not really enjoy the Yoga class. In fact, he cried after 20 minutes and then we left. Maybe a Yoga class was not for him, but there are tons of other baby classes that dad can choose from.

A simple search in my area brings back a list of possible classes to attend:

  • Signing and Singing
  • Music Class
  • Baby Massage Class
  • Baby Sensory Class

There are tons of options, so take a look in your local area!


Above are 9 awesome dad and baby bonding ideas that you have to try if dad is looking to build a strong and healthy bond!

There are so many reasons why it is good for dad to have a strong bond with his baby, and whilst I have covered a few already in this post, there are more benefits too, such as:

Bonding with a newborn means that the baby will grow up to respect and admire their dad much more than those who are not lucky enough to have built a strong bond.

Personally, I strive to improve the bond I have with my son each and every day because it is very important to me. 

For me, it is simply not enough to be a dad, you also have to be a friend and life coach. For that, you need rapport and a strong bond.

Oh, and mom, you should be encouraging dad to spent more time with his baby when it is time to bond. I am sure you will welcome the free time!

Good luck!

5 Best Back Support Baby Carrier Options

Best Baby carrier with back support

Carrying a baby around in a carrier can be tough, right? When you leave it late to have kids, like me, then your back is easily affected by carrying a baby around. Hands up who gets a bad back when they have sat on the floor building lego for too long! In this post, I take a look at the best back support baby carrier options, so you can save the pain for lego building!

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LÍLLÉbaby Complete Original 6-in-1 Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier, Black
LÍLLÉbaby Complete Original 6-in-1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier
Your back will thank you for using this baby carrier. The lumbar support is awesome, and it looks great too.

Carrying a baby close will help to build a bond, so why should you not have a baby carrier, just because you have back pains?

The 5 Best Back Support Baby Carrier Options

1: LILLEbaby SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby

LÍLLÉbaby Complete Original 6-in-1 Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier, Black

The LILLEbaby Complete offers excellent back support!

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Comfort For Your Back

The LILLEbaby Complete Baby carrier has lumbar support in the form of a robust waist strap that ensures an even distribution of weight when carrying your Baby.

The Amazon reviews for this baby carrier are littered with positive comments regarding comfort, and the fact that it can be worn for hours with no backache!

Not only does the LILLEbaby Complete offer excellent lumbar support, but the padded straps offer all-around comfort for the wearer.

Comfort For Your Baby

The LILLEbaby Complete has been evaluated by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and is found to be a ‘Hip Healthy Carrier’ for babies. That alone offers you the confidence that using this baby carrier is good for the baby!

Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable, safe, and secure journey for your newborn, up to toddler age.

In the warm weather, you can be assured by the well-built ventilation system that you and baby will not overheat.


I found the LILLEbaby Complete to be a sturdy, well build, ultra comfortably baby carrier if you need back support.

You can clearly see why they named it COMPLETE!

This is a 6 in 1 Baby carrier that will grow with your family, from baby to Infant to toddler, it can be adjusted to accommodate children from 7lbs up to 45lbs.

Not only have they created the best baby carrier with back support, but they have also created THE most comfortable baby carrier for your baby too. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Other features include; Headrest, zippered pockets, dual adjustments, and machine washable coverings.

2: BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air

BABYBJÖRN New Baby Carrier One Air 2019 Edition, Mesh, Navy Blue

The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air has a robust back support strap!

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Comfort For Your Back

Similar to all the options on this page, the BabyBjorn One Air has a very sturdy waist strap to ensure evenly distributed weight when carrying your baby. This will ensure that you can wear this for hours without any back pain! Awesome.

Some baby carriers have padded shoulder straps only, which is a good product feature for comfort but, the BabyBjorn has strap covers that cover the entire strap. Incredibly comfortable for the person wearing it!

Comfort For Your Baby

In terms of comfort for the baby, the BabyBjorn is created with unique mesh fabric which means you can carry your baby without you, or the Baby getting too hot.

All of the BabyBjorn Baby carriers comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for Baby products. That means the material used in construction is certified to be free from harmful substances. This is a huge certification that brings with it a lot of confidence in the manufacture of this carrier.


The BabyBjorn Baby carrier offers so much comfort to the person wearing it, and the baby being carried in it. The robust waist strap is key to ensuring that no back pain is felt by the carrier and the mesh material ensures that the baby is in a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment.

Not only does the BabyBjorn One Air have the product features needed to stop back pain, but it also looks fantastic, especially for Dad to use!

There are 4 positions, which are front-facing (2 height positions), facing out, or baby on your back. Also, the carrier is suitable from birth up to 3 years, with a weight restriction of 7.7 lbs to 33 lbs).

Ultimately, it is an awesome choice if you are looking for a baby carrier with back support!

3: Lictin Baby Carrier

Lictin Baby Carrier for Newborn - Baby Carriers Front and Back, Breathable Adjustable Ergonomic Baby Backpack Carrier for Infant up to 33 lbs 15 kg, Gray

The Lictin Baby Carrier has the largest back support strap for any Baby carrier!

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Comfort For Your Back

The Victin Baby carrier has the biggest back support strap out of the options on this page. The ergonomic design ensured the baby’s weight is distributed evenly between the hips and shoulders, which means the lumbar support is excellent!

Similar to the other options, the Victin also has straps that are mostly covered with padding. There are some parts of the strapping that is not covered completely, but the important sections are.

Comfort For Your Baby

Your baby will be comfortable in the Victin carrier, especially in the hot weather. For a start, it has a pocket at the rear of the carrier which can be removed for hot days. Secondly, it has a removable hood so you can protect your baby from the Sun.

There are 4 ways that you can carry your baby in the Victin; Front (backward and forwards), rear, and to the side.

I recommend that you do not spend a lot of time with the baby on one side of your body. If you are reading this because you need back support, then it could hinder your back if your baby is sitting on one of the sides.


The Victin Baby carrier with back support is the cheapest option on this page, and one of the best features is the material used in production.

Because they know how clumsy infants can be, they created this baby carrier out of quick-drying, non-sticky material – what a great idea!

In my opinion, the only thing that separates this baby carrier with the other options on this page (aside from the price) is the fact that it is only available in one color. To be completely honest, the fact that it is a neutral color means that I can live with that!

Ultimately, this is an excellent, and cheap baby carrier with awesome back support!

Weight range – 7.7 lbs to 33 lbs.

4: MiaMily HIPSTER+

MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D Forward-Facing Baby Carrier and Baby Sling with 9-Supportive Carry Positions Stone Grey

The MiaMily HIPSTER+ is both lightweight and offers some excellent, strong back support!

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Comfort For Your Back

The MiaMily Hipster + is another baby carrier with awesome back support. The waist belt is big, and that is exactly what you need. This carrier has been designed with your back in mind, because it distributes the weight evenly, and all the options on this page do.

Comfort For Your Baby

There are many features about the MiaMily Hipster + that improve the comfort of your baby. The best of them is the integrated hip seat. The hip seat is especially important because it means that your baby is resting correctly within the carrier. It helps to lift the legs and ensure that support is taken at the hip level, which also helps to distribute the baby’s weight to help YOUR back! Win-win!

The breathable material means that your baby is very comfortable throughout the journey too.


The MiaMily Hipster + is a great option if you are looking for a baby carrier with back support! I mentioned the hip seat above, and this really helps to distribute the weight.

That means you can wear this for hours without back pain!

Out of all the options on this page, this carrier offers more seating positions than the rest. There are 9 of them, including the option to use the hip seat on its own which is great if you just want to carry your baby around the house but need the support for your back.

There are a couple of pockets on this carrier. In fact, for storage, it is the best option on this page.

It supports babies up to 40 lbs, which is also higher than other baby carrier options on this page.

Ultimately, I love this baby carrier because it is not simply a baby carrier, the hip seat on its own will save your back from extra strain!

5: BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle - Black, Mesh

I love the BABYBJÖRN products, and the Miracle has a strong, secure back support strap!

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Comfort For Your Back

The BabyBjorn Miracle carrier has an extra strap which helps to support your back. Yes, it has the classic lumbar support waist belt, which is very robust. But it is also built with a strap that connects the waist to the shoulder straps, securing the baby’s weight even more, and your back will thank you for it!

Comfort For Your Baby

The Miracle comes with adjustable, and sturdy head support for your little one. Out of the options on this page, the Miracle allows for closer contact with your baby, increasing the comfort and helping to build the bond between parent and child!


I think the BabyBjorn make some awesome baby carriers for Dads, and this is certainly no different.

The back support is very, very sturdy. As they are with all of the BabyBjorn carriers.

Similar to the BabyBjorn One Air, the Miracle also complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for Baby products. That means the material used in construction is certified to be free from harmful substances. This is a huge certification that brings with it a lot of confidence in the manufacture of this carrier.

You simply cannot go wrong with the Miracle, especially if you need back support!

As a Dad, it is sometimes a challenge to find a baby carrier that I like, but the BabyBjorn has everything that I need and looks great too.

The Miracle can host a baby from birth to around 15 months, and the weight range is 3.5 lbs to 26.4 lbs.

It is tested, and the fact that it complies with European and U.S. safety standards EN 13209-2:2015 and ASTM F2236, means it is certified as safe.

Why back support is important when you are using a Baby carrier

Back support is extremely important when you are using a baby Carrier.

When you have a newborn baby, a lot of your new life is spent bending over interacting with your baby. Whether that is playtime, settling them down when it is time to sleep, or changing their clothes or diaper.

You know the feeling when you have been being over for too long! Sometimes you have to make a grunting noise because it somehow helps you to stand back up straight!

If you are breaking out the baby carrier, it is likely that you will be wearing it for a long time. Whether that is going for a walk, or going shopping. Sometimes that can last a few hours, which is why it is very important that your baby carrier evenly distributes the weight to ensure you do not get any back pain.

You need to look after your back now, your future self will thank you for it!

Sometimes, especially when you are young, it is easy to forget to look after your back. I am guilty of not sitting correctly, and whilst that never affected me when I was younger, I am starting to feel the effects now. Ultimately, you need a baby carrier with back support, so you can be a spritely old person in years to come!

There are multiple reasons why you have back pains, but the most relevant reasons are:

  • Lifestyle Triggers
  • Sprains

You can avoid back pain, or improve it by making some changes to the way to sit, and by ensuring that you have the correct back support when using a baby carrier.

What gives a Baby carrier good back support

The key product feature for a baby carrier with back support is the strap across your lower back. It is very important that the waist belt is sturdy. A sturdy waist belt will give real pressure relief when you are carrying the baby.

Without the waist belt, the baby’s weight is not evenly distributed which can result in back pain. With the waist belt, the baby’s weight IS evenly distributed, allowing for a much more comfortable fit.

Do not forget about Baby comfort!

Whilst you are looking for a baby carrier with back support, please remember to take the comfort of your baby into consideration!

It is cool having a baby carrier that supports YOUR back, but what if that means your baby ends up with their face squashed against your chest, and their neck unsupported?

The baby carriers on this page have been designed with you AND your baby in mind, so rest assured!


If you are looking for a baby carrier with back support, then the 5 options on this page will certainly not let you down.

The options on this page will suit any budget! There are cheap options, and there are options that cost a little bit extra. Ultimately, if you have back pain and need back support with your carrier then they will all suit your needs.

If back pain is common for you, then take a look at some things you can do to improve your posture and reduce the pain that you feel. There are some lifestyle changes that you can make that will help you out!

Good luck, and take it easy!

5 Best Baby Swings For Small Spaces

Best Baby Swings For Small Spaces

So, you have a newborn baby and not much space… Bringing up a baby in a small living space is tough, right? In this post, I will go through the best baby swings for small spaces. Because having one less thing to trip over is a blessing!

DadGold recommends…
Ingenuity Swing 'n Go Portable Baby Swings - Hugs & Hoots portable swing for small spaces.
Ingenuity Swing ‘n Go Portable Baby Swing
This portable swing is awesome, and just the right size if you need to fit a swing in a small space!

With a newborn baby, you can expect a house full up with various toys and tools to help your baby through the first few months, and beyond.

When your living space is not very big you need to look for baby toys that do not take up much space, right?

Baby swings can be bulky and can take up a lot of space.

Thankfully, there are some smaller, more compact baby swings available, and you can see the best of them right here!

Baby swings can be an excellent friend to you when you are a new dad, and will certainly help if your new baby is difficult to settle.

The best baby swings base all of their functionality on aspects that act to settle your baby:

  1. Slow, steady movement
  2. Peaceful music and other sounds
  3. Hanging toys

5 of the Best Baby Swings for small Spaces

1. Ingenuity, Swing ‘n Go Portable Swing

Ingenuity Swing 'n Go Portable Baby Swings - Hugs & Hoots portable swing for small spaces.

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Maximum Weight

20lbs / 9.07 Kilograms.


6.8 x 14.5 x 22.2 inches / 17.3 x 36.8 x 56.4 cm

Speed Settings

5 swing speed settings.


The 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds will keep your baby entertained, and comfortable.


The Ingenuity swing will fold up very easily.


4 D batteries required.


Like all of the swings on this page, there is a 5 point safety harness.


Along with the dimensions, there are two features on the Swing ‘n Go portable swing that makes it a must to be on this page:

  • Timer Setting
  • Extra Quiet Motor

It is all well and good having a baby swing, after all, they are a fantastic tool in your baby calming arsenal, but what if it is too noisy to actually give them any comfort?

Well, there is no need to worry about the noise with this swing! The extra quiet motor will ensure your baby is not kept awake with the constant droning.

If like me, you prefer your home to have wooden flooring then you will be pleased to know that the Swing ‘n Go has no-slip feet, which means fewer marks on the floor, and less operating noise, awesome.

In terms of safety and comfort, the seat has a 5 point harness and padded head support, which is extremely important if you are looking for a swing for a young baby.

Like the Fisher-Price option above, this option also has a Toy bar, which can be removed from the Swing ‘n Go if needed.

2. Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

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Maximum Weight

19 lbs / 8.62 Kilograms


20 x 6 x 21 inches / 51.1 x 15.2 x 53.8 cm.

Speed Settings

There are 6-speed settings.


6 Melodies along with volume control.


Easy fold for storage and portability.


4 C batteries required.


5 point safety harness.


As we progress through this list, the size of the swings increases slightly, and the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing is no different.

It is still small enough to make it an excellent choice for a baby swing for small spaces, and will certainly not take up too much of your precious home!

What I love about this baby swing is the reclinable seat, which is a product feature that is not readily available with other options. It just adds in a little bit of extra comfort for baby, which is what we are all trying to achieve, right?

The Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing has 3 timer settings, so as soon as you learn how quickly it can send your baby to sleep, you can simply set it to go and put a movie on!

Make the most of this time, it does not last long!

In terms of noise, the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing utilizes whisper quiet operation, adding extra comfort.

The toy bar is a little bit lower than other options, which means your baby is more likely to interact with it at a younger age. It can also be removed.

If you are looking for a baby swing for small spaces, this is a great option that also folds away easily to save space and ensures easy portability.

The pads are easily removable and are machine washable, which is awesome because babies easily make a mess, right?

Again, the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing uses a 5 point safety harness system so you can be confident that your baby is locked in and will not fall out.

3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat

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Maximum Weight

24.9 lbs / 11.3 Kilograms


6 x 20 x 21 Inches / 15.2 x 51.1 x 53.8 cm

Speed Settings

6 swing speeds.


12 soothing sounds.


Easily foldable.


4 C batteries required.


5 point harness.


You might pay a little bit extra for this swing but boy, it is the most comfortable on this page!

Check out the pictures for yourself, your baby will be snuggled in this baby swing.

In terms of portability, it is very similar to the other Fisher-Price swing on this page. Easily foldable and super compact, which are 2 key features if you are likely to be traveling a lot with it.

The plush head support will keep your baby’s head still and will protect it during the swinging, and the 5 point harness system will also act to keep baby from falling out.

As an added bonus, there is a security strap to stop the chair from swinging when you simply want to use it as a baby seat.

Although the dimensions are slightly bigger than the rest of the options on this page, it is still small enough to be used when you are limited on space in your living area.

The toy bar is within easy reach too, which means your baby can play with the toys from an earlier age.

Whilst the seat is very comfortable, it cannot be adjusted. That is not too much of a problem though, because it already looks comfortable enough.

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing is the best option for bigger babies because it has the highest maximum weight restriction on this page.

4. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

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Maximum Weight

25 lbs / 11.3 Kg.


29.2 x 27.7 x 38.1 inches – 98.2 x 61 x 90 cm.

Speed Settings

4 speeds.


No sounds.


Easy to fold and carry.


4 x D batteries.


5 point harness.


By far, the best thing about this baby swing is that you can adjust the legs to make it compact or full height. This is an excellent product feature if you are looking for a baby swing for small spaces.

Similar to other options on this page, this is a 2 in 1 baby tool that can be used both as a swing and as a rocker. By the way, the rocker can be removed to make it even easier to transport!

In terms of safety and comfort, the Graco Slim Spaces Compact baby swing has a 5 point harness and excellent, comfortable head support. Fabric covers and the head support can be removed for cleaning. As a parent, I fully appreciate that!

The toy bar is a little bit higher than the other baby swing options on this page, which may frustrate the baby at first but when they eventually reach the toys they must be filled with a great sense of achievement, right?

The Graco Slim Spaces Compact baby swing will also fold away and has a carry handle for portability.

Disappointingly, there are no sounds though.

5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Take Along Swing and Seat Set

Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing and Seat, Rainforest Friends

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Maximum Weight

24.9 lbs / 11.3 Kg


5.9 x 20 x 21 inches / 15 x 51 x 54 cm

Speed Settings

6 swing speed settings.


This Fisher Price portable swing has 10 musical tunes along with 2 nature sounds to soothe your baby.


Folds flat and is very easy to transport.


The swing is powered with 4 x C batteries, so no need to plug it in wherever you take it.


There is a 5 point safety harness to ensure your baby is safe and secure.


I absolutely love this baby swing, and the dimensions of the unit make it a perfect choice if you live in a small space, such as an apartment.

The Fisher-Price ‘Take Along’ swing is basically a 2 in 1 baby soothing wonder toy! You can either use it as a swing or as a totally calming vibration seat

As a parent, you are forever cleaning the baby’s clothes…and yours too.

There are some baby swings that do not have a removable seat pad, and the only way to clean it is with some wipes which sucks!

This baby swing allows you to remove the soft seat for easy clean, which makes being a parent just that little bit easier.

One of the best features of the Fisher-Price Take-Along is the fact that it senses your baby’s weight and adjusts the speed of the swing. As your baby grows, they will not be slowing down…which is something you need to get used to!

In terms of sensory experience, it has 10 music sounds and 2 soothing nature sounds and it has a toy bar with 2 toys hanging from it. Remember everything is new for babies, and they will spend hours of fun trying to reach each of the toys.

As I said above, this is the smallest swing on this page, and with the features on offer here it makes it one of the best baby swings for small spaces!

What needs to be considered when looking for small baby swings

Because space is a premium, you need to consider the dimensions (height, width, and depth).

Before you buy a baby swing for small spaces, you will need to decide when you would like to put it. Now, using a tape measure, check to see how much space you have available for the swing.

Do not forget that the swing will be moving, so consider leaving an extra couple of inches around the swing to allow for some extra movement.


Wait, is foldability even a word? Well…it is now!

Does the swing fold away neatly? How easy is it to fold the baby swing?

The thing about baby things is they can be very bulky and difficult to store when you are not using them.

When looking for a baby swing for small spaces, you need to be confident that it can be folded easily, and confident that it will not take up much space when it is not in use.


So, now you have even more of an arsenal when you are faced with a battle to settle a baby!

The best 5 baby Swings for small spaces that I have identified above will certainly give your baby comfort and will give you more time to settle down and chill out in the first few months of your new baby’s life.

There are other items, such as a night light projector, that will act to calm your baby.

You also need to consider items that entertain your baby, which to be honest, is pretty simple.

As everything is new to the baby, they will be entertained by pretty much anything!

It is a blessing, but it becomes more difficult when they reach a toddler’s age, so make the most of it!

If you can think of a baby swing that should be on this list then please get in touch or leave a comment below.

Good luck!

Top 5 – Best Baby Carrier For Flying

Best Baby Carrier For Flying

Flying with a Baby has the potential to be one of the worst flights you have ever been on! How can you make it easier for you? How can you make it easier for everyone else on the flight?

You may be lucky enough to book a seat with a baby seat, or you may decide to wear a baby carrier.

DadGold recommends…
LÍLLÉbaby Complete
The LÍLLÉbaby Complete in black is my number 1 choice! This baby carrier is an excellent choice for flying with a baby!

What is the best baby carrier for flying?

Here, I take a look at the options…

The Best Baby Carrier For Flying

  1. LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier
  2. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original
  3. Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling
  4. Baby Wrap Carrier
  5. 6 in 1 Lictin Baby Carrier

Seat v Carrier For Flying

A few years back we took to the skies for a 9-hour flight, and because we booked early, we were able to book the ‘baby seat’ aisle.

It was awesome, but it had drawbacks. For instance, when the seatbelt sign was illuminated, my son had to move back to sit with one of us because it was unsafe to have him strapped into the baby seat. Every time he drifted off to sleep, the light would appear and we would have to disturb him. Every. Single. Time.

Using a baby carrier for flying is a fantastic idea and gives you the option to sit down, stand up, walk around, and lay back (a bit).

Maybe you can even catch some Z’s while your baby is!

The Best Baby Carrier For Flying – Top 5

The baby carriers are in order of my recommendation.

LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier

LÍLLÉbaby Complete All Seasons 6-in-1 Adjustable Baby Carrier for Newborns & Toddlers - Black

Lillebaby produces some awesome baby carriers, and this one is perfect for a plane journey due to the lightweight design and cooling airflow!

View Price On Amazon

In 2nd place, we have the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier, another fantastic option if you are looking for a baby carrier for flying, why?

Let me tell you:

  • Suitable from birth to 4-year old
  • Temperature regulating panels
  • Head support
  • Padded shoulder straps

The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier will keep you both cool during your flight, with the added confidence that you will be able to walk around the plane with total support. In fact, the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier has been given the seal of approval from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This is not just a great option for the plane journey, it can be used as a general day to day baby carrier too, so there is no excuse to not get your steps in!

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original - Black, Cotton

The Babybjorn Original is still one of the best baby carriers! The excellent design will keep your baby comfortable on long plane journies!

View Price On Amazon

I have tried various ‘clip-on’ baby carries in my time as a parent, the model I purchased was, in fact, the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier.

I know how comfortable this is, and I know how comfortable my son was when he took a ride with me!

So why is it not the best?

Simple, when compared with the 1st option on this page, the ONLY thing it doesn’t have is the ability to increase airflow through the carrier. Sure, it is pretty ‘airy’ anyway, but it is good to have some extra options for when it gets hot, and it sometimes gets hot on a plane!

When it comes to putting the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier on and removing it, the process is very simple, even I can do it. When on, it is very sturdy and you will have no worries about the whole thing coming apart!

During the early years of my son’s life (well, the 1st year only, after that he wasn’t happy in any carrier), I used this carrier A LOT and never had any issues with my back, hips, or anything else.

Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling

9-in-1 CuddleBug Baby Wrap Sling + Carrier - Newborns & Toddlers up to 36 lbs - Hands Free - Gentle, Stretch Fabric - Ideal for Baby Showers - One Size Fits All (Grey)

Your baby will be snug in this awesome Baby carrier wrap!

View Price On Amazon

The Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling is the 1st of 2 slings I have taken a look at.

Wearing a baby sling has shown to be very beneficial for increasing the bond between parent and baby, so why not take advantage and build a strong bond on a plane too?

You probably know already, but babies love to feel snuggled up. You might already be swaddling your baby to help them sleep (If you don’t, you really should give it a go!). Wrapping your baby up in a sling will give them comfort, and will hopefully help them sleep during the flight?

If they are that great, why are they not the best baby carrier for flying?

I have not picked a wrap in the top two, simply because of the lumbar support that the others will give you. Part of your journey may involve walking around the aircraft in a fruitless attempt to comfort them. You might even spend a number of hours just walking around the same old plane!

If you do, then (IMO) you will need lumbar support because you don’t want a painful back on vacation, right?

Another drawback is as your child gets older, they will not find a sling as comfortable as the first 2 options. Having said that, you are probably here because you want to know the best BABY carrier for flying. The Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling will do the job.

Baby Wrap Carrier

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Grey - Original Stretchy Infant Sling, Perfect for Newborn Babies and Children up to 35 lbs

This Baby wrap carrier will keep your loved one tight and comfortable throughout the flight!

View Price On Amazon

The Baby Wrap Carrier is the cheapest baby carrier on this page, but that does not mean it is inferior!

It is very similar to the option above and has exactly the same drawbacks.

The best thing about these types of slings is that they will be a cooler option for you and the baby. The material is much lighter than the first 2 options, and that means it could increase the comfort for you and the baby.

If your journey is going to be spent in a seated position (if you take a night flight, for instance) then I would recommend these types of slings above the others, simply because of the breathability.

I may get some conflict because baby slings have a strong following due to the closeness these slings give you when compared with the others, but I have tried these slings, and I have tried the clip-on baby carries. I vouch for increased lumbar support any day!

6 in 1 Lictin Baby Carrier

Lictin Baby Carrier 6-in-1 Ergonomic Backpack Carry with Hip Seat for Infants from 3.5KG to 20KG with 2 Cotton Bibs, 1 Pacifier Chain, with CE ASTM Certificated Tummy Carrier for Flying, Hiking, Shopping

Check out the lightweight design of this baby carrier! During long plane journies heat can be a problem, but not with this option!

View Price On Amazon

The 6 in 1 Lictin Baby Carrier is the perfect baby carrier for flying!

Let’s have a look at the reasons why:

  • Easy to cool baby and parent
  • Lumbar support
  • Head support for newborns
  • Breathable mesh

One of the main pieces of functionality here is the easily adjustable panel that can be unzipped to allow extra airflow when things are getting hot on the plane! It is really important that you both keep cool during the flight so you can be as relaxed as possible.

If your baby is not happy and wants to explore the aircraft, take them for a walk! With the padded straps and lumbar support, it is going to be like a Sunday stroll through the woodlands…..

The  6 in 1 Lictin Baby Carrier is an awesome baby carrier for flying!

Baby Carrier For Flying – What To Consider


The most important thing to consider is how comfortable the baby carrier is for both you and the baby, it goes without saying!

Remember, although the aircraft is going to have aircon, it can also get very warm. If I needed a baby carrier for flying, I would be looking at an option that allows the air to flow to stop us both getting too hot.

Easy Of Assembly

For me, putting together a baby carrier needs to be as easy as possible, especially if you are swapping around when one of you gets tired!

The baby carrier needs to be easy to wear and easy to put together. Do you want an easy to clip baby carrier? Or a baby carrier that you have to tie a few times. Think about the clips, are they going to dig in your back when you are sitting down.

Do Not Get A Bulky Baby Carrier

You are just going to annoy everyone, including yourself and your baby. Small, simple, and light are what you need.

Best Baby Carrier For Flying – The Conclusion

When you are looking for the best baby carries for flying, you need to consider your circumstances before you decide which one to go for.

Personally, I would prefer to have the option of a baby seat, although that is not always possible so you will need to consider an alternative.

The best baby carries for flying are detailed above and are in order of how much I rate them for the job they need to do.

As a Dad, I have been through different stages when flying. Before I was a Dad, hearing a kid scream on a plane would be annoying, then it happened to me, now when I hear a baby screaming on a plane, I just feel sorry for the parents!

Good luck on your flight!

Toddler or Baby Car Sickness Survival Guide – 10 Tips

reduce car sickness in toddler or baby

‘Daddy, I feel sick.’ Came the call from the back. Seconds later, he was covered in vomit. So was his seat, his toys, and basically the surrounding area. We were 10 miles away from the next stop. What the hell do I do?

This was my Son a few days back. He always used to be a good traveler in the car, but recently he has been suffering from motion sickness.

What I learned from this life episode, I thought I would pass on to you, because car/travel sickness is actually very common with toddlers and babies.

Motion sickness – the cause

The reason some people get motion sickness when traveling is simple:

Your eyes are lying to your brain.

Basically, your body is moving left, and right. It is slowing and speeding up. Your eyes must be telling your brain that these things are happening, but sometimes they do not do a very good job.

My Son was sick because he was reading (or looking at pictures) on the side of a new toy we just bought him. While his eyes are transfixed on the box, his body was moving from side to side, slowing down, and speeding up.

His eyes are telling his brain ‘I am not moving man’, but his body was telling a different story. This causes his brain to get a bit confused. The result is that you get to see what he has just eaten, but this time it doesn’t smell as good.


Reducing motion sickness

There are some tips below that you can follow to help reduce motion sickness when you are traveling with a baby or toddler. Ultimately, you need to get them to look out of the front window.

This is not a total cure, because some people will get motion sickness whatever they do to help stop it. If that is you, or your child, then it is worth speaking to a clinician, as they will be able to suggest some medication that will help to reduce motion sickness for children.10 tips to reduce motion sickness when traveling with a baby or toddler


Here are the 10 tips

Number one is the most important because if it happens, you need to be prepped for any cleaning!

1. Prep a puke survival kit

Prepare for car sickness

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail!

… the saying goes.

Basically, you need to prep an in-car sickness survival kit. Get a bag. Any bag. Fill it with these things:

  1. Wet wipes – which you should ALWAYS have anyway.
  2. Anti Bacterial Cleaner – not for use on the child!
  3. Spare Clothes – remember to replace them as they get bigger!
  4. Trash Bags – because you will want to wrap everything up so the car doesn’t smell too badly.
  5. Kitchen Cloths – because that stuff just gets EVERYWHERE!
  6. Water – to rinse things.

Also – you should always be carrying water for you all to drink. Do not drink the water in the survival kit, because if you are like me….it has probably been there a while.

2. Do not give them anything to watch or read

motion sickness no tablets

iPads or tablets are great! They keep your child occupied while you are getting on with those little tasks in life that are easy…but seem impossible when you need to give your child attention.

In the back of the car, they are also great! The give your child something to watch while you do the hard work.

They are not great if you have a toddler who suffers from motion sickness. Basically, it can be the cause of motion sickness!

When your eyes are focussing on a screen or a book, your brain is thinking ‘hang on, I can’t see that I am moving, but my body is. I had better send an evac command to the stomach because that will surely help’.

Yeh – I don’t understand it either, but it is what it is.

3. Open the window

reduce car sickness open window

Fresh air can calm a sick feeling.

When you are feeling like you are going to vomit, it doesn’t help when you feel ‘stuffy’, like you can in a car. You need freedom, and space around you.

Opening the window can help you feel less stuffy, and it has the added benefit that some of the vomit might go out of the window. It is much easier to clear the side of your car than the car seat/child.

4. Use the air conditioning

reduce car sickness with aircon

This is very similar to the above.

You know when you are going to vomit, your body temperature feels like it is rising….the sweat begins to pour down your face like you’ve been caught leaving work early.

Ramp up the air con to cool them down. You might be fighting a losing battle, but it is best to unleash all possible weapons. You never know, it might just stop the mass clean up.

5. Play games that force them to look out of the window

reduce car sickness look out of window

‘I spy’ is a great game. Not only does it keep them entertained, but it also forces them to look out of the window.

When you look out of the window, your brain knows that you are moving. If you are approaching a bend, your eyes will prep your brain so it doesn’t come as a shock.

A game I like to play is ‘the first one to see a blue car is a winner’. You can pick an unusual color to prolong the game, but they get bored eventually, so keep on your toes.

6. Play some music – but not too loud

motion sickness listen to music

Plying some music will keep their brain busy, while they try and make sense of the words.

The distraction may also make them forget that they are feeling sick, you just never know.

Do not play the music too loud though, you don’t want to miss them being sick while you are singing Bruce Springsteen at the top of your voice. If this does happen though, you will be pleased to know that the smell will hit you sooner than you think.

7. Get them to have a nap

no car sickness asleep

Aha, sleeping child! Is there a better feeling as a Dad to look at your own child and realize they have fallen asleep?

I don’t think so.

As they are asleep, they are unlikely to be feeling sick. A word of warning though, they still CAN be sick, but the chances are much lower when compared to a fully lucid child.

Again, don’t have the music too loud. For a start, it could wake them up….but you will also want to know if they wake up feeling sick….or have actually vomited!

8. Check their snack and drink intake

drink water to reduce motion sickness

What prompted me to write some tips on how to avoid toddler car sickness, was the recent episode of my Son evacuation his stomach contents in my car.

What I didn’t tell you above, and if quite relevant, is that he had just finished a medium sized bottle of Banana milkshake.

I can’t be sure that this was the vomit trigger, but I can tell you that it made the vomit sell so much worse than usual. It also put me off eating Bananas for a few weeks!

Have a reality check on what you are feeding them, and how often you are feeding them. Try to stick to water and dry foods if you can. I know it is difficult, because a toddler doesn’t want water and dry foods, but it is worth the argument, trust me.

9. Clean the car before you leave

clean car no car sickness

A car that is packed full of ‘stuff’ and hasn’t been cleaned in a while can induce vomiting if your child suffers from motion sickness.

It is mostly due to the feeling of being enclosed, which is not great when you are feeling sick.

Cleaning the car will give it a nice, fresh smell. Give it a go.

10. Check the driving modes on your car

driving modes to reduce car sickness

I have a few driving modes in my car. The sports mode will toughen up the suspension, the steering, and will make it much easier to overtake people. I tend to use this mode when there is no one else in the car because it can make the journey a little uncomfortable for the passengers.

There is another mode, called ‘Comfort’. It makes sense (mostly because of the name) to have this on when you have passengers who suffer from car sickness.

The journey is much smoother, with fewer jolts, and less ‘speed up, slow down’ elements to it.

Have a look at the modes on your car (if you have any) and pick the right one for the circumstances.

You never know, it could save you money on gas too!


Toddler or Baby Car Sick Survival Guide – Conclusion

When you are traveling with a baby or a toddler that suffers from care or motion sickness, it is best to be prepared. Not just being prepared for when it does happen, I also mean you need to be prepared so it limits the chances of happening.

Motion sickness is no fun. It is no fun for the person who suffers from it, and it is no fun for the person who has to clean it up….that is you by the way.

The key thing is that you are prepared and that you have a survival kit in the event that it does happen.

Good luck on your travels!

Best Baby Light Projector Get Your Kid To Sleep

best baby light projector

Are you struggling to get your child to settle for bedtime?

When the end of the day is here, all you want to do is chill out and unwind, right?

DadGold Recommends…
SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector and Sleeping Soothing White Noise Sound Machine for Baby, Kids, Adults with Bluetooth 4.1, Timer, Remote, 6 Soother Sounds, 7 Lighting Modes for Kids Room
SOAIY Sleep Sound Machine
The best thing about the SOAIY Sleep Sound Machine is the fact that you can use bluetooth to play any relaxing sounds your baby likes!

If you want an awesome tool that is going to get your baby to sleep quickly, then you need to consider a light projector!

It worked for my Son!

You might also want to consider a white noise machine to help you get your baby to sleep.

In this post, I highlight the 5 best baby light projectors, so you can chill out when it is adult time!

Sometimes, getting my son to sleep was a difficult task. The feeling of FREEDOM you get when your child is asleep is within touching distance.

It is so close….all you need to do is get them to drift away into slumber. Easy, right?


There were times when I thought he would never sleep again.

My eyes were dragging, my eyelids heavy. I needed some help.

Getting your baby or toddler to sleep, and developing a good bedtime habit has some huge benefits for their development! It is time to take advantage. It is time for you to consider a baby light projector!

Best Baby Light Projector

Baby Ceiling Projectors, What Do They Do?

Some simply show a colorful display on the child’s bedroom ceiling. This will give them something to focus on, and it is relaxing….kind of like staring at the waves crashing down on a beach.

The best baby light projectors also have relaxing music, which will also help to get them off to sleep. Honestly, if you are going to get one, then get a baby night light projector with music. You will thank me for it.

Both of these features help to regulate Melatonin, which is the sleep hormone. When you regularly use a baby light projector, it becomes a routine for the child to sleep. The more you use it, the more it works!

Ultimately, you want to create the ultimate baby light show on their ceiling, so they can do nothing BUT gaze at it until their eyes are closed and your life becomes so much more relaxed.

The Best Baby Light Projector – Top 5

The following baby light projectors are in the order that I recommend them. It is also worth noting that these are not just for babies, these can also be used as awesome toddler night light projectors!

SOAIY Sleep Sound Machine

SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector and Sleeping Soothing White Noise Sound Machine for Baby, Kids, Adults with Bluetooth 4.1, Timer, Remote, 6 Soother Sounds, 7 Lighting Modes for Kids Room

The SOAIY Sleep Sound Machine is the best baby light projector!

View Price On Amazon

The SOAIY Sleep Sound Machine is a great choice for a baby light projector!

Check this out: Bluetooth speaker, remote control, adjustable brightness and timer, and psychedelic light show!

This is the ultimate Baby ceiling projector.

You have a choice of colors, which are Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. You also have a choice of in-built relaxing sounds, which are White Noise, Thunder, Brook, Ocean Sounds, Summer Night (not Summer Lovin) and Rain. Don’t like the options? Well….it is a Bluetooth speaker, so just hook up your phone and play whatever you want!

All of this is easily controlled using the remote, and the rotating light show will have them staring at the ceiling for hours.

There is no doubt from me that this baby night light projector with music will help YOU get some sleep too!

Ocean Wave Night Light Projector

The Ocean Wave Night Light Projector is an awesome night light projector, with tons of color choices, and great music!

View Price On Amazon

The Ocean Wave has some excellent features that make it one of the best choices for a baby ceiling projector!

7 colors, 4 sounds, remote control, 12 bright LED’s, a timer function, and a built-in speaker.

Let’s take a look at the sounds:

Seagulls and Ocean Wave, Forest Insects, Generic Nature, and Flowing Water featuring some Birds. Some very nice, and very relaxing sounds in there. Sure…Seagulls are relaxing to listen to, but just make sure there is no food in the room, I am sure they will go for it!

The built-in speaker is pretty cool, it has a slot for a TF card and you can also hook up your phone to play whatever music you want…..more whatever music your CHILD wants!

The timer option is there too, and you can set the baby light projector to turn off after 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours.

With features like these, it is easy to see why the Ocean Wave is a top baby light projector.

SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED

The SOAIY baby night light projector is a great looking tool to get your little one to sleep!

View Price On Amazon

The SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED is very similar to the option in 1st place, although it does have two big differences…..

Built-in speaker – which is not Bluetooth.

No built-in sounds – you have to plug a device in to play music or sounds.

The SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED is a 2-in-1 baby star projector, that acts as both a night light and a star projector.

Like the option in 1st place, you can control is using the remote controller, and you can set the timer to turn the lap off at whichever interval you choose. The choices: 1 hour, 2 hours or 4 hours.

This awesome piece of equipment will help your Baby fall asleep in minutes!

Wood Grain Star Projector Night Light

This wood grain baby projector looks awesome, and has some excellent features for calm and soothe your baby.

View Price On Amazon

Wood Grain Star Projector Night Light deserves a place on this list on pure looks alone!

How stylish is a Wood Night Light?? Send them off to sleep in STYLE!

It is actually a 2 in 1 night light. The Wood Grain Star Projector Night Light has an outer casing that when used, creates a simple night light. Removing the cover gives you something very similar to the option below, which is a starry ceiling!

You can put this on a flat surface, or you can also use the hanging strap to hang from a ceiling…..or a tent…wherever!

Light modes: Warm White Light and multiple/single color.

Oh, and it also has a timer feature – nice touch!

There is a USB cable included (please use what is included in the kit, do not use a fast charge plug), but you can also use 4 x AAA batteries to power it.

Baby Star Projector Night Light

This is a classic night light projector with thousands of happy customers!

View Price On Amazon

This option is available in Blue, Pink or Purple, and it is the Starry Night Light Projector.

Make sure you take off the cover before you use it!

The night light projector projects a night-time starry sky onto a wall or ceiling, creating a relaxing atmosphere that is perfect to send your child to sleep!

It has 3 modes, Warm Light, Colorful Light, and Rotating. The colors are Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

You can power this with either the USB cable (please use what is included in the kit, do not use a fast charge plug) or 4 AAA batteries.

Rainbow Night Light Projector

This rainbow night light projector does not have any sounds, but it does have an awesome light show!

View Price On Amazon

A rainbow night light projector deserves a special mention here.

Ok, so it does not have Bluetooth or music, but displaying a rainbow on your Babies ceiling works wonders if you are trying to get them to sleep.

Sometimes, relaxing music might have the opposite effect on your child and may keep them awake. Settle them down for bed with a wonderful rainbow light show.

Along with a night light projector (with music), I have used one of these in the past. In fact, it is still in my son’s bedroom and now acts as a night light to help him drift off to sleep. He lays in bed, eyes transfixed on the ceiling until they are too heavy to keep open.

It is powered by USB and can even work without it, simply charge the unit up, it only takes 2 hours.

Features To Consider When Buying A Baby Ceiling Projector

There are a number of things you should take into consideration before buying a sleep-inducing light projector:

Where are you going to put it?

Some of the light projectors are dual powered and will take batteries as well as having the ability to be powered by a USB cable. If you choose to go for the USB cable then you will need to ensure you place the light projector in a space close to a wall socket.

I know it sounds obvious, but it is something I forget about ALL of the time!

If power sockets are limited, go for a battery-powered option.

How loud does is the max volume?

As I have previously mentioned in this post, if you want your baby to truly relax then you need a baby night light projector with music.

If the only power socket you have available is far away from the baby, then you will want the ability to increase the volume loud enough so your child can hear the soothing, relaxing sounds.

The SOAIY Sleep Sound Machine has an in-built Bluetooth speaker. This option gives you the ability to control at least some of the volume from your phone.

It is the best baby light projector for a reason!

Color choice

This is not just down to personal preference. When your child is transfixed on the ceiling, you need to keep them interested, and the changing colors will increase their interest in this fantastic light show!

Having a rotating light project will make the different colors ‘dance’ on the walls and ceiling, creating a relaxing wave of colors that is sure to send your child off to sleep…..and you if you stay in the room long enough! Trust me, I have been there.


So there you have it, my collection of the best baby light projectors! The ultimate baby ceiling projector tool so they can sleep and you can relax!

I have lost count of the times I have been in the position where I will literally do anything to get them to sleep, just so I can capture those precious peaceful hours! Buying a baby light projector was one of the best things I did to improve sleeping.

It comes with a warning though. I got into the habit of laying down with my son to give him reassurance. I would take him to his room, lay him down, switch on the light projector and lay down with him, fantasizing about watching something on TV without interruption. 2 hours later, I woke up.

Do you have any good or bad experiences with any of the light projectors on this page? Do you recommend any others? What about other sleeping aids for your child? Please get in touch, I would love to know about them!

Check this out if you need more tips on getting your child to sleep – tips from my own experience!

Good luck!

Best Baby Blocks – Early Learning Toys

Best Baby blocks

Babies are interested in everything, right? As long as it is within reach, your baby will be using their newly developed gripping strength to see what they feel like, what they taste like, and how hard they can throw them! For this reason, I prefer soft blocks… and in this post, I am going to take a look at the best soft block options for your baby.

Baby blocks are fantastic, and one of the classic baby toys! They are educational, excellent for sensory engagement, and for developing fine motor skills too. The soft blocks also do not hurt when they are thrown at you, which is a huge bonus for parents!

Right from the baby stages, you can help your child learn by repeating what they see on each block. As they progress, they will use the blocks to practice building a large tower! Eventually, you will end up as a target, but as I said above, these are all soft blocks, so injuries will be limited!

Best Baby Blocks

  1. Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks
  2. Baby Einstein Explore and Discover Soft Block Toys
  3. Galt Toys Inc Soft Blocks

Baby Blocks – When Should I Start Using Them?

The simple answer is – as soon as possible!

My son was less than 2 weeks old when I started to teach him some basic math skills!

It was a routine for us, kids love routine, I would change him, give him some milk, and then as he drifted back off to sleep I would count using my fingers. As he stared at my fingers, my monotonous tone would send him to sleep.

I was hoping this would somehow stick in his brain, and I am pretty sure it did. When he was a little bit older, he picked up counting very easily! Now I wish I would have taught him to make coffee, then he would be much more useful!

Baby blocks are an excellent educational toy, and you should start them off as soon as you can.

Baby Blocks – How Do They Help Your Baby Learn?

Studies have shown that Babies who play with blocks have an increased spatial vocabulary, and awareness. It also improves troubleshooting skills!

At first, they are just another soft toy for them to play with, but when you think about it, Baby blocks are much more than that.

When they are introduced to baby blocks, they use them (especially the baby blocks on this page) as a sensory toy. Some baby blocks have different materials like velcro or wool, some have mirrors, and some have bells that ring when you shake them. All of this is new to your baby, and it is getting them used to the differences.

You need to use this time to repeat everything they see on the baby blocks, as they examine their new toys. ‘That is number 1, that is a Lion’. This repetition will help your baby to recognize certain objects and will embed the knowledge deep inside their sponge-like brain.

As they get older, they will throw them at you, which is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination. As each of the choices on this page is soft baby blocks, you will not get hurt too much either!

The next stage is to put the blocks on top of each other. Again, this is excellent for developing hand-eye coordination and balancing.

All of that from a simple baby block!

The Best Baby Blocks

As I mentioned above, all of the baby blocks toys on this page are soft blocks, and are excellent for learning and for sensory play!

The baby blocks are in order of my recommendation.

1: Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks

View Price On Amazon


  • Sewn-in loops to connect to car seat
  • 3D features for sensory play
  • Early start with numbers and letters


  • Only 4 soft blocks

These are great to keep your baby entertained! When they are just a baby, they will absolutely love the feel and noise of the Bright Starts Grab and Stack Blocks.

You have to remember, everything is pretty new to them.

To you, they will seem like soft blocks that you can use to throw at people, but to them, they are different and something they will use to kick-start their learning process.

On each of the blocks, there is a letter, a number, a pattern, and an animal. Take some time to point at each one and tell them what it is. Seriously, their brains take in so much more than you think at this stage, and simply repeating what they can see will improve their knowledge and attention.

2: Baby Einstein Explore and Discover Soft Block Toys

View Price On Amazon


  • Sounds for sensory play
  • Self-discovery with a peek-a-boo mirror
  • Early start with other languages


  • Only 4 soft blocks
  • I prefer more numbers/letters

The Baby Einstein Explore and Discover are a sensory explosion for your baby!

The blocks come in a packet of 4 and each block has a combination of the Sun, numbers, animals, and there is even a mirror so they can play peek-a-boo with themselves!

The animal block has some chime sounds to keep them entertained.

An excellent addition is the color block has each color in English, Spanish and French, so you can start them learning a different language….even before they have mastered their own!

3: Galt Toys Inc Soft Blocks

View Price On Amazon


  • 6 foam-filled blocks
  • Perfect for stacking
  • Do not hurt when thrown at you
  • Combine them to make a puzzle


  • Lack of letter/numbers

Here is another set of soft building blocks, the Galt Toys Baby Soft Blocks.

You get 6 blocks in this pack, and the blocks have animals, and vehicles on. Again, great for repetitively explaining what is on each side. It may seem fruitless…..but they really do pay attention!

On one of the sides it a puzzle of a beanstalk. When they get a little older, they will really enjoy putting the puzzle together. They will also enjoy throwing them at you, which is why all picks on this page are soft blocks!

I am thinking of your safety here!

Age: Suitable for 6+ months.

Best Baby Blocks – The Conclusion

So there you go, there are 3 of the soft blocks for you and your baby to have tremendous fun with!

Whether it is baby blocks or another learning tool for babies, you should be encouraging them to learn, even at a very young age.

The first 3 years of a person’s life is when the brain is most receptive to what you need to teach them. Think about it, they need to learn to walk, talk, eat, and many many more things during this time. Nature basically opens their brains up for some super quick learning.

Take advantage!

Good luck!

Ditch The Pacifier – How To Wean Your Baby Off

get rid of the pacifier

A pacifier has many different names; binky, dummy, dum dum, bink, suckie and literally TONS of others. One thing is for certain though, you are going to go through hell trying to stop your baby or toddler from using it!

Oh, my Son called his a Dur Dur by the way!

There are so many ideas you can use to get your baby to stop using the dummy and so many reasons why you need to stop them using it.

I am also pretty sure that no-one on this planet followed the process I used to wean my Son off of his pacifier! Whilst there are plenty of alternatives to a pacifier, his choice was bizarre!

Why Do Babies Use A Pacifier?

For most babies, it is because they need pacifying….hence the name! Being born and getting used to this strange world is difficult, and when you are scared, 1 week old and can’t talk to anyone, you just end up crying, right?

You as a Dad are lacking sleep, lacking peace and need an answer. Try a pacifier. Not you, give it to the baby!

When a baby has a pacifier, it gives them comfort, and for the most part, will stop them crying.

In my case, my Son was in intensive care for the first few days of his life and the only way they could get him to stop crying was by giving him a pacifier. We took that on!

Why You Should Stop Your Baby Or Toddler Using a Pacifier

There are two main reasons why you will need to wean your baby off a pacifier:

1 – You want their teeth to develop correctly.

When using a pacifier for extended periods of time, your babies teeth may start to grow outwards, instead of straight up or down.

2 – You do not have to search under their bed at 3 am anymore

I have been there. I am woken up by the sound of a pacifier hitting the floor and it is not going to be long before you are in there on your hands and knees looking for it. Save yourself the both, and get them to stop using a pacifier!

Stop Your Baby Or Toddler Using a Pacifier

1. The Big Bang Approach

big bang approach

Simple – they wake up, you tell them they are not using their pacifier anymore and throw it away.

For the next few days, life will be tough and sleep will be a challenge. After those few days, it is plain sailing!

Your kid might surprise you though, and the problems could stretch out for weeks….or could end straight away, who knows!

If you go for this approach, you are a braver person than me!

2. The Pacifier Fairy

pacifier fairy

This did not work for my Son, but it has worked for many people I know.

Tell them to put it in a box by a door and tell them a fairy will come and collect it while they are asleep so they can give it to a small baby who needs it because they have grown out of using a pacifier.

Obviously, they will need to be an age where they can understand what all that means. Telling a 6-month old that a pacifier fairly exists is just a waste of words.

3. Tell Them Santa Is Watching

santa is watching

I warmed my Son up with this one and I am pretty sure this stopped daytime pacifier use!

It is easy – Santa thinks they are too old to use a pacifier, so if they get rid of it, Santa will bring an extra special present this year.

You are better off trying this around Christmas time when they are getting excited about Christmas. January just won’t cut it!

4. Cut The Ends Off

cut the ends off

This also did not work for my Son. In fact, it cost me money because I gave up and bought a new one.

Cutting the end off works ok with Babies, but I left it too long, he knew what I had done!

If your kid is 6-months old, it might work as it has worked for many people I know. When a child is over 1-year old, they know what you are up to!

5. Appeal To Their Compassionate Nature


This is almost the same as the pacifier fairy but it differs slightly.

Buy a box and decorate it together. Explain to them that inside this box will be a present for Babies that are not very well…..this works for slightly older kids.

You could start by saying ‘Is there anything you want to put inside the box?’ That way, they will begin to think about things that will comfort a poorly Baby. Maybe they will remember when they were not very well and think about what helped them.

If they do not say pacifier, you could guide them into suggesting it. The key thing here is THEY suggest putting the pacifier in the box. That is really powerful.

Assuming they do not suggest putting the pacifier in the gift box, you will need to suggest it. If they agree, then you are in with a really good shot at getting rid of it!

Simply put the pacifier in the box and get them to say good-bye. Get them to say ‘go and help the other children’.

7. Built It Up Over Time

over time

The opposite of the big bang approach! Drawing out the weaning process will give your child time to process what is going to happen and will act to prepare them for the big day when they finally give us using their pacifier!

Start by telling them ‘This Saturday, we are going to get rid of your pacifier.’

As each day passes, remind them of how many days are left until Saturday. Use the first few days to drive the point home before suggesting they stop using it during the day in preparation.

As the big day approaches, use constant reminders. When Saturday (Or whichever day you chose) finally arrives, you should have a child who is well prepared for life without a pacifier!

Get Your Child To Lose The Pacifier – What Worked For Me

To get my Son to stop using his pacifier was a long, drawn-out process.

It started with some failed attempts at the big bang approach. It would have worked if I did not back down, but I did. I learned from that too.

The following process worked for my Son:

Step 1 – The big bang theory for daytime pacifier use.

I removed access to his pacifier during the day. That was a little easier than I expected, but it was still pretty tough. I had to stand firm this time. He learned that I would back down and this was my chance to put him straight. The pacifier was removed.

Step 2 – Build him up to total removal, immediately after removing day-time use.

It was after Summer, and he was getting used to not having it during the day. I gave him 1 month to get used to the idea, which in hindsight, was probably too long!

Every day I would remind him that he will soon be getting rid of the night-time pacifier.

Step 3 – Remind him that pacifier use is for Babies only.

During the month, I would remind him that Babies are the only ones who should be using a pacifier. Those comments were backed up with reminders about him growing up, such as ‘Babies can’t do that, can they!’ and ‘Wow, that’s great, you are a big boy now!’……I was attempting to embed the whole growing up thing, obviously!

Step 4 – Figure out the ‘giving up the pacifier’ gift.

Towards the end of the month, we would sit down and figure out what present he was going to be receiving when he went a whole week without his pacifier in bed. As he was 2 at the time (I know, I left it too late!) each day there was something new he wanted – it was going to be difficult pinning him down for one present!

Step 5 – Get it done!

The month is up, and it just so happened that he was big into boxing that week. He wanted his own boxing gloves because he was bored of using mine to hit me around the head with!

I sat him down and reminded him the month was up. I said I would go and buy him some boxing gloves that day, only if he promised to go to bed without his pacifier.

That night, he went to bed shortly after saying to me ‘I don’t want my dur dur tonight Daddy, I want to wear my boxing gloves.’

The next day, I threw his pacifier away and we have never looked back!


You have so many tools in your arsenal when it comes to weaning your child from using their pacifier! I have been through my 7 favorites above and I hope one of them works out for you.

It is going to be a tough time for you all, but learn from my mistakes and do not give in!

Kids are clever. They do not look it, but they are. As soon as you begin to give in to their whims, they know that have you by the short and curlies. They know you are going to give in, and they expect it.

When it comes to throwing away the pacifier, stand firm, do not give up! Even at 3 am when they are crying out for it, be an Oak tree.

If they start to make you angry, I have some tips for keeping you cool!

I wish you good luck in your battle, and I hope they surprise you and it all goes better than expected.

You should aim for the best, but expect the worst! You can’t go wrong.

Best Baby Movement Monitor [Includes Alternative]

best baby sleeping movement monitor

I cannot emphasize it enough, this product was the sole reason I was able to sleep well when my Son was a baby. I decided to create a guide and identify the best baby movement monitor because I really want every parent to recognize the benefits of them!

Why You Get More Sleep With A Baby Movement Monitor

The worst-case scenario is exactly what I prepare for!

What if the baby is sick in the night and isn’t able to turn their head away? What if you do not hear it through the monitor? Damn, it has me sweating just thinking about it!

Let us also remember SUIDS (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome), which is a very grim topic! This is the term used to describe the unexpected death of a child less than 1-year-old. It is one of the very worst situations you can find yourself in as a parent, without a doubt. These deaths happen in and around the sleeping area of a baby.

Reading The Dangers Of SUIDS Stopped Me Sleeping!

If you are like me, you will read all you can about the dangers of SUIDS and what you can do to reduce the chances of it happening. The annoying fact is, after I read about the dangers, I found it difficult to sleep.

On the lead up to the birth of my Son, I searched the internet for the best baby movement monitor, because I WANTED TO SLEEP. Sleep is a luxury when they are first born, make it easier on yourself by getting some good quality sleep….when you can!

Knowing that I would be woken up if there were any issues with his breathing was extremely reassuring! The result was some good quality sleep – sometimes for well over an hour….bliss!

Best Baby Movement Monitor – Snuza Hero

Snuza Hero (SE) Premium Baby Movement Monitor - Wearable Infant Abdominal Movement Monitor Alarm - Cordless, Long Battery Life

View Price On Amazon


  • Medically Certified
  • Completely Portable
  • Vibrates first to reduce false alarms
  • More comfortable than they look


  • Doesn’t link up to the main monitor, but you can still hear it through the speaker

I rated this Snuza Hero as the best baby movement monitor purely because it is a medically certified device and has far fewer false alarms than other options!

The Snuza Hero is a small device that you attach to your baby’s diaper/nappy and senses breathing.

After 15 seconds, it will give a little vibrate, which acts to stir the baby and minimize false alarms. If after 20 seconds, it still does not pick up any movement, the alarm will sound and you will jump out of bed and burst into their room like the Special Forces!

Another reason I love this is the portability options. Obviously, it is no good for use in cars, or when you are taking them out for a walk but if you are stationary, it can be used as a movement monitor.

As soon as you have a new baby, everyone you know will want to see it. When you pay your friends a visit and the baby is asleep, simply put the Snuza Hero on and you can relax!

Although it looks pretty bulky, it is still comfortable and will not give your baby any problems. There are options out there with sensor pads, like the one below, and these are fantastic for your home but are not very portable….and they tend to give more false readings.

Baby Movement Monitor – Another Excellent Option – Angelcare

Angelcare 3-in-1 AC327 Baby Monitor, with Breathing Movements Tracking, 4.3’’ Video & Sound

View Price On Amazon


  • Well Known Brand
  • Not intrusive
  • Temperature display
  • Baby monitor too


  • Not as portable as the Snuza above

The Angelcare baby movement monitor is the exact model I used when my Son was a baby.

During the time we used this, we did have a few false alarms. The first had my heart beating through my chest and for some reason, my left eye hurt for hours afterward….it was likely to be a result of the rush of adrenaline! After the first couple of false alarms, I was much more cool about it, even taking a leisurely stroll in to make sure he was still breathing.

Don’t get me wrong, there were not too many false alarms in the first 9 months….probably around 1 every couple of months. As soon as he started rolling about in his cot, it was giving us false alarms more regularly.

The Angelcare is an awesome solution though. It is made by a well-known brand that has tremendous expertise in creating baby movement monitors.

Are There Any Drawbacks When Using A Baby Movement Sensor?

Just one! False alarms!

The first few times they happen, your heart races, and you are likely to trip over things as you rush to the aid of your child.

Then, after the first few, you take it a bit easier….but there is still an element of panic involved.

Whilst the above is said in jest, it is really important to familiarise yourself with some basic infant resuscitation techniques, just in case you hear the alarm and it is not false.


The Snuza Hero is the best baby movement monitor available.

I will reiterate, just in case you missed the first 100 times! Having a movement monitor gave me so much reassurance when my Son was a newborn. I have no doubt that it was the sole reason that the little sleep I got, was actually good quality sleep. Sometimes getting your child to sleep can be challenging enough! So you need to enjoy the time you get when they do finally drop off!

Sleeping is extremely important as a parent when you have work the next day (although, you are fully prepared for going back to work after your paternity leave), so anything that is going to help the quality is well worth me investing in it!

I have many friends who have gone on to have kids since I spawned a child, and every single one of them has been told the reason why I used a movement monitor (Whether they like it or not). Around 50% of them took my advice on board and each one of those has come back to me and agreed!

There are many parents who decide not to use one, mostly because they ‘can’t deal with the false alarms’. Personally, I would much rather deal with the false alarms if it meant I avoid what would be an utterly devastating discovery, should the worst happen.

Anyway, I hope this has been useful to you. Good luck with whatever choice you make!

If you have used one of the above options and have a different opinion, or you have had a good experience with another baby movement monitor, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or get in touch!

Travelling With a Newborn? Boss Mode Car Prep

Travelling With a Newborn

Your car used to be sacred. It used to be yours. Now it needs to be prepped as a vessel to transport that small human being you are now responsible for. Like preparing to be a new Dad, traveling with a newborn is definitely something you need to be ready for!

Some of the prep will actually help preserve the car from being a complete child created mess.

You need to prepare your car for the imminent biological attack induced by having a baby on board.

Milk, mud, sick…amongst other bodily fluids will leak everywhere in your car. You will also become accustomed to the generic smell of a car that regularly transports a baby.

You need to prep your car for traveling with a newborn baby. This is where I can help you out!


10 Things Your Car Needs For Travelling With A Newborn

  1. Car Seat
  2. Cleaning Equipment
  3. Spare Stuff
  4. Organizer
  5. Sun Covers
  6. Interior Covers
  7. Mirror
  8. Air Freshener
  9. Car Seat Toys
  10. Baby On Board


1. Car Seat

Car Seat Baby

Yeh, you will need one of those for the baby to sit in!

I imagine you already have a car seat in mind, or you may have already bought one. If you haven’t, I urge you to consider getting a car seat that is easy to take out and easy to attach the baby stroller.

Life is so much easier when you are able to take the car seat out and snap it into place on the stroller, all without waking them up!

2. Cleaning Equipment

cleaning equipment

I can’t emphasize this enough. As a parent, wet wipes are a constant friend to you.

Take them everywhere with you. Have at least one packet in the car, they are awesome for cleaning stuff up from clothes, upholstery, and faces!

Don’t just stop with the car, have them everywhere. Always have at least 5 packets of them scattered around the house.

Never allow yourself to fall below the 2 wet wipe packet level!

Also – while we are on the subject of cleaning, it is well worth investing in some anti-bacterial spray to keep in the car. Anti-bac has been extremely useful when cleaning up puke, trust a Dad!

3. Spare Stuff

Spare baby clothes

I have put this under spare ‘stuff’ because there are a number of items that I used to keep in the car when my Son was a newborn.

Every single one of them was needed during his time as a newborn and some of them are STILL needed even to this day!

Here is a rundown:


You should have a spare set of clothes with you wherever you go, and keeping some in the car will ensure you have some in an emergency. Go the full hog, from top to bottom, and include nightwear too!

You should be checking every 3 months that the spare clothes still fit.


A spare blanket is a great item to keep in the car. You may decide to make a quick stop somewhere that involves getting the child out of the car. If it gets a bit chilly, you have a spare blanket!

Medicine and Thermometer

Kids pick up bugs just by looking at them. The first 2 years of your child life, you will be running through coughs, colds and sickness bugs constantly. You never know when one is going to hit. If you have some medicine and a thermometer in the car, at least you are prepared.

Diapers/Nappies + Disposable Sacks

Again, you are likely to be carrying some around with you anyway, but where is the harm in more! Don’t forget the sacks too, because if there is nowhere to dispose of it, then you will want to wrap it up tight!

Pacifier (If they have one)

My Son had one of these, and it was a very bad experience if we ever went out without his pacifier! Keep at least one spare in your car, just to stop them crying and the stereo isn’t drowning them out.

4. Organizer

seat organiser

You have a car full of ‘stuff’ you might as well have it in an organized manner.

Use one of these seat organizers, they strap onto the back of the drivers or passenger seat and you can store all the equipment you will need in here.

As an added tip, make sure you keep it on the back of a seat that your kids can’t reach, or it will end up all over the car when they are older!

Talking of them being older, a bracket to hold a tablet is an awesome idea!

5. Sun Covers

sun shade for car

My Son has regular arguments with the Sun as I drive him around. Even though I have sun shades on each window close to him, it can still sneak in the gaps!

Cover the sun up, it can frustrate your kid and the constant bright light could end with a headache. Save yourself the grief and get some sun shades for the car.

6. Interior Covers – For The Stroller

seat covers

Getting a cover for the inside of my car was such a great idea!

When you are taking them out for a walk in the local park, or wooded area, you are going to get mud all over the wheels of the stroller.

When you get back to the car, you will give it a bit of a clear, but to get every single bit of mud off every time, is a challenge.

Get liner to protect the inside of your car for the stroller to go on. Save yourself and the car from getting too messy!

Every so often you can pull out the cover and give it a wash. For an easier life, it is a sound investment!

7. Mirror

Baby mirror

The safest position for a baby to ride in is rear facing.

But how can you keep an eye on your newborn when they are facing the wrong way…or the right way……you know what I mean!

We had a mirror that strapped to the headrest of the seat. that gave me the option to look in my rear-view mirror to check on them from time to time.

I must admit, I didn’t use it often because my Wife would usually sit next to him, but during the times I was driving on my own with him, it was reassuring to know that I had the option if I needed it.

8. Subtle Air Freshener

air freshener

t is tempting to buy the strongest smelling air freshener, but I advise against it!

Your baby has a brand new, sensitive nose.

So refrain from buying a super smelly air freshener until they are slightly older. You can go for something subtle and baby friendly, like clean cotton air-freshener for your car.

9. Car Seat Toys

seat toys

For those long journeys, you need something to entertain them, and they are too young to be sticking an iPad in front of them!

A car seat toy gives them something to look at. It may seem boring to a grown-up, but newborns just love watching things move, it is all new to them. If you get a car seat toy, then your newborn will be a little more content.

As an added bonus, when they realize they can reach for things, they can while away the hours grabbing the various dangly toys!

10. Baby On Board Sign

baby on board

C’mon, you need one of these!

You get a lot of idiots on the road….you know the ones who try and attach themselves to the back of your car because they want to go faster. When I added a baby-on-board sign to my car, it reduced the number of idiots who were trying to push my car!

It didn’t remove it completely, unfortunately.

Driving that close to someone is dangerous, and anything you can do to avoid having an accident is well worth it.



I had every single one of the items above in my car when my Son was a newborn. If I lose my mind and decide to have another one, I would have them all again.

Luckily, my Son was a very good traveler, but there were times I was grateful that I prepped the car like a boss.

Since being born, my Son has traveled many miles in my car. Without thinking too much, I can count 8 times he has been sick and I really do not have time to count the number of times he has thrown food and spilled his drink in the back of the car!

Every few months I have to remove his car seat, just so I can get underneath and clean up the crumbs!

I wish someone would have given me these tips before my wife gave birth……..

I highly recommend every single one of the tips above if you are going to be traveling with a newborn. If you can think of any more, please let me know by leaving a comment below!

Good luck, Dads!

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor – Top 5

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor

What is the point of a baby monitor with night vision?

Let me tell you.

I’ve been there a few times now…..there we are, watching something terrible on TV, wasting our life, and the baby monitor kicks in:

‘That was a weird noise’

We look at each other. One of us needs to make the move to go and check on the kid. It’s a standoff.

First one to blink has to go and check.

It doesn’t have to be like that!

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could pick up a baby monitor with night vision? You can easily take a look to make sure everything is cool, before wasting more of your life watching TV (Clearly, I am not talking about Sport here).

A baby monitor is an extremely important part of your Dad kit, it is something I still insist on keeping on, despite my offspring approaching his 4th birthday.

It is reassuring, knowing that I will be alerted to any issues that need Dad intervention.

Top 5 – The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor – Quick Links

Night Vision, Let’s Get Technical

Electromagnetic radiation is a measurement of wavelength, specifically for the range between 100nm (nanometer) and 1mm.

Electromagnetic radiation is split into 3 sections:

Ultraviolet Radiation (UV): 100nm to 400nm
Visible Radiation (VIS): 400nm to 800nm
Infrared Radiation (IR): 800nm to 1mm

Your eyes can naturally see light in the VIS section, which is between 400nm and 800nm.

When it gets dark, you need to be able to view objects within the IR range, which is where Invisible Infrared (IR) can help you out.

Most of the baby monitors (along with dash cams, security cams etc) that offer night vision utilize Invisible Infrared (IR) technology.

Basically, the camera will have LED’s blasting out ‘invisible’ light that your camera can see. The light from the LED’s will enhance the video and will let you see what is happening without missing the game.

There are options out there that do not use the ‘Invisible IR’ technology.

These baby monitors have LED’s that emit a red glow, which can be picked up by the naked eye. I have a cheap security camera that has a red glow to the LEDs, which pretty useless as a covert device…..but at least it lets people know it is there!

Wait, Did You Say Radiation? Is My Kid Safe With These?

When I think of the word radiation, the very next word is Nuclear. Alarms bells start ringing, but do not panic!

Ultraviolet, x-rays…these are the types of electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous. Infrared is not dangerous – you guys know that!

The light that is visible to your eyes is also a form of electromagnetic radiation….that is not dangerous either, thankfully.

Top 5 Baby Monitors With Night Vision

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor 3.2Inch LCD Display 960feet with Two-Way Talk System, Infrared Night Vision, Expandable Cameras Long Range and Rechargeable Battery

Best All Rounder

View Price On Amazon

  • 3.2″ Color Screen
  • Working Range – Up To 960 Feet
  • Built-In Lullabies
  • 8 Built-In Sounds To Sooth

The HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision has some excellent features!

HelloBabys option has a 3.2″ color screen with night vision, temperature monitoring, and a 2-way talkback system.

You can pair this with up to 4 cameras, just to make sure you cover all angles! That is one of the features that make it the best night vision baby monitor. The other feature I love is the 8 lullabies that can soothe your kid to sleep….hopefully!

You need all the help you can get.

Oh, it also has an air temperature meter!

With a range of up to 984 feet (quite specific there!) you can be sure you have more than enough coverage throughout your house.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Highly rated night vision Baby monitor!

View Price On Amazon

  • Invisible Infrared
  • Up To 700 Feet
  • 2-way Talk For Additional Soothing

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Portable Video Baby Monitor is an excellent choice for a baby monitor with night vision.

A brilliant all-rounder, this Baby Monitor utilizes ‘Invisible Infrared’ technology to ensure you get a live stream of your sleeping offspring in excellent quality!

Whilst the manufacturer boasts a 700 feet operating range, this will not be the case in your home. The most likely range will be around 200 feet by the time with wireless signal has smashed through all your other electrical stuff.

Sounds plenty to me!

The monitor comes with a 3.5″ full-color LCD screen that you can use to pan, tilt and even digitally zoom in, just to make sure no-one has swapped them out for another kid. With the temperature monitoring system, you can also make sure they are not too hot or too cold.

You can expect the monitor to last 6 hours with the screen on, and 10 hours in power-saving mode.

White 2.4G Wireless Baby Video Monitor With Night Vision

Video Baby Monitor Long Range Upgraded 850’ Wireless Range, Night Vision, Temperature Monitoring and Portable 2” Color Screen Serenelife USA SLBCAM20

Awesome looking, and easy to use!

View Price On Amazon

  • 3.2″ Color Display Screen
  • Distance – Up To 850 Feet
  • Night vision distance – 15 Feet

This white 2.4G wireless baby video monitor with night vision has all the features you need!

It comes with a 3.2″ digital color screen and it can stay on for up to 20 hours! 

Indoors, with obstructions, you can depend on the signal for up to 160 feet. If you live without walls, doors, and any other electrical item, you can go all the way up to 850 feet.

You will probably be cold though. And bored.

Features include temperature monitoring, 2-way talk and 8 lullabies to sent your baby back to sleep if they begin to stir.

It is multi-lingual too!

In the dark, you are able to see up to 15 feet with this baby monitor however, it is not ‘invisible infrared’ so you will be able to see a glow from the LEDs when in use.

Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Audio Baby Camera

Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor with Temperature Monitor, 960ft Transmission Range, 2-Way Talk, Night Vision, High Capacity Battery (1 Camera)

Another highly rated night vision Baby monitor!

View Price On Amazon

  • Automatic Infrared
  • Distance – 960 Feet
  • Temperature Sensor

Here is another excellent and cheap baby monitor with night vision. This wireless video baby monitor is very similar to the options above, with all of the features you need.

2-way talk, temperature monitoring optical pan and tilt, 2 x digital zoom, a sound-activated LED and automatic night vision.

The viewing angle is 60 ° and can be rotated a full 360 ° too, just in case you want to monitor the wall.

4 lullabies can be remotely activated, so you can sooth the kid from afar! Speaking of distance, you can expect around 200 feet in an enclosed space. Free of any obstacles, you can get up to 960 feet.

That’s not much use but I thought I would tell you anyway!

Video Baby Monitor – EtekStorm

EtekStorm Newest Version Video Baby Monitor (New Type) with 2.4''LCD Display,Digital Camera,Night Vision,Temperature Monitoring,Two Way Talk,Lullabies,Capacity Battery and Long Range

Great looking camera, reliable base unit!

View Price On Amazon

  • 2.4″ Color Screen
  • Working Range – 960 Feet
  • 8 Soothing Lullabies

The new version of the EtekStorm is as loud as you will need it!

The 2.4″ screen is not as big as some of the other options on this page but the picture clarity is awesome.

Again, similar to the others on this page, it has a temperature sensor, which is an excellent add-on.

The transmission range is just over 160 feet indoors, and without barriers, it can reach over 800 feet!

Features include 2-way talk, 4 lullabies, and infrared night vision. You really cannot go wrong with the EtekStorm AND it is the cheapest one here!


With so many choices out there, it was a challenge to find the best night vision baby monitor, but we have 5 above that offer excellent features, excellent value for money and increased Dad reassurance.

Night vision baby monitors are extremely useful and are a very important part of your kid kit. You need to minimize the chances of something bad or messy happening….and these are needed to make sure you know what is going on in the dark.

If you are looking for a baby monitor with night vision, we are sure you will find an excellent option here on this post.

If you think we have missed something out, or you have a good/bad experience of one of the recommended products, please contact us!