Dad and Fatherhood Tips

Here are some awesome dad tips! These are tips that I have learned over the years I have been a dad because passing on knowledge will make dads life a little bit easier.

Being a dad is tough, right? There we are, loving life and lacking responsibility. All of a sudden, here is a baby that we are responsible for!

How do we deal with it? How do we look after a baby? How do we prepare for being a dad?

That is where I come in. I will not admit to knowing it all, but I do know how to improve life by simplifying tasks that we need to perform.

Ultimately, come here to find all of the tips you need to be an awesome father!

dad kissing pregnant belly bonding with unborn baby

4 Easy Ways Dad Can Bond With His Unborn Baby

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Dad, do you want to start bonding with your unborn baby? The good news is you can start bonding with your baby whilst they are in the womb; here is my guide. #dadtips #dadbonding #dadbondingwithbabyinwomb #parentingtips

baby holding dads finger bonding

7 Tips for Dads Who Struggle Bonding With Their Baby

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Dad, are you struggling to bond with your newborn? Don’t worry; it is common. Here are my top 7 tips for any father who is having difficulty bonding with his baby. #dadtips #fatherhood #dadbabybonding #dadbondingwithbaby

sad silhouette father showing regret

7 Reasons Why You Are Regretting Fatherhood

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Are you regretting fatherhood? There are many reasons for this, and there are several things you can do to help reduce this feeling. This post gives you common reasons why you regret being a father and what you can do to help.

father and son on sofa together

40 Things a Father Should Teach His Son

Fathers have so much to offer their sons. You will go through life teaching them various things, but here is a bucket list of things a father should teach his son #fatherhood #dadtips #parentingtips #dadandson #fatherandson

dad helping in the delivery room mom giving birth

15 Labor Tips For Dads In The Delivery Room

Here are my top 15 tips for dads in the delivery room. I wish someone had given me these tips when my wife was in labor! Tips for dads so they can prepare to help with the delivery of a baby.

10 Stereotypes That Stay At Home Dads Usually Face dadgold parenting tips

10 Stereotypes That Stay At Home Dads Usually Face

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Stay at home dads are on the rise! This is awesome news, but there are a number of stereotypes faced when dad stays at home to look after the kids, and here is the top 10. Also – what is behind the rise of stay-home dads? What can you do to support dad?

Dad baby bonding ideas

9 Awesome Dad Baby Bonding Ideas

Building a strong bond with my son has always been one of my top priorities as a father. In this post, I have listed my top 9 bonding ideas for dad and baby

best books for first time dads

Best Books For First Time Dads

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What are the best books for first time Dads? Here we take a look at the 6 I recommend that you read before become a first time Dad!

There is some comedy gold in here, along with some very practical guides on becoming a first time Dad.

What new Moms need from their husbands

What New Moms Need From Their Husbands

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Ever wondered what new Moms need from their husbands? I asked my wife what she needed from me when our Son was born and here are the answers!

She only gave me 9, but the 10th is by far the most important!

Daddy Daycare Ideas

Daddy Daycare Ideas – The Fake Food Trials

Sometimes I struggle ideas on how to entertain my toddler Son during Daddy Daycare. Other days, it is IN THE BAG! This weekend, I spent some time working on his creative side by asking him to prep me some food! What I received was an unusual mix of flavors. Can he be the next Gordon Ramsey? Unlikely.

Expectant Father Gifts

10 Awesome Expectant Father Gifts

If you are looking for expectant father gifts, then you have come to the right place! Here are 10 gifts I would have loved when I was an expectant father

Tips For Surviving Work After Paternity Leave

10 Tips For Surviving Work After Paternity Leave

So you have got through childbirth…and you have survived the first few weeks of having a newborn baby.

Now it is time for your paternity leave to be over, and for you to return to work.

How do you get through it though? Here are 10 tips to help you get back to work.

Getting through your first week as a new dad

How To Survive Your First Week As A Dad

You’ve done the hospital bit, and now it is time to get your new baby to their home!

Congratulations, you are a Father!

Now your first task, is to get through the first week. How do you do that?

Here I give you 10 tips for getting through your first week as a brand new Dad!