6 Sublime Spiritual Books to Read During Pregnancy

Spiritual Books to Read During Pregnancy

Begin a parent can be stressful. First, you have the worry of the pregnancy. Then come childbirth concerns. After that, you have a child to look after, keep safe, and bring up to be a totally awesome, relaxed human being. How do you prepare for that? In this post, I am going to take a look at some awesome spiritual books to read during pregnancy.

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Spiritual Pregnancy: Develop, Nurture & Embrace the Journey to Motherhood
Learn to journey through pregnancy to motherhood, with this highly spiritual book!

Because in today’s world of stress, and an increasing number of mental health concerns, it is vital that you look after yours, and your childs soul!

The time to prepare for being a parent is now. Remember, preparation is the key to success!

What is Spiritual Parenting and How Can it Help Me?

Spiritual Parenting is an ever-evolving and fluid concept that at its heart involves parenting with the goal of empowering oneself and their child/children to be the wonderful and unique individuals we are all intended to be.

Through working to keep one’s entire self well balanced and centered, these lessons can be taught to a person’s children.

Children who not only want to have their physical body well-cared for but a soul that is fulfilled and feels it is meeting its purpose on this Earth.

Spiritual parenting is not necessarily religious. It is more about embracing one’s natural and true self in order to pass these same lessons to an individual’s child/children.

It is about calmness. Tranquility. Some books even cover the belief that you have in yourself. As a parent, that is vital.

With that in mind, here are 6 spiritual books to read during pregnancy that can easily be bought in physical copies or enjoyed upon your favorite e-reader.

6 Recommended Spiritual Books To Read During Pregnancy

Spiritual Pregnancy: Develop, Nurture & Embrace the Journey to Motherhood

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Written by Shawn A. Tassone and Kathryn M. Landherr, this book serves as a guide of sorts to a woman during pregnancy, metaphorically viewing pregnancy as a “Hero’s Journey,” with the pregnant mother serving as the hero.

Each trimester serves as stages upon the journey whereupon, “…emotional, spiritual, and physical connections,” serve to heighten the Mother’s awareness of both herself and her unborn child.

Spiritual Pregnancy is full of fantastic advice for an expectant Mother, encouraging guided meditation, extensive journaling, and practicing spiritual traditions that incorporate a variety of cultures.

Plus, to encourage physical movement and relaxation, special Yoga poses designed to take into account the body during pregnancy are included as well. These Yoga poses will enhance physical and spiritual development during the Mother’s pregnancy.

Both Tassone and Landherr are board-certified medical doctors, each with a specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Their beliefs in the benefits of treating the mind and body as one led them to collaborate on this fantastic book. A book that expertly marries physical advice during pregnancy with ample discussion of the importance of spirituality.

Spiritual Pregnancy by Shawn A. Tassone and Kathryn M. Landherr is one of the best spiritual books to read during pregnancy!

The Natural Pregnancy Book

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Now on its third edition, this book by Dr. Aviva Jill Romm goes in-depth on the holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth.

Dr. Romm has been a practicing midwife and herbalist for over 20 years. During which, she helped implement an integrative medicine program at her alma mater of Yale. This knowledge is utilized in her book to lay-out a multitude of advice on natural ways to address common concerns.

Whether it is:

  • Discussing herbs to reduce nausea
  • Offering tips on how to eat a nutritious diet
  • Discussing how to achieve a balanced mixture of exercise and rest

… The Natural Pregnancy Book is designed to talk about and assist with all the physical and emotional changes (and challenges) that pregnancy and childbirth can bring.

It serves as a fantastic guide when an expectant mother wants to have a safe and healthy pregnancy… just as nature intends! An excellent option is you are looking for spiritual books to read during pregnancy.

Magical Beginning, Enchanted Land

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Written by world-renowned author and alternative medicine advocate Dr. Deepak Chopra, Magical Beginning, Enchanted Land is designed to be an “Antidote.”

An antidote to what, you may ask?

Basically to the assembly-line view of pregnancy and childbirth that ignores just how wondrous the process is.

Within his book, Chopra draws upon an ancient form of wisdom–“Ayurveda“–which emphasizes the body, mind, and spirit.

He combines this information with his medical knowledge to incorporate it within the latest and most advanced research in prenatal sciences.

Through this combination, he offers a myriad of advice on healthy eating, stress reduction, and ways to prepare one’s body for the child-birthing process.

As well as insights on how to heal after giving birth.

Multiple chapters focus on breaking down a number of points to consider when working to be one’s optimal self during pregnancy. The straightforward design of all the steps keeps the book from ever being overwhelming.

With Dr. Chopra being known as one of the top experts in mind-body medicine, his book is as thorough and full of information as the man himself! Dr. Chopra is an author worth looking at if you are looking for spiritual books to read during pregnancy.

Feng Shui Mommy: Creating Balance and Harmony Amidst the Chaos for Blissful Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood

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Feng Shui Mommy is written by Bailey Gaddis who knows that pregnancy is a time often full of confusion and unease.

While it is a wonderful joy to be pregnant, it can bring with it a great deal of uncertainty and vulnerability, something Gaddis says:

“Our culture has seized on.”

Gaddis describes in her book how instead an expectant mother should trust her body, mind, and spiritual self to:

“Build her own unique, epic journey to motherhood”.

With this book serving as a form of support with helpful suggestions.

Gaddis noticed the need for such support during her years working as an Egg Donor and Surrogacy Coordinator. So many Mothers were lacking in a mind-body-spirit balance.

To help restore this balance, Gaddis’ book works to be full of detailed as well as practical information. A book that discusses:

  • Prenatal exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Optimal birthing positions
  • The importance of breathwork
  • … and even more.

Feng Shui Mommy works to serve as a guide that reminds expectant Mother’s that pregnancy is a pleasurable journey. Not something to be stressed-out and upset over when one can greet the process with a sense of calm and fun.

Gaddis’ book aims to be there when an expectant mother is feeling vulnerable and remind her that pregnancy is childbirth is wonder-filled, and it excels at doing so!

Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms

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Author Anni Daulter is a well-known professional author and chef whose writing has focused extensively upon healthy living when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth.

She wrote Sacred Pregnancy upon observing how:

“In today’s western cultures, the typical pregnancy focuses on the baby to the exclusion of the woman herself,”

… and believing this needed to be rectified.

Ms. Daulter, therefore, wrote Sacred Pregnancy with the intention of not preparing an expectant Mother for the birth of her baby, but for the mother to prepare HERSELF to become a ready and fulfilled parent.

With this focus, the book features a trove of advice and information, as well as space within the book for the expectant Mother to journal and record how she feels. This is vital for one of the best spiritual books to read during pregnancy!

With the book designed to have a section corresponding to each week of pregnancy, it is meant to be slowly savored as opposed to read-all-at-once.

Its “Topics of the week” covers a variety of subjects such as:

  • Sexuality
  • Fears the expectant mother may have about labor
  • What it feels like becoming a Mother
  • How to handle self-esteem relating to body image
  • … and much more.

With its week-by-week format, Sacred Pregnancy is a great book to return to every week! You will learn something new while recording your latest thoughts.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

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Ina May Gaskin has over three decades of experience as a midwife and has often been considered the leading authority on midwifery in the world.

With such extensive knowledge, it only makes sense for Ms. Gaskin to have created her book, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. The focus is clearly on the benefits of natural childbirth.

It also offers comprehensive information on the importance of the mind-body connection. When an expectant mother is hoping to give birth without too much (or any) technological disruption, this is vital!

Ms. Gaskin’s book covers everything from:

  • Pain reduction during pregnancy
  • How to incorporate doctors or other healthcare professionals into a natural birth if they are needed in case of risks, but a natural child-birthing process is still preferred.

With its intention of taking the “Fear out of childbirth,” and reminding expectant mothers how having faith in their own natural birthing process is key.

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth is a spectacular book for any expectant mother. Especially one who is struggling to plan-out how she wants her birthing process to proceed.


I truly believe that these are the best spiritual books to read during pregnancy. Books that will act to calm pregnancy and reduce the stress of parenting.

These spiritual books for expectant Moms all address the subject of spiritual parenting in a variety of ways.

Whether focusing mainly on:

  • The process of pregnancy (and all the complexities it includes)
  • The child-birthing process itself
  • Postpartum discussion about how pregnant women can expect their bodies to feel and behave after giving birth.
  • When engaging in spiritual parenting it is key to let one’s children know they are loved and supported so that these children grow up to be their own successful and spiritual beings.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to begin working at spiritual parenting while the future baby is still growing.

Striving to achieve that mind-body-spirit balance so that the growing child already has a strong foundation of growth before they are even born!

These 6 books are highly recommended for achieving that goal! All of them are awesome spiritual books to read during pregnancy.

Good luck!

10 Awesome Dad To Be Gifts From Wife

dad to be gifts from wife

If you are a wife looking for gift ideas for a new Dad then you have come to the right place!

I took a little while before writing this article, to think about the gifts I would have liked to have received from my Wife when I was a new Dad and I am confident that each of these would have been extremely useful.

When putting this list together, I also thought about the importance of creating a strong bond between the new Dad and his Baby. It is vital for the development of the Baby, and the sanity of the new Dad that the bond is strong!

Some of the items on this list are purely to build a bond, and some of the items are just TOO useful to leave off.

10 Awesome Dad To Be Gifts From Wife


Photo Frame

photo frame, gift for Dad from Mom
A Photo frame is an awesome, sentimental gift for Dad

When my son was born, I was lucky enough to receive a frame with his photo in it.

During those tough times at work, I would look over at the picture and realize who I was doing this for. The photo gave me some focus and gave me some encouragement when things got busy at work.

Not only will it give Dad some focus, but it will also act as a conversation point for other parents at his place of work. Other parents in the workplace will give advice and support because they have been there before.

A photo frame is a very simple, low-cost gift for a new Dad from his wife, or from anyone in fact.

Always ensure that you take plenty of photographs during the pregnancy and after birth. Use these photographs to create a montage for his photo frame.

As an example, check out this Dad photo frame.


Learning Material

Man reading book, learning
Dads need to learn! Why not get him some learning material?

When a new Dad is handed his Baby for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Here is a brand new person that you need to look after, and keep safe. Without knowledge, Dad may struggle at first.

If a new Dad begins to struggle, it can learn to with withdrawing himself from Fatherly duties, making him feel useless or left out.

Arm the new Dad with some knowledge BEFORE the Baby is handed to him.

Preparation is vital!

Before my Son was born, I attended first aid and birthing classes. I also read a number of books to arm myself with knowledge. Of all the books I read, I recommend Commando Dad. The reason I liked Commando Dad is that I love the way it reads.

Us Dads are pretty practical and it is much easier for us to learn when there is an element of comedy in what we are reading.

Commando Dad has both!

If you need more inspiration then check out these awesome books for a new Dad.


Kids Book About Dad

Father reading book to Baby
Build a strong bond between Dad and Baby by getting Dad a book about him!

A bond between Dad and Child is extremely important and needs to be in place from the very beginning. There are quite a few items in this post that will kick start the bond between a new Dad and his Baby and a book is one of them!

Studies have shown that a Dad reading to his Baby has a huge developmental benefit (sorry Moms). Why not help Dad build a bond with his new Baby by getting him a book that he can read at bedtime?

A strong bond between Dad and Baby will stop Dad feeling useless and will help to avoid paternal postpartum depression.

Make it a funny story, like the Dinosaur That Pooped Daddy!


Baby Carrier For Dad

Koala carrying Baby
A Baby carrier will also build a strong bond between Father and Baby

A Baby carrier an item that will strengthen the bond between new Dad and Baby, and will also stop Dad feeling left out! Buying Dad a Baby carrier just for him also means that Mom can take a break when you are out for a walk.

You may already have a Baby carrier in mind, which is also a great option for Dad. BUT, if you want Dad to feel important then why not buy him his own carrier?

A personal favorite of mine is the BabyBjorn Original Baby Carrier.

A Baby carrier has some awesome benefits! Not only do they help to build a strong bond between parent and child, but they also get Dad and his new Baby out in the fresh air.

If Dad has a bad back, there are some Baby carrier options out there for him too!


Baby Changing Kit For Dad

Pile of Baby clothes, changing mat
A Baby changing kit will be one of the most useful things a new Dad can have!

When my wife was pregnant we looked at various items to buy which will make out lives easier when we are out of the home. A Baby changing kit was right up there at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, I left my wife in charge to order whichever one she wanted. When it was delivered, I was a little disappointed to see a flowery Baby changing kit…it was not very manly!

In hindsight, I should have been more involved in choosing the Baby changing kit but hey, I am not precious, and I used it every time I took my Son out.

A manly Baby changing kit is an excellent new Dad gift from his wife!


Dads Own Baby Bag

Man sitting on a rock, with backpack
A Dad backpack is an awesome gift that he can use to take the Baby on long walks!

You can go one step further from the Baby changing kit above and get Dad his very own Baby bag!

Baby bags are very functional and are vital if you are traveling with a child. But, what if you are a Dad and the only option is a Baby bag designed with a woman in mind?

I have witnessed poor Dads carrying designer handbag style Baby bag! Do him a favor and buy a Baby bag that has been designed with Men in mind.

The Baby bag needs to be functional, comfortable, and big enough to carry everything a new Dad needs when he is looking after his Baby.

A personal favorite of mine is this functional Baby bag.



A new Dad T-shirt is an awesome gift that his wife can buy him!

There are so many options available, and some of them are very funny, and some are pretty crude too!

Take a look at some of the new Dad T-shirts available and pick one that suits his style, and sense of humor.


Matching Clothes

Whilst a T-shirt is an excellent gift, you could go one further and buy matching clothes for him and his new Baby!

There are some awesome options available, take a look at some of them below:

Again, it is best to look out for some matching clothes that fit his style and sense of humor.



Various tools, including hammer, pliers, knife, screwdriver
Dad will need all kinds of tools to build Baby equipment with!

Toys, Swings, furniture. All of a sudden, Dad’s life will be full of things to build.

It begins in the buildup to childbirth when Dad will need to build all of the furniture needed to host a new Baby. It does not stop there either.

As they grow, Dad will need to build and fix a large number of items around the home!

Christmas changes completely! Now Dad will spend much of Christmas morning putting together a host of new toys. Prepare him now by ensuring he has the correct tools to complete the jobs.

I would cover the following items:

Another awesome option is a magnetic wristband. I was halfway through writing this article when I was called away to build a breakfast bar! I dropped a screw 4 times before searching for the answer…a magnetic wristband!


A Break

Man relaxing, grass field
Give Dad a break! Go on, it is free!

Hey, this one is totally free too! Give him a break!

I do not mean a break away from home…

During the pregnancy, he has probably been through a lot. Your fluctuating hormone levels have driven him crazy. He has been very busy preparing the home for the arrival of the new Baby, and he is tired. Mentally and physically.

…before I carry on, I know that Mom is going through something much worse than poor old Dad, and for that. Carrying a Baby for 9 months before the agony of childbirth has been though, and we are eternally grateful!

Dad needs to let off some steam to stop him from becoming overly stressed. If you are the wife of a new Dad, check in with him to see if he has had time for his hobbies. If not, help him to make time.

A less stressed Dad will be much more helpful than a Dad who is overwhelmed and stressed out.

There is a danger that extra stress for Dad could lead to paternal postpartum depression, which will also make Mom’s job much more difficult.



I am certain that the 10 items above are awesome gift ideas for a new Dad from his wife!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post before I started to write this post I thought of the 10 items that I would like to have received from my Wife when I was a new Dad.

Every single one of them would have been extremely useful to me, I can guarantee that.

The most important thing that a Wife can do for a new Dad (It is not what you are thinking by the way!) is keep an eye on him. He will (or should be) keeping an eye on you as well. It is vital that you keep an eye on each other so you can spot the early warning signs of postpartum depression!

Good luck with choosing your gift!

10 Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are going to be a new Dad!

Filled with a combination of nerves, and excitement? I know I was.

In this post, I have put together 10 on my best tips for Dad to be during pregnancy! 

You now have what seems like an eternity to prepare for the birth of your Baby.

You don’t – trust me!

When your an expectant Father, you enter a new life where time moves much quicker than it did before. That never stops.

You need to spend that time very wisely!

10 Tips for Dad to be during pregnancy


Ask if you can do anything to help

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy offer support

During a pregnancy, Mom will be in some discomfort. Scratch that, Mom will be in A LOT of discomforts, especially in the 4th trimester. It is your job to see if she needs any help getting things done, or if she needs food or drink.

Basically, become a carer for Mom. You ask, and she demands. You do it. Life is much simpler and this will earn you some serious relationship points.


Do not KEEP asking though

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy do not ask too much

Do not go overboard though. Whilst it is good to ensure that Mom is as comfortable as she can be, it can get frustrating to be asked constantly if you are ok.

If Mom says she is fine, then take that as the answer and get on with something else. We all know that even though Mom says she is fine, she may not be (time for me to duck)…but you have to accept that as the answer.


Let Mom relax

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy let Mom relax

Mom needs to relax, because she is on a journey that ends in a whole world of physical pain, emotional exhaustion, and will test her mental capacity to its limits.

During pregnancy, a big tip for Dads to be is to ensure Mom has everything she needs to relax and chill out from time to time. Stock up on bath salts, massage oil, and all that kind of stuff that Moms like.


Organize Baby stuff

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy organize stuff

While Mom is relaxing, it is your job to organize the things that the Baby will need when the time comes for childbirth.

A word of warning though, before you order anything, check with Mom.

The list is endless, but take a look my recommended gear for Babies and Toddlers for my personal favorites.

Being organized has some excellent benefits, including reduced stress levels, and better food choices.


Keep the house clean

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy clean the house

This is a personal favorite of my wife’s, especially during the latter stages of pregnancy when she was pretty much living as a beached Whale and couldn’t move much. I hope she isn’t reading this. If you are, I am only kidding and you can stop reading now.

She was huge.

Keeping your home clean and tidy is not just Mom’s job, it is yours too. Ensure there is nothing to trip over and everything is put away where it needs to be.


Live clean

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy live clean

Eat clean, and eat well. Give up smoking (if you smoke), and cut down on your alcohol consumption.

Luckily, I gave up smoking many years ago and to be honest, but if you are still addicted to nicotine then talk to a professional about getting some help to quit. You know you smell like a smoker, and with a Mom who has a sense of smell like a Dog, she will appreciate you not smelling like a smoker.

As for drinking, I like to keep a clear head. You never know when you might need to act fast in an emergency. Pregnancy is a worrying time where there are a number of things that can go wrong.

Stay within the limits of your local drink driving laws, just in case you are needed. Personally, I stopped drinking completely when my wife was pregnant, and I haven’t consumed alcohol much since.


Know the warning signs

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy know the warning signs

This is definitely the biggest tip for Dad to be during pregnancy!

Pregnancy, when it goes well, is Mother Nature at her very best. What happens during pregnancy is awe inspiring. The Baby goes from one cell (right at the beginning) to billions of cells, and each one is created with devastating accuracy!

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not always go according to plan. Sometimes Mother Nature gets it wrong and mistimes a beat in the worlds greatest orchestra. That can have devastating consequences.

During my wife’s pregnancy, I took it upon myself to learn a number of danger signs that I should be looking out for.

You know that pregnancy can go wrong, and you now need to watch carefully so you can pick up on any issues quickly. If you spot a warning sign, or something is happening that you are concerned about, do not hesitate.

Call a medical professional immediately so they can put your mind at rest, or deal with it.


Prepare your home

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy prepare your home

Prep your home for the arrival of your new Baby. Ok, so you have organized the equipment that the Baby needs, but have you assembled the crib? Have you decorated the Babies room?

For me, this was one of the most stressful times of the pregnancy. Mostly because I am terrible at DIY, but also because I am TERRIBLE at DIY. I lose things…screws, screwdrivers, bits of wood, basically all the most important parts of the assembly.

Although, it does give you some time to yourself, which is also very important for a Dad during pregnancy.

It is not just the Babies room that you need to prepare. Now is a good time to take a journey around your home to ensure it is safe for a Baby to be in. I am talking here about moving knives out of reach in the kitchen, putting Baby/Toddler proof locks on the drawers and kitchen units.

It will be some time before your Baby is navigating itself around your home but you have time now, you may not have time again.


Know each pregnancy stage

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy get knowledge

I have put together a more detailed post for what a Dad should expect during each stage of pregnancy In there you will find out what Mom is going through, how the Baby is developing, and what is expected from you at each stage.

Forewarned is forearmed, so it is well worth you checking out that post in more detail.


Arm yourself with childbirth knowledge

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy childbirth knowledge

Just after you learn about what to expect during pregnancy, you need to learn what is about to happen during childbirth. This is especially true if you are going to be a Father for the first time!

During childbirth, things can happen very quickly, so it is a top idea to arm yourself with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!

While you are learning about childbirth, it is time to start thinking about what a Dad will need to help him survive the hospital. It is time to prepare your new Daddy hospital survival kit. From the 35-week pregnancy mark, always ensure your hospital survival kit is in the car, all ready for you get to go when the time comes.



Above are the 10 tips for Dad to be during pregnancy. Ultimately, as the host of the unborn child, Mom needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Put yourself in Mom’s position (without the huge belly overhang – if you are lucky), and think about what you would need.

  • Reassurance
  • Someone who deals with things
  • Comfort

You have to enjoy the ride too, but you must be selfless in almost everything that you do. If Mom is the one who usually deals with things in the house, it might be a power struggle to get her to take a backseat. Dad needs to step up during pregnancy if he is not already dealing with things.

Remember to take some time for yourself as well, or you may hit the wall and burn out pretty quickly.

Good luck!

10 Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy. It is never boring.

Sure, it is tiresome sometimes, but it is not boring. What are the things a Dad should know about pregnancy?

I am going to give you 10 things I wish I knew about pregnancy when my Son was cooking in the womb.

Like most things in life, preparation is key. This is very true for pregnancy too. Speaking of preparation, make sure you have your hospital survival kit ready towards the end!

When Mom is pregnant, it can be a wonderful time for your family, but there are also times when Dads knowledge may be called upon.


10 Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

  1. Know the pregnancy stages
  2. What your partner will physically need
  3. What your partner will mentally need
  4. Her sense of smell is like a dog
  5. Do not worry about having sex
  6. Moods change at the drop of a hat
  7. Know how to make your baby move
  8. Learn pregnancy danger signs
  9. Understand what happens during childbirth
  10. Understand what you will both need for the hospital


Is this a conclusive list of things a Dad should know about pregnancy?

No, definitely not. For a start, there would be so many words on this page, you probably wouldn’t read them all!

These are simply 10 things that I wished I knew when my wife was pregnant.

My biggest tip is for you to learn what could go wrong during pregnancy. You REALLY need to know the most common issues that could spell trouble for you all.

Have a read through this page on pregnancy warning signs and please, if you are not sure about a symptom, it is REALLY important to get Mom checked out by a medical professional.


Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

Here are the 10 tips! Enjoy!


Know the pregnancy stages

Pregnant ladies, various trimesters
Know the pregnancy stages, and more importantly, know what to expect at each stage!

This is the first thing Dad needs to know about pregnancy, and it is a very, very large subject. In fact, I have written a complete article about the stages of pregnancy, it is well worth a read.

I will give you a basic rundown though. the pregnancy is broken down into 3 trimesters:

  • 1st trimester – 0-12 weeks
  • 2nd trimester 12-28 weeks
  • 3rd trimester 29-40 weeks

Each of the trimesters will give you new challenges and a set of tasks to do.

Read my stages of pregnancy article for a breakdown on what you should expect your baby to be doing, and what you expect your wife to be doing.

It is always best to know what you are up against.


What your partner will physically need

Pregnant lady laying down holding her Baby bump
Look after Moms physical needs, and her mental needs will follow!

So many things. Honestly, so many! But, I have a small list of things below that actually really helped my wife during pregnancy:

  1. A pregnancy pillow – trust me, Dad will also get more sleep.
  2. Eye mask – to help with sleeping during the day.
  3. Dad to clean up after himself – just do it Man.
  4. Dad to take care of *stuff* around the house.
  5. Hot water bottle – because they just make you feel better!

During pregnancy, Dads job is to make Mom content, confident, happy, and ready for Childbirth.


What your partner will mentally need

Brain, mental needs
Mental needs are extremely important, so ensure that Dad does not neglect them!

  1. To get out of the house during the later stages – it stops cabin fever.
  2. You to understand – try not to argue back, and understand that hormones are driving every single one of her moods, good or bad.
  3. To relax – hosting a Baby must be tiring work, talk to her about her concerns and address them.
  4. To talk – Talking about how she is getting on shows and interest and increases the feeling that you are in this together.
  5. You to answer questions and to increase your knowledge – during pregnancy, she isn’t going to know everything. Take the lead and learn what is happening and what is going to happen. If she asks you a question and you have the answer, her confidence builds knowing that you are around.

I am sure you are aware that pregnancy comes a sudden rush of hormones, and not just once either!

During pregnancy, Dad needs to keep Moms mental health right at the forefront of his consciousness. It is vital that Mom feels she can talk to Dad about anything, at all times.


Her sense of smell is like a dog

Dog handing out of window, sniffing
Dad should always ensure the house is clean!

Make sure you have regular showers. Don’t go overboard on the scent and try not to cook food that is going to cause the entire house to smell for days.

Get some relaxing candles that Woman love, they release a subtle fragrance as they burn which will mask many smells.

The important thing here is that when you clean the house, make sure you cover everything. If you miss even a bit of the cleaning, her hound nose will pick it up in no time at all!

While I am on the subject, Mom will go through a stage of pregnancy they call ‘nesting‘. Nesting is where Moms natural instincts will kick in and she will want to prepare the house for the Babies arrival. When the nesting stage begins, all you need to do is move out of Moms way, she has everything covered. Always be ready for some instructions, and always keep an eye on Mom just in case she is trying to move heavy objects!


Do not worry about having sex

Two ladybirds having sex
….just don’t even think about it!

Literally, just don’t worry about it. It probably isn’t going to happen. It might happen, once or twice.

During the 1st trimester, things are a little fraught and her body is just not going to feel up to it, so you need to respect that.

A mixture of worry and a massive boost in hormones will take over and sex is probably going to be one of the last things on her mind.

Women tend to go into overdrive during the 2nd trimester, and that is when your chances are likely to arrive. When it does, don’t worry about hurting the baby, it just ain’t gonna happen Man.

If anything, the good hormones released during sex will make the baby happier in the womb. Try to use that line when you can!

The 3rd trimester is unlikely to bring you any sexy time. For a start, she is going to be huge. You have to remember that she may not look huge but in her mind, she is HUGE.

There is a fable that sex brings on labor, it isn’t true but it is well worth suggesting. It might be your last chance for a while.

A friend once gave me this advice.

When you first meet a girl, put some money IN a jar each time you have sex. After childbirth, take money OUT of the jar each time you have sex. You will soon realize that the jar will never be empty.


Moods change at the drop of a hat

Angry women, pregnancy hormones, Dad needs to know
Moods change quickly, get used to it and work with it!

Picture this, you are having a conversation with your wife. In that same conversation, she is laughing, crying, angry, and then back to laughing again. It doesn’t follow the same pattern, it is very sporadic. Try to keep up.

Do as much as you can to ensure your partner is not going to get too angry, or sad.

Respect that it is a sudden rush of hormones that are driving these moods. Do not get drawn into pointless disagreements.

During my wife’s pregnancy, arguments were very rare (I don’t tend to argue anyway, life is too short), so I got away with it. Some Dad’s paint an entirely different picture though.


Know how to make your baby move

Teddy bear on top of Baby bump
Knowing how to make your Baby move will relieve pressure and stress. Dads need to know this about pregnancy!

During pregnancy, one of the things a Dad needs to know if how to make your baby move.

There will be times when the babies activity slows down and there will be times when it just will no quit moving around.

You need to ask Mom regularly if she has felt the baby move recently, just to make sure everything is cool.

If Mom hasn’t felt the baby move for a few hours, there are some things you can do to wake the baby up:

  • Run a bath for Mom
  • Get Mom up and walking around
  • Put something cold on the baby bump

I remember one time when I had just got back home from work. My wife looked concerned, and after asking what was wrong I actually got an answer (which makes a change!). She had not felt my Son move that day.

I told my wife to lay down and close her eyes. I grabbed a packet of frozen vegetables and without her knowing, I stuck it on the baby bump.

It shocked my Wife and more importantly, made my Son give a belting kick from the inside!

Mom was happy, although she asked me to try something less surprising next time.

As far as I was concerned, it was a job well done.


Learn pregnancy danger signs

Warning triangle. Dad learns pregnancy warning signs
Most important of all, Dad needs to learn the warning signs that he needs to watch out for during pregnancy!

Please learn the danger signs to look out for during pregnancy!

It is really important to know what can go wrong during pregnancy so you can deal with it swiftly and effectively. That means calling a medical professional, by the way.

Prepare for the worst is the best approach. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be aware of the danger signs.

Just read as much as you can, and when you have finished reading about the danger signs, then read some more!


Understand what happens during childbirth

Brain, knowledge
Know what happens during childbirth so it does not take you by surprise!

I have a post that helps you understand what happens during pregnancy, have a read of that post and familiarize yourself with what you should be expecting.

Within the post, I run through what happens to the baby and more importantly, what you can expect your wife to be doing during pregnancy.

When you stroll into the hospital knowing what to expect, it will give Mom some confidence, which means less stress for her! Less stress is best, especially when you are about to go through the tremendous pain of childbirth!

Even after soaking up a vast amount of knowledge from books, friends, and medical experts, I was still not fully prepared for childbirth.

This is because it is not possible for somebody to know everything that could happen during childbirth.

As long as Dad learns what is common for childbirth then he is as prepared as he can be!


Understand what you will both need for the hospital

Pregnant lady laying in bed awaiting childbirth
Prepare Dad and Moms hospital survival kit weeks in advance of the due date!

Ultimately, you will need to have 4 things sorted before you even leave for the hospital, and that means preparing months in advance.

  1. Get the car ready for the journey and prepping the car to have a baby on board.
  2. Prepare your Dads hospital survival kit. That post will show you everything I needed during the hospital stay, and it was a stay too!
  3. Moms hospital bag.
  4. Get the house ready to host a newborn baby.

Get them sorted now, and your future self will thank you!


Why it is important for Dads to know about pregnancy

All of the tips above are genuinely things that a Dad needs to know about pregnancy, but why does he need to know?

Pregnancy can be a magical time for both parents, but it can also be a time when tensions are very high. This is especially true if it is Mom’s first pregnancy. Dad needs to be the person to turn to for advice, and for support.

A Dad needs to know about pregnancy because, like all things in life, preparation is key to success.

When my wife was pregnant, I went above and beyond when learning everything that I needed to know. I did this because I wanted to be able to answer questions, and I wanted to be able to offer support when it mattered most. Most of all, I actually WANTED to know the process.

I wanted to know what to expect, and that thirst for knowledge meant that I was able to be ‘the rock’ when my Wife had concerns.

Unfortunately, our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, which was the driving force behind me learning the vital warning signs that mean you need medical assistance.



When I was writing this post, the question wasn’t so much ‘What are the things a Dad should know about pregnancy?’ it was more ‘What did I wish I knew about pregnancy when my wife was pregnant?’

The rest was pretty easy!

Above all else, and this is good advice for pregnancy and being a new Dadpreparation is what is going to stop you getting into trouble. If you do not prepare, you do not know what to expect and it will cause much annoyance!

I prefer the easy life, so I get on it before I need to.

Now you are ready, it is time to have a look at the new Dad survival kit.

If you can think of anything else that a Dad will need to know about pregnancy please get in touch. Either leave a comment below or use the contact us page.

Good luck!

New Dad Guide For Each Pregnancy Trimester

Trimester Pregnancy Rundown

So, you are going to be a Dad. Congratulation!

Now is the time to begin preparations. It is a steep learning curve, and one fraught with danger and stress…

In this post, I am going to guide you through each trimester so you know what to expect!


Now, if you are going to be a first time Dad, there are some things you need to know about the pregnancy.

Scratch that, there are LOADS of things you need to know about pregnancy.

Before you prepare yourself for the childbirth, new Dads, you need to have a rundown on what you should expect from each trimester of the pregnancy!

luckily for you, I have you covered with this post!

In this article, I am going to cover what a trimester is and what you can expect from your partner during each trimester, along with a brief description on what the baby is up to during their time in the womb.

I will also give you some pointers on what is expected of a Dad during each of the trimesters and throughout the entire pregnancy!

New Dad Pregnancy Guide – Quick Links

What Is A Trimester?

TLDR – The time a pregnancy is due to last is 40 weeks, it is split into 3 parts. Each part is called a trimester.

Want to know more? Read on!


1st Trimester – Weeks 0-12

Pregnancy 1st trimester

The first 12 weeks of a pregnancy is called the 1st trimester. The first few weeks, your partner is not actually pregnant at all.

Then the magic happens, and you conceive. Within the first month, the fertilized egg embeds into the womb and her body is transformed into a child-bearing machine.

Get your head around that.

The riskiest trimester, the first 12 weeks can be a worrying time, as the ball of cells is expanding rapidly. Every single change needs to be perfectly executed in a timely manner by Nature!

There is a reason why many couples decide not to announce a pregnancy until the beginning of the 2nd trimester. Statistically, 1 in 5 pregnancies does not get past this time.

It is a sad fact of life, and something you need to be aware of.

Unless there have been any complications, your first scan will be booked in at the end of the 1st trimester.

I recommend waiting until after your first scan to announce the pregnancy. Unfortunately, we learned that the hard way.


What You Should Expect In The 1st Trimester

A sudden rush of hormones may kick-start the dreaded morning sickness. Your partner’s body will be working overtime to prepare it for hosting a kid, this will result in huge internal changes.

Indigestion, cramp, and stress are very common in this trimester, so keep an eye on her.

Tempers may be frayed during the 1st trimester, due to a combination of an increase in hormone levels, worry, excitement and you leaving the toilet seat up again.


What Is Expected From A Dad In The 1st Trimester

The important thing is that you stay cool for reassurance.

During the 1st trimester, your job is to research how the baby is developing. When you know the answers, you can field any questions! You can also participate in the relentless conversations about ‘what the baby is growing now’.

Give assurances that you are up to the task by kicking off discussions about where the baby is going to sleep and what items you need to think about buying after the first scan.

There is a danger that the excitement will be too much and you will both want to tell everyone as soon as possible! Try not to, just in case. Try to wait for the 2nd trimester for that.

One last thing for the 1st trimester. All of those things that have caused a bit of conflict before she was pregnant need to be remembered.

If your partner is anything like my Wife, the reaction would have been completely out of proportion to the cause. Now, times that reaction by 5…..7….10!

That is what you are trying to avoid at a time when she will need to remain as calm as possible. Remember what caused conflict before, and just toe the line.

Put the toilet seat down, make sure you tidy up and don’t leave the basin full of your facial hair after a shave!

Reduced stress = a calm Mother, a chilled out Dad and a relaxing atmosphere for a child to be created in!


What Is The Baby Doing In The 1st Trimester?

The first couple of weeks of the 1st trimester, the baby is living two separate lives….one as sperm and one as an egg.

Then, after conception, it needs to travel from a fallopian tube up to the womb, where it will live for the next 38(ish) weeks.

It starts off as two cells, the multiplies again, and again and again…..

During the 1st trimester, your baby will go through a whole world of change! The important week is the 10th because that is when most of the really critical stuff is finished.

You can breathe a sigh of relief at the 10 weeks mark because the chances of success increase substantially!

Hands and feet begin to emerge from the fish-like embryo, a heart is created and begins to beat.

Towards the end of the 1st trimester, your baby will be able to move limbs (development of hands and feet has also begun) at will and it takes the shape of a human, instead of a fish-like creature!


2nd Trimester – Weeks 13-27

pregnancy 2nd trimester

This is the magic middle trimester, the time when your partner may show signs of her previous self! She will now be familiar with the surge in hormones and her body is used to hosting a rapidly growing fetus.

There are still times when you are likely to upset her, by saying something wrong, doing something wrong or breathing too loudly.

Now that you are out of the 1st trimester, it is a good time to begin the process of emptying your wallet in various stores to buy flatpack furniture that will test your patience.

Also – this is the time when you can find out the sex of the baby!

When my Wife was pregnant, we both agreed that finding out was logically a great idea. It makes planning so much easier. Many people choose not to find out the sex, and that is cool too.

Just make sure you both agree on whether you want to find out or not.


What You Should Expect In The 2nd Trimester

Spending money, decorating your babies room, spending money, being on the back-foot in all arguments and spending money.

You will have a scan at around the 20-week mark. This is a scan to check your baby is cool. During this scan, the sonographer will spend a lot of time checking the babies heart to make sure it is developing well.

Towards the end of the trimester, you may begin to notice your partner ‘nesting’. Nesting is a process where they spend a lot of their time preparing your house for arrival.

You may notice things being moved about and put into storage for no obvious reason. It makes sense to them, and if you need to question a choice, tread very carefully!

Your baby will make themselves well known during the 2nd trimester! Your partner may get butterfly-like flutters from her womb, this is your baby saying ‘Hi’.

As they get bigger, the movements become more obvious and you can feel movement and kicks though her baby bump!

In short – hormones level out, energy returns, sickness (hopefully) disappears and you even get a small glimpse of the sex life you once had.

Do not quote me on that!


What Is Expected From A Dad In The 2nd Trimester

Enjoy the 2nd trimester! It is by far the easiest, both for the Mother and Father.

The magic that is going on with creating this new baby is totally immense!

This is the trimester where your baby morphs from a weird, alien looking creature into something that closely resembles a human.

During the 2nd trimester, your wallet will be hit pretty hard, with all of the things you will need to welcome your new baby into this world.

Get used to erecting (easy) flatpack furniture and get used to shopping for baby goods.

Your partner’s energy levels are likely to rocket during this phase so you will need to make sure you keep up! Fear not though, you can have a rest in the final trimester! It may be the last rest you get as a human being……..


What Is The Baby Doing In The 2nd Trimester?

Now your baby has entered the 2nd trimester, it is time to start developing and using facial muscles.

At around 15 weeks, your partner might feel a little flutter, which is the baby moving around! It is now getting big enough to feel.

Your baby will start to hear for the first time, so watch the language! It is actually a great time to read them their first story, or maybe lay down some house rules. They will learn to know your voice and when they are born, it is much easier to sooth them!

Baby fat will form beneath their see-through skin and they will even start breathing in the amniotic fluid! It is good practice for when they first get some air.

Towards the end of the 2nd trimester, they will open their eyes and take a look at their first home. There won’t be much to see…..a womb….some legs…..but it will still be new for them.


3rd Trimester – Weeks 28-40

pregnancy 3rd trimester

The 3rd trimester is the final months of pregnancy. It is a time for waiting, more spending and more checkups!

Your partner will become a giant and will have a solid pregnancy waddle.

Joking about how big they are is frowned upon in this trimester, just saying.

Very occasionally, you will notice the baby bump move around as the baby changes position, or gives you a good kick.


What You Should Expect In The 3rd Trimester

The baby is now taking up a great deal of space, and this is putting pressure on other parts of the anatomy, namely, the bladder.

Wherever you go, make sure you are near a toilet, because it becomes a woman’s best friend as she barrels through the last trimester.

Nesting is hotting up now and you may start to panic that you are not prepared, stay cool! You got this.

In this period, you need to be keeping an eye on your babies movement to make sure your partner is feeling it a few times per day.

Any large time period where movement is not felt, get it checked by a medical professional.

I remember during my wives pregnancy, it was around 30 weeks and she had not felt my Son move for over 12 hours.

With a worried look on her face, she suggested calling a Doctor. ‘Hang on’ I said, as I went through to the freezer, took out a packet of frozen peas and placed them on her stomach…she wasn’t expecting it!

She looked shocked, and the peas got a heavy and decisive boot from a very unhappy baby!

Panic over, but I wasn’t popular for a few hours.

Oh – some bad news – this trimester is where her breasts will become very sensitive. They are no longer solely yours.

In short: Leaky breasts, bad back, tiredness, heartburn, and possibly fake contractions. Arguments here are mostly due to tiredness and generally being uncomfortable in their new giant form.


What Is Expected From A Dad In The 3rd Trimester

You are likely to spend most of this time building flatpack furniture, spending money and being there during all of the midwife appointments.

Your partner will be uncomfortable all of the time, and in pain for most of it. It is your job to make her as comfortable as possible during this last phase of pregnancy.

Learn to give a good massage and make sure you have enough bubbles for a relaxing bath…not you, for your partner!

You will also notice a swift reduction in the percentage of bed that you can sleep in. Your partner needs to be comfortable! During the later stages of pregnancy, my Wife found that a pregnancy pillow gave her an awesome nights sleep! It also made regular appearances on the sofa.

The baby will be expanding rapidly, causing all kinds of pains and symptoms, so be there for her as much as you can.

Now is also a great time to prepare for the hospital, familiarise yourself with what to expect from childbirth and work on the birthing plan.

You might also want to book an extra scan for the later part of this trimester.

From 35 weeks onwards, you can get some awesome pictures of the baby in the womb!

We had a scan at 35 weeks and it genuinely looks exactly like my Son! I was very close to using it to verify the identity of the kid they gave us when he was born.


What Is The Baby Doing In The 3rd Trimester?

The 3rd trimester is where the baby just gets bigger and bigger until there is no more room left in the womb, or in your partner’s body!

Something has to give way, that is usually a bladder! Stay close to a toilet.

Your babies bones are getting stronger now and their taste will develop. Finger and toenails are fully formed, as are their kidneys.

A lot of the growth in the 3rd trimester involves putting on more fat underneath their skin (the baby, not your partner). This is preparation to regulate their own temperature outside of the womb.

Towards the end, their lungs are in great working order and are being fully tested with the amniotic fluid.

At 37 weeks, the baby is considered to be full term, which basically means they are ready to come out and make noise.

So much noise.

Eventually, the babies head will move further down, engaging in the cervix ready for birth! Unless they decide to come out feet first. That hurts, by the way.



So there you go, that is a rundown of each of the trimesters for first-time Dads!

The post covers weeks 0 through 40, but what happens if your partner is still pregnant after the 40 weeks? That is officially classed as ‘overdue’.

There are many techniques that clinicians can use to induce the childbirth, and these are usually scattered through weeks 40 to 42.

My Wife went all the way up to week 42 and 3 days before my Son popped out to say ‘Hi’!

Good luck with the pregnancy and good luck with the childbirth!

Feel free to check back to let me know how you got on.

I am always interested to hear the experience of pregnancy from the point of view of other Dads!

First Time Expectant Father? 9 Tips For The 35 Week Mark

First Time Expectant Father Preparation

You have been given a due date, and this is your first time as an expectant Father. How do you prepare for the final weeks of pregnancy?

Here I will give you a guide on preparing for life after 35 weeks until the birth.

If you are a first time expectant Father, this is what you need to get ready for when you get the call!

35 Weeks Pregnant – Time To Ramp Up The Prep, Future Dad!

You need to ramp up the preparations from 35 weeks onwards. If your childbirth experience is like mine, you will still have 7 weeks to go, but you should still be on DEFCON 3 from 35 weeks.

Hang on, let’s check the DEFCON Levels of Pregnancy:

Expectant Father DEFCON Levels

DEFCON 5 – Your Partner Is Not Pregnant. Normal Peacetime.
DEFCON 4 – Your Partner Is Under 35 Weeks Pregnant*
DEFCON 3 – Prepare For Childbirth – From 35 Weeks.
DEFCON 2 – Childbirth Imminent. Immediate Threat To Peace.
DEFCON 1 – Waters Broken. Peace Time Over.

*An immediate jump from level 4 to 2 or 1 can still happen.

Here we are dealing with Defcon 3.

So as an imminent Father, what do I do?

What Do I Prep As a First Time Expectant Father?

  1. Fill Up The Tank
  2. Plan Your Route
  3. Get The Hospital Bags Ready
  4. Practice Baby Changing Skills
  5. Learn The Birthing Lingo
  6. Arrange Your Work
  7. Install Car Seat
  8. Check Your Equipment
  9. Messaging Groups At The Ready

1. Fill Up The Tank

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Fuel Up

From 35 weeks, never run on empty! Always make sure you have at least half a tank of fuel.

Pretend the ‘half a tank’ marker it now your ‘completely empty’ marker.

When you get the call – you need to get in your car and get to the hospital.

No messing about trying to fill the car up!

2. Plan Your Route

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Plan Route

I am sure you already know this! Having said that, it is worth checking for planned road closures in that area.

You know the route to the hospital, so just make sure it doesn’t need to change!

Have a few routes planned, and get used to a few of the shortcuts, just in case you need to use them.

A few trial runs after 35 weeks is a great idea! You might be very familiar with the route, but it is worth passing by the hospital a few times, just to make sure there are no new signs up, indicating planned road closures.

3. Get The Hospital Bags Ready

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Bags

Make sure you have your partner’s bag ready, and you have your own hospital survival kit ready.

There are two options here:

  1. Put them next to each other near the front door, ready to pick up and go when the time comes.
  2. Put them in the car, so you can just up and leave.

It depends on how confident you are that your car will be safe! You do not want your car being broken into on the night before the childbirth…..

In the last few weeks of my wives pregnancy, I put us both in ‘essential travel only’ mode. That basically meant the supermarket and my work.

During those trips, the bags were in the car. When we were at home, I put them back in the spare bedroom!

4. Practice Baby Changing Skills

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Practice Changing

Maybe you could start this before 35 weeks but now is also a very good time.

If you are not used to changing a kid, get some practice. Have your friends got any kids? Get to their house and learn. When you are given your kid to change for the first time, wouldn’t it be impressive if you get it done like a pro?

Impress your partner and the midwife by changing your kid like a boss!

5. Learn The Birthing Lingo

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Midwife Language

Some of the words used during the run-up to childbirth might be new to you.

Learning some of the common words used will give you the upper hand and will allow you to understand what is going on.

I gave you a few words with some explanations in my tips for childbirth preparation, but here are some that you may need to know for the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Engaged- Your babies head is in position and he or she is ready to rock and roll.

Colostrum – This is the first stage in the creation of milk. It is everything a newborn needs to eat!

Breech – The baby is in a weird position (feet first), and it is probably going to hurt more. Prepare yourself, and be strong for your partner!

Membrane Sweep – This is something a midwife may do to try and induce childbirth.

Contractions – You probably know this one. This is where your partner’s muscles are contracting to push the baby through the birth canal. They hurt, apparently.

Induce – If you go over 40 weeks, the medical folks might be talking about inducing your partner. This can be achieved a number of ways, but they usually start with a membrane sweep (See above). Here is a warning though, my Wife was induced….and it still took 3 more days!

6. Arrange Your Work

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Arrange Work

Occasionally, my job takes me a couple of hundred miles away from my family. This happens at least four times per month.

Imagine being 200 miles away (in a meeting) and you get the call!

Preparation is key here, make sure you are close to home by arranging to host or join any meetings via the internet. There are loads of options out there! Telephone conference, video conference…..use technology to keep you close to home.

If you do not have a job where you have to regularly attend meetings – lucky you!

7. Install Car Seat

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Baby Seat

When it is time to make a dash for the hospital, you do not want to be spending the first few minutes (or 20, if you haven’t read the instructions!) putting the car seat in the car.

Installing the car seat is a very important part of the preparations, and now is an awesome time to get it sorted!

Seriously though, take some time to read and follow the instructions before you put the car seat in. Honestly, they are not difficult to install!

8. Check Your Equipment

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Equipment

I have covered it in the hospital survival kit, but now is the time to check your equipment to make sure you are ready for the birth.


Keep it fully charged, make sure you have lots of space on it for photographs/videos. If your tablet can take a memory card, is it time to buy a spare!


Keep this fully charged and on all the time. Check your space and free some up if you need to, again, for photographs and videos.

Video Camera

You might choose to use a separate recording device for videos. Check your memory cards and keep it fully charged. If you need any more memory cards, now is the time to buy them.

Anything Else

There might be other equipment you are planning to take with you to the hospital, such as a TENS machine or headphones. Make sure they are fully charged (If you have Bluetooth headphones) and you have spare batteries.

9. Messaging Groups At The Ready

First Time Expectant Father Preparation Messaging

Let’s go back 40 years. If a baby was born, loved ones would be told via a phone call. Or maybe a carrier pigeon.

Nowadays, we have a whole variety of tools at our disposal that we can use to convey the good news.

What would I do?

I would set up a group chat, or a recipient list of people who you would like to update, like Grandparents and best friends.

The reason I would set this up is that you need to be enjoying the moment, and your new baby will need the reassurance and comfort of your voice after going through the turmoil of being born. Simply type one message, hit send, put your phone down.

If you are not careful, you will be responding to messages for the next hour!

If you must add it on social media (I wouldn’t), make sure you turn your phone on silent, for the sanity of the new Mother, and anyone else within earshot of your phone.

Now is one of those life moments where you may regret having your nose in your phone, responding to messages from people you haven’t heard from in years.


I hope this helps you prepare for the final few weeks as a first time expectant Father.

Use this time wisely to prep for the big day.

Unfortunately, while you are given an expected date, you can’t be certain when it is going to happen. The only thing you can do is to make sure you are ready to go when the baby is!


Failure to prepare is preparing to fail!

Please let me know if you are doing anything else to prepare for childbirth, or if I have missed anything out. Contact us, or leave a comment below.