Tips for how a Dad can deal with pregnancy. I have some tips on what to expect, and how to deal with various pregnancy-related situations.

pregnant lady reading a book on a book to her unborn baby

7 Excellent Books To Read To Baby In Womb

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Are you looking for some books to read to baby while in the womb? Here I give you top 7! Each of the books have been handpicked and are awesome books to read to baby in womb!

dad to be gifts from wife

10 Awesome Dad To Be Gifts From Wife

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If you are a wife and you are looking for some awesome dad to be gift ideas then check out these 10! I would have loved all of these when I was a dad to be!

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

10 Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

Here are 10 tips for Dad to be during the pregnancy stages. Dad to be’s need to arm themselves with knowledge, to get to enjoy and survive each pregnancy stage

Trimester Pregnancy Rundown

New Dad Guide For Each Pregnancy Trimester

When you are a new Dad, you need to know how to survive the pregnancy! For you to survive the pregnancy, you need to understand what happens at each stage. In this article, I explain what your partner will be going through, what is expected of you, and how the baby is progressing through each trimester.

First Time Expectant Father Preparation

First Time Expectant Father? 9 Tips For The 35 Week Mark

How do you prepare during the final 5 weeks of pregnancy?

During that time, you could get the call at anytime to hit the road to the Hospital!

It is even worse when you are a first time expectant Father, but fear not! Here are 9 things you can do to prepare for the big day.