Tips for a Dad, or new Dad for how to deal with the constant battle of raising a Toddler.

toddler and newborn baby

How To Deal With A Toddler And Newborn

Are you struggling to raise a toddler and a newborn baby at the same time? I am guessing stress levels are high! I have 13 excellent tips right here to help you deal with a newborn baby and a toddler.

toddler with red hat in woodland upset

What To Do When Your Toddler Doesn’t Like You

Wondering why your toddler doesn’t like you? For a start, it might not actually be the case! Secondly, there are lots of things you can do to improve the relationship between you and your toddler.

3 year old boy having tantrum

Dealing With 3 Year Old Temper Tantrums

Dealing with 3 year old temper tantrums can be frustrating! Why do they happen, and how do your discipline a 3 ear old who has temper tantrums? Here is my guide

naughty toddler crying on mom

8 Alternatives To Time Out For Discipline

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Whilst time-outs have shown to be a useful technique for disciplining a toddler, it is not the only way, and isn’t the best way! Here are 8 alternatives to time-out for toddler discipline.

child behind house cutout, just about to move house

How to Help Your Child Cope With Moving Anxiety

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In this post, I give you some awesome tips for how you can prepare your toddler for moving house. Moving house can be daunting for all involved, but when you are a toddler it could cause anxiety. Read these tips to reduce moving anxiety!

3 year old crying

5 Reasons Why Your 3 Year Old Is So Defiant

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Are you dealing with a defiant 3 year old? Is it taking its toll on you? Take a look here… I’ve got 5 tips for dealing with a defiant 3 year old child so you can regain control!