What is your role in childbirth? What can you do to help your partner through it? Here is a complete guide to childbirth for Dads.


10 Epic Push Present Ideas For Dad

If you are looking for push present ideas for Dad then I have you covered! Take a look at these 10 gifts that I would love to receive as a push present.

What Not To Say During Childbirth

Dad Guide – Childbirth And What NOT To Say

Childbirth is not an easy task! There is no doubt, it is worse for the women! We can make it better, we can make it a little less bad for them. We can do this by knowing what to say and do during childbirth….but here, I tell you what you should definitely NOT say during childbirth!

Get Prepared For Childbirth Now

Get Prepared For Childbirth Now – Dad Tips

Childbirth is a daunting task, mostly for the Mothers. But how do you prepare for this life changing event as a Dad? I have put together a guide that will help you through childbirth. This is from my own experience of a torrid time!