10 Positive Discipline Techniques That Really Work dadgold positive parenting

10 Positive Parenting Strategies That Work

Are you after some positive discipline techniques that work? Do you want to know how to discipline before the shouting starts… let me tell you that being proactive to good behavior is much better than reacting to bad behavior. It is a much more positive approach to child discipline!

How to Implement a Reward System for Your Toddler dadgold positive parenting tips (1)

How to Implement a Reward System for Your Toddler

Any good parenting reward system must be built around positive reinforcement for it to be successful. Here I take a look at the key points of an established reward system for your toddler. I have 5 reasons why a toddler reward system works, and some ideas for implementing it, so good luck!

best digital thermometer

Best Digital Ear Thermometer – A Vital Tool!

When you are faced with a child who is going through an common cold, or infection, a digital ear thermometer is the greatest tool in your kid tool box.

You need one your can trust, so here I give you my opinion on what is the best digital ear thermometer, along with the best cheap digital ear thermometer!