16 Seriously Annoying Things a 6 Year Old Does

What are the most annoying things a 6-year-old does? Let me tell you about a recent experience of mine…I invented a fun new game the other week. It was a game that my 6-year-old son enjoyed, AND it taught him about our solar system. It involved a large puzzle, which we did together (it was a puzzle of our solar system). The game was simple; we had to pick a planet for each other and then stand on the planet. Who said learning wasn’t fun?

After 15 minutes, he was still excited about picking the next planet. It was a hit! I chose Venus, so he jumped on it. He chose Jupiter, so I jumped on it. Within 2 seconds, and totally out of the blue, I was struck by a direct hit on the nuts. Why?… Why would he do that? We were having fun! Now it is ruined.

Immediately, I stopped playing. I told him why, and I walked away, removing attention.

It got me thinking about a new blog post. What are the most annoying things a 6-year-old does?

Let’s take a look! PS – here are some things that will help if your kid is making you angry… because one of these might do that!

16 Most Annoying Things a 6 Year Old Does

16 Most Annoying Things a 6 Year Old Does

1. Nut Flick

Let’s kick off with the reason that this post exists. The nut flick.

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So, this is aimed at us poor dads, but it doesn’t stop at the nuts. These 6-year-old kids can attack any part of our bodies if they are within striking distance. This means mom may also be a viable target, although it wouldn’t be called a nut flick.

They say that building a close bond is really important, but when you don’t want to get too close to them, it is more of a challenge!

2. Talking During Conversations

I am sure you know this one! You could be in the middle of a sentence, and your 6-year-old will start talking.

Not only does it knock you off your stride, but it is also damn frustrating because YOU’VE EXPLAINED THIS TO THEM TONS OF TIMES ALREADY!

Just stop interrupting me… please!

3. Butt Smack

This one is very similar to the nut flick but with less pain…. less pain but straight-up annoying as hell!

It could happen at any moment and with varying levels of force. Stay alert, people. The 6-year-old butt smacker is prowling.

4. Relentless Demands

OK, I know 6 years old’s can be demanding. I get that. I am not talking about the demands of ‘I want this toy,’ ‘Can I have something to eat please,’ ‘Can you play with me please?’

These are all common demands that we, as parents, have to deal with already. I am talking about the lack of prioritization and the fact that they forget demands immediately. For instance:

  • Son: ‘Can we go to kick a ball around, please?’
  • Dad: ‘Sure, we can do that.’
  • Son: ‘Can I have a snack, please.’
  • Dad: I check the time… ‘err, OK, but you need to finish it before we go outdoors.’
  • I go into the kitchen to get a snack, he follows me.
  • Son: ‘I am bored. Can you play LEGO with me?’
  • Dad: ‘Are you serious? Do you want to play ball, eat a snack, or play LEGO?’
  • Son: ‘Can I have a drink, please?’
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This is one of the most annoying things a 6-year-old does!

5. Play Up When Tired

After a full-on day, I look forward to getting some time where I don’t have to respond to anything… a time when I can switch off.

If I leave it a little late, he is trouble, and boy do I know it.

When he is around 30 minutes late going to bed, it’s like herding cats! Brushing teeth, getting milk, and even laying down become a huge challenge. I mean… how difficult is it to lay down!

6. Get Up Too Early

4.45 am wake-up calls are absolutely no fun at all. We have a rule in our house. No going downstairs until 6 am.

The problem with a 4.45 am wake-up call is that he is wide awake and has no problem letting me know. Nor does he have any problem reminding me every 10 minutes. This is how they should torture people.

7. Repeat Bad Words

OK, I know this is totally my fault, but bad words tend to slip out, don’t they? Come on… it isn’t just me!

Bad words slip out after things like ‘nut flicks,’ so it really is his fault! The problem is that he repeats them until he gets bored. I opt for total distraction until he has forgotten whichever bad word slipped out of my mouth.

8. I’m Bored

The immortal words of a 6-year-old, just as you settle down:

I’m bored

Son, you have that many toys they are bursting out of your room; you cannot possibly be bored!

9. Lock Phone Out

Right, right, I know… I shouldn’t leave my phone lying around. When I do, and when my son gets hold of it, he will try and type in the passcode too many times.

The result is a locked phone!

10. Leave Clothes EVERYWHERE

Literally, everywhere. I find socks everywhere, yet he has the standard-issue feet (just 2 of them). How does he need this many socks during the day!

When he gets in from school, he changes. Sometimes, he changes again before changing into his pajamas. For no reason.

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Each time, the clothes are scattered throughout random places.

11. Refuse To Eat Stuff They Have Not Tried

  • Him: I don’t like it
  • Me: But you haven’t tried it
  • Him: I still don’t like it
  • Me: Try it, just one time
  • Him: No
  • Me: You will like it
  • Him: I won’t

12. Desperately Need A Poop Just As You Settle Down

You think you have found the perfect time to disappear for some time in the toilet. We all need to go!

10 seconds after you sit down, there is a knock at the door.

‘I need to pee’

13. Waste Electricity

I walk up the stairs, and if he has been up there, the following will be true:

  • The landing light is on (even during the day)
  • His bedroom light is on (even during the day)
  • He has music playing

14. Leave Toothpaste In The Sink

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that he brushes his teeth without me prompting (most of the time), but I know when he has done it because he leaves it all in the sink.

Oh, and the lid is not on the toothpaste. Oh, and there is toothpaste on the floor… so is his toothbrush.

15. Sticky Hands

I could put him in a room with nothing else in it. No food… no juice… no milk… nothing. He will still come out with sticky hands.

Honestly, I’ve no idea how or why. All I know is that I am always wiping stuff down.

One of the most annoying things a 6-year-old does is wipe their sticky hands on just about everything!

16. Inconsistent Walking Patterns

Walking with my son is a great bonding experience, but occasionally he will get in front of me. When he does, I am forever adjusting my walking to accommodate his inconsistent walking style.

Fast, slow. Left, right. Walking, running. He is everywhere.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my son, but he is guilty of doing some of the annoying things a 6-year-old does.

Sure, I could and do discipline him for some things, such as the nut flick, but I can’t discipline him for all of it.

Some of them, he will grow out of eventually. We hope…

Good luck!


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