10 Easy to Read Kindergarten Books For Your Young Star

Good books are powerful and necessary tools to enhance a child’s development.

Books can help children to express themselves better as it helps them in expanding their vocabularies and developing basic language skills.

Books can also help children develop their critical thinking skills and equip them with the values and skills they require to thrive in real life.

Be that as it may, you would agree that kindergarten books should not only be value-packed and interactive, but they should also be easy to read. That way, the children can benefit maximally from the books.

So, look no further if you’re a parent, guardian, or teacher looking for great, easy-to-read books to engage your kindergarteners. This post contains a list of some of the best kindergarten books.

In addition, you’ll find tips on how to identify good books for your kindergarteners.

Ready? Let’s roll.

10 Easy to Read Kindergarten Books For Your Young Star

Identifying the best, easy-to-read kindergarten books for an early reader

Books can influence a child greatly, so it is essential that you find the best books for your kids/pupils. Kindergarten books should not only be entertaining and engaging but also be filled with lessons that kids can apply in tackling life challenges.

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These considerations prompt the question, “what do you look out for in a kindergarten book?”

Here are some of the characteristics of a great kindergarten book:

  • Repetitions: Repetitive kindergarten books are the best, especially for early readers. Why? Because a child’s flow, fluency, and flow increase with repetitions. Repetitions allow young readers to learn new words and give them many chances to practice these new words until it sticks.
  • Illustrations: Repetitions are good, but illustrations are better. Illustrations give context to the reader; it helps them to understand the book’s plot and mood better. A child is likelier to remember the details from a beautifully illustrated book than from a book without an illustration. So you should remember this when picking a book for your kindergarteners.
  • Simple sentences: Young and sometimes adult readers find it difficult to understand long sentences. Hence, a great kindergarten book should be simple, i.e., easy to read. So, before you decide on which books to get your kid, remember, the simpler, the better. You don’t want to frustrate the young reader.

10 easy-to-read kindergarten books for beginning readers

To help you in your search for great kindergarten books, here are ten great books that you can get for your kids:

The Adventures of Otto: See Pip Flap

Author and Illustrator: David Milgrim

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See Pip Flap is one of the books in a series, The adventure of Otto. The series is about an adventure-seeking robot named Otto. So it is not a surprise that kindergarteners love this book so much.

One, it is easy to read, which helps kids in mastering sight words and decoding texts. Two, it is very engaging, entertaining, and educational. That’s not all. The vivid illustrations in the book ensure that every part of the book hits home.

David Milgrim produced an absolute masterpiece for children in this series. Get one for your kid and get them started on an exciting journey of learning, adventure, and entertainment.

Stop! Bot!

Author: James Yang

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Stop! Bot!” is a picture book authored and illustrated by James Yang. The book explores the story of a little boy who had a bot. But the bot escaped from him while trying to show it to a building doorman.

He and the doorman chase after the bot, and their pursuit leads them on an unusual journey. Will the combined efforts of musicians, baseball players, and even animals stop the rogue bot?

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Kids will enjoy the thrill, fun, and easy-to-read words that this book has to offer. It’d be a good choice for early readers.

Pete the Cat’s Train Trip

Author(s): James and Kimberly Dean

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Here’s another series (Pete the Cat) that kids love. This book in the series is about Pete’s first time on a train during his visit to Grandma.

Pete’s journey is fun-filled as he makes new friends, plays games, tours the train, and even honks the train’s horn. James Dean and Kimberly Dean have been known to produce great children’s books; Pete the cat’s first train trip is no exception.

With beautiful and engaging illustrations from James Dean, the book hooks the kids from start to finish – ensuring they learn all the way.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Author: Patty Lovell

Illustrator; David Catrow


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This book teaches children to stand up for themselves and not be intimidated by bullies.

Molly Lou is an awkward little fellow. And she doesn’t seem to mind because her grandmother has always taught her to stand up for herself, smile big, sing aloud, and walk with pride.

With these tips from her grandmother, Molly knew exactly what to do when encountering a bully in her new school.

The Cat and the Rat and the Hat

Author: Em Lynas

Illustrator: Matt Hunt

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This picture book’s rhyme and comedic nature appeal to several young readers. The story/plot is intriguing: a cat on a mat covets a rat’s hat and does everything to get it. However, they both have a new target when they see a bat donning a fancy cravat.

The vivid neon artwork illustrations by Matt Hunt, tongue-twisting texts, and slapstick antics also add to the book’s acceptance by kids.

If you give a pig a pancake

Author: Laura Numeroff

Illustrator: Felicia Bond

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“If you give a pig a pancake” is another thrilling book for early readers. It is one of the “If you give” series, which has been children’s favorite for years.

The story is about a little girl trying to indulge a little pig. Your kid or pupil will want to read the book again as it contains rhythmic texts and inspires giggles.

Moreover, the text is simple and easy to understand, making it a perfect book for beginning readers.

Jojo and the twins

Author: Jane O’Connor

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Illustrator: Robin Preiss Glasser

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“Jojo and the twins,” tells the tale of Jojo’s experience while helping mommy and daddy with their new twins. What’s Jojo’s plan to tell the twins apart? More details in the book.

The book is a good choice for kindergarten and early readers because it is written in basic language and employs repetitions and sight words. All of these, plus great illustrations, make Jojo’s experience thrilling.

Big Dog and Little Dog; Tales of Adventure

Author: Dav Pilkey

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While also developing their reading skills, new readers may enjoy the adventures of the big dog and little dog in this special compilation of the five books from the Big Dog and Little Dog Green Light Reader series.

With easy-to-read text, classic humor, and vivid illustrations, Dav Pilkey shares the adventures of his canine companions with his young readers.

This book of adventures includes hours of entertaining extra skill-building tasks, such as word scrambles, mazes, spot-the-difference games, and more.

Flubby is Not a Good Pet

Author and Illustrator: J. E. Morris

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Flubby is a big cat who refuses to behave like other animals. He won’t even catch a ball or sing or jump!

However, when a frightening circumstance pulls Flubby and his owner together, they realize they need one another, making Flubby a decent pet after all.

This book has a unique, unusual format: it is straightforward, contains exciting illustrations, and has a narrative style. These make “Flubby is not a good pet” a great book for kindergarteners.

Little Bear

Author: Else Holmelund Minarik

Illustrator: Maurice Sendek

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This is the first of Little Bear’s five classic books, introducing the amusing and remarkably innocent bear cub and his buddies.

Beginning readers have remained devoted to this beloved character because of Maurice Sendak’s incredible illustrations and Else Holmelund Minarik’s simple, easy-to-read text.


Any of the books above will be good picks for a beginning reader.

But if you don’t like the look of any of them, you can always refer to the guide above on what to look out for in a good kindergarten book. That way, you’ll make the best choice for your kindergarten star!

Good luck.


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