Toddler Questionnaire: Best Questions to Ask Kids About Their Dad

Looking for questions to ask kids about dad?

Well, you have come to the right place!

But, before that, why is asking kids questions about their dad so important?

Raising a toddler can prove to be a monumental task. You never know what things are running through their tiny minds. That makes it particularly hard to analyze why they sometimes become ‘difficult’ to handle, like when they hit the terrible two’s!

It is a common pattern amongst toddlers to exhibit ‘strange’ behavioral patterns as they grow up. Professionals suggest that such erratic change in their behavior could be due to external factors.

Most notably, the kid’s personal relationship with their parents.

Thus, asking kids some ‘tricky’ questions about their dad can help you understand what they need and how you can help improve their mental health.

Apart from that, asking kids questions about their dad is a fun way to interact with them. Most kids (in general) are excited to talk about their parents.

So, if you are having trouble trying to communicate with them, a quick question about their dad can help ease your pain.

Here are some of the most interesting and exciting questions to ask kids about dad.

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10 Questions For Kids To Ask About Their Dads

Questions to Ask Kids About Their Dad

What does your father do?

This is a fairly easy and straightforward question. The main purpose of the question is to observe the kid’s reaction. Also, you may want to observe how many of them can answer the question correctly.

Kids who get to spend adequate time with their fathers are more likely to be aware of their jobs.

For kids who seem unresponsive about the question, it may indicate that their father’s job may be coming in the way of quality father-children time.

What is the one thing that your father always tells you?

This again is another question that may help you understand the strength of communication between a kid and his father.

Studies suggest that kids between the age of 5-11 have a substantially longer memory span. So, if the communication is consistent between a child and a father, they will have no problem answering the question.

Besides, the question is a good way to understand the root of the child’s upbringing. Expect some heartwarming as well as some hilarious answers.

What qualities do you like most about your dad?

This question may seem very simple but highly important at the same time. Every parent will be curious to know the answer to this question.

We do not need to tell you that kids are very impressionable. The answer you get from the kids is as genuine as it can get. Thus, it will help you gain a front-row picture of the image the father portrays.

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What is your dad really good at?

This is a fun question where you can expect some hilarious answers. Besides, the question is also a test to check the kid’s observation power.

Kids often overlook the small details, so it is a welcoming indication to answer well. Besides, if the kids can answer the question well, it also indicates that the father spends adequate time with them.

What makes you proud of your dad?

Every father tries to be the best version of themselves for their kids. However, as we are all aware, kids have a different measuring stick altogether.

Kids often evaluate their parents based on how they treat them (pamper) or the stuff they buy for them. Nonetheless, the answer should give you a good idea of what things they (kids) deem important.

What makes your dad happy?

Kids can be selfish. Most of the time, they seem to only care about things that make them happy. However, that may not be the case every time.

Some kids do notice the small things that make their parents giggle. The answers might turn out to be silly, but that is not the point.

Instead, the more important thing is to see if the kids care to notice what makes their dad happy (which, in turn, suggests a healthy relationship).

How do you know your dad loves you?

Kids have different ways of interpreting love. The things parents do out of love may not always seem the same to the children.

Irrespective of how silly the reason may be, it is essential to understand what actions or actions make kids feel loved. Some of the answers may be fairly obvious, but some might even surprise you or, better, crack you up!

What is your dad not good at?

Parents are usually good at hiding things they are not good at, at least in front of their kids. Nevertheless, kids can be quite witty.

They may come up with hilarious answers. Some might be quite specific in pointing out what their (super) dads are not good at.

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The question is a fun way to help children explore their observation power. It is a witty and tricky question at the same time.

How are you and dad the same?

This is again another exciting question that may help you understand how kids connect with their dad. Of course, dads always try to portray a positive image. But, it is interesting to see what their kids associate the most with.

The most cliche answer you may get is that the kids think they are as strong as their dad. However, you may also get some rather tricky answers that may help you paint a good picture of what their dads are like.

What do you enjoy doing the most with your dad?

This, again, is another fairly simple question that most of the kids should have no problem answering. Kids adore spending time with their dad. It is one of those things that helps build a strong child-father foundation from the ground up.

But, it is always a good idea to see what comes on top of their head when asked the question. Unlike adults, kids are honest with such questions.

As a result, it will help you capture all the intricate details about the kid-dad relation. The information is crucial and is also a fun way to get the kids talking.


So there you have it, 10 questions you can ask your kids about their dad that should elicit some hilarious answers!

It is fun to compare the answers to the last time they were asked, making it a regular thing.

Oh, and don’t get upset when you don’t like the answers.. these are kids, remember!

Good luck, and feel free to share some of the responses.


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