Toddler Proof Your Home – A Complete Guide

toddler proofing your home

Toddlers have absolutely no fear at all!

So many items around your home are dangerous for toddlers, and I am betting that you don’t know about half of them!

In this post, I am going to show you the steps I took when toddler proofing my home. Because it is our job to keep them safe!


I admit it, I am a little obsessed with making our home completely Toddler proof…

Since my son was born, I only see the worst-case scenario, and I am sure that I am not the only one! For instance, around 2000 deaths per year are a result of a home injury to a person 14 years or younger.

As he steamrolls throughout our home like a bull in a china shop, my eyes are scanning the environment for breakable items, things he can hit his head on, and things he can trip up of stand on (mostly his toys by the way).

Even when he is sleeping, I am worried about him falling out of bed, sleeping walking out of a window, or accidentally strangling himself on a random bit of cord that he found somewhere! It is tiring…

Whilst we cannot protect our children 100% of the time, especially for the rest of their lives, it is our job to make the house safe and protect them as much as we can. In this post, I am going to run you through what I do to toddler-proof our home, primarily for their safety, but also because it costs too much to replace breakable items!


Your First Task – Stalk Your Home

As I walk into each room of my home, I run a quick scan of the area to identify anything that we (my wife and I) may have inadvertently left out that may be dangerous to our Son. That is simply an ongoing process that I will probably never stop doing!

If you have never toddler proofed your home then you will need to do this for each room, but what are the things you need to look out for?

Luckily for you, I have put together a list of the common things I checked when I started to toddler proof my home because at first, it is difficult to notice things when you have been used to leaving items out since before you were a parent.


How To Toddler Proof Your Home


Electricity Sockets

toddler proofing be aware of electricity
Blank your electric sockets to stop objects being inserted into them.

Let’s begin with possibly the most dangerous item in your home, electricity. Toddlers can bite into cables or stick metal objects into electricity sockets, so what can you do to protect your toddler from the dangers of electricity?

Plug Sockets

Purchase some plug socket blanking plates and cover all sockets that your toddler can reach.

Do not leave chargers plugged in

Phones, tablets, lights, your toothbrush, all of these items will need to be charged. Constantly. Sometimes, especially when you are in a rush, you may leave the charger plugged into the wall socket, but not actually charging anything. This can pose a significant health risk to a toddler or a young child. Especially one who likes putting objects into their mouth!

Always unplug electrical items when they are not in use. Better still, move them out of harm’s way completely.

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toddler proofing store knives correctly
Kids and knives do not match well! Always store knives away from the reach of a toddler.

Knives and other sharp items (scissors etc) must be stored away from your toddlers reach. It is vital that they cannot reach knives if you want a toddler-proof home!

I have already discussed what you can do to make your kitchen safe for toddlers, but here we take a look at knives.

You have a couple of choices here:

  1. Buy a knife rack
  2. Store knives and sharp objects too high for your toddler to reach.

Sharp objects include knives, scissors, meat skewers, peelers, meat thermometers, and many other things. Take some time to go through each drawer that your toddler can reach and move everything sharp up high.

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Sharp Corners

toddler proof protect sharp corners, table with sharp edges
If your toddler runs headfirst into the corner of a table, it can cause some serious damage!

When I enter a room, I begin by scanning it for potential dangers. I even do it in other people’s homes, whether they have kids or not!

One of the most easily missed dangers is sharp edges on furniture. You know toddlers as well as I do, they are not very steady on their feet, and they have absolutely no spacial awareness! You need to prepare for it by protecting each corner to ensure that any bumps are not as bad as they can be.

I must mention here that I know toddlers need to go through the bumps to enhance their awareness of their environment. The goal here is to minimize the damage of a toddler running full sprint into the corner of a table.

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open window danger for Toddlers
Always ensure that you can lock your windows to keep your home Toddler proof.

It is very important that you have the ability to lock your windows. Not only for security, but also for inquisitive toddlers who just love to open and close anything they can find. More than 4000 children are injured by falling out of a window each year.

Take some time to consider this: Your toddler begins to sleepwalk, which brings with it a whole world of potential hazards! During their sleepwalking episode, they open a window and fall out. You are asleep,

I know that is extremely unlikely to happen, but why not prepare for that anyway? Why not implement a lock on each window of your home? Not only will this stop your toddler from opening the window during the day, but it will also stop them from opening the window at night too.

Also having the ability to lock your windows will help to stop the bad guys from getting in!

There are window locks for all possible types of windows that you have throughout your home. Another option is a security cable for each window.

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Whilst we are on the subject of windows, you may also want to cover your windows and glass doors with shatterproof film because toddlers can run pretty fast and their heads are tougher than they look.



toddler proofing keep doors locked
If you want a Toddler proof home, ensure that you can lock your external doors with high locks.

This is very similar to locking your windows and carries almost as much risk to your toddler too (it will not hurt as much if they fall through a door).

Any entrance to your home must be secure and your toddler must not be able to open them without you being present. There is no point having a toddler-proof home if they can escape!

I mentioned above about the dangers of toddlers sleepwalking, and if they manage to get to an external door which is easy to open, they could find themselves outside in the middle of the night. Surely I do not have to explain how dangerous that can be, especially if you live near a road!

You must be confident that your toddler cannot open an external door.

Secure each entrance with a hard-to-reach lock and sleep soundly!


Hot Water Faucet

toddler proofing cover faucet
Hot water can scald a child and result in permanent disfigurement.

If the temperature is high enough, your toddler will be scalded with hot water. For those of us who have picked up a hot plate without realizing, we know how it feels!

It is a challenge to secure any hot water faucet from being used, especially as you cannot raise the hot water tap out of your toddlers reach!

You can, however, purchase a safety guard for faucets.

Again, I know that it is important to realize that kids sometimes need to learn the hard way, but I would prefer it if they did not hurt themselves in the process!



toddler proofing install stair gates
To stop your toddler falling down the stairs, add a stair gate to the bottom and top.

As soon as your little one begins to crawl you should be arming each flight of stairs with a stair gate, it is common sense!

When I was deciding how many stair gates I need, I considered all possibilities. What if my son went sleepwalking in the night? Would I be happy if he left his bedroom? If he did, is there a room that I prefer for him not to go? Are there any rooms in the house that I do not want him to go into even if he is awake?

I opted for 3 stair gates. One for the bottom of the stairs, one for the top, and one for his bedroom. That may be overkill but hey, I am all about safety!


Glass Objects

toddler proofing tidy glass objects
Always ensure you clear away glass objects, so they cannot be smashed or used as missiles!

When I enter the home of a friend, I stalk the living room to see what is easily breakable. The most common items are all made of glass, which is especially true if they do not have any children.

Have a look throughout your home for any glass objects that your toddler can reach up and grab. If there are any objects, then you can bet your bottom dollar they will be broken within weeks!

A toddler proof home must not have objects that can be used as missiles!



toddler proof home put batteries away
Any battery can cause serious health concerns when swallowed, especially button batteries.

Batteries can be extremely dangerous to toddlers and babies, especially the button battery types!

It is extremely important that you do not let children play with batteries or any devices where batteries are easily accessible.

If your toddler swallows a battery, they could end up with severe burns in their throat or stomach, or even worse they could die from their injuries.

I always store batteries on a top-shelf. Sure, I get some complaints when my wife cannot reach them but it is better to be safe than sorry, right?


Blind Cords

toddler proofing blind cord
To keep a Toddler safe from strangulation, always use the safety catch for blinds.

This is not simply cords which are attached to blinds, there are many household items that have a cord attached to them which could cause an accident where your toddler is strangled. It doesn’t bear thinking about!

Most blinds already have a safety item which needs to be installed with the cord to ensure that it will not strangle anybody. Use it. Always install it.

Take some time to check through your home to identify any loose cords which can be reached by your toddler and secure them, or remove them completely.


Fairy Lights

toddler proofing fairy light dangers
Cheap fairy lights have been known to cause fires. Switch them off at bedtime.

Fairly lights are pretty, and my wife has a mild obsession with them, but they can be dangerous if they are not secured or stored correctly.

For a start, your toddler will be attracted to the pretty lights and may decide to wrap them around their neck. See above, I do not need to tell you how dangerous that can be.

Not only are they a strangulation hazard, but some cheaply made fairy lights have been known to cause house fires.

I always ensure every fairly light is switched off before retiring to bed! It is worse around the Christmas period, where it can take some time to go through them all!


Picture Frames Falling

toddler proofing hang frames correctly
Falling photo frames can hurt if they fall on your Toddlers head.

This one is unlikely to happen however, it is something that I thought about some time ago. It is a potential hazard and something that you really should prepare for, just in case.

I first noticed this when my wife decided to create a photo wall. Exactly 2 hours after the decision, she had put up over 20 photographs on the wall, all inside photo frames. I must admit, it looked good then, and it looks better now that we have added more as time has progressed.

A few days after the initial set up, my son was playing underneath the photo wall and bashed into it, as these boisterous male toddlers do, right? Immediately after impact, the wall shook and I thought some of the frames were going to tumble down onto my sons head. They didn’t…but they could have!

When placing photo frames on the wall, always ensure that you put the frames up correctly. Secure them to the wall. My wife used 1 nail for each frame, which was not enough. I secured the frames by adding 2 screws into the wall.

When you want to toddler-proof your house, it is these little things that you need to notice, along with the big things that everyone knows about!


Sharp Objects

toddler proofing sharp objects
Sharp objects can hurt if your toddler falls over with one in your hand.

Pens, pencils, needles…sharp objects are commonplace in most homes, but it is only when you have a toddler to control that you realize just how dangerous these objects can be!

Take a look around your home and make a note of all the sharp items that your toddler can reach. Now imagine your toddler picking it up and running down a hall, still not very steady on their feet. Does your stomach turn? Mine does just thinking about it.

Remove all sharp objects and place them high enough so they cannot be reached by Toddler’s hands.

As I look around now I can see sharp pencils and pens, along with a fork that somehow made it out of the cutlery drawer.


Cleaning Equipment

toddler proofing put bleach up high
Always ensure that you store cleaning equipment out of reach!

If you want to toddler-proof your home then somewhere near the top of the list should be moving all cleaning equipment, especially the Bleach! Each year, 25,000 Children attended hospital after ingesting poison.

One of the first things I did was move all items that I didn’t want my son to drink if he got a little thirsty. Drinking cleaning equipment will cause some serious health problems, so always be aware of where each item is at all times, and store them out of reach.

I simply moved everything to a storage unit at head height (that’s my head, not my sons). I do not want him to reach them, and now he cannot.



toddler proofing hide alcohol
Hide your alcohol! Because it would be such a waste if someone else drank it!

It is second only to cleaning equipment, there is also another liquid that you do not want your toddler drinking. Mostly because it will make them poorly, but also because you do not want them to drink YOUR alcohol, right?

Store alcoholic beverages well away from your toddlers reach. Again, I suggest moving them high enough so they cannot reach.


Bed Falls

toddler proofing bed guard
Ensure that you protect your Toddler from falling out of bed with a bed guard.

8,000 Children are injured each year as the result of a fall in the home.

Bed falls are very common with toddlers because they literally DO NOT stop moving when they are asleep. You would have thought they would have burnt all of their energy running around all day, right?

A bed guard is an important tool in your quest for toddler proofing your home.

They are easy to install and easy to use. You can be sure that your toddler will not fall out with a bed guard in place. Plus it means you get more quality sleep because it is one thing that you do not have to worry about!



Toddler proofing your home is either something that you learn over time, or it is something that you take advice on. In this post, I have run through the common ways of ensuring your house is toddler-proof and much safer than an average house for your toddler to play in.

When we are visiting friends I usually have one pass through each of the rooms my son is likely to play in, removing various objects that he will hurt himself on. It is even more of a challenge when we visit friends who do not have children!

Good luck, and stay safe!

Best 5 DIY and Construction Toys For Toddlers

best diy toys for toddler

It happens every time I get a screwdriver or a hammer out! My Son wants to use it…

The first time it happened, I used it as an excuse to NOT do the DIY job I was given. Boy did I call that badly…I had holes in the walls, and scratches on the floor! He needed his own DIY kit, and it needs to be tough enough to be used by a Toddler, but not tough enough to make holes in my walls! Here I take a look at the best 5 DIY toys for Toddlers.


Best DIY Toys For Toddlers


120 Piece Toddlers DIY Toy Shop Tools

Toy Choi's Toy Tool, 100 Pieces Kids Construction Toy Power Workbench for Toddlers Kids Power Tool Bench Construction Set with Tools and Electric Drill, Children Toy Shop Tools for Boys

Your Toddler will not know where to begin with this huge 120 piece DIY toy workbench!

View Price On Amazon

This DIY tool toy bench has 120 pieces, which is too many to mention all of them in this post! But here is a rundown of the most important tools in this toy DIY kit:

  • Saw
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Safety Glasses
  • Pliers
  • …and much more!

Let’s begin with the DIY bench. The most important thing here is the bench needs to be sturdy because Toddlers will be leaning all over it. If it is a flimsy build, then it will soon become yet another pile of toys on your Toddler’s floor.

You will be pleased to know that the build quality of the Choi’s DIY Toy Bench is excellent! It is extremely sturdy and clearly built by people who totally understand just how destructive a Toddler can be.

You will need some batteries for the drill by the way…

I love the color theme of this DIY Toddler toy, although you may recognize the branding if you have a keen eye!

When a Toddler is choosing a toy, they are first attracted to colorful objects, which makes the bright yellow the perfect choice.

I mentioned early about the danger of ending up with a pile of toys on the floor, but there is no need to fear with Choi’s DIY Toy Bench because it can be packed away easily, ready to carry to another DIY location. This is easily one of the best construction toys for Toddlers!

This toy is the beginning of a full-on building set!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+


Think Gizmos Pretend Play Sets

Think Gizmos Pretend Play Sets For Kids - Fun Play Sets For Boys & Girl (Tool Set)

The Think Gizmo DIY toy is an excellent option for Toddlers! The kit contains every toy needed, and can be carried inside the toolbox!

View Price On Amazon

The Think Gizmos DIY Pretend Play Set has 40 items, but it is still too many to list here!

A basic rundown is:

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • …and much more!

Similar to the Choi’s DIY bench above, the Think Gizmo option also has a battery-powered drill, which is going to be the most popular tool that your Toddler will want to play with! I would put money on that…

In terms of portability, this DIY toy comes with a carry case so your Toddler can march around the house looking for various things to fix, or break further!

This Think Gizmo DIY toy is well built and definitely strong enough to stand up to Toddler play time.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+ (There are some small bolts)


Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit Wooden Toy, Pretend Play, Sturdy Wooden Construction, Promotes Multiple Development Skills, 9.9" H x 5.5" W x 4.8" L

Melissa & Doug are experts in creating awesome, educational toys for Toddlers! With over 30 years’ experience!

View Price On Amazon

Melissa and Doug pride themselves on providing a wide range of well-built toys aimed at developing your Child’s motor skills. The Take-Along Tool Kit is no different.

What stands out most about the Take-Along tool kit is that it is built from wood, which offers slightly better build quality than those made from plastic, but heavy play may damage the wood.

The Take-Along Tool Kit has a functional toolbox, which already has pre-drilled holes that your Toddler can use to practice using the nuts and bolts that come with the kit.

You may have also noticed that I rate Melissa and Doug toys very highly! In fact, I have recommended the Lock and Roll set in my search for the best lock and key toys!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+


Workbench Kids DIY Tool Toy

deAO WKS-B 2-in-1 Workshop and Tools Carrycase Play Set with Fold up Design, Multiple Accessories and Electric Drill

This workbench DIY toy for Toddlers is excellent value for money, and contains all of the essential toys!

View Price On Amazon

Here is another awesome toy workbench that is easily packed away to be carried over to the next important DIY task!

Filled with 12 toy tools, your Toddler will be fascinated with how they all work and what they can do with each.

The drill will need batteries, and as I mentioned above, this will be the most used tools in the set, so load up on batteries, because you are going to need them!

In terms of price, this workbench offers the best value for money. When compared with the Choi’s DIY Toy Bench, there are certainly fewer toys but the build quality is the same. That is extremely important when your Toddler is going to be playing with it, right?

The only other difference is the manufacturer’s minimum age recommendation. This DIY toy is recommended for 2+, which allowed a smaller Toddler to begin learning about DIY and construction!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 2+


Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It

Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It!, Fine Motor, Pretend Play Toy Tool Set, 6 Piece, Ages 2+

The Learning Resources DIY Toy Set is an awesome option for younger Toddlers!

View Price On Amazon

This is a fun little toolbox that includes:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench

It is an excellent starter kit to develop your Childs interest in DIY and construction. It does not include items such as nuts and bolts, which are key to developing fine motor skills, but it is awesome for them to use these while you get on with the real DIY!

All items can be carried inside the toolbox to the next important DIY task, and the build quality is excellent.

I had to put this as an option, simply because it has a lower minimum age, which makes it great for smaller Toddlers.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 2+


Why a Toddler WILL LOVE A DIY Construction Toy Kit

Let me begin by naming just some of the skills that a DIY toy can develop in your Toddler:

Personally, I rate DIY construction toys as the best way to improve hand-eye coordination, simply because Toddlers love playing with them, and the nuts and bolts require them to slow down and match up both items perfectly. Sure, there will be some frustration at first, as there always is when a Toddler cannot do something! The more they practice the better they will be, and they can then apply the same patience and coordination to other areas of life.

Ultimately, Toddlers want to do everything that a grown-up can. When they see a grown-up performing some DIY construction tasks, they will want to help, and the best way of getting them to keep quiet is to give them their own set of DIY tools to perform the same jobs that a grown-up is doing!

There are a few optional extras which you may want to consider when looking at DIY toys for Toddlers:

It is not simply the construction based DIY toys that grip a Toddlers attention. My Son spent hours as a Toddler playing with two other DIY based toys because he absolutely loves them:

It is well worth considering both of those as an option too, although there is a common theme for both of those, and that is a working drill!



If you are looking for DIY toys for a Toddler, then this page has identified 5 of the best, and 5 that will suit any budget.

You can go for a full-on workbench, or simply opt to go for a smaller toolbox. Either one will be absolutely adored by a Toddler!

There are three things to bear in mind though:

  • Teach your Toddler to pack the items away after use (I know, easier said than done!)
  • Watch how they use the tools, and make sure they are not doing anything dangerous with them!
  • Always check the manufacturer’s recommended age.

Take the opportunity to teach them how to use tools correctly. Have a goal in mind too! My Son wanted to use the real tools, and I promised him a small turn only when he had learned to use his tools first. That was clearly a bribe to help develop his motor skills a little more.

Construction toys are top of my Sons playtime list, along with fire station toys, and digger toys!

Good luck!

Best 5 Fire Station Toys For Toddlers

best fire station toy for toddler

If your toddler is anything like mine, then they will have a fascination with an emergency service of any kind! My Son has been through the Fire, Police, and Ambulance Service, with the Coastguard thrown in for good measure. Here we take a look at some of the best Fire Station toys for toddlers.

Fire safety is extremely important, and by allowing your toddler to play with a Fire Station toy, it will also allow you to introduce the danger of fire to your toddler, but in a fun way!

Along with a Fire Station toy, you might also want to consider a Fire Chief outfit, so they can really spark their imagination!

Best Fire Station Toys For Toddlers


Lego Duplo Fire Station Toy

LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station 10903 Building Blocks, 2019 (76 Pieces)

The Lego Duplo Fire Station toy is awesome fun for a toddler! It comes with a Fire Truck, Station, and various other toys to enhance the fun!

View Price On Amazon

The Duplo Town Fire Station is perfect for imaginative little heroes!

I absolutely love Duplo and Lego because it allows my Son to build his own toys and use his imagination, whilst developing his motor skills.

Construction toys will present your toddler with the opportunity to develop important life skills, such as spatial reasoning, creative thinking, and cognitive flexibility.

Anyway, onto the actual Fire Station toy! The Duplo Fire Station toy has some very exciting features:

  • Realistic flashing lights/siren
  • Fire Chief mini figures
  • Pop-up fire
  • Fire Truck

The Fire Station is easy to build (being Duplo, it always is!), and is a great way to introduce your toddler to the concept of building and creating their own toy.

Your toddler will spend hours popping up the fire in random places, before rushing the Fire Truck over to be the hero and save the day!

Also included in this kit is an adjustable ladder and a dog figure.

Please remember to put the Duplo away if it is being stored! I have stood on too many pieces to neglect that rule!

Recommended Age: 2+


SainSmart Jr. Happkid Fire Station Toy

SainSmart Jr. Happkid Fire Station Toy Fire Department House Playset for Kids, Electronic Fire Truck Toys with Fireman Figures with Christmas Box

The Happkid Fire Station toy has realistic siren sounds to fully immerse your Toddler into play time!

View Price On Amazon

Made of non-toxic ABS material, the Happkid Fire Station has realistic lights and sounds, along with some other emergency service toys that your toddler can enjoy.

With the Happkid Fire Station you will receive:

  • Fire Station (with spinning pole)
  • Control Centre
  • Fire Truck
  • Police Motorcycle
  • Helicopter
  • Figures
  • Fire Station Entrance
  • Ambulance

Right from the off your toddler can immerse themselves with the roleplaying. As soon as the fire is reported, the fire chief can use the spinning pole to get to the fire truck or helicopter. After rushing to the scene of the fire, your toddler can use their imagination to bring in the rest of the emergency services to ensure the job is complete!

The Happkid Fire Station is an excellent opportunity for roleplaying, and may also drive your child’s future career options!

Recommended Age: 3+


Toot-Toot Drivers Refresh Fire Station

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Fire Station

The Toot-Tool First Station has a spinning pole, pop-up fire, and a fire truck with a movable ladder to keep your toddler entertained!

View Price On Amazon

If there is one thing I remember from my toys as a child, it is the classic road/toy sets, just like this Toot-Toot Fire Station toy from Vtech!

Your toddler can use the many vehicles to navigate through the roads putting out the pop-up fires which are scattered around the track.

There are options to play with the helicopter, ambulance, or fire truck rescue vehicles.

Many toys such as this option are flimsy and break very easily, but you will be pleased to learn that the Vtech is extremely well built. It is clear that the manufacturers understand just how destructive a toddler can be!

In terms of sounds (to keep your toddler entertained further), the Vtech has 2 sing-along songs and 6 melodies that are sure to get on your nerves!

The Vtech Fire Station can also be used to develop your toddlers motor skills as it comes with 6 interchangeable track pieces to spark their imagination.

Recommended Age: 1+


LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck Building Kit

LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck 10592 Buildable Toy for 1-4Year-Olds

All Duplo toys are awesome, and the fire truck building kit is no different!

View Price On Amazon

Although there is no Fire Station that comes with this Duplo version, I had to put it on this list simply because it is Duplo! Let’s not forget that your toddler has an incredible imagination, so anything can be the Fire Station!

This Fire Truck is very easy to build, and I know I have mentioned it a few times on this post but building this Fire Truck will help to develop your toddler’s motor skills.

The best thing about this Fire Truck is the crane on the back which is adjustable and allows the Fire Chief to get to those hard to reach places when tackling a fire.

As the recommended age is 2+, I highly recommend this as an awesome fire truck toy for toddlers! They will have hours of play with this rescue vehicle.

Along with the Fire Truck, you will also receive a pop-up fire and a window. I am not sure why the window is included…but I am not the one with an incredible imagination!

Recommended Age: 2+


Melissa and Doug Lock and Roll

Melissa & Doug Lock and Roll Rescue Garage: Wooden Toy Play Set + 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (#04607)

Develop your toddlers motor skills by giving them playtime with 3 emergency service vehicles!

View Price On Amazon

I have covered this toy in my post about lock and key toys for toddlers, but as it has a fire truck and fire station, it had to be on here too.

Toddlers absolutely love playing with locks and keys, almost as much as they love hiding the keys so you will never find them again! Mental note – always put the key away when they have finished playing…

Melissa and Doug is renowned for creating fun, educational toys for toddlers.

Along with the Fire Station and truck, this toy also comes with a Police car and an Ambulance. The toy has a sturdy carry handle which can be used to transport it with ease.

The vehicles are very well made and glide across the floor with ease (a huge plus for those who do not want their floor damaged!).

Recommended Age: 3+


Why a Toddler WILL LOVE Fire Station Toys

Toddlers love roleplay, especially when it comes to emergency services!

Roleplaying an emergency service is very rewarding and allows your toddler to flex their troubleshooting muscle whilst also playing the hero.

A Fire Station toy, along with the additional items will give a toddler many scenarios to play through, and considering their imagination they will never run out. Most of the toy options on this page also include mini-figures, a Fire Truck, and a pop-up fire. Your toddler will spend hours pretending to respond to various fire emergencies.

Not only is a Fire Station an excellent toy from an imagination point of view, but it will also begin to teach your toddler to respect the services and the people working for them. It will also begin to build cause and effect relationships.



If I were looking for a Fire Station Toy for a toddler then any of the options of this page are an excellent choice!

When looking for a new toy, always consider what your toddler is already into.

My Son loves Lego/Duplo and spends a lot of time playing with figures. For this reason, I put the Lego Duplo Fire Station toy at the top. Your toddler might be different, so take a look through all of the options and decide which one is better suited.

There are many toys that my son keeps going back to, time and time again. He loves rescue vehicle toys, and digger toys too!

Good luck!


Best White Noise Sound Machine For Baby

Baby sleeping with relaxing noise from ocean

When your baby finally drifts off to sleep, it is one of the greatest moments of your parenting life, right?

The only problem is, sometimes it is a challenge to settle a Baby!

Thankfully, there are many tools we can use as parents to help us get some adult time back. I have already taken a look at one particular sleep-inducing tool (night light projectors), and here I take a look at the best white noise sound machines for babies!


White Noise – Is It Good For Getting A Baby To Sleep?

Simply answer – yes, a white noise machine is an excellent tool for getting your baby to sleep, especially if your baby suffers from colic.

In another trial, 80% of babies fell asleep within 5 minutes of listening to white noise.

I am not sure about you, but I would take those odds at 3am!

Let us take a look at the 5 best white noise machine options:

5 Best White Noise Sound Machines For Babies


Bubzi Co Baby White Noise Sleep

Bubzi Co Baby & Toddler White Noise Sound Machine Sleep Aid Night Light. New Baby Gift, Baby Essentials Woodland Owl Decor Nursery & Portable Soother Stuffed Animals Owl for Crib to Comfort Plush Toy

The Bubzi White Noise machine is an awesome choice to help get your baby to sleep!

View Price On Amazon


The Bubzi has 10 relaxing songs, along with heartbeat, and bird songs.

Songs include: Minuet, Brahms Lullaby, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hush Little Baby, and others.

Auto Shut-Off

A 30-minute auto shut-off ensures that you do not disturb your baby’s sleep.

Power Source

3 x AAA batteries, which means the Bubzi is totally portable and can be used wherever you need to use it.


The Bubzi is extremely well made! Like any cuddly toy, it is made to be comfortable enough for your Baby to hug it.

The cuddly toy can be cleaned easily by removing the sound and visual unit beforehand washing the cuddly toy. Always use cold water.


Any visuals are excellent tools to distract your Baby. The Bubzi has a star projector unit, which will keep your baby entertained while the while noise soothes them to sleep.


You can adjust the volume by choosing one of the 4 volume levels. The maximum volume is a little too loud if you plan to keep the Bubzi in your baby’s crib.

Other Features

Included with the Bubzi white noise machine is an adjustable strap, which allows you to attach it anywhere in your baby’s crib. Always be careful when attaching anything in your baby’s crib. When they are not very agile, it is fine. But, when your baby is able to move around and reach out to grab things then you should remove anything that may be dangerous, such as any cords. When your baby is agile, simply remove the strap and give them Bubzi to hold onto.

Buying the Bubzi White Noise machine helps Moms overcome postpartum depression. Each purchase will include a donation to Postpartum Support International. An awesome contribution to an excellent cause!


Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine for Baby

Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine for Baby | 3 Soothing, Natural Sounds with Volume Control | Compact for On-the-Go Use & Travel | USB Rechargeable | Baby-Safe Clip & Child Lock

The Marpac Hushh if a highly rated white noise machine!

View Price On Amazon


There are 3 sounds, gentle surf, bright white noise, and deep white noise.

Auto Shut-Off

There is no auto shut-off functionality with the Marpac Hushh, which is slightly disappointing, but if you are going to be awake until your baby is asleep, then you can always switch it off manually. I recommend that you do not leave it on all night, or throughout your baby’s sleep during the day.

Power Source

The Hushh is powered by a lithium battery, which is charged via a USB cable. You can also use the unit whilst it is plugged in.


The Hushh is very durable with strong build quality. It feels like it can accept a few knocks, but I would not go overboard!


Along with the excellent, calming sounds of the Hushh, it also has an ambient LED nightlight. Awesome to keep your baby entertained, but will also help to stop you tripping over things when it is dark!


The volume settings range from 0dB to 85dB. I recommend that you do not set this unit over 50dB if you are going to place it close to your Baby.

Other Features

A great feature of the Hushh is the child lock. As you can hang the Hushh in the crib, it is vital that you can lock the settings to stop little hands turning the volume up and down.

Also – the Hushh has a strap that allows you to attach the white noise machine anywhere in the crib. Please remove this strap, or place outside of the crib when your baby is old enough to reach out and grab objects.

You will also be pleased to know that the Hushh is backed up by a 12-month warranty!


Pictek White Noise Machine

PICTEK White Noise Machine, 24 Non-Looping Soothing Sounds Sleep Lullaby Baby Sound Machine for Sleeping with Auto-Off Timer, Headphone Jack, USB or Battery Powered (with Adapter)

The Pictek white noise machine has 24 soothing sounds, and auto shut off!

View Price On Amazon


The Pictek has a vast array of sounds to choose from. You can select 24 of them, including white noise, lullabies, rain, zoo sounds, home appliances, and ocean sounds.

Auto Shut-Off

There are 3 options available. Auto shut-off can be set to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and also can be set to stay on all night (not recommended).

Power Source

You can either plug in the white noise machine, or you can power it with 4 x AA batteries.


Hardened design, but light. Perfect for travel.


No visuals.


Variable volume control can be set from off to loud. As I have already mentioned, the recommendation is that you do not set the volume greater than 50dB.

Other Features

The Pictek has a headphone adapter. Although using headphones is not a great idea on a baby, it does give you the option to plug in a better quality speaker if you need to.

An 18-month warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee come with the Pictek.


Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

Baby Shusher For Babies - Sleep Miracle Soother Sound Machine For New Parents

The Baby shusher really is a miracle when you need to get your baby to sleep!

View Price On Amazon


Unlike all the other options on this page, the Baby Shusher only has only one sound, and that is a real voice continually shushing! We all know that shushing will soother a baby, so why not leave that job to technology?

Auto Shut-Off

The Shusher has a 15 minute, and 30-minute auto shut-off.

Power Source

2 AA batteries.


Portable, but be careful when handling the shusher. It can break easily if it falls onto a hard surface.


No visuals.


Volume control, with a max volume of 85dB. The manufacturer’s recommendation is that you start the shusher at a volume loud enough to get your baby’s attention, then turn the volume down as your baby becomes more relaxed.

Other Features

The Baby Shusher is made with BPA free materials.

OHbaby! 2018 Gold Award Winner and Voted by parents as BabyList’s 2019 Best Product Award

You will also be pleased to know that the Baby Shusher is backed by a 12-month limited warranty.


LectroFan White Noise Machine

Lectrofan High Fidelity Noise Machine With 20 Unique Non-Looping Fan & White Noise Sounds & Sleep Timer, ffp

Adaptive Sound Technology has created an awesome white noise machine that will send your baby off to sleep!

View Price On Amazon


Ambient fan noise can reduce the risk of SIDS. With that in mind, you will be pleased to learn that the LecroFan has 10 fan sounds and 10 ambient noise selections. White noise, pink noise, and brown noise.

For those of you who do not know the difference:

White Noise

White noise is intense, like static or an untuned TV.

Pink Noise

Pink noise is less harsh than white noise, and the intensity drops as the frequency increases.

Brown Noise

Brown noise is very much like rushing water, or strong wind.

Auto Shut-Off

The LectroFan has a 60-minute auto shut-off.

Power Source

You can power the LectroFan with a USB cable or an AC adaptor.


The LectroFan has excellent build quality! Some of the options on this page are built to be added to your baby’s crib, but the LectroFan is not.


No visuals.


You can control the volume with a dial, which means you can set the volume at a level that you and your baby are comfortable with. It is important to remember that you should not set your white noise machine louder than 50dB if it is going to be placed near your baby’s crib.

Other Features

The LectroFan comes in 3 styles, and 5 colors.

Also, the LectroFan is backed by a 12-month limited warranty, giving you peace of mind!


Safe Way To Use A White Noise Machine For Babies

There are some rules to using a white noise machine for babies, and after completing some research on the use of white noise machines, I always stick to the following guidelines:

  • Place the white noise machine at least 7 ft away from your Baby.
  • The sound should not exceed 50dB.
  • Always use a timer! As tempting as it is, do not leave the white noise machine on throughout your Babies sleep because it could lead to sleep disturbance. Use white noise to get your baby to sleep, but switch it off shortly afterward.
  • Use sparingly – do not use every night, or it will become difficult to get your baby to sleep without one!


If you are looking for a white noise machine for your baby, then any of the options on this page are excellent!

Details given in this post are for guidance only. White noise machines can be an awesome way to sending your baby off to sleep, but you should always carefully consider other options too, such as a Baby night light projector!

When I have struggled to get my baby to sleep in the past, I have used white noise, night light projectors, and if none of those options work, then it is a short drive in the car and he fell asleep within minutes!

Research has also shown that ambient fan noise can reduce the risk of SIDS, which is another great reason to use white noise to get your baby to sleep.

Good luck.

2 Year Old Stopped Napping? It Can Be Good News

2 Year Old Stopped Napping

You used to have an hour during the day to get some chores done. Now it is gone!

Now your 2-year-old is awake ALL DAY, demanding your attention, and it is draining, right?

Don’t panic, it could be good news that your 2-year-old has stopped napping. In this post, I’ll explain why…


Between 14:00 and 15:00 every day was Dads hour! After a full day of playing, eating, and arguing, my son was ready to take a nap.

It was the second best moment of the day, behind his actual bedtime.

Then something happened that ripped away my time and severely limited my Netflix binge-watching sessions (and sometimes MY afternoon nap!).

My 2-year-old Son stopped napping…

I was devastated!

This was my rest time…this was the time I spent building my energy stores back up again for afternoon playtime.

I’m too old to keep going all day!

So what do you do when your 2-year-old stops napping? Why have they stopped napping? What can you do about it? Should you do anything about it?


When it is time to stop a 2-year-old napping

time piece, clock, time to stop napping
Is it time to support your 2-year-old through a non-napping phase?

Simply put, it is time for a 2-year-old to stop napping when they decide that they do not need their afternoon nap anymore!

2-year-old children should be getting around 12-14 hours of sleep per dayThat can be in one hit (at night) or it could be split between the nighttime and 1 or 2 daytime naps.

When your 2-year-old gets to the stage where they have stopped napping, there is not much that you can do about it.

This stage in their life also comes with a warning! When your 2-year-old stops taking their afternoon nap, you are just about to learn about the ‘Golden Hour’.

The Golden Hour

It is bad news I am afraid! The golden hour arrives 1 hour before your 2-year-olds usual bedtime. It is hell on earth.

You know when it is ‘golden hour’ because:

  • Your child is angry. More angry than usual.
  • Clumsiness increases tenfold.
  • There is always an argument.
  • You find yourself searching for ways to make your kid sleep in the afternoon again!


2 year old not napping anymore? It may be good news!

man with thumb up, good news
Believe it or not, it may be good news that your 2-year-old has stopped napping!

Progression is key! As much as you might want to sleep, it would be a waste of a life if we spent most of it sleeping, right?

Your 2-year-old is growing up, and part of that involves less sleep. Less sleep means they get to learn and develop quicker.

The main benefit that I felt when my son stopped napping in the afternoon was that his nighttime sleep improved dramatically! That was great news for one tired Dad!

Kids need less sleep as they progress through life. If they are sleeping more during the day, it means there is a potential that they need less sleep during the night. Bad news!

Look upon this moment in your life as a positive one, because it *could* mean better sleep at night for you too.


Reasons why your 2-year-old does not want to nap anymore

reasons why 2 Year Old Stopped Napping
Your Toddler may not need their nap time anymore!

I have covered the main reason here already. Your kid might not need a nap anymore because they simply do not need as much sleep. However, there may be other reasons!

Have any life-changing events happened?

It is common for a sibling to make an appearance around this time in a child’s life. Having a new baby in the house can disrupt your child’s usual routine, and that is likely to cause some retaliation!

Has their bed been upgraded recently, have you moved home, changed baby sitter? A change in circumstances may also disrupt the nap routine.

They do not want to miss anything

My Son once told me:

I don’t like sleeping, it is boring!

Although it is very true, sleeping is something that we all need, including ever energized 2-year-olds.

Kids love life, let’s not forget that each day, a 2-year-old will see something they have never seen before, and it is exciting. Going to sleep means they might miss out of something very important, and they begin to fight back! What they do not realize is that all they will miss is you sitting on the sofa watching television!

They are tired

As your 2-year-old grows, they will need less sleep. It could be that they are simply not tired enough to take a nap.


Why a 2-year-old might still need to nap

why has 2 Year Old Stopped Napping
2-year-old Kids do not stop moving! This burns a lot of energy.

A 2-year-old will need to nap for 2 main reasons:

Growing fast is tiring

The growth rate of a 2-year-old is huge! Your little (or maybe not so little now) one will be growing around 2-3 inches per year. That is a lot of growth, right?

It takes a lot of energy and vast amounts of food to sustain this growth rate.

They cannot keep still

When my son was 2, he rarely stopped moving, even when he slept! Kids burn so much energy when they are in their 3rd year, mainly through growing, but also through play!


I’m desperate, how can I get my 2-year-old to nap again?

Man desperate to get his 2-year old to nap
Please let my 2-year-old nap I’ve got stuff to do!

I went through this exact same situation. Feeling like I had some of my afternoon taken away, I desperately wanted that time back again. All I wanted was 1 hour where I wasn’t trying to stop my son from falling over, or trying to stop him climbing up to the knife drawer. I needed some mid-afternoon Dad time…

Spend some time relaxing your 2-year-old

2-year-olds are very energetic, they simply do not stop! It is a difficult task to expect your Kid to stop playing and sleep at the drop of a hat. You need to build-up to the point where they are going to be laying down in bed.

It is time to relax and chill out! Switch on some relaxing music, or set up his favorite night light. A night light is such an awesome tool to get your kids to sleep!

Nap on the sofa

If your little one usually goes to bed for nap time, try napping on the sofa. This is also a good opportunity to get a nap yourself! Why not, you have earned it, right?

Wear them out

The more energy they burn, the more tired they will be, simple.

Take them out for a long walk in the morning. When they come back they will be both tired, and hungry. After a big lunch, they might be more inclined to lay down and take a nap in the afternoon.

Be careful with what they eat and drink

Certain food and drinks are stimulants, including diet soda!

It goes without saying that you should limit your child’s intake of soda, and that includes the diet variety. Your child’s sleeping pattern will be affected by the stimulants that are included in soda.

Foods that contain a lot of sugar will also interfere with your child’s sleeping pattern, and when the crash hits a few hours later they will also get angry!

Limit your child’s intake of food (and drink) that is high in sugar.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a 2-year-old nap for?

There are no hard and fast rules about how long a 2-year-old should nap for. As long as they are getting the required amount of sleep, it should not be a concern.

My son used to sleep for around 45 minutes to an hour each afternoon.

How much sleep should a 2-year-old get?

2-year-old children should be getting around 12-14 hours of sleep per day.

That can be spread over the entire day with the vast majority of sleep taking place at night (or so you hope!)

Is sleep regression normal for a 2-year-old?

You should expect a little regression whilst your 2-year-old goes through the process of stopping their daytime nap.

Ultimately, they are growing out of napping during the day, but they still might need one occasionally. It depends how much you have worn them out in the morning!

When do kids stop napping?

The bad news is that it depends on your child. The good news is that most kids will drop their morning nap at around the 12 months period. Afternoon naps are a different story! These can continue until 4-5 years old. My son stopped his afternoon nap when he was 3 years old.



So there you have it, a full rundown of why your 2-year-old has stopped napping and what (if anything) you can do about it.

You should always remember that as a child grows they will need less sleep. That is true until they hit the teenage years, and then all of a sudden they will need 25 hours of sleep every day! I can’t wait for that…

Ultimately, you should not force your child to sleep if they are not tired.

Forcing your child to sleep will only end up with a loss for the parents. Not only will you spend a couple of hours every day arguing with them, but if you do manage to get them to sleep, they will get you back during the night, or even in the early morning!

Good luck!

9 Of My Top Dad Baby Bonding Ideas

Dad baby bonding ideas

Does your Baby not want some awesome Dad time? Are you stuck for some Dad Baby bonding ideas?

When Mom has all the natural things that a Baby needs, how does a Dad bond with his Baby?

Dad is competing with Mother Nature, which will be a huge battle, but one that needs to be won!

In this post, I have 9 awesome ideas that Dad can use to create a lasting bond with his Baby


Why Dad Bonding With His Baby Is Important

The lack of a bond between Dad and Baby can lead to Dad thinking he is useless, or unimportant during the early stages of a Babies life. For this reason, it is extremely important to begin Dad Baby bonding as soon as possible.

If Dad feels useless, it could lead to the Baby blues and he may withdraw, causing arguments and friction which the Baby will almost certainly pick up on.

Before I begin, if the Baby is not born yet then NOW is a good time to start bonding! Fathers can begin Baby bonding while he or she is still in the womb. Secondly, the sooner a Dad holds his Baby after being born, the greater the bond will be.

Studies have shown the beginnings of a strong bond when Dads hold their Baby shortly after being born. If the Baby is already born, then take a look at these Dad Baby bonding ideas!


9 Dad Baby Bonding Ideas


Feeding Time

3 chicks being fed in nest
Feeding time is awesome for some Dad Baby bonding. Baby will know that Dad also has some food-related uses!

As I said above, Dad has some serious competition in the form of Mother Nature. Mom’s have everything that a newborn needs when they are in the womb, and as soon as they are out of the womb.

Dad can step in at this stage and be present during feeds if breastfeeding, spending time with Mom and Baby when feeding is in progress.

The more that Dad is present during feeding, the more the Baby will look to Dad as an important part of that particular process. Just ensure that you are not taking anything away from Mom when you are doing this.

The key point is that you work together to ensure your Baby builds a strong bond with Dad and Mom.



Batman lego character, playtime
Nothing builds a Dad Baby bond quite like having fun together!

From the early stages of a Childs life, it is very important to start playtime! For a start, it is fun for both Parents and Child. Secondly, studies have shown that regular playtime with Dad improves cognitive development.

Obviously, I am not talking about building lego or playing contact sports here, playtime with Baby is much more gentle!

Great games for Dad Baby playtime are:

  • Peekaboo
  • Dancing (Obviously Dad will need to do all the moves)

Ultimately, playtime will build a strong Dad Baby bond and will improve Babies congative development and will strengthen Babies imagination.


Read a book 

Dad reading a book to his Baby
Reading a book together will build an awesome bond!

Studies have shown that Dad reading to Baby will improve language development.

Not only does it improve language development, but it also means the Dad spends more time with Baby and acts to strengthen the bond.

You can go one step further here and read a book that is ABOUT Dad!

These books can be fun and interesting to read. Take a book called The Dinosaur That Pooped Daddy for example. This book has some awesome pictures and is very funny. When Daddy reads this with a smile of his face, his Baby will see happy Dad and the bond will grow stronger!

Learning time

Dad teaching daughter
Dads teaching their Baby will increase the bond because the Baby will look to Dad as a source of information!

Children love learning. Sure, they might not show it sometimes, but their brains are thirsty for knowledge.

Dad needs to be aware of this and needs to act on it.

Even as a Baby, Children love to learn. Respect quickly grows towards all the people they see as teachers, those who are the font of all knowledge.

Obviously, I am not talking about Dad bonding with his Baby by running through a few long calculations here! I am talking about simple things, like pointing at items and explaining what they are and what they are used for.

Babies are not going to be able to remember a lot of this, however, simply the act of teaching is enough to strengthen the bond, and will feed their inquisitive nature!


Outdoor time

Dad paying outside with Baby, bond building
Dads can help to build a bond by taking Baby outside and showing them the world!

Outdoor time builds on the tip above about being a life-tutor.

Spending time outsides has some huge benefits for Dad and Baby. For a start, it opens up the world you the Baby by allowing them to see things that they do not see indoors. Wildlife, shops, and nature.

Be a teacher outside the house where they will have so much information to take in. As the Baby looks around at objects, Dad can be pointing them out and giving them a name.

Secondly, fresh air will make the Baby very tired, making it much easier to settle them later on in the day! Dads need to know these things if they want a little more sleep!

Same clothes

When Babies are born, they look to their parents and notice similarities. The challenging thing here is that they are much smaller than you are.

By wearing similar clothes, you are matching yourself with them which will help to build a bond.

We all know that matching is a very common way to build rapport with someone, so why not use that to your advantage when Dad is building a bond with his Baby?

If Dad has a favorite sports team, why not buy a matching sports kit? Does Dad have a favorite band? Favorite car manufacturer or a favorite drinks brand perhaps? There are so many options out there, and each one of them will help to build a bond.


Nap time

Baby sleeping on Dad, building a bond
Nap time is awesome for Dad Baby bonding, and you get to some sleep!

Be careful with this one because it can quickly turn into a habit where they will not able to fall asleep without someone there! I know this because it happened to me…

Babies nap. A lot. Napping is the perfect time for some skin to skin contact!

I could write thousands of word on the benefits of skin to skin contact! Skin to skin has been shown to aid development and reduce Maternal stress. This is also true when Dad spends skin to skin time with his Baby.

Before you lay the Baby down in the crib, consider whether you have some spare time to let the Baby nod off on your chest. There is nothing that builds a bond stronger that skin to skin contact! Use this time to your advantage.

As soon as they drift off to sleep it is time to lay them down in the crib (carefully)! Co-sleeping has been shown to increase the chances of a Baby suffering from SIDS, which is why it is vital that you lay them down correctly.


Bath time

Baby in bath with bubbles
Fun time in the bath can help to build a bond too!

Bath time is an awesome time for Dad Baby bonding!

Not only does Dad get to spend some quality time with his Baby, but there are also so many fun things to do during bath time that will entertain Baby until it is time to get out.

Being new to this world, a Baby will love bath time because the feeling and movement of water cause sensory overload!

Spend some time pouring small amounts of water over their legs and watch the reaction. If it is good, carry on. If it is bad then it is probably best to stop and move on.

Squeezy toys, bubble machines, and books are great ways to entertain a Baby during bath time, so use them to your advantage.


Attend Baby groups together

Dad holding a Baby up outside
Attending a Baby group as a Dad can help to build a bond by spending time with them!

There are many Baby groups that Dad can take Baby to for some awesome bond building time.

When my Son was a Baby, I took him to a Baby Yoga class. It meant that I was able to spend some good quality time with him, and the room was full of Dads doing the same things!

I admit, my Son did not really enjoy the Yoga class. In fact, he cried after 20 minutes and then we left. Maybe a Yoga class was not for him, but there are many other Baby classes that Dad can choose from.

A simple search in my area brings back a list of possible classes to attend:

  • Signing and Singing
  • Music Class
  • Baby Massage Class
  • Baby Sensory Class

There are tons of options, so take a look in your local area!



Above are 9 awesome Dad Baby bonding ideas that you have to try if Dad is looking to build a strong and healthy bond!

There are so many reasons why it is good for Dad to have a strong bond with his Baby, and whilst I have covered a few already in this post, there are more benefits too, such as:

A strong Dad Baby bond means that the Baby will grow up to respect and admire their Dad much more than those who are not lucky enough to have built a strong bond.

Personally, I strive to improve the bond I have with my Son each and every day because it is very important to me. 

For me, it is simply not enough to be a Dad, you also have to be a friend and life coach. For that, you need rapport and a strong bond.

Good luck!

10 Awesome Dad To Be Gifts From Wife

dad to be gifts from wife

If you are a wife looking for gift ideas for a new Dad then you have come to the right place!

I took a little while before writing this article, to think about the gifts I would have liked to have received from my Wife when I was a new Dad and I am confident that each of these would have been extremely useful.

When putting this list together, I also thought about the importance of creating a strong bond between the new Dad and his Baby. It is vital for the development of the Baby, and the sanity of the new Dad that the bond is strong!

Some of the items on this list are purely to build a bond, and some of the items are just TOO useful to leave off.

10 Awesome Dad To Be Gifts From Wife


Photo Frame

photo frame, gift for Dad from Mom
A Photo frame is an awesome, sentimental gift for Dad

When my son was born, I was lucky enough to receive a frame with his photo in it.

During those tough times at work, I would look over at the picture and realize who I was doing this for. The photo gave me some focus and gave me some encouragement when things got busy at work.

Not only will it give Dad some focus, but it will also act as a conversation point for other parents at his place of work. Other parents in the workplace will give advice and support because they have been there before.

A photo frame is a very simple, low-cost gift for a new Dad from his wife, or from anyone in fact.

Always ensure that you take plenty of photographs during the pregnancy and after birth. Use these photographs to create a montage for his photo frame.

As an example, check out this Dad photo frame.


Learning Material

Man reading book, learning
Dads need to learn! Why not get him some learning material?

When a new Dad is handed his Baby for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Here is a brand new person that you need to look after, and keep safe. Without knowledge, Dad may struggle at first.

If a new Dad begins to struggle, it can learn to with withdrawing himself from Fatherly duties, making him feel useless or left out.

Arm the new Dad with some knowledge BEFORE the Baby is handed to him.

Preparation is vital!

Before my Son was born, I attended first aid and birthing classes. I also read a number of books to arm myself with knowledge. Of all the books I read, I recommend Commando Dad. The reason I liked Commando Dad is that I love the way it reads.

Us Dads are pretty practical and it is much easier for us to learn when there is an element of comedy in what we are reading.

Commando Dad has both!

If you need more inspiration then check out these awesome books for a new Dad.


Kids Book About Dad

Father reading book to Baby
Build a strong bond between Dad and Baby by getting Dad a book about him!

A bond between Dad and Child is extremely important and needs to be in place from the very beginning. There are quite a few items in this post that will kick start the bond between a new Dad and his Baby and a book is one of them!

Studies have shown that a Dad reading to his Baby has a huge developmental benefit (sorry Moms). Why not help Dad build a bond with his new Baby by getting him a book that he can read at bedtime?

A strong bond between Dad and Baby will stop Dad feeling useless and will help to avoid paternal postpartum depression.

Make it a funny story, like the Dinosaur That Pooped Daddy!


Baby Carrier For Dad

Koala carrying Baby
A Baby carrier will also build a strong bond between Father and Baby

A Baby carrier an item that will strengthen the bond between new Dad and Baby, and will also stop Dad feeling left out! Buying Dad a Baby carrier just for him also means that Mom can take a break when you are out for a walk.

You may already have a Baby carrier in mind, which is also a great option for Dad. BUT, if you want Dad to feel important then why not buy him his own carrier?

A personal favorite of mine is the BabyBjorn Original Baby Carrier.

A Baby carrier has some awesome benefits! Not only do they help to build a strong bond between parent and child, but they also get Dad and his new Baby out in the fresh air.

If Dad has a bad back, there are some Baby carrier options out there for him too!


Baby Changing Kit For Dad

Pile of Baby clothes, changing mat
A Baby changing kit will be one of the most useful things a new Dad can have!

When my wife was pregnant we looked at various items to buy which will make out lives easier when we are out of the home. A Baby changing kit was right up there at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, I left my wife in charge to order whichever one she wanted. When it was delivered, I was a little disappointed to see a flowery Baby changing kit…it was not very manly!

In hindsight, I should have been more involved in choosing the Baby changing kit but hey, I am not precious, and I used it every time I took my Son out.

A manly Baby changing kit is an excellent new Dad gift from his wife!


Dads Own Baby Bag

Man sitting on a rock, with backpack
A Dad backpack is an awesome gift that he can use to take the Baby on long walks!

You can go one step further from the Baby changing kit above and get Dad his very own Baby bag!

Baby bags are very functional and are vital if you are traveling with a child. But, what if you are a Dad and the only option is a Baby bag designed with a woman in mind?

I have witnessed poor Dads carrying designer handbag style Baby bag! Do him a favor and buy a Baby bag that has been designed with Men in mind.

The Baby bag needs to be functional, comfortable, and big enough to carry everything a new Dad needs when he is looking after his Baby.

A personal favorite of mine is this functional Baby bag.



A new Dad T-shirt is an awesome gift that his wife can buy him!

There are so many options available, and some of them are very funny, and some are pretty crude too!

Take a look at some of the new Dad T-shirts available and pick one that suits his style, and sense of humor.


Matching Clothes

Whilst a T-shirt is an excellent gift, you could go one further and buy matching clothes for him and his new Baby!

There are some awesome options available, take a look at some of them below:

Again, it is best to look out for some matching clothes that fit his style and sense of humor.



Various tools, including hammer, pliers, knife, screwdriver
Dad will need all kinds of tools to build Baby equipment with!

Toys, Swings, furniture. All of a sudden, Dad’s life will be full of things to build.

It begins in the buildup to childbirth when Dad will need to build all of the furniture needed to host a new Baby. It does not stop there either.

As they grow, Dad will need to build and fix a large number of items around the home!

Christmas changes completely! Now Dad will spend much of Christmas morning putting together a host of new toys. Prepare him now by ensuring he has the correct tools to complete the jobs.

I would cover the following items:

Another awesome option is a magnetic wristband. I was halfway through writing this article when I was called away to build a breakfast bar! I dropped a screw 4 times before searching for the answer…a magnetic wristband!


A Break

Man relaxing, grass field
Give Dad a break! Go on, it is free!

Hey, this one is totally free too! Give him a break!

I do not mean a break away from home…

During the pregnancy, he has probably been through a lot. Your fluctuating hormone levels have driven him crazy. He has been very busy preparing the home for the arrival of the new Baby, and he is tired. Mentally and physically.

…before I carry on, I know that Mom is going through something much worse than poor old Dad, and for that. Carrying a Baby for 9 months before the agony of childbirth has been though, and we are eternally grateful!

Dad needs to let off some steam to stop him from becoming overly stressed. If you are the wife of a new Dad, check in with him to see if he has had time for his hobbies. If not, help him to make time.

A less stressed Dad will be much more helpful than a Dad who is overwhelmed and stressed out.

There is a danger that extra stress for Dad could lead to paternal postpartum depression, which will also make Mom’s job much more difficult.



I am certain that the 10 items above are awesome gift ideas for a new Dad from his wife!

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post before I started to write this post I thought of the 10 items that I would like to have received from my Wife when I was a new Dad.

Every single one of them would have been extremely useful to me, I can guarantee that.

The most important thing that a Wife can do for a new Dad (It is not what you are thinking by the way!) is keep an eye on him. He will (or should be) keeping an eye on you as well. It is vital that you keep an eye on each other so you can spot the early warning signs of postpartum depression!

Good luck with choosing your gift!

8 Tips If Your Toddler Is Hitting Others For No Reason

Toddler hitting others for no reason

I have been there before. You are playing happily with your toddler, then all of a sudden, you see their hand approaching your face, then WHACK! It makes contact.

For no reason at all, your toddler has just hit you.

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t hurt… toddlers are pretty weak, right? But it will hurt other children, so you need to stop your toddler from hitting others, whether they have a reason to or not!

While we are on the subject, teaching your toddler self-defense will also teach them self discipline and will give them a much-needed energy release!

Most toddlers will go through this phase, so it is nothing that you need to be concerned about. How you deal with is the most important thing, because if it is not deal with swiftly, it will escalate throughout their development. If you want to stop your toddler hitting others, then now is the time to start.

You cannot wait until it actually hurts before you do anything about it!

Why Toddlers Hit Others

Let me begin with the reasons why a toddler might hit others.


This is the biggest reason your toddler is hitting others, especially if there is no reason to (i.e. they are angry).

Toddlers are learning about life, and most importantly they are learning about emotions. When playing games, toddlers can get very excited, and they may not know how to show their excitement. A sudden build-up of energy needs to be released somehow.

Sometimes that energy is released with a swift blow. If my toddler hits me, it is usually straight in the nether region!


Your toddler might be angry and is using that as a reason to hit. This is especially true if he is learning to hit from elsewhere.

It is worth taking stock of your own reactions when things do not go your way and keep your anger in check.

It is very common for children to get angry when they do not get what they want, but I guess you already know that, right?


When you are tired, you are not thinking straight. Toddlers get tired a lot! I think it must be all the running around, eh!

When your toddler is tired, they may decide to hit out for no reason.

Full Of Energy

The exact opposite to tired, your toddler might be FULL of energy…as toddlers always seem to be. When they are full of energy, a toddler will need other ways to disperse it. Hitting might be their way of releasing some pent of energy.

7 Tips To Stop Your Toddler Hitting Others For No Reason

Talk To Them

Do not be fooled by your child, they will listen and they will give you answers as to why they might be hitting for no reason.

When your toddler hits out, the first thing to do is stop what you are both doing and ask them why they did it. You may or you may not get an answer, but as long as they understand that you will be asking them the question every time they hit, they will realize that what they are doing is wrong.

You may get lucky, and they may respond with the actual reason. Either way, it must be the first thing you do each time they lash out and hit for no reason.


Remove Attention

If your toddler reacts badly to the question above, it is very important that you remove attention. Your toddler HAS to learn that hitting is NOT a way to get your attention. In fact, hitting will result in the opposite!

When my son was a toddler, he went through a phase of hitting for no reason. I asked him why he did it, and if the answer was not good enough, or resulted in a bad reaction, I stood up and walked away from him.

Toddlers want your attention, and they will try a multitude of things in an attempt to get it. If they hit you, or others for no reason, and you respond with attention, they learn that they can get your attention by hitting. That is not the message you want to give!

As an opposite to this, it is important to also reward your toddler with more attention when they get things right. It is very powerful!


Take Them Away From The Situation

If removing your attention does not work, then simply remove them from the situation they are in.

Before you do that, you must explain that you are taking them somewhere else because they have lashed out.

Remember to take them to a place where they can calm down and reflect on what they did. Reflection is powerful, and toddlers do it all of the time. They are learning, remember, so get them to only remember the good things!


Distract Them

Distraction is a key tool in your parent arsenal! It works for so many situations that you will find yourself in.

When your toddler hits for no reason, you still need to ask them the question:

‘Why did you just hit out?’

If your toddler reacts in a way that is not appropriate, distract them immediately. Distraction will help to remove the thought that hitting will get your attention.

When you have finished the distraction, revisit the question. Your toddler must understand that hitting out will NOT get them what they want.


Punishment – Removing Toys

One time, I picked my son up from a club that he attends after School one day each week. As I walked through the door, I saw that he was not happy to see me! This is pretty standard, depending on how he is feeling at the time. It’s 50/50 whether he is happy to see me or not.

I went over to see him, knelt down to speak with him (it is important to get down to their level) and the first thing he did was hit me on the arm. I was not happy. After standing up and walking away, I noticed that he was following me. I was then hit with a second blow, this time on my side. As we left the building and got into the car, we were silent.

For the entire journey home, we were silent.

As we got home, we removed our coats and I went straight for the toy cupboard. Without saying a word, I picked up 3 of his favorite toys. I sat him down and explained that I was taking away 2 toys because he hit me, and the 3rd toy because of how serious it was.

He has not hit me since.


Remove Outside Influences

Excess screen time for toddlers is a hot topic right now, and I must admit that occasionally I completely forget how long my son has been on his tablet!

Screen time, especially at night, has been shown to increase sleep disturbance in children, leading to more meltdowns and tantrums.

You also need to keep on top of the things they are watching. It is too easy to give your toddler a tablet so you can get on with other life tasks, but what are they watching? Have you got access to kids YouTube? Or are you giving them access to full YouTube?

There are many videos aimed at toddlers, but how age-appropriate are they? Do they have mild violence? Always ensure that your child uses kids YouTube!

Toddlers (especially Boys) are prone to watching Superhero videos on YouTube, and they are filled with violence, albeit mild violence. They see their heroes hitting people and think that it is ok to do.

Think about the friends they have. Kids pick up almost all of their bad habits from friends, so watch carefully as they play, and always pick up on bad behavior and put them straight.


Teach Your Toddler About Feelings

Toddlers do not know how to deal with feelings yet, they are still learning about life. You must remember that.

Teaching your toddler emotional understanding will see their development sky-rocket!

It is important to know the steps and to discuss each emotion they are likely to encounter. Leaving them to figure it out for themselves is a recipe for disaster.

Take the first step by giving each emotion a name. Draw a happy face, a sad face, and an angry face. Explain to your toddler the differences with each one, and keep repeating the name of each.

Give your toddler workable examples and tell them how to deal with it. For instance:

Happy Face

Remember when you woke up and it was your birthday? You saw all of the gifts and you were very happy. You had your happy face on! When I am happy, I cheer, clap and I have a big smile on my face.

Sad Face

Remember last night when we were playing but it was time to go to bed. You were unhappy, so you had an unhappy face. When I am unhappy, I tell someone that I am unhappy and explain why. It is important to tell someone when you are unhappy because they might be able to make you happier.

Angry Face

Remember last week when your friend took a toy away? You were angry, and you had an angry face on. When I am angry I tell someone why I am angry. I tell someone because they might be able to help. When you had your angry face on, I asked why. You told me it was because your friend took your toy away, and I suggested that you play with another toy. Then you had your happy face on again!


Find Other Ways To Release Energy

Join a local club to help burn off all the excess energy that might be promoting your toddler to others for no reason.

Search your local area for ideas.

If you are unable to find a local club to join, simply take your toddler out to burn some energy. Local parks or wooded areas are great to unleash a rampant toddler in! Take advantage of nature and get your toddler out to get some fresh air.



If your toddler is hitting others, or you, for no reason, it is very important to get to the root cause as soon as you can. Toddlers are always learning, and boy do they learn quickly! Ensure they remember the good things and not the bad things they do to get your attention.

It is likely that your toddler is lashing out because they are not sure how to deal with certain emotions. Remember that responding to anger with anger is never a good idea.

Ever heard of the phrase Monkey see, Monkey do? That is exactly what your toddler is learning.

Keep your cool, even when your Toddler is making you pretty angry!

Good luck.

How To Stop Bottle Feeding Your Toddler At Night

How To Stop Bottle Feeding Your Toddler At Night

You’re fed up with the early morning call for the bottle, right?

All you need is to sleep through the whole night and life is so much better!

In this post, I am going to give you some of the steps that I took to stop my Toddler needing his overnight bottle feed.


It can be a habit, it can be hunger, or it can be the fact that your Toddler just wants to see you in the middle of the night. Whatever the reason, it is time to stop bottle feeding your Toddler at night! After all, it is the reason you are here!

But, how do your Toddler having their nightly bottle feeds? It is simple, but it may take some time, and it will mean less sleep for you at the beginning. Think of it as short term pain for long term gain.

Why does your Toddler still need a night time bottle feed?

Before we move onto the tips, let us expand on the reasons above. It is only when you know the reason, that you are able to move on and stop your Toddler bottle feeding at night.


It sounds obvious, right? Hunger is probably the biggest reason why your Toddler still needs a bottle at night.

Toddlers grow quickly and can go through stages of intense growth spurts. During these growth spurts, they are eating MACHINES!


Similar to above, your Toddler might need a night time bottle because they are simply thirsty! I wake up most nights because I need a drink, and your Toddler is no different.


If your Toddler wakes up in the middle of the night asking for a bottle, it could simply be that they are scared because it is dark and quiet.

There are a number of things you can do to get your Toddler to stay in their room at night, or if your Toddler is scared, you need to find out why.

They Miss You

You may only be a few feet away in your bedroom, but your Toddler might miss you. A great way to get you to their bedroom is by being hungry!

It Is A Habit

A habit is the most difficult thing to break!

From being a Baby, your Toddler is used to waking up in the middle of the night for a feed.

Your Toddler might want a bottle feed at night simply because it is what they are used to.

How To Stop Bottle Feeding Your Toddler At Night

Replace With A Drink

Toddler drinking milk
By ensuring your child gets enough fluid before sleep, they are less likely to wake up wanting a bottle!

Replacing your Toddlers night time feed with a drink is a great way of stopping the early hour’s feed!

Just pour a cup of milk or water and let them drink a little before bed. Place the cup near their bed so they can reach over for it when they wake up.

Sounds simple, right? Well, yes it is! It might be too simple to work, but it may well be the magic bullet.

Giving your Toddler a drink will quench their thirst and might stop the night feed.


Increase In Food Intake

Toddler with food on face
Your Toddler might wake up hungry, fill them up with more food 2 hours before bed!

Think about what you are feeding your Toddler in their last meal of the day.

My Son eats like a horse, I have noticed that if he does not get enough food before bed, he will wake early…and will NOT go back to sleep again.

Some nights, I make him a snack about 1 hour before bedtime, just to top him up for the night.

Increasing food intake will counter one of the reasons why your Toddler still needs a bottle feed during the night, and that is hunger.

The Slow Build Up

Turtle slowly crawling
Take your time removing the night feed and switch over slowly for a more structured approach!

I find that when I want my Son to break a habit that I have let him slip into (guilty), it is best to break him out of it gently.

For instance, he got into the habit of only going to sleep if I was in his room. It was certainly my fault because I kept doing it. I needed to break the habit!

I began by explaining that he needs to be able to settle down on his own and told him that over the next few nights, I would be just outside of his room. Then after 4 nights of sleep, I will be putting him to bed and then I will be going out of his room so he can settle by himself.

Sure, there were times when he did not want to play along, but eventually, it worked.

Start by explaining to your Toddler that over the next week, you will not be giving them a night time bottle feed. Explain that they now have a drink if they are thirsty.

The Big Bang Approach

Big bang, large explosion
Hit them straight away with the ‘no more night feeds for you’ for a quicker result, but it does come with extra stress!

Good luck if you chose this option, but it is viable, and has worked for me in the past.

The major drawback is the next 2 nights may involve less sleep for you, but it is worth it.

Simply tell your Toddler that they will no longer by having nighttime bottle feeds. Then duck.

When your Toddler wakes in the early hours of the morning, remind them that they do not get a bottle, and if they are thirsty, give them the cup of drink.


two teddy bears cuddling, comforting
Offer your Toddler some extra comfort with a new soft toy!

My Son loves his blanket, it is a huge comforter for him. When he is sick, he wants his blanket. If he has hurt himself, he wants his blanket.

If your Toddler does not have a comforter, like a blanket or a soft toy, it is time for you both to go out and pick one.

Some Toddlers still need bottle feeding at night because they want comfort from you. Buying a comforter will offer them some comfort.

Night Lights/Toddler Night Light Projector

night light projector, starry sky, torch
Distract your Toddler from night feeding by turning their attention to an awesome night light projector!

A night light projector is an awesome tool to get your Toddler to sleep and to give them some light when they are afraid.

Along with a baby breathing monitor, a night light projector is one of the greatest things you can use to ensure you get some good quality sleep.

Set it up close to your Toddlers bed. Then if they wake up afraid, they can hit the button and drift back off to sleep while their eyes are transfixed on the ceiling!

Careful though, my Sons night light projector has sent me to sleep more times than I can remember!

A healthy bedtime routine, along with long, quality sleep has shown to be hugely benefitial in a Childs development.


If you need to know how to stop bottle feeding your Toddler at night, I am confident that the tips on this page will help you out.

As I said at the beginning of this post, it is extremely important that you figure out why your Toddler still needs a bottle at night. As soon as you understand the reason, you can make some small changes to make the transition much easier.

Let’s have a recap of the reasons why your Toddler might still need a bottle at night:

  • Hungry
  • Thirsty
  • They Miss You
  • They are Scared
  • It Is A Habit

Know the reasons, and follow the tips above to counter each of them.

Oh, and I know I have already mentioned that this battle might result in less sleep for you at the beginning but I need to remind you to ensure your expectations are set.

Many Toddlers still need a night time feed because it helps to settle them. That means it is easy for you to put together a feed, and then settle down immediately afterward. This battle may mean you spent more time awake to get them used to the change. Stick with it, do not give up, and you will get your reward eventually!

Good luck.

5 Best Back Support Baby Carrier Options

Best Baby carrier with back support

Carrying a baby around in a carrier can be tough, right? When you leave it late to have kids, like me, then your back is easily affected by carrying a baby around. Hands up who gets a bad back when they have sat on the floor building lego for too long! In this post, I take a look at the best back support baby carrier options, so you can save the pain for lego building!

Carrying a baby close will help to build a bond, so why should you not have a baby carrier, just because you have back pains?

The 5 Best Back Support Baby Carrier Options


1: LILLEbaby SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby

LÍLLÉbaby The Complete All Seasons SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier, I Heart You - Cotton Baby Carrier, Comfortable and Ergonomic, Multi-Position Carrying for Infants Babies Toddlers

The LILLEbaby Complete offers excellent back support!

View Price On Amazon


Comfort For Your Back

The LILLEbaby Complete Baby carrier has lumbar support in the form of a robust waist strap that ensures an even distribution of weight when carrying your Baby.

The Amazon reviews for this baby carrier are littered with positive comments regarding comfort, and the fact that it can be worn for hours with no backache!

Not only does the LILLEbaby Complete offer excellent lumbar support, but the padded straps offer all-around comfort for the wearer.

Comfort For Your Baby

The LILLEbaby Complete has been evaluated by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and is found to be a ‘Hip Healthy Carrier’ for babies. That alone offers you the confidence that using this baby carrier is good for the baby!

Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable, safe, and secure journey for your newborn, up to toddler age.

In the warm weather, you can be assured by the well-built ventilation system that you and baby will not overheat.


I found the LILLEbaby Complete to be a sturdy, well build, ultra comfortably baby carrier if you need back support.

You can clearly see why they named it COMPLETE!

This is a 6 in 1 Baby carrier that will grow with your family, from baby to Infant to toddler, it can be adjusted to accommodate children from 7lbs up to 45lbs.

Not only have they created the best baby carrier with back support, but they have also created THE most comfortable baby carrier for your baby too. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Other features include; Headrest, zippered pockets, dual adjustments, and machine washable coverings.


2: BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air

BABYBJÖRN New Baby Carrier One Air 2019 Edition, Mesh, Silver

The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One Air has a robust back support strap!

View Price On Amazon


Comfort For Your Back

Similar to all the options on this page, the BabyBjorn One Air has a very sturdy waist strap to ensure evenly distributed weight when carrying your baby. This will ensure that you can wear this for hours without any back pain! Awesome.

Some baby carriers have padded shoulder straps only, which is a good product feature for comfort but, the BabyBjorn has strap covers that cover the entire strap. Incredibly comfortable for the person wearing it!

Comfort For Your Baby

In terms of comfort for the baby, the BabyBjorn is created with unique mesh fabric which means you can carry your baby without you, or the Baby getting too hot.

All of the BabyBjorn Baby carriers comply with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for Baby products. That means the material used in construction is certified to be free from harmful substances. This is a huge certification that brings with it a lot of confidence in the manufacture of this carrier.


The BabyBjorn Baby carrier offers so much comfort to the person wearing it, and the baby being carried in it. The robust waist strap is key to ensuring that no back pain is felt by the carrier and the mesh material ensures that the baby is in a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment.

Not only does the BabyBjorn One Air have the product features needed to stop back pain, but it also looks fantastic, especially for Dad to use!

There are 4 positions, which are front-facing (2 height positions), facing out, or baby on your back. Also, the carrier is suitable from birth up to 3 years, with a weight restriction of 7.7 lbs to 33 lbs).

Ultimately, it is an awesome choice if you are looking for a baby carrier with back support!


3: Lictin Baby Carrier

Lictin Baby Carrier for Newborn - Baby Carriers Front and Back, Breathable Adjustable Ergonomic Baby Backpack Carrier for Infant up to 33 lbs/ 15 kg, Gray

The Lictin Baby Carrier has the largest back support strap for any Baby carrier!

View Price On Amazon


Comfort For Your Back

The Victin Baby carrier has the biggest back support strap out of the options on this page. The ergonomic design ensured the baby’s weight is distributed evenly between the hips and shoulders, which means the lumbar support is excellent!

Similar to the other options, the Victin also has straps that are mostly covered with padding. There are some parts of the strapping that is not covered completely, but the important sections are.

Comfort For Your Baby

Your baby will be comfortable in the Victin carrier, especially in the hot weather. For a start, it has a pocket at the rear of the carrier which can be removed for hot days. Secondly, it has a removable hood so you can protect your baby from the Sun.

There are 4 ways that you can carry your baby in the Victin; Front (backward and forwards), rear, and to the side.

I recommend that you do not spend a lot of time with the baby on one side of your body. If you are reading this because you need back support, then it could hinder your back if your baby is sitting on one of the sides.


The Victin Baby carrier with back support is the cheapest option on this page, and one of the best features is the material used in production.

Because they know how clumsy infants can be, they created this baby carrier out of quick-drying, non-sticky material – what a great idea!

In my opinion, the only thing that separates this baby carrier with the other options on this page (aside from the price) is the fact that it is only available in one color. To be completely honest, the fact that it is a neutral color means that I can live with that!

Ultimately, this is an excellent, and cheap baby carrier with awesome back support!

Weight range – 7.7 lbs to 33 lbs.


4: MiaMily HIPSTER+

MiaMily HIPSTER+ Child & Baby Carrier, Perfect 360 Backpack Alternative for Hiking with 9 Carrying Positions and Ergonomic Design with Hip Protection for Toddler or Infant (Stone Grey)

The MiaMily HIPSTER+ is both lightweight and offers some excellent, strong back support!

View Price On Amazon


Comfort For Your Back

The MiaMily Hipster + is another baby carrier with awesome back support. The waist belt is big, and that is exactly what you need. This carrier has been designed with your back in mind, because it distributes the weight evenly, and all the options on this page do.

Comfort For Your Baby

There are many features about the MiaMily Hipster + that improve the comfort of your baby. The best of them is the integrated hip seat. The hip seat is especially important because it means that your baby is resting correctly within the carrier. It helps to lift the legs and ensure that support is taken at the hip level, which also helps to distribute the baby’s weight to help YOUR back! Win-win!

The breathable material means that your baby is very comfortable throughout the journey too.


The MiaMily Hipster + is a great option if you are looking for a baby carrier with back support! I mentioned the hip seat above, and this really helps to distribute the weight.

That means you can wear this for hours without back pain!

Out of all the options on this page, this carrier offers more seating positions than the rest. There are 9 of them, including the option to use the hip seat on its own which is great if you just want to carry your baby around the house but need the support for your back.

There are a couple of pockets on this carrier. In fact, for storage, it is the best option on this page.

It supports babies up to 40 lbs, which is also higher than other baby carrier options on this page.

Ultimately, I love this baby carrier because it is not simply a baby carrier, the hip seat on its own will save your back from extra strain!


5: BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Miracle (Black/Silver, Cotton Mix)

I love the BABYBJÖRN products, and the Miracle has a strong, secure back support strap!

View Price On Amazon


Comfort For Your Back

The BabyBjorn Miracle carrier has an extra strap which helps to support your back. Yes, it has the classic lumbar support waist belt, which is very robust. But it is also built with a strap that connects the waist to the shoulder straps, securing the baby’s weight even more, and your back will thank you for it!

Comfort For Your Baby

The Miracle comes with adjustable, and sturdy head support for your little one. Out of the options on this page, the Miracle allows for closer contact with your baby, increasing the comfort and helping to build the bond between parent and child!


I think the BabyBjorn make some awesome baby carriers for Dads, and this is certainly no different.

The back support is very, very sturdy. As they are with all of the BabyBjorn carriers.

Similar to the BabyBjorn One Air, the Miracle also complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Class 1 for Baby products. That means the material used in construction is certified to be free from harmful substances. This is a huge certification that brings with it a lot of confidence in the manufacture of this carrier.

You simply cannot go wrong with the Miracle, especially if you need back support!

As a Dad, it is sometimes a challenge to find a baby carrier that I like, but the BabyBjorn has everything that I need and looks great too.

The Miracle can host a baby from birth to around 15 months, and the weight range is 3.5 lbs to 26.4 lbs.

It is tested, and the fact that it complies with European and U.S. safety standards EN 13209-2:2015 and ASTM F2236, means it is certified as safe.


Why back support is important when you are using a Baby carrier

Back support is extremely important when you are using a baby Carrier.

When you have a newborn baby, a lot of your new life is spent bending over interacting with your baby. Whether that is playtime, settling them down when it is time to sleep, or changing their clothes or diaper.

You know the feeling when you have been being over for too long! Sometimes you have to make a grunting noise because it somehow helps you to stand back up straight!

If you are breaking out the baby carrier, it is likely that you will be wearing it for a long time. Whether that is going for a walk, or going shopping. Sometimes that can last a few hours, which is why it is very important that your baby carrier evenly distributes the weight to ensure you do not get any back pain.

You need to look after your back now, your future self will thank you for it!

Sometimes, especially when you are young, it is easy to forget to look after your back. I am guilty of not sitting correctly, and whilst that never affected me when I was younger, I am starting to feel the effects now. Ultimately, you need a baby carrier with back support, so you can be a spritely old person in years to come!

There are multiple reasons why you have back pains, but the most relevant reasons are:

  • Lifestyle Triggers
  • Sprains

You can avoid back pain, or improve it by making some changes to the way to sit, and by ensuring that you have the correct back support when using a baby carrier.


What gives a Baby carrier good back support

The key product feature for a baby carrier with back support is the strap across your lower back. It is very important that the waist belt is sturdy. A sturdy waist belt will give real pressure relief when you are carrying the baby.

Without the waist belt, the baby’s weight is not evenly distributed which can result in back pain. With the waist belt, the baby’s weight IS evenly distributed, allowing for a much more comfortable fit.


Do not forget about Baby comfort!

Whilst you are looking for a baby carrier with back support, please remember to take the comfort of your baby into consideration!

It is cool having a baby carrier that supports YOUR back, but what if that means your baby ends up with their face squashed against your chest, and their neck unsupported?

The baby carriers on this page have been designed with you AND your baby in mind, so rest assured!



If you are looking for a baby carrier with back support, then the 5 options on this page will certainly not let you down.

The options on this page will suit any budget! There are cheap options, and there are options that cost a little bit extra. Ultimately, if you have back pain and need back support with your carrier then they will all suit your needs.

If back pain is common for you, then take a look at some things you can do to improve your posture and reduce the pain that you feel. There are some lifestyle changes that you can make that will help you out!

Good luck, and take it easy!

New Dad – Feeling Left Out Or Useless?

Dad feeling left out or useless

Dad…are you feeling left out, or maybe even totally useless?

With Mother Nature to contend with, you are up against it!

Luckily, I have some tips that will stop Dad feeling left out with his new Baby.


Mom gave birth to the Baby, and the Baby is naturally drawn to Mom as the main source of nourishment.

It is Mother Nature at her finest!

Us Dads are up against it, and because of the reasons above, it is easy to see why Dad may be feeling left out, or even completely useless during the early stages of the Babies life.

But, what can a new Dad do to improve this situation?

A quick shout out to Dads, and to the family members around him. When Dad is feeling left out and useless, it can lead to a bout of the Daddy blues (which is real, by the way). In fact, 1 in 10 new Dads have symptoms of paternal postpartum depression.

Dad, keep an eye on yourself. Family members, keep an eye on him.

7 Things A New Dad Can Do To Stop Feeling Left Out


Do Not Dwell On It

Dad feeling left out do not dwell

The worst thing you can do is dwell on the fact that you are feeling left out. It will not do you, the Baby, or Mom any good at all.

Suck it up and move forward.

When you dwell on issues, they begin to overwhelm you which leads to withdrawing from family life. It is a vicious circle that you can break right at the beginning.


Make Yourself Useful

Dad feeling left out make yourself useful

One of the biggest reasons that a Dad feels left out is because he thinks he has limited use at the beginning of a Babies lift. That could not be further from the truth.

A new Baby does not simply need feeding, changing, and sleep, not if you look at it from a wider viewpoint.

Sure, as far as the Baby is concerned, that is all it needs but to allow those things to be available for the Baby, there is so much more that needs to happen.

This is the area in which Dad needs to operate.

As a new Dad you need to know where things are, and how these things work. It could be the pacifier, it could be the diapers, Baby clothes, medicine, thermometer, diaper bags, buggy, bouncer.

There are so many things that new parents need to bring up a Baby. Learn where they are and how to use them. Be on hand to Mom when she needs you.

When you have the knowledge, you will be needed.


Take Advantage Of Playtime

Dad feeling left out playtime

When the Baby is not sleeping, feeding, or pooping, it is playtime. Now it is your time to get to know your new Baby by interacting with them.

With you in charge of the Baby, Mom may want to take some time out to get some sleep or to relax and unwind.

The more you interact with your Baby, the more confidence you will have in yourself and the more confidence that Mom will have in you.


Speak With Mom

Dad feeling left out speak with Mom

It is important for you to speak with Mom and let her know exactly how you are feeling. I know, it is tough as a Man to do this, but it is so much easier if you tell Mom that you are feeling left out.

During the conversation, ask for some direction. What can you do to make her job easier? What tasks can you take on?

Can you even swing a few feeds during the night? Suggest using a breast pump to express milk, then you can take on any feed!


Push For Alone Time With Baby

Dad feeling left out push for alone time

When you are speaking with Mom (see above) ask for some alone time with the Baby. Maybe you can take the Baby out for a walk, allowing Mom to have some relaxation time on her own?

Alone time is the perfect opportunity for a Dad to interact with a new Baby without the feeling of being judged. PS – you are probably not being judged!

All you need to do is take the Baby for a walk and talk to them about what they can see. Point things out and tell them what it is. This will strengthen your bond with the Baby because they will see you as a source of knowledge.


Take Advantage Of Alone Time With Baby

Dad feeling left out take advantage of alone time

Alone time is fantastic. I mentioned above that it will strengthen the bond between Dad and Baby.

There is one problem though, and that is distractions.

I see it all the time when I am outside the house, and it is not just Dads who do it. Recently, I was in the local park with my Son and across the other side of the park was a Mom and her Daughter. Whilst her Daughter was playing, I witnessed the Mom with her head buried deep into her cell phone.

I did not think too much of it when I first saw because we do have a life outside of kids. Over the next hour, every time I looked over at the Mom she still had her eyes fixated on her cell phone.

I stood and wondered why.

Could it be that she is going through a tough time, and she was trying to resolve it over the phone? Could it be that she is responding to work messages because she is going through a busy period with work?

Ultimately, it does not matter why she was doing it. The time she has with her Daughter is precious, and she needs to take advantage.

When you have some alone time with your new Baby, actually be there with them. When you are on your death bed, I guarantee that you will not regret spending less time looking at your phone instead of interacting with your kids.

Reading to your Baby is an excellent way to use the alone time! Studies have shown some huge benefits for Children when Dad reads to them.


Speak With Someone

Dad feeling left out speak with someone

If you are a new Dad and you are feeling left out, or you think you may have symptoms of the dreaded Daddy blues then there are people who can help you out.

Whilst it is good to be able to discuss how you are feeling with those who are close to you, sometimes you will need to discuss your feelings with an impartial therapist.

Search locally for someone who specializes in helping postpartum depression and book yourself in for a few sessions. I have no doubt that the tips on this page will help you if you are feeling left out, but it is also good to talk.

Speaking with someone about feeling left out can kickstart the process of being more involved, which your new family will thank you for!


If you are a new Dad and you are feeling left out or useless, you will be pleased to know that you are not alone.

The feeling is very common, especially for Dads who are new to the game.

I cannot emphasize it enough, the more useful you are, the less you will feel left out.

It is important that you prepare for becoming a new Dad. Then, when the time comes to be a Dad, you have got everything ready and you are already very useful.

Also, please remember that the Daddy blues are real, and if you begin to feel left out, you could descend more and start displaying other symptoms.

You must look after yourself do what you can to put a stop to it before it gets out of control.

Good luck!

Daddy Blues For New Dads – Yes They Are Real

daddy blues are real

Daddy blues are real!

One minute you are free, with very little responsibility, and the next you are in charge of a new Baby… and that hits you like a steam train. There is a danger that it might be too much to handle.

Here I take a look at the symptoms of the Daddy blues, and the things you can do to improve them. Because when you have the Daddy blues, you can feel left out, or even useless!

So you can get on with being an awesome Dad, leader, and role model!


It is not just Mom who is at a greater risk of the blues after the birth of a Baby, Daddy blues are real, and you need to be aware so you can spot any signs and put them right immediately.

The Daddy blues, or paternal postpartum depression as it is officially called, is more common thank you may think. In fact, 1 in 10 new Dads is said to suffer from a form of postpartum depression.

To put it bluntly, Daddy blues is real, and it is something that you need to be aware of as a new Dad, a family member, or a friend.

We Men have a reputation for not asking for help when it is needed (guilty) so we need people around us to look out for the symptoms, and put up with denial when you bring it up!

Also, help out by preparing a new Dad survival kit, he will thank you for it!


Daddy Blues – The Symptoms

Let’s have a rundown of the most common symptoms of the Daddy blues:


Feeling Down For No Reason

daddy blues feeling down

This is true for all forms of depression.

Sometimes in life, we go through periods when we feel down for no reason.

Whilst this is unlikely to be the sole symptom of depression, it should raise a red flag and prompt you to start looking at other areas of your life for clues, and other symptoms.


Feeling Useless 

daddy blues feeling useless

Being a new Dad is tough. Nature dictates that the Baby will gravitate towards Mom in the very early stages after being born. The reason is clear, the Baby needs food and Mom has a natural supply!

Because Mom has a natural supply of food for the Baby, the bond between Mother and Child is much clearer to see, especially in the early stages.

Nowadays, we have another option for feeding the Baby, which is by using formula.

But just as a Baby knows that he or she needs to cry to get attention, but they also have a natural awareness that Mom has the food supply, and that can lead to Dad feeling useless.



daddy blues feeling overwhelmed

Before the birth of the Baby, Dad only had himself and Mom to worry about. Now he has a Baby to add to the pressure.

Being a new Dad can be very overwhelming, especially at first. Common questions will be asked of himself, and each one adding a little bit more pressure to an already waning person. Those questions include:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Will I mess it up?
  • How do you look after a Baby?
  • Mom is doing everything, how do I compete?
  • What if I lose my job?

Sure, these questions do not make sense to some, and others may dismiss them and just do their best. But if you are suffering from the Daddy blues, these questions will play on your mind until it is full of fear and trepidation.

That can lead to a withdrawal from the situation.


Do Not Want To Be Home

daddy blues avoiding going home

I mentioned above that the additional pressure may force a reaction whereby Dad does not want to be at home.

He will look for reasons not to go home and may throw himself into work, or out of work activities.

This reaction will only add to the pressure. If you are not at home much, Mom may begin to withdraw too, causing all kinds of stress for your family, including your new Baby.


Erratic Sleeping

daddy blues erratic sleeping

This is a difficult one to identify because having a new Baby at home will lead to erratic sleeping patterns!

Watch out for insomnia, and watch out for the increased need to sleep more. These are both signs that something could be wrong.

If you are sleeping erratically, do not assume that you have the Daddy blues, but it is a red flag that should prompt you to investigate further.


What You Can Do About Daddy Blues

Speak To Your Family

If you have a concern that you or someone you know may be suffering from the Daddy blues, it is extremely important that you speak with your, or their family.

Not only is a problem shared a problem halved, but it also allows them to begin helping Dad out, and give him some TLC.


Speak To A Professional

Secondly, you must speak to a registered professional.

These people are trained to deal with situations such as these and have all the tools needed to overcome the Daddy blues.

I have said it before, us Men are not very good at asking for help, so help us to help ourselves.


Be Engaged

I know it is easy for me to say, but the more engaged you are with the Baby in the early stages, the more you will feel part of their life.

It is easy to become pushed out after childbirth, but it is up to you to step up and begin interacting with your new Baby.


Be Useful

Being useful in the early stages of a Babies life is tough. I mentioned above that Nature dictates that the Baby gravitates towards Mom for obvious reasons.

It is your job to be useful to both Mom and Baby. When you have a purpose in life, it gives you direction.

  • Learn how to change the Baby
  • Learn how to feed the Baby
  • Suggest changes that will help Mom and the Baby
  • Get the shopping sorted
  • Put the Baby to sleep while Mom has a relaxing bath

Be useful and you will feel useful.


Organize Yourself

Being organized is one of the key ingredients to successfully bringing up a Child.

If you do not have routines for feeding times, bath times, or sleep times, then create them.

Speak to Mom to ensure she is cool with them once you have put them together.

Organize your work around the new Baby.

If you have a job where you are regularly away for meetings then try to avoid having too many nights away during the first 2 months of your Babies life.

Not only will it bring you closer to your new Baby, but it will also really help Mom out too!

You will find that the more organized your life is, the less stress you impose on yourself and those around you.


Organize Your Family

Similar to the above tip, when a new Baby arrives, it does not automatically mean that you will be living in chaos! Although sometimes it does feel like it!

Organize what you are doing as a family.

At the start of each day that you are at home, arrange for things to do during the day. Go for a walk, go to the local park, go and see family.


Finally, a new Dad can avoid drifting too far into the Baby blues by accepting that it is tough being a Dad. You will find that life is much easier when you accept the following to be true:

  • People will question you
  • You will question yourself
  • Finances are a concern for most people
  • You will be judged
  • You will make mistakes

BUT you WILL LEARN as you progress through the journey of being a Dad. You cannot expect to jump straight into Fatherhood knowing everything you need to know.


Daddy blues are common and can affect 1 in 10 new Dads.

It is up to you and those around you to identify the symptoms so you can work on getting better.

A stressed Dad will pass those feelings onto Mom and the new Baby, so it is vital that help is called when it is required.

If you are a new Dad and you think you may have the Daddy blues, speak to your family and a professional as soon as possible.

If you leave it, the symptoms will get worse and more difficult to come back from.

Do you know a Man that could be suffering from Daddy blues? The answer is the same as above, seek help as soon as possible.

I will leave you with one final comment. Although new Daddy blues can strike any new Dad, if you have prepared well for becoming a Father, then you are one step ahead of the game!


Toddler Cranky After Daycare? Here Are The Reasons

toddler cranky after daycare

If you haven’t already been in the position where your toddler is cranky after daycare, then you will be. It is as certain as death and taxes! But what is the reason why they are so cranky? And what can you do about it?

In this post, I take a look at the most common reasons why your toddler is cranky after daycare.

You are no doubt aware that when your toddler has a problem, getting the reason why is like dealing with an emotionally unstable international spy.

You can try and ask the question in many different ways, but you are not going to get the answer. Sure, you may get AN answer, but it will not be what you need to hear.

Your job is to run through a list of reasons why your toddler is cranky after daycare until you stumble across the reason and all is well in the world again.

Here are the 7 most common reasons:

7 Reasons Why Your Toddler Is Cranky After Daycare



toddler cranky after daycare hungry

Along with being tired, being hungry is the most common reason why your toddler is cranky after daycare., especially if they are new and are not used to the whole daycare process.

When my son first started daycare, the first thing he said to me when I picked him up was ‘I am hungry’. Over time, these words were uttered less and less, and I have a theory about it.

When you are a toddler, some things in life can be quite intimidating. Starting a new daycare, or school can concern them into a mini hunger strike.

There is also the fact that toddlers can be very picky about what they eat, and starting daycare will introduce them into a whole world of different foods that they may not have tried before.

It may also be that your toddler will go through growth spurts and it doesn’t matter how much you feed them, they will still be hungry!

Hunger has been shown to have a negative impact on your child’s development, so if you think they are not getting enough food, then speak with the Daycare staff, or load them up before they leave the house.

Ultimately, if your toddler is hungry, then your toddler is also cranky. It is an easy fix, just offer them a healthy snack.



toddler cranky after daycare tired

I have never worked at a daycare center, but if I did I would come home completely drained of all mental and physical energy. Even dropping my son off made me tired!

Kids have far too much energy, and even when they are tired they still want to play. It is built within them.

During daycare, your toddler will have probably burnt a considerable amount of energy, and they will be tired. We all know what a tired toddler is going to be like, don’t we?

It is simple. When you get home from daycare, just relax, and chill with them. They will soon drift off to sleep and you can carry on with your evening life.

The key thing is that you relax them. I found that the use of a baby/toddler night light projector works wonders for getting them to sleep.

When your child gets good quality sleep, it promotes their growth and development. So always work on improving the bedtime routine!



toddler cranky after daycare being bullied

If your toddler is being bullied at daycare, they will definitely will cranky!

Bullying can begin at a very young age, so you need to be making your toddler aware of what bullying is. For a start, you need them to tell you if they are being bullied, and secondly, you do not want them to BE the bully.

When discussing bullying with your toddler, it is very important for them to be aware of the way it makes people feel, and the consequences of the bully’s actions.

If you think your toddler is being bullied then it is also important to speak to the daycare staff so they can keep a close eye to ensure that, if it is happening, it will be stopped.



toddler cranky after daycare bored

This can happen towards the end of daycare when they begin to get bored with what they are being taught.

Kids know when they are ready to move up to the next step with their learning, but they just do not know how to tell you. If your toddler is cranky after daycare it could be because their thirst for knowledge is not being quenched.

Speak with the staff at your toddler’s daycare center and ask them to increase the skill level of what they are teaching your toddler. Keep an eye on mood improvements over the next few weeks.


You Are Taking Away Their Fun

toddler cranky after daycare you have taken their fun away

For me, daycare is a place that I drop my son off to, and I pick him up from. If I were to spend any more time there, then I would need a dark, padded room to go home to.

For toddlers, it is different. They have friends, toys, food, and education all under one roof. They have had fun at daycare all day, and now you are here to ruin it for them.

You can make this easier on yourself by spending a bit of time playing with them when they get in. You can also give them something to look forward to when you pick them up, a treat of some kind.


Lack Of Attention

toddler cranky after daycare lack of attention

During daycare, your toddler will have grown-ups attending to their every need. Whether they want to play, eat, sleep, a grown-up is there with them, because that is their job.

When they get home, and you have been busy all day, you just want to chill out. Your toddler goes from someone who is playing constantly with them, to someone who is tired and wants to chill out. It is a transition which may see your toddler become cranky.

The thing about toddlers is they know how to push your buttons, and if they are not getting the required attention from you then they will do what they can to get ANY attention from you. You may also notice this when they come back from visiting Grandparents, or friends who also have children.



toddler cranky after daycare sick

If this is something new that you are dealing with, it could be that they are coming down with a cold, or the flu, or some other infection.

Daycare is a breeding ground for germs!

Ask them if they feel ok (good luck with that). Check their temperature (use a good thermometer). Do all of the things that you usually do when dealing with a sick toddler.

Oh, and dose up in the vitamins…because if they are sick, you will not be far behind. I guess you are already aware of that!



If your toddler is cranky after daycare then it could be for a number of reasons. The reasons I have identified above are the most common.

If the crankiness carries on, despite your attempts to placate them, then you really need to speak with the staff at the daycare center.

The daycare staff will have a lot of experience with cranky toddlers and they may also be able to identify any reasons why your Toddler might be cranky after you pick them up from daycare.

Your toddler is cranky for a reason, you simply need to find out what it is! Obviously, I say ‘simple’ in jest, because we all know that it is far from simple, right?

Usually, I do not get past the first two reasons on this post before the mood improves.

Good luck!

Best Toddler Toys With Keys And Locks

Best Toddler Toys With Keys And Locks

When it comes to entertaining a toddler at home, I know all the tricks!

I’ve been there before, the time when your brain shuts down and you totally run out of playtime ideas. Your toddler is on your case, and stress levels rise!

Luckily, I stumbled upon a guaranteed way of keeping toddlers entertained. That way is to keep a toddler busy working with keys and locks.

Believe it or not, toddlers (especially mine) absolutely love locking and unlocking things. For that reason, I have scoured the internet for the best toddler toys with keys and locks to make your life as a parent just that little bit easier.

You’re welcome!

It is worth mentioning here that when your child plays with interactive toys, such as those with locks and keys, it helps to develop their cognitive skills.

No other intro is needed, so let’s crack on with the list.

Best Toddler Toys With Keys And Locks


Melissa & Doug Lock and Roll

Melissa & Doug Lock and Roll Rescue Garage: Wooden Toy Play Set + 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (#04607)

The Lock and Roll set by Mellisa and Doug is an excellent lock and key game that will keep your toddler happy for hours!

View Price On Amazon

The Melissa and Doug Lock and Roll toy is awesome! Not only does it have locks…and keys, but it also gives your toddler the opportunity to use their troubleshooting skills to figure out which keys go to which locks.

You would think that as they grow older they will know which color key goes with which door, but it doesn’t stop them playing with it!

What I love most about the Lock and Roll toy is that it is made of wood, which means it is robust. This toy was built to last.

You will enjoy watching your toddler lock and unlock each of the wooden units for hours!


Lock and Key Garage Toy For Toddlers from Battat

Battat - 3 Car Garage - Shape Sorting Toy Garage with Keys and 3 Toy Cars for Toddlers 2 years + (5-Pcs)

This Bettat lock and key toy is an awesome, fun toy that will keep your toddler interested!

View Price On Amazon

This awesome lock and key toy from Battat slides neatly into 2nd place after I discovered it during some research into the best garage toys for toddlers.

I simply had to add it to this post too!

It is easy to see why. It has 6 locks, and 3 keys which are easily stored towards the back of the toy.

Your toddler will absolutely love using the keys to unlock the garages, but it doesn’t just keep Toddlers entertained with keys…

For a start, the keys are different colors, and your toddler will need to match the colors for the keys to work. Also, the keys will only work in the correct lock, so they will also need to familiarize themselves with the shapes for each key.

The best part is that the toy is built to be neatly packed away, and there is even a handle for your toddler to carry it around with them!


A Padlock

Padlock, 2 keys

A padlock is a cheap and easy lock and key toy for your toddler! Just keep an eye on where the key is!

View Price On Amazon

It sounds pretty simple, but let me tell you about a game I play with my son, even now when he has moved out of the toddler years.

Basically, I would give him a padlock and he would lock it on something while I was not looking.

I would then have to search the house until I find it and unlock it. Then, it was my turn to lock the padlock onto something, and he would go looking for it.

A word of warning here, always ensure that you keep hold of the key. When it is your toddler’s turn to unlock it, hand it over and then take it back.

Even now, whenever he finds the padlock in his vast mountain of other toys, he spends a bit of time locking and unlocking it!

All you need is a simple padlock, and you will be able to play plenty of toddler lock games and keep kids entertained for hours!

A quick word of warning here, always make sure you know where the key is! I know a padlock is cheap and easy to replace, but save yourself from buying them time and time again when your toddler throws the key in some random place in your home, never to be seen again!

Also – as the key is very small, you must observe your toddler when playing with a padlock!


Pirate Treasure Box

pirate treasure box

Yaaarrrrr! A Pirate box is an awesome lock and key game, and tons of fun for parents too!

View Price On Amazon

So, you want a toddler toy with keys and locks? Well, this might not strictly be a toddler toy, but kids love unlocking things…and most kids love pirates (and pirate toys)! Why not combine both and get a pirate box that can be locked and unlocked?

Why not throw in some pirate gold coins too, just to make the whole game a little more lifelike!

Honestly, this is hours of fun.


Melissa & Doug Lock and Latch Board

Melissa & Doug Locks & Latches Board Wooden Educational Toy (Sturdy Wooden Construction, Helps Develop Fine-Motor Skills)

The Lock and Latch Board by Melissa and Doug is awesome, with an added bonus that you will not lose the key!

View Price On Amazon

Give your Toddler some tremendous fun with the Melissa and Doug Lock and Latch Board!

Here we have a wooden skills activity board with 4 lots of doors for them to open and explore until their heart is content.

It is a pretty sturdy design, which is awesome because we all know that toddler has absolutely no self-control when they get excited, right?


Toddler Handcuffs

handcuffs toys for toddler

Handcuffs are a classic toddler toy, you will spend hours in a fake cell!

View Price On Amazon

I have spent many hours locked in a cell! Obviously, I am talking about at home…and the cell is usually a different room or even an imaginary cell in the same room as my son.

One of the games he loves to play the most is where he is the Police and I am a bad guy. First, he gives me a few seconds warning, then I have to run away and he catches me. Then, on go the handcuffs and I am marched over to wherever he decides the cell is.

He takes the cuffs off my wrists and slams the imaginary cell door.

Repeat that sequence. Time…and time again.

It is awesome fun for him, and I get a bit of exercise too, so everyone is a winner!

Similar to the padlock, you must ensure you follow the key.

Toddlers have a habit of putting things down and not remembering where they left it. If you lose the key, you take away a lot of the fun and you will quickly find the handcuffs put to the back of the toy room never to be seen again.


Why a Toddler WILL LOVE Toys With Locks and Keys

My son absolutely loves playing with his toys, what Kid doesn’t?

Toys come and go, especially when they are a toddler and are progressing very quickly.

During my son’s years as a toddler, the toys that he would go back to, time and time again, were the toys with a lock. In fact, he still plays with them now!

Kids observe grownups and want to do everything that we do.

They want to grow up quick!

They see us unlocking the house, and unlocking the car, and they find it interesting and want to copy us, which is cool! Unless they find your keys, and then you will never see them again!

As I mentioned early in this article, toys with locks and keys help to develop motor skills in young children. Motor skills have been linked to improved school readiness, which is a huge reason why you should be encouraging it.



Personally, if I were looking for the best toddler toys with keys and locks, I would opt for both the padlock and the Pirate treasure chest.

The padlock will give your toddler hours of fun, on a daily basis. As they get older and more trustworthy with the key, you can leave them to it and go about your daily chores while they pretend to lock things up.

My Son and I invented an awesome game with a padlock! First, I would find a place to lock it, and my son would go and hunt for it. Then once he found the padlock, he would hide it and it was my turn to hunt for it! It was hours of fun, mostly for him…but playtime with Dad is extremely important for building a strong bond.

As for the Pirate treasure box, well that is just as much fun! Especially if you throw in some Pirate coins too.

If you have a yard, why not bury the box and go searching for Pirate treasure together? It is an awesome idea, which will bring you closer together too.

Whichever one you choose, I am confident that your toddler will enjoy playing with them!

Good luck!

5 Best Baby Swings For Small Spaces

Best Baby Swings For Small Spaces

So, you have a newborn Baby and not much space…

Bringing up a Baby in a small living space is tough, right?

In this post, I will go through the best Baby swings for small spaces. Because having one less thing to trip over is a blessing!

With a newborn Baby, you can expect a house full up with various toy and tools to help your Baby through the first few months, and beyond.

When your living space is not very big you need to look for Baby toys that do not take up much space, right?

Baby swings can be bulky and can take up a lot of space.

Thankfully, there are some smaller, more compact Baby swings available, and you can see the best of them right here!

Baby swings can be an excellent friend to you when you are a new Dad, and will certainly help if your new Baby is difficult to settle.

The best Baby swings base all of their functionality on aspects that act to settle your Baby:

  1. Slow, steady movement
  2. Peaceful music and other sounds
  3. Hanging toys


5 of the best Baby Swings for small spaces


Fisher-Price Rainforest Take Along Swing and Seat Set

Fisher-price Rainforest Friends Take-along Swing And Seat

View Price On Amazon


Maximum Weight

24.9 lbs / 11.3 Kg


5.9 x 20 x 21 inches / 15 x 51 x 54 cm

Speed Settings

6 swing speed settings.


This Fisher Price portable swing has 10 musical tunes along with 2 nature sounds to soothe your Baby.


Folds flat and is very easy to transport.


The swing is powered with 4 x C batteries, so no need to plug it in wherever you take it.


There is a 5 point safety harness to ensure your Baby is safe and secure.


I absolutely love this Baby swing, and the dimensions of the unit make it a perfect choice if you live in a small space, such as an apartment.

The Fisher-Price ‘Take Along’ swing is basically a 2 in 1 Baby soothing wonder toy! You can either use it as a swing or as a totally calming vibration seat

As a parent, you are forever cleaning the Babies clothes…and yours too.

There are some Baby swings that do not have a removable seat pad, and the only way to clean it is with some wipes which sucks!

This Baby swing allows you to remove the soft seat for easy clean, which makes being a parent just that little bit easier.

One of the best features of the Fisher-Price Take Along is the fact that it senses your Babies weight and adjusts the speed of the swing. As your Baby grows, he or she will not be slowing down…which is something you need to get used to!

In terms of sensory experience, it has 10 music sounds and 2 soothing nature sounds and it has a toy bar with 2 toys hanging from it. Remember everything is new for Babies, and they will spend hours of fun trying to reach each of the toys.

As I said above, this is the smallest swing on this page, and with the features on offer here it makes it the best Baby swing for small spaces!


Ingenuity, Swing ‘n Go Portable Swing

Ingenuity Swing 'n Go Portable Baby Swings - Hugs & Hoots

View Price On Amazon


Maximum Weight

20lbs / 9.07 Kilograms.


6.8 x 14.5 x 22.2 inches / 17.3 x 36.8 x 56.4 cm

Speed Settings

5 swing speed settings.


The 8 melodies and 3 nature sounds will keep your Baby entertained, and comfortable.


The Ingenuity swing will fold up very easily.


4 D batteries required.


Like all of the swings on this page, there is a 5 point safety harness.


Along with the dimensions, there are two features on the Swing ‘n Go portable swing that makes it a must to be on this page:

  • Timer Setting
  • Extra Quiet Motor

It is all well and good having a Baby swing, after all, they are a fantastic tool in your Baby calming arsenal, but what if it is too noisy to actually give them any comfort?

Well, there is no need to worry about the noise with this swing! The extra quiet motor will ensure your Baby is not kept awake with the constant droning.

If like me, you prefer your home to have wooden flooring then you will be pleased to know that the Swing ‘n Go has no-slip feet, which means fewer marks on the floor, and less operating noise, awesome.

In terms of safety and comfort, the seat has a 5 point harness and padded head support, which is extremely important if you are looking for a swing for a young Baby.

Like the Fisher-Price option above, this option also has a Toy bar, which can be removed from the Swing ‘n Go if needed.


Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

View Price On Amazon


Maximum Weight

19 lbs / 8.62 Kilograms


20 x 6 x 21 inches / 51.1 x 15.2 x 53.8 cm.

Speed Settings

There are 6-speed settings.


6 Melodies along with volume control.


Easy fold for storage and portability.


4 C batteries required.


5 point safety harness.


As we progress through this list, the size of the swings increases slightly, and the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing is no different.

It is still small enough to make it an excellent choice for a baby swing for small spaces, and will certainly not take up too much of your precious home!

What I love about this Baby swing is the reclinable seat, which is a product feature that is not readily available with other options. It just adds in a little bit of extra comfort for Baby, which is what we are all trying to achieve, right?

The Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing has 3 timer settings, so as soon as you learn how quickly it can send your Baby to sleep, you can simply set it to go and put a movie on! Make the most of this time, it does not last long!

In terms of noise, the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing utilizes whisper quiet operation, adding extra comfort.

The toy bar is a little bit lower than other options, which means your Baby is more likely to interact with it at a younger age. It can also be removed.

If you are looking for a Baby swing for small spaces, this is a great option that also folds away easily to save space and ensures easy portability.

The pads are easily removable and are machine washable, which is awesome because Babies easily make a mess, right?

Again, the Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Swing uses a 5 point safety harness system so you can be confident that your Baby is locked in and will not fall out.


Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat by Fisher-Price

View Price On Amazon

Maximum Weight

24.9 lbs / 11.3 Kilograms


6 x 20 x 21 Inches / 15.2 x 51.1 x 53.8 cm

Speed Settings

6 swing speeds.


12 soothing sounds.


Easily foldable.


4 C batteries required.


5 point harness.


You might pay a little bit extra for this swing but boy, it is the most comfortable on this page!

Check out the pictures for yourself, your Baby will be snuggled in this Baby swing.

In terms of portability, it is very similar to the other Fisher-Price swing on this page. Easily foldable and super compact, which are 2 key features if you are likely to be traveling a lot with it.

The plush head support will keep your Babies head still and will protect it during the swinging, and the 5 point harness system will also act to keep Baby from falling out.

As an added bonus, there is a security strap to stop the chair from swinging when you simply want to use it as a Baby seat.

Although the dimensions are slightly bigger than the rest of the options on this page, it is still small enough to be used when you are limited on space in your living area.

The toy bar is within easy reach too, which means you Baby can play with the toys from an earlier age.

Whilst the seat is very comfortable, it cannot be adjusted. That is not too much of a problem though, because it already looks comfortable enough.

The Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing is the best option for bigger Babies because it has the highest maximum weight restriction on this page.


Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing, Linus

View Price On Amazon


Maximum Weight

25 lbs / 11.3 Kg.


29.2 x 27.7 x 38.1 inches – 98.2 x 61 x 90 cm.

Speed Settings

4 speeds.


No sounds.


Easy to fold and carry.


4 x D batteries.


5 point harness.


By far, the best thing about this Baby swing is that you can adjust the legs to make it compact or full height. This is an excellent product feature if you are looking for a Baby swing for small spaces.

Similar to other options on this page, this is a 2 in 1 Baby tool that can be used both as a swing and as a rocker. By the way, the rocker can be removed to make it even easier to transport!

In terms of safety and comfort, the Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing has a 5 point harness and excellent, comfortable head support. Fabric covers and the head support can be removed for cleaning. As a parent, I fully appreciate that!

The toy bar is a little bit higher than the other Baby swing options on this page, which may frustrate the Baby at first but when they eventually reach the toys they must be filled with a great sense of achievement, right?

The Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing will also fold away and has a carry handle for portability.

Disappointingly, there are no sounds though.


What needs to be considered when looking for small Baby Swings

Because space is a premium, you need to consider the dimensions (height, width, and depth).

Before you buy a Baby swing for small spaces, you will need to decide when you would like to put it. Now, using a tape measure, check to see how much space you have available for the swing.

Do not forget that the swing will be moving, so consider leaving an extra couple of inches around the swing to allow for some extra movement.


Wait, is foldability even a word? Well…it is now!

Does the swing fold away neatly? How easy is it to fold the Baby Swing?

The thing about Baby things is they can be very bulky and difficult to store when you are not using them.

When looking for a Baby Swing for small spaces, you need to be confident that it can be folded easily, and confident that it will not take up much space when it is not in use.



So, now you have even more of an arsenal when you are faced with a battle to settle a Baby!

The best 5 Baby Swings for small spaces that I have identified above will certainly give your Baby comfort and will give you more time to settle down and chill out in the first few months of your new Babies life.

There are other items, such as a night light projector, that will act to calm your Baby.

You also need to consider items that entertain your Baby, which to be honest, is pretty simple.

As everything is new to the Baby, they will be entertained by pretty much anything!

It is a blessing, but it becomes more difficult when they reach a Toddler’s age, so make the most of it!

If you can think of a Baby swing that should be on this list then please get in touch or leave a comment below.

Good luck!

10 Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are going to be a new Dad!

Filled with a combination of nerves, and excitement? I know I was.

In this post, I have put together 10 on my best tips for Dad to be during pregnancy! 

You now have what seems like an eternity to prepare for the birth of your Baby.

You don’t – trust me!

When your an expectant Father, you enter a new life where time moves much quicker than it did before. That never stops.

You need to spend that time very wisely!

10 Tips for Dad to be during pregnancy


Ask if you can do anything to help

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy offer support

During a pregnancy, Mom will be in some discomfort. Scratch that, Mom will be in A LOT of discomforts, especially in the 4th trimester. It is your job to see if she needs any help getting things done, or if she needs food or drink.

Basically, become a carer for Mom. You ask, and she demands. You do it. Life is much simpler and this will earn you some serious relationship points.


Do not KEEP asking though

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy do not ask too much

Do not go overboard though. Whilst it is good to ensure that Mom is as comfortable as she can be, it can get frustrating to be asked constantly if you are ok.

If Mom says she is fine, then take that as the answer and get on with something else. We all know that even though Mom says she is fine, she may not be (time for me to duck)…but you have to accept that as the answer.


Let Mom relax

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy let Mom relax

Mom needs to relax, because she is on a journey that ends in a whole world of physical pain, emotional exhaustion, and will test her mental capacity to its limits.

During pregnancy, a big tip for Dads to be is to ensure Mom has everything she needs to relax and chill out from time to time. Stock up on bath salts, massage oil, and all that kind of stuff that Moms like.


Organize Baby stuff

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy organize stuff

While Mom is relaxing, it is your job to organize the things that the Baby will need when the time comes for childbirth.

A word of warning though, before you order anything, check with Mom.

The list is endless, but take a look my recommended gear for Babies and Toddlers for my personal favorites.

Being organized has some excellent benefits, including reduced stress levels, and better food choices.


Keep the house clean

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy clean the house

This is a personal favorite of my wife’s, especially during the latter stages of pregnancy when she was pretty much living as a beached Whale and couldn’t move much. I hope she isn’t reading this. If you are, I am only kidding and you can stop reading now.

She was huge.

Keeping your home clean and tidy is not just Mom’s job, it is yours too. Ensure there is nothing to trip over and everything is put away where it needs to be.


Live clean

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy live clean

Eat clean, and eat well. Give up smoking (if you smoke), and cut down on your alcohol consumption.

Luckily, I gave up smoking many years ago and to be honest, but if you are still addicted to nicotine then talk to a professional about getting some help to quit. You know you smell like a smoker, and with a Mom who has a sense of smell like a Dog, she will appreciate you not smelling like a smoker.

As for drinking, I like to keep a clear head. You never know when you might need to act fast in an emergency. Pregnancy is a worrying time where there are a number of things that can go wrong.

Stay within the limits of your local drink driving laws, just in case you are needed. Personally, I stopped drinking completely when my wife was pregnant, and I haven’t consumed alcohol much since.


Know the warning signs

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy know the warning signs

This is definitely the biggest tip for Dad to be during pregnancy!

Pregnancy, when it goes well, is Mother Nature at her very best. What happens during pregnancy is awe inspiring. The Baby goes from one cell (right at the beginning) to billions of cells, and each one is created with devastating accuracy!

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not always go according to plan. Sometimes Mother Nature gets it wrong and mistimes a beat in the worlds greatest orchestra. That can have devastating consequences.

During my wife’s pregnancy, I took it upon myself to learn a number of danger signs that I should be looking out for.

You know that pregnancy can go wrong, and you now need to watch carefully so you can pick up on any issues quickly. If you spot a warning sign, or something is happening that you are concerned about, do not hesitate.

Call a medical professional immediately so they can put your mind at rest, or deal with it.


Prepare your home

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy prepare your home

Prep your home for the arrival of your new Baby. Ok, so you have organized the equipment that the Baby needs, but have you assembled the crib? Have you decorated the Babies room?

For me, this was one of the most stressful times of the pregnancy. Mostly because I am terrible at DIY, but also because I am TERRIBLE at DIY. I lose things…screws, screwdrivers, bits of wood, basically all the most important parts of the assembly.

Although, it does give you some time to yourself, which is also very important for a Dad during pregnancy.

It is not just the Babies room that you need to prepare. Now is a good time to take a journey around your home to ensure it is safe for a Baby to be in. I am talking here about moving knives out of reach in the kitchen, putting Baby/Toddler proof locks on the drawers and kitchen units.

It will be some time before your Baby is navigating itself around your home but you have time now, you may not have time again.


Know each pregnancy stage

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy get knowledge

I have put together a more detailed post for what a Dad should expect during each stage of pregnancy In there you will find out what Mom is going through, how the Baby is developing, and what is expected from you at each stage.

Forewarned is forearmed, so it is well worth you checking out that post in more detail.


Arm yourself with childbirth knowledge

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy childbirth knowledge

Just after you learn about what to expect during pregnancy, you need to learn what is about to happen during childbirth. This is especially true if you are going to be a Father for the first time!

During childbirth, things can happen very quickly, so it is a top idea to arm yourself with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!

While you are learning about childbirth, it is time to start thinking about what a Dad will need to help him survive the hospital. It is time to prepare your new Daddy hospital survival kit. From the 35-week pregnancy mark, always ensure your hospital survival kit is in the car, all ready for you get to go when the time comes.



Above are the 10 tips for Dad to be during pregnancy. Ultimately, as the host of the unborn child, Mom needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Put yourself in Mom’s position (without the huge belly overhang – if you are lucky), and think about what you would need.

  • Reassurance
  • Someone who deals with things
  • Comfort

You have to enjoy the ride too, but you must be selfless in almost everything that you do. If Mom is the one who usually deals with things in the house, it might be a power struggle to get her to take a backseat. Dad needs to step up during pregnancy if he is not already dealing with things.

Remember to take some time for yourself as well, or you may hit the wall and burn out pretty quickly.

Good luck!

Tips For Flying With A Toddler On Your Lap

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap

Traveling with a Toddler can be challenging. Scratch that, it nearly always challenging! If a Toddler is old enough to understand the concept of flying, they will be super excited about it. That is until reality hits and they realize it means they have to sit down and be quiet for hours on end. Before a Toddler hits a certain age, they do not need a set of their own, which can only mean one thing! Here are some tips for flying with a Toddler on your lap.

7 Tips For Flying With A Toddler On Your Lap

1. Try and book extra leg room 

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap extra legroom

It goes without saying. The more leg room you have, the more comfortable your journey will be.

The more comfortable your journey is, the more comfortable your Toddlers journey will be!

Get your seats booked early enough to give you extra legroom. If it is too late, you will just have to make the most of what you have got!

2. Ensure everything is in reach

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap keep everything in reach

Having a Toddler on your lap while flying is not going to be very comfortable, there is no escaping that harsh reality. They move, far far too much.

When you are on the receiving end of constant demands for food, drink, and toys, you need them to be within reach.

That means they are either placed in the Toddlers hand luggage and placed under your seat, or they should be packed at the top of your hand luggage and placed in the overhead locker. Ensure you are the last person to add your bag, then it is easier to get to.

As each demand comes in from the Toddler, you must be able to react quickly and efficiently before the meltdown clock hits 0.

3. Pack for toddler

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap pack for toddler

Enlist the help of your Toddler when packing their bag. Obviously, you need to top it up with important stuff like a tablet, some food, and some drink.

Get them to pick the toys they want to take on the plane with them. When they pick toys, use your head. Do not take anything on that is too noisy or too annoying for everyone else, they will thank you for it.

4. Use a toddler carrier

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap use a toddler carrier

I have identified some of the best baby carriers for flying but now are need to think about Toddlers. Many of the options shown on that page are also good for Toddlers too.

The best reason to use a carrier is that it will help them settle down and go to sleep, which will make some of the journey much, much easier for you.

Be wary though, some Baby carriers are not built to host a Toddler. If your Baby carrier down not offer much lumbar support then you will need to get one which does. Toddlers are heavier than Babies, and walking around with a Toddler attached to you will only result in you having a bad back right at the beginning of your vacation!

5. Wear the right clothing

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap dress well

When flying, I am usually flipping between too hot and too cold, sometimes within seconds. When you are flying with a Toddler on your lap you are likely to be hot more often than you are cold.

Dress appropriately for the journey. I tend to wear loose clothing when flying in general, but I would also think about just wearing a t-shirt and shorts if I have a Toddler on my lap.

If you are getting too hot you will become short-tempered and a bit snappy. Every small movement from your Toddler will feel like water torture, and you will want to flip out! Reduce your temperature and reduce your stress levels.

6. Fully charge electrical items

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap charge technology

There is no way I would be thinking about flying with a Toddler on my lap and NOT having a tablet or phone for them to play games or watch movies on. Not a chance.

When I am flying, the last things in my Sons hand luggage is a set of kids headphones and his tablet.

Kids love the takeoff, the 10 minutes after takeoff, followed by the landing. Everything in between needs to be filled with stuff for them to do. A tablet will certainly give them something to concentrate on during the more tedious parts of the flight.

Charge up the tablet, and your phone. If you are walking onto the plane with anything less than a 90% battery, then you have failed as a parent.

7 Bring a comforter for sleeping

Tips for flying with a toddler on your lap bring blanket

As I said above, the tedious parts of a plane journey need to be filled up with entertainment…..or with sleep!

A sleeping Toddler sounds great, in theory. In practice when they are on your lap, you will be spending a lot of time moving your arms and legs as they go numb, whilst trying not to wake them up. It is a fine line, which you must walk.

Bring in their favorite toy or blanket which they like to cuddle while they sleep. Whichever item offers them enough comfort is the best option. My Son has a blanket that has been ever-present for him when sleeping (except one time, which was a challenge!). Every flight that we go on, the blanket is there with us.


If you need to know some tips for flying with a Toddler on your lap, then I have you covered here!

It is a struggle, and it can get very annoying, but it does save you money. Make the most of traveling before you have to pay for a separate seat for them.

In the flight, during the safety presentation, the flight crew always say ‘make sure your own oxygen mask is on before you place a mask on someone else’. The same message should apply to comfort.

Always ensure you are comfortable before your Toddler is comfortable. That way, you will not be putting your frustrations on your Toddler as you struggle for comfort.

Take care, and chill out! The flight will be over before you know it.

10 Top Tips For A New Dad

tips for a new dad

Being a new Dad is going to be tough! Not only do you have yourself to look after, you now need to look after a Baby! Oh, and Mom if she had particularly bad childbirth. I put together these 10 top tips for a new Dad because I wish someone would have given them to me before my Son was born!

Get used to it, your life will never be the same again. You will be feeling tired, worn out, but extremely happy! Now you just need to know how to survive…

10 Top Tips For A New Dad

  1. Share The Load
  2. Get Sleep When You Can
  3. Learn The Basics
  4. Know Where Things Are
  5. Prepare A Routine
  6. Find A Friend
  7. Get Equipped
  8. Push Present
  9. Relax
  10. Get Stuff Done

Share The Load

tips for a new dad share the load

There is no doubt that sharing the load was one of the best decisions we made when my Son was born.

It is not just during the day but also during the night. In fact, the night is probably the most important time for load sharing.

Babies wake up numerous times during the night, and to stop impromptu disagreements at 3 am, discuss which feeds you are both doing and stick to them.

Personally, I did not sleep much when my wife was in charge of feeding, but that is just me!

Get Sleep When You Can

tips for a new dad sleep when you can

Being a new Dad will result in a reduction of sleep, get used to it!

There are times when the Baby is asleep, and they are likely to be asleep for a couple of hours at least. That is the time when you need to get your head down.

Sleep deprivation can result in a low immune system, mood changes, weight gain, amongst other things!

All of those symptoms are not good for you, but they are even worse when you are a new Dad!

Dads need to be on the top of their game, alert, ready for anything. Your nights may be ruined, so sleeping during the day is an excellent way of topping up on hours.

Learn The Basics

tips for a new dad learn the basics

You must learn the basics for two reasons:

  • You do not mess things up
  • To share the load

Basics include:

  • Changing the Baby
  • Bathing the Baby
  • Feeding the Baby
  • Getting the Baby to sleep
  • Entertaining the Baby
  • Taking the Babies temperature
  • Applying the medicine to the Baby
  • Learning what you need to take out with the Baby

In fact, that list, although it is not exhaustive, will see you well into the Toddler years.

Get to know how to care for your new Baby and in turn, you will also be caring for Mom while she recovers from the horrendous ordeal of Childbirth!

Know Where Things Are

tips for a new dad know where stuff is

Baby needs:

  • Changing
  • Medicine
  • Feeding
  • Winding
  • To sleep

To perform these tasks you need to know where things are and how to use them. Do not get caught short, when your Baby needs to be changed, they may need to be changed pretty quickly! If you spent 10 minutes looking for the Diapers then you are already on the back foot.

Also, always make sure the items are topped up. You do not want to run out at 2 am!

Prepare A Routine

tips for a new dad create a routine

Change, eat, sleep, repeat.

Routines are KEY to successful parenting. Without routines, you are being ruled by the demands of a Baby/Toddler.

Create a routine for sleeping, create a routine for eating.

Speak to Mom to ensure she is cool with the routines and stick to them.

You and Mom need to be a well-oiled machine. Being organized will build confidence in you both as parents and will help the new Baby to settle into life on this planet.

Find A Friend

tips for a new dad find a friend

If you work with many people, the odds are that you will work with someone who has recently become a parent. Talk to them.

Find out how they have got on. Find out if they have any tips for a new Dad.

Experience can teach you so much more, so why not learn from the experience of others around you.

If you do not work with a new Dad then think about any family members who have become a new parent recently. Tap them up for some advice, or even use them as a sounding board when you get stuck.

Get Equipped

tips for a new dad get equipped

It is very important that you get equipped to be a new Dad.

Mentally, yes. Physically too though.

Throughout my time as a new Dad, I was helped by a few items. I will name a few items here that really helped me through the early stages:

  1. Baby movement monitor
  2. Digital ear thermometer
  3. Light projector

I am talking about technology here, not equipment like Diapers, wipes, etc.

The movement monitor REALLY helped me get some awesome sleep. Many people argue that they do not like the fact it could false alarm but I genuinely believe that I had better sleep as a new Dad because I knew I would be woken in an emergency.

As for the light projector, that helped my Son get some really awesome sleep!

Push Present

tips for a new dad push present

I made a huge error when my Son was born. I did not get my Wife a push present!

Serious Husband points were lost with that decision!

Mom has just been through the terrible ordeal of childbirth, make her feel special. Think about the kind of things that she like, even something small will show your appreciation for what she has just been through.

Apparently, telling Mom that you have just given her a new Baby is not enough of a gift!

Some women like jewelry, some like to relax in the bath. It is pretty simple, get Mom something that she will love to receive as a gift. You could even think about getting something with a personal touch.


tips for a new dad relax

This is one of the most important tips for new Dads!

Chill out, Man! You’ve got this.

Being a Dad is easy (mostly), all you need to do is learn the basics (see new Dad tip 3). Once you have those tips covered, you can do it.

Your new Baby is not going to like stressed Dad. Not. At. All. So, why don’t you be no stress Dad?

Being stressed is going to affect the two people you have in your new Family, Mom, and Baby. If you are stressed, then you will simply be passing that stress on to your Family. Do not do it.

Find a happy place, find a calming song, become more organized. Do these 3 things to ensure you remain as calm as you need to be.

Get Stuff Done

tips for a new dad get organized

Broken things through the house? Fix them.

Does the trash need taking out? Do it.

Does Mom need some time on her own? Take the Baby out.

Has a light bulb blown? Change it.

A new Dad needs to be on top of ‘stuff’. It does not matter how little these things seem to you, just get them done so there are fewer things for Mom to get upset about.

There are some huge health benefits attributed to being well organized, including making better food choices, and getting better sleep.


Above are the 10 top tips for a new Dad. Read them, and then read them again.

I was once a new Dad, and now I am a slightly more experienced Dad. You never stop learning. The things you learn when they are a Baby is cool, but they are not going to help you when they are 3 years old. Well, some might be, but on the most part, they will not.

Approach parenting with an open mind and a willingness to learn all of the time and you will find it difficult to fail.

Good luck, new Dad!

New Dad Must Haves – 7 Items Every New Dad Needs

new dad must haves

Every new Dad needs a treat. right?

Whilst I have put together a new Daddy survival kit which gives you some ideas on what to buy a new Dad, what about must-haves that will help Dad longer term?

What are the new Dad must-haves that will help him well into the first few months of Fatherhood?

There are some things that a new Dad wants, and then there are things that a new Dad NEEDS.

When I thought about this list, I thought about gift ideas that help him be a Dad, not help him survive.

Let’s take a look!

New Dad Must-Haves – The 7 Items


Digital Thermometer

Man holding digital thermometer
A digital thermometer is a must for those times when Baby is burning up!

As if having a baby is not tough enough! Add is a baby that is not well and it can be a huge challenge.

If the new Dad is anything like me, he will not be able to sleep if he knows his son/daughter is not well. Whenever my son is sick, he has his temperature read on a regular basis.

There are a few different ways to read a babies temperature, but without a digital thermometer, I would be lost!

Digital thermometers are so easy to use, and the memory function that some models have, it is so easy to keep track of the ever-moving temperature.

After working my way through multiple in-ear thermometers, I can confidently tell you which one is the best!


Baby Carrier

Crane bird holding Baby
A baby carrier is a must for a new Dad because he can go for long walks and give Mom a break!

Getting a baby to sleep is also a challenge that new Dads need to master. For those nights where they just simply will not settle, those nights where everything you do is not working, let an awesome baby carrier take the strain.

Babies and toddlers love movement. It settles them and sends them to sleep.

With a baby carrier, you get two things:


As I mentioned above, the movement of a baby being carried is your best friend when it comes to settling a baby or toddler.


Babies love to be as snug as a bug. You have heard of swaddling, right? Well, some baby carriers are wrapped around the baby, naturally swaddling the baby which makes them comfortable.


Baby Bag

Man sitting on rocks, backpack
A backpack can carry all the essential items that a Dad needs!

A baby bag is a 100% must have! Whilst there are a ton of options for Moms, the baby bag options for Dad are lower. Personally, I did not really care what the baby bag looked like, I just saw it as a piece of functional equipment.

As long as it has separate compartments for everything you need when taking your baby out then that is all you need.

Take this Dads baby bag as an example. It has multi pockets, functional, and pretty plain looking. Perfect for Dad! Boy, or Girl, Dad will not be worried about taking this out with him.

As an added bonus, he can use it even when he is not out with the new baby!


Portable Baby Changing Mat

Holding diaper in hand, nappy
Portable changing mats are a huge help when changing a babies diaper!

If you are at home, out visiting friends/family, or you are just simply outside because fresh air is good for you, it is so much easier to change a baby if you have a changing mat.

I am not talking about a regular rectangle changing mat here, I am talking about a roll-up, easy to store, has everything you need changing mat.

Take this portable baby changing mat for example. It has a section for wipes, a section for diapers, and a section for the disposable bags that you need to use.

When my wife approached me about buying a portable changing mat, I was skeptical. Not because I do not like spending money, I just did not see any real benefit. After all, you can change your baby anywhere, right?

I was wrong.

The portable baby changing mat was one of the first items in the bag when I took my son out when he was a baby! It was extremely useful and without it, I would have struggled a number of times.


Baby Night Projector

Night lights, starry sky, Man watching
Help Dad gets his baby to sleep with a baby night light projector!

As a new Dad, it is awesome to spend some time with your new child! It is also VERY awesome when they are settled, in bed, fast asleep.

For those times when they are laid down for a nap and they just simply will NOT fall asleep, a baby night projector will keep them entertained until they are too tired to stay awake!

Night light projectors do not only work with babies, but they also work for toddlers too. I have also been known to fall asleep whilst staring at the wonderful light show on the ceiling!

Sleep is vital for your childs development. So ensure they are getting enough good quality sleep.

My son went through a stage where it was a challenge to get him to sleep. I took him out for a lot of rides in the car, just to get him to sleep! It was hurting my wallet! I needed another option.

After searching for ideas, I thought I would try a night light projector, and boy was was I happy that I did!

The change was immediate. As soon as it was switched on, my son’s eyes were transfixed to the ceiling until he was too tired to keep them open.


Medicine Dispenser

Doctor, rubber gloves, medicine dispenser
When Baby is sick, make it easier for Dad with a medicine dispenser!

This goes hand in hand with the digital thermometer. When your baby is sick, they may need medicine, and getting a baby to take medicine can be a challenge.

It is even MORE of a challenge when they hit the toddler years!

What you need is a pacifier style medicine dispenser.

If your baby uses a pacifier, you can use a pacifier medicine dispenser to use when you need to give your baby medicine.

These are so easy because the natural sucking is already there and the pacifier applicator simply passes the medicine through.


Baby Movement Monitor

Dad holding Baby on arm, Baby asleep
Give Dad some quality sleep! A baby breathing monitor really helped me when my son was a baby.

No kidding…I bought a baby movement monitor when my son was born and I am CONVINCED it enabled me to have some awesome nights sleep.

See, I am a bit of a worrier and spent some time listening to my son sleep after he was born. Obviously, I couldn’t keep that up all night every night, so I needed some help.

I decided to get a top baby movement monitor to take the strain. It was amazing to know that if there were any issues with my son breathing during the night, I would be woken up so I can deal with it.



Obviously, Dad needs much more than this! Support, time, and a good deal of sleep, however, these 7 items are certainly my top new Dad must-haves!

These 7 items will definitely help the new Dad as he enters the world of parenting for the first time (or even if it is his 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time).

It is really important to ensure Dad has everything he needs for the first few months of the new babies life.

Although there are some items on this page that he has already taken care of, I am sure there are some items that he has not.

It is true that during the later stages of pregnancy, Mom can enter the ‘nesting stage’ which includes arranging and cleaning the house. It will also include ensuring the new baby has everything they need to enter the world.

While we are discussing these new Dad must-haves, it is worth pointing out that being a new Dad can take a toll on a person, as well as being a new Mom.

If you know someone who is just about to become a parent then the best thing you can do is keep an eye on them to ensure they are keeping it together under the extra stress.

Good luck!



10 Must Have Items For A New Dad Gift Basket

New Dad Gift Basket

Mom deserves most of the adulation, right?

After all, she has just been through the ordeal of childbirth, so you have to respect that.

BUT Dads have been through it too. Albeit in a much, much less painful way.

What better way of showing Dad how great life is going to be now by kicking the next chapter off with a new Dad gift basket!

During my wife’s childbirth, she definitely went through a whole world of pain and suffering.

For a start, she didn’t get any sleep for 3 days. Then, right at the end, she had to push a baby through erm…well if you don’t know by now, I guess you never will.

But what about me?

No, I did not have to squeeze a baby out BUT I also did not get any sleep for 3 days. I WAS there all of the time, at Mom’s disposal for anything.

Time for Dad treats, surely!

Becoming a Father for the first time is tough, so let’s take a look at the must-have items for a new Dad gift basket

10 Items for a new Dad gift basket

A Card

card for new Dad, white card with heart on it
A card is a cheap and sentimental item for a gift basket!

Yes – the card! Do not forget the card!

A card is the first item that should be in a new Dad gift basket because if he is like me, he will keep this card because of the sentimental value it holds.

The type of card depends entirely on the type of person he is. Does he like to have a joke (who doesn’t!). Is he straight-laced?

Think about the type of person that Dad is and buy a card that reflects his personality.

If you have a photograph of the baby scan then why not stick that in his card too? It is the first of many photographs.



Candy and sweets for new Dad gift basket
If, like me, Dad has a sweet tooth, be sure to add some Candy into his gift basket!

God yes, candy!

For a start, we need the sugar hit. After potential sleep deprivation (if the birth is anything like my sons) and knowing that he is heading straight into MORE sleep deprivation, sugar can be a friend.

What is his favorite candy?

It is such a simple present, but you know us Dads – we do love our candy…unless we are diabetic of course!


Soft Toy

soft toy, teddy bear inside luggage
A soft toy will help to build a bond between Baby and Dad!

When you become a Dad, the bond between baby and Dad is immediate and sometimes overwhelming. Suddenly, you are responsible for a new person. It is your job to keep them safe, and you will do anything on this planet to protect them. All of that for someone you have literally just met!

A soft toy is a great gift that Dad has been given that now belongs to the baby. It will strengthen the bond. Bonding has shown significant benefits for long term mental health, so Dad needs to begin creating, and strengthening the bond with his new baby even before birth!

What is Dads favorite animal? Have a think and get a toy the reflects him as a person.


Book For Dad

book, heard shaped pages
Arm Dad with some excellent knowledge for the long, arduous journey he has ahead of him!

A Dad instruction manual goes a long, long way! I have already put together a list of top books for first-time Dads, so feel free to head on over there and take a look.

The top option in that post is called We Are Pregnant! the First Time Dads Pregnancy Handbook, and it also covers surviving pregnancy, so if you are looking for a good book AFTER becoming a Dad then I would go for Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months.

Being a Dad can be overwhelming, and it is a good idea to give him a helping hand to help to lower his stress levels.

Knowledge is power, so arm him with the right advice straight off the bat!


Book For Baby

new Dad reading a book to a Baby
Help build a bond with a book about Dad. He can read this to his new baby!

Now that you have sorted the book that will give him all the advice he needs as a new Dad, it is time for some more Dad bonding material.

Reading to your newborn baby is a great way to strengthen an already tight bond. Add it the fact that Dad is reading a story written ABOUT Dad will increase the bond even more!

There are many books available that tell a story about Dad, so why not choose one that you think he will love to read to his new son or daughter.

Oh, and a study by the clever folks at Harvard has shown that your child will develop a better imagination if Dad reads to them at night. You can’t argue with that, right?


Letter From Baby

envelope with a red heard inside
The cheapest gift of all! A letter from his unborn baby!

This item is going to be the tearjerker in an already emotional time for Dad!

Before birth, write a letter to Dad from the baby letting him know how important and loved he is going to be when they enter the world. Not only will this strengthen the bond between Dad and baby, but it will also reduce the possibility of Dad feeling useless when the baby arrives.

Tell him what the baby is looking forward to doing with Dad, let him know that the baby is going to be testing his patience. Use this letter to apologize for keeping him awake, and for making him go to work too tired to even stand up straight. Tell him how much your baby already adores him and is looking forward to meeting him.

At the end of the letter, apologize for spending his money for the next 30 years too.

A letter from baby is one of the best (and free) items you can add to a new Dad gift basket!


Photo Frame

photo frame for new Dad gift basket
A photo frame is an awesome item for the new Dad gift basket! It will help him when he has to go back to work!

When I went back to work after my son was born, it was tough!

I was tired, I couldn’t think straight, but most of all I wanted to me back home caring for my son.

Before my son was born, I went to work to cover the bill payments at home. After my son was born I went to work so I could buy him things that he needed.

Every time I lost motivation at work I would glance over at the picture frame present that was bought for me. Immediately, I would regain focus and carry on until I could leave!

When Dad is at work and he misses his newborn, it is awesome to have a picture with at his desk.


Dad Baby Outfit

Baby with blanket, wearing trousers, braces
Ensure the baby and Dad look smart, by adding some matching clothes to the gift basket!

Does Dad like sports? Who is his favorite music artist/band? There are many choices when looking at new baby clothes, which is fantastic!

Buy a piece of baby clothing with one of Dads favorite things on, or buy an item that lets Dad know how much he is cared for.

There are so many options available! While I am on the subject of clothing, why not add in matching clothes for Dad and the baby? This is an awesome gift that will also help to build a bond.



vitamin tablets spelling health
Ensure Dad gets all the help he needs by adding some multivitamins!

Lack of sleep can lead to a reduction in certain minerals and vitamins inside your body and Dads body is no different.

Not only that, but a lack of certain vitamins and mineral can cause insomnia, and when you have time to sleep, you need to get straight down to it!

Sometimes, when you are busy looking after a new baby, your eating habits descend into chaos, eating whatever you can whenever you can. This can lead to some poor eating choices. Where before you may have carefully considered what you are eating, you are now on the hunt for convenience food! This can impact the Dads intake of the important vitamins and minerals that he needs in order to function well.

Why not add some multi-vitamins to a new Dad gift basket?

A good multi-vitamin will keep him loaded with everything that he needs to function. Dad needs to keep healthy and alert, especially if he has already returned to work!



Beer with a new Dad giving thumbs up
…because he will need it!

If Dad likes to have a drink to relax then why not treat him to a bottle of his favorite tipple.

Mine’s a JD please!

You have two options here, you could either buy him favorite alcoholic drink, or you could buy him a bottle of something that was bottled that year. That way, he can keep it for a special occasion, like graduation.

Personally, I pretty much stopped drinking when my son was born. All of a sudden I realized that I needed to remain active.

If Dad does not drink much alcohol, then buy a bottle of his favorite non-alcoholic drink. I would have happily settled for a few bottles of root beer in my new Dad gift basket!



Like a survival kit, a new Dad gift basket is a very welcoming sight when you return home after becoming a new Dad!

The 10 items on this page are awesome gifts for new Dads!

One of the most important things about becoming a Father is that your time is no longer your own. Having a newborn is very tiring for both parents, and time is a gift that we can give for free.

Think about what you can do to help the parents of a newborn settle into a new life as parents. Really think about what you can do for them that will help.

Finally, look out for both new parents in the early stages. As I said above it can be tough, but it can be too tough for some. If you think that Mom or Dad is finding the task of being new parents too tough then do not feel bad about discussing it with them, and helping them to seek guidance and assistance.

Oh, and do not forget the basket to put the perfect gifts in!

Good luck!

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler – 7 Tips

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler

Toddler stubbornness is by far the worst!

Not only do they kick and scream, but they also provide absolutely no reason for the situation they are being stubborn about.

If you need some tips on how to deal with a stubborn Toddler then read on!

The stubbornness can be over absolutely anything, ranging from bath time, bedtime, dinner time, school time, and even at 3-am when they think they have had enough sleep. It is extremely frustrating and can lead to a full-on argument between parent and child. It does not have to be that way though.

I have 7 tips for you here that you can use immediately.

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler

  1. Talk On Their Level
  2. Do Not Argue
  3. Do Not Shout
  4. Question Them
  5. Stand Your Ground
  6. Negotiate – Hard
  7. Give Them Options

Talk On Their Level

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler get to their level

When you need to know how to deal with a stubborn toddler, the first thing should do is talk to them on THEIR level.

It is too easy to become a dictator and bark orders at them without question, but in reality that only acts to strengthen their resolve.

Imagine a drill sergeant towering above a new recruit, bellowing orders that must be obeyed. That is what you need to avoid. In the Army, you know why you are there. Acting like this to a toddler is not going to work.

When dealing with my stubborn Toddler, I make a start by physically getting down to his level. If I am going to get him to do what I need him to do (get dressed, brush his teeth) then I need him to understand that we are doing this on an even keel.

Do Not Argue

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler no arguing

They ARE going to argue back, you need to understand that. Although I am sure you are more than aware!

You need to be in a fully chilled state when negotiating.

Do not get into a situation where you are simply arguing against each other. Take a breath and instead of arguing back, simply remaining quiet and let them have their say. This is not a sign of weakness, this is a sign that you are willing to listen. But this is going to go your way.

Do Not Shout

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler no shouting

You cannot fight fire with fire!

A recent study has shown that yelling at your Child can result in them becoming more aggressive. It is vital that you show your Child the benefits of calm conflict resolution as early as possible!

Your Toddler will shout, but if you remained calm then slowly they will learn that shouting DOES NOT rattle your cage, and it certainly does not get them what they want.

For me, this was one of my biggest challenges. I used to get frustrated that my Son could not understand simple instructions and my reasoning. Then I realized that there is no reasoning with a Toddler. You just need to keep to the same structure until they understand the process and work with it.

I will let you know when that time comes!

Question Them

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler ask questions


Why do you not want to get dressed?

It is a simple question, but one that absolutely needs to be asked.

Sure, you are not going to get a sensible answer, or even an answer that makes any sense in terms of reasoning. BUT, it does need to be asked.

When you ask questions you get answers. When you have the answer you can explain WHY they need to do what you are asking.

You will be giving a reason why and that is very important for your Toddler to begin to understand the art of reasoning.

Stand Your Ground

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler stand firm

Unless you want to be walked over for the rest of your life, you WILL need to stand your ground.

If you do not stand your ground you will be on the losing team now, next year, and for many years to come.

When they learn that Dad backs down easily, the pressure will pile on during every single negotiation. When they know you back down easily, your Toddler will not learn some extremely important life skills, namely negotiation and reasoning.

They simply will not need to know how to negotiate because they do not need to at home. What they say goes, and you do not want your Toddler to grow up with that kind of attitude!

Negotiate – Hard

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler negotiate

With all negotiations, you need your ideal position and your fallback position.

Ideal Position: What YOU want them to do.

Fallback position: The worst outcome that you are STILL happy with.

Approach the negotiating by following some of the steps above. Get down on their level and make a start.

Let’s take a look at a recent example for me. My Son needed to get dressed but he wanted to carry on playing.

My ideal position was for him to just damn well do what I tell him without question and my fallback position was for him to go back to playing after he got dressed. Time was against so so I was not keen on him playing afterward but I could let him play for another few minutes before we leave the house.

I began by getting down to his level. After explaining that I need him to get dressed, the notion is rejected. I go on to explain that we are in a rush and suggest that he can play for 5 minutes once he is dressed. The offer is accepted and he gets dressed. As soon as he is dressed I remind him of the deal and set a timer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, we leave the house.

If I were to simply demand that he gets dressed, it would have led to arguments, tears, and leaving the house in a bad mood.

Give Them Options

How To Deal With A Stubborn Toddler give options

When your Toddler is being stubborn, giving them options is a tip you can try.

Giving Children options makes them feel as if they are in control of what they do. It is a very important part of their development.

I say TRY because it works MOST of the time, but not ALL of the time.

Let’s say it is time for bed for your Toddler. You are happy to read them a story first too. You could give them the following decision to make:

Do you want to go to bed now? Or do you want to go to bed after a story?

If your Toddler is anything like mine, they will pick the second choice. He thinks he is making the decision but in fact, I am giving him my preferred choice as the best choice for him.

It is a classic trick that you can use for all occasions.

Sometimes though, he will hit me with a curve-ball:

No, I want to play!

Well, that just isn’t one of the options Kid!


I really hope the 7 tips above will help you to deal with a stubborn Toddler. In fact, some of the tips above will help you deal with Adult stubbornness too!

Top of the list and something that you should do in any disagreement with a Toddler is to remain cool. Kids quickly learn how to push your buttons and the just love seeing your reaction.

The problem is that you are teaching them to react in the same way. When they have to deal with disagreements at School, their first reaction is to apply what they have learned from you. If you shout at them, they will shout at others.

It is your job to teach them how to deal with these situations in the real world, starting now!

Good luck!

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night

Admit it, you miss those nights where you can simply go to sleep without worry, and without the little voice in the back of your head telling you to sleep light, because you might be needed.

If you have a Toddler, you may already be struggling to get a good nights sleep.

You know the struggle already, that I am sure of!

My Son went through a phase of waking during the night and wouldn’t settle unless he was moved into our bed. I needed to know how to keep a Toddler in their room at night, and boy did I need it fast!

Reasons why a Toddler might not want to stay in their own bed

Ok, so you are not 3 years old anymore, but try and put yourself in their shoes.

Not literally, you understand. Metaphorically speaking.

Toddlers have young minds, they are still not sure about their place in the world, and simple things scare them.


This is the big, number 1 reason why Toddlers do not settle in their own beds. Darkness frightens them.

As a Toddler, you have a very active imagination. When you are a Toddler and you have woken up in darkness, there are things in the room that might look unusual. Instead of thinking logically, they panic and get scared.

Fear Of Being Alone

This is very closely linked to darkness. One of the worst things about life is there comes a point where you need to talk about ‘Stranger Danger’. It needs to be tackled, but in a perfect world, it should not even exist!

When you begin discussing ‘Stranger Danger’ with your Toddler, you are telling them that there are people in this world who want to do them harm. They will take that information in and it can increase the fear they have when they are alone.

They Have Bad Dreams

We have all been there. You have a bad dream and immediately wake up. In your semi-sleep haze, you are not sure what is real and what is not. Now imagine how that feels for a Toddler!

What You Can Do To Help

In this post, I tackle all 3 of the reasons above.

The key point here is that when faced with a troublesome habit that your Toddler has got into, you need to understand the reasons why they do it, so you can tackle the reasons head on.

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night

Let’s take a look at the tips for keeping a Toddler in a room at night!

1. Night Light

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night night lights

Illuminating your Toddlers room will give them some confidence when they wake during the early hours.

Not only will a nightlight allow them to see what is going on in their room, but it also takes away the fear of darkness itself.

There are many kinds of nightlights that you can try, and I have found (after buying quite a few) that it is best to give them a nightlight that they are interested in.

My Son loves superheroes, specifically the Avengers! So I bought him a Hulk Night Light, which he absolutely loves.

You surely know the kind of thing that your Toddler likes, so pick a nightlight that will take them to a happy pace as soon as they wake up.

You can buy:

Pick a character from your Toddlers favorite film, and search for a nightlight!

2. Nightlight projector

best baby light projector

Get your Toddler to sleep peacefully with an awesome light projector!

It isn’t just for when they wake up during the night. If your Toddler goes to sleep relaxed, they are more likely to stay asleep for longer.

light projector worked for my Son, and it has worked for friends Toddlers when they have told me how difficult it is to get them to sleep.

Not only will a light projector get them to stay in their own room during the night, it makes the whole process of GETTING a Toddler to sleep much easier.

3. Put Up Some Photographs

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night family photographs

Familiarity is calming for most people, and your Toddler is the same.

If they want to get in your bed at 3 am because they are scared and worried after the ‘Stranger Danger’ talk, then why not add in some familiar pictures around their bed?

I printed out a few photographs and stuck them on my Sons wall. Then when he wakes up, he can see them and remember that we are only in the room next door, and he does not need to be concerned.

This is a fantastic tip for keeping a Toddler in a room at night!

4. Use Your Scent

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night your scent

Sometimes, it only takes a few seconds from when they are asleep to waking up and realizing you are no with them.

You CAN head this off during those few seconds without actually being there.

If you regularly wear the same scent, spray a little bit on your Toddlers bed. Before they even open their eyes, they will immediately smell you. As your scent hits their nostrils, they are more likely to drift back off to sleep. All without causing you to break your sleep!

Sure, you might have some expensive sent, but it is worth a night of unbroken sleep.

5. A piece of your clothing

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night your clothing

Very similar to the tip above, but this time do not spray any scent onto the clothing before you place it in your Toddlers bed.

When they begin to wake up, they will feel your clothing, which may send them back to sleep again.

6. Talk to them about nightmares

How To Keep Toddler In Room At Night talk about dreams

Toddlers are clever. They may not seem it when you have to repeat yourself 6 or 7 times for them to get their shoes on, but do not let that fool you.

Speaking to your Toddler about the nightmares they have is a great way of removing the reality of them.

When they wake in the morning, discuss what dreams they had. If they had bad dreams, discuss why they are not real and explain that dreams are just simply dreams.

They will listen, it may only be for a few minutes, but they will listen. The more you repeat the process, the more it will sink in too.


If you are struggling with how to keep Toddler in a room at night, I feel for you. I have been there.

In fact, most parents have probably been there in the past. It is all part of bringing up a child.

Who said it was going to be easy, eh?

As I said above, the key thing is to realize exactly what is driving them to want to crawl into your bed in the early hours of the morning. It is only then that you can systematically fight back!

Let’s take a look again at the reasons why your Toddler may not want to sleep all night in their own bed:

Fear of the dark.

Resolution – night lights, or light projector.

Fear of being alone.

Resolution – your clothes or your scent.

Bad dreams.

Resolution – Discuss nightmares and dreams.

Good luck getting your Toddler to sleep in their own room. Have patience, and have a plan.

You will need it.

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose – 7 Steps

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose

As flu season is upon us….oh wait, it’s a toddler, flu season is ALWAYS upon us (are they ever NOT sick?), you will need to know how to teach Toddler to blow their nose.

You and I both know that the immediate relief just after blowing your nose is incredible. Sure, it doesn’t last long but the relief is awesome. A clear nose! 3, 2, 1 blocked again.

We know how to blow our noses, it is pretty easy. A toddler may not know how to blow their nose though, and it is your job to teach them.

Why does a Toddlers’ nose get blocked?

The same reason ours get blocked.

Our bodies are fantastic machines, and our immune system is right up there near the top of the list!

When we get a cold or the flu, our bodies pick up the alien invasion of a virus. The first task is to shut down the entry for another virus to attack while it deals with making us better again. Our immune systems work on closing up the entry points:


Our throat begins to swell, making it sore and dry. Our throats swell to block our mouths from taking in another virus.


Classic entry for a virus and it is probably at fault for letting this one in! Our immune systems swell up our airways to make sure no more dastardly virus gets past. That involved swelling the sinus tubes and blocking our nose. Nice!

Basically, we get a virus and our bodies go all defensive. It is worth talking about temperatures here too.


After shutting down the entry points for a virus, our immune system sets upon the flu virus with tremendous ferocity. It does this by cranking up the heat in our bodies, which makes it a furnace and savagely bakes the virus until it wishes it was never born.

Ok, it is worth mentioning here that you really need an awesome digital ear thermometer! Along with plasters, they are the lynchpins of a world-class 1st aid kit! Be sure to get your toddlers base temperature so you know when it begins to get high.

Enough already. How do you teach a Toddler to blow their nose?

Everything I teach my son is approached by me in a very methodical way. When I taught him to blow his nose (when he was 3) I followed the same principle.

It is a challenge, as are most things you have to teach a toddler. Like everything in life, the more they practice, the easier it is!

You may not agree with some of these steps, but it is exactly what I did to teach my toddler to blow his nose.

1. Holding the tissue

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose tissue

First things first, your toddler will need to know how to position the tissue.

As you are more than aware, the Flu virus is transmitted to other people very easily. It is extremely important that you catch it in the tissue and throw it away to ensure it doesn’t get to you.

It probably will, by the way, but you can only do your best to TRY and stop it!

You know where the tissue goes, so just get them to copy you. Concentrate on how they are holding the tissue. It must be a sturdy grip.

2. Practice the force

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose pressure

I am not going to get all ‘Star Wars’ on you here. I do not mean you have to blindfold your toddler to get them to ‘feel when you need to blow your nose’

The most important thing about blowing your nose it the force you put behind it. If there is no force, it is simply not going to clear the airways.

Ask your toddler to take a big breath, put their lips together (like they are whistling) and push the air out as fast as they can. Try that a few times.

Once they get the hang of it, you simply explain that the air needs to come out of their nose that fast. This exercise is purely to get them to understand that the air needs to leave quickly for it to work.

3. Work on the nostrils

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose nostrils

When I blow my nose, I tend to widen my nostrils. It helps with the ‘evac’!

Remember, your toddler is still young and might not have the ability to widen their nostrils yet, it takes practice. Now is a great time to begin.

Explain to your toddler that the bigger they can make their nostrils, the better it will be.

4. Get the head movements right – think chicken!

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose head movement

Head movement is important when your toddler is learning to blow their nose. Purely because it adds to the force.

Talk them through the following exercise:

  1. Bring their head back while taking a big breath in.
  2. Move their head forward whilst forcing the air out of pursed lips.

It is a simple exercise and as soon as they get the hang of it, the time has come to work on the nose!

5. Move onto the nose

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose nose

Now it is time to get the air expelled from their nose.

Begin this task with a few breaths in through their mouth, and out through their nose.

Obviously, if they are full of the Flu, this one might be a challenge! Having said that, if they are full of the Flu, they will need to force more to get the air out which is already good practice.

Talk them through taking a deep breath and hold it. Then expel the air in short bursts through their nose.

You can always count the breaths as they do it. Don’t waste the opportunity to teach them to count!

6. Put it all together

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose together

It is time now to put the whole thing together!

Here is a checklist:

  1. Hold the tissue for them (they can cover this when you are confident)
  2. Get them to take a big breath (moving their head back) in and hold it
  3. Tell them you are going to count down from 3 to 1, and when you get to 1 they need to give short bursts of air through their nose. Remind them to move their head forward while they do it.
  4. Have a few practice runs.
  5. Make the count!

When you are both confident, pass them the tissue and let them get on with it.

7. Have a backup plan

How To Teach Toddler To Blow Nose plan

Snot Sucker –

Nasal Aspirator

Nasal Aspirators are extremely useful, especially at night when they do not have the energy to blow their own nose.

There are many different types of Nasal Aspiratorsbut they all serve a purpose and at least one of them should be in your first aid kit.

Oil Diffusers

Oil Diffusers are very useful for helping to clear a bunged up nose. That is especially true when used with Olbas Oil

All you need to do is set up your oil diffuser with water and a few drops of Olbas Oil and let the magic happen. Try to keep it out of their way, because we all know what toddlers are like with something new.

Night Light

These are mostly used for distraction while you try to get them to sleep.

If you have a top night light projector for them to concentrate on then they are more likely to drift off to sleep easier. We all know that sleep is the best medicine when it comes to battling a cold, or the flu.


Having a child with a cold can be a challenging time. Know you are prepared and know how to teach a toddler to blow their nose, things will be a little bit easier!

When your toddler is sick, you just need to apply attention and a motherload of patience.

Always keep an eye on their temperature to make sure it is not getting too high, make them comfortable, and try your best to get them to sleep as often as you can.

Good luck! You are going to need it……

How To Get Toddler To Sleep Earlier – 7 Tips

get Toddler to sleep earlier

Let’s face it, you have had a rough day and you cannot WAIT to get your toddler in bed!

It is only when your toddler is asleep that you can finally relax and recharge for tomorrows onslaught!

Here I give you 7 tips on how to get a toddler to sleep earlier, so you can take a break from the constant, CONSTANT demands on being a parent.

You have done well, now you can chill out!

7 Tips for getting Toddler to sleep earlier

You have made a decision, you want to get your toddler off to bed a little earlier than they are used to. Sometimes this can be done easily, but other times, you may need to build up to the new bedtime over a number of days.

Getting your baby or toddler to sleep, and developing a good bedtime habit has some huge benefits for their development! It is vital that you have a good sleep routine.

Let’s take a look at the 7 tips.


1. Relax them with a light projector

best baby light projector

If there is one thing to (almost) guarantee my son goes to sleep quickly, it is a light projector!

Seriously, these beauties work A LOT more than I expected them to when I was first introduced to the idea. First, they act as a distraction tool to snap your Toddlers eyes on the awesome light show.

Then as the relaxing music fills the room, their melatonin levels ramp up and they begin to get tired. The magic starts and your mood improves as you accept that soon you will be free to do what you need to do!

I have some recommended light projectors to help get your Toddler to sleep.


2. Take a drive

get Toddler to sleep earlier driving

I dread to think how much gas I have wasted getting my son to sleep since he was born!

Every single time was worth it though. Strapping a toddler into a car seat and taking a drive is one of the best options if you want your Toddler to sleep.

It is a better option to drive in the dark. Similar to a light projector, they begin to stare at the street lights as you drive past them, and their bodies start to relax.

Occasionally, when I am driving at night with my son, desperately hoping he will be asleep by the time we get home, he goes quiet. Most of the time, the quietness in the back of the car leads me to believe he has fallen asleep and I can chill when I get home.

Sometimes though, he just does not play ball, and as we pull up outside our house I hear those depressing words:

Are we at home now?



3. Make the house dark

get Toddler to sleep earlier make the house dark

Darkness begins the onset of a Melatonin increase.

Melatonin is your friend! It is the hormone that dictates our sleeping patterns. When you sense that it is getting dark, you begin to get tired. It is the same for your toddler.

If you want to get your toddler to sleep earlier, you need to ensure your home is not bright. You need them to realize that it is nighttime, and not daytime.

Blackout blinds are a top invention, and it can be a very good friend to you, especially if your house is naturally bright.

Turn off those lights, and let nature take its course!


4. Make them tired during the day

get Toddler to sleep earlier make them tired

Exercise is awesome! Not only do they get to be healthier and happier, but they will also be tired and much easier to get to sleep earlier than their normal routine.

Ok, so this one takes a bit more prep time, and you need to be thinking about it earlier in the day to make it work. All you need to do is take a trip to the local play park(walk if you can) and let them run around!

If you do not have a local play park to go to, then just go out for a walk.


5. Fresh air is sleep-inducing

get Toddler to sleep earlier fresh air

If you have a toddler, then you are old enough to realize that fresh air makes you tired.

It can be because you are generally performing some light exercise when you are out, like walking.

Fresh air does kind of fall into the tip above too. Another reason why it is important to walk somewhere because it is going to make them more tired!

If you live on the coast, why not go and take a walk on the beach? It is well known that sea air makes you tired, although I have no idea why it just works!


6. Think about what and when they eat

get Toddler to sleep earlier watch eating

Think about it, if you give your toddler some sugary treats and expect them to go to sleep 20 minutes later is not going to happen!

When you set the bedtime, make sure they do not have anything to eat in the build-up. Try to leave a gap of at least 1 1/2 hours between eating and going to sleep.

This is not limited to food either, so watch what they drink. If it contains sugar, it is not going to help, and to be honest, it is not healthy either.

It is best to stick with water or milk if your toddler would like a drink close to bedtime.


7. Take it day by day

get Toddler to sleep earlier plan

If you do not need them to get to sleep today then you have time to prepare them for the new time you would like them to go to sleep.

The best option is to prepare over a period of a week. Reduce the time each day by 10 or 15 minutes until you hit the desired time. They will not even pick it up!

You could even wake them up earlier each day to make them a little more tired when it comes to the evening.

Ultimately, preparation and a good plan are the key points.


Good reasons why you want your Toddler to sleep earlier

There are some good reasons to get your toddler to sleep early:

You need to get up early

You never know…..if you can get them to sleep early, they might wake up early and save you from having a grumpy toddler, right? Well, maybe. You might get lucky. You probably won’t though.

To relax

This is the biggest reason. Being a parent is a tough gig and one where you seem to be paying out for the ticket TO that gig. You need to relax, you need to chill out, and you NEED to recharge.

Tomorrow is another day.

To get stuff done

That list of stuff you need to be doing is getting out of control, and you will not be able to get them done while a toddler is moving inconsistently around your feet. Why don’t they look where they are going?

Sure, you can get them involved in what you need to do, it sometimes helps. Other times, it just hinders you from doing a good job. Save it until they are asleep.


Why it is sometimes a bad idea to get Toddler to sleep early

I am going to stick with just the one here:

They will get up earlier

Ok, so this isn’t too much of a problem if your toddler likes to sleep in. In fact, you might just be one of the luckiest parents around! If your toddler wakes early or just gets up at the right time, you might be playing with fire.



All the above tips are fantastic if you want to get a toddler to sleep earlier than their usual bedtime routine.

If that is your goal, cycle through the tips above until you get the desired result.

Some of the tips take some preparation, and some can be used when you make a snap decision.

I use them at the last minute because there is a big game on the TV! That is usually the reason I like to get my son to bed early!

Oh, and try not to use all the tips in one go. Although it will almost certainly work, you will probably be following them to sleep as soon as they are sleep.

Good luck!

Best Books For First Time Dads

best books for first time dads

Firstly, I know Dad Gold is filled to the brim with advice for Dads, but in this post, we are going to take a look at the best books for first-time Dads, because sometimes we just need to read some advice and the battery on our phone is dead!

When you are an expectant Dad, you need all the help you can get, right?

Best Books For First Time Dads

  1. We Are Pregnant! the First Time Dads Pregnancy Handbook
  2. Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months
  3. The Baby Owners Manual: Operating Instructions
  4. Dude You’re Gonna be a Dad
  5. Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads
  6. Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality


We don’t need an instruction manual, we know it already, right?

Here is an exercise for you, close your eyes and go really deep for a minute or two. Get right down and open up that box of feelings that we keep slammed shut (just me?).

Inside, you might find something that gives you the sweats.

The kind of feeling that you get when your partner opens up the internet history on your computer

Did I delete it all?

That feeling is trepidation because you are going to be a first time Dad. I got it, all my friends got it, and you have probably got it too.

It is natural to be nervous about something this big that you haven’t done before, just chill Man!

The key to being cool about this whole ‘I am going to be a new Dad‘ vibe is preparation. That word is in at least 80% of my posts. You can prepare by asking, or by picking up one of the best books for first-time Dads.

Do not look at it like it is an instruction manual.

They will not simply tell you how to change a baby and what to do when they cry (and Mom isn’t available), it also prepares you for some of the other stuff (like being an awesome birthing partner) that you might go through during the birth, and long afterward.


Best Books For First Time Dads

Let’s take a look at some of the best books available, and these are in the order that I recommend them.


We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dads Pregnancy Handbook

We're Pregnant! The First Time Dad's Pregnancy Handbook

View Price On Amazon

We’re Pregnant! the First Time Dads Pregnancy Handbook is well written by Adrian Kulp, who is vastly experienced in the art of being a Dad.

This witty book will give you everything you need as a first time Dad without any sexist undertones. It is one of the best books for Dads to be!

That is extremely important when it comes to writing about this topic for Men. We are not all beer drinking, knuckle-dragging imbeciles who shy away from getting hands-on when it comes to bringing up a child. We’re Pregnant! the First Time Dads Pregnancy Handbook will simply give you the information you need and will let you get on and deal with it.

By far the best bit about We’re Pregnant! the First Time Dads Pregnancy Handbook is the way it is broken down into chunks.

Each section will give you knowledge about what to expect and will also give you some useful tasks for you to complete. Top marks!


Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months

Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months

View Price On Amazon

The Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months book is only one part of a range of books written by author Neil Sinclair. All of which are excellent books for new Dads.

You can probably tell the tone of the book by the title and the picture on the front of the book! You guess it, this is a no-nonsense guide to being a new Dad, written in a military-style.

Some new Dad books can be a little flowery, they can take a little while to get to the point.

Not Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months, no sir!

This book will hit you like a 2-week boot camp with a commando.

I have Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months and found it to be very engaging, witty, and full to the brim with useful information for getting you through the first year as a new Dad.


The Baby Owners Manual: Operating Instructions

The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance (Owner's and Instruction Manual)

View Price On Amazon

When you are going to be a first time Dad and you are looking for advice, a pediatrician is a perfect guide! The Baby Owners Manual: Operating Instructions is written by Louis Borgenicht, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrician.

You may think that a Pediatrician is going to fill a book with complex, medical words with little or no engagement for people who do not understand it, and if you do, you cannot be more wrong.

The Baby Owners Manual: Operating Instructions is laid out just like an owner manual for a car.

Yes, it may be assuming that the only thing Men can understand is a car manual but it IS a VERY easy to read book, packed with useful diagrams that you can easily reach out to when you need them.

The Baby Owners Manual: Operating Instructions just has the information that you need, there is no back story, there is no self-praise, just a simple, easy to understand baby manual.


Dude You’re Gonna be a Dad!

Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months

View Price On Amazon

Dude You’re Gonna be a Dad! is an awesome book, geared towards getting through the pregnancy more than getting through what happens AFTER the pregnancy.

That being said, I love the writing style used by John Pfeiffer! After reading this, you will be pumped up and ready for (mostly) anything that pregnancy and being a new Dad will throw at you!

If you are looking for a pep talk on getting through pregnancy, then you cannot go wrong with Dude You’re Gonna be a Dad!

If you are looking for some practical advice on BEING a new Dad, then go for one of the other options on this page.


Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads

Be Prepared: Be Prepared

View Price On Amazon

Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads looks like an old School book published in the 1970s, but it genuinely isn’t! In fact, it was first published in 2004.

The delivery style is good, in fact, there are a few laughs in there, which kept me entertained when reading (If I don’t laugh, I book the book down)

Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads is another no-nonsense style book that covers many topics, and although it does not go into a great deal of detail, it does go over what you need to know about being a new Dad.


Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality

Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality

View Price On Amazon

Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality I had to have a book on here that was not geared towards Men, one that was not written with comedy in mind.

The reason is that bringing a baby home for the first time can be very daunting, and there is some stuff you need to know that the other books may not touch upon.

In Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality, the new Dad can receive tips from a Pediatrician, and recommended by Pediatricians!

The focus in Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality is the first 4 months, which can be the most complicated time in a child’s life, it can also be the easiest (assuming you are lucky and have a good sleeper!).

Although it is written by a medical professional, Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality is written in a very readable manner. The explanations are clean, and research-based.

They will give you the added confidence that you can believe what the author is telling you! You can easily use this book as a point of reference during your newborn’s first few months, and beyond.


Best Books For First Time Dads – Conclusion

If you or someone you know is about to become a Dad for the first time, the selection of books here will give you what you need. After careful consideration, these are all the best books for new dads!

Because this book needs to be written with Dad in mind, many of them lean towards comedy more than going into great depth about WHY you need to know what the book is telling you.

Perfect reading material for me!

If I want to know more, I am more than happy to investigate further.

The last book here goes into more depth, and offers a little more than simply a ‘book for Men’.

If I could roll back the clock and go through being a Dad for the first time then I would certainly be buying these books so I can swat up before the big day!

There are also quite a few posts on that will help you prepare to be a first time Dad, so don’t forget to check back for some real-world advice!

Good luck!

What New Moms Need From Their Husbands

What new Moms need from their husbands

Mom has just gone through a world of pain to bring your child into this world!

So how do you ensure that her first few weeks as a Mom are (relatively) pain-free, insanely enjoyable, and less tiring?

Following on from my post about what a new Dad should know about pregnancy, we are now going to have a look at what new Moms needs from their husbands!

These tips are straight from the horse’s mouth (my wife).

I’m not calling my wife a horse by the way… although she does go through shoes like a horse. I also get thrown from her back occasionally.

So buckle up, get prepped, and get ready to be a top new Dad that will make the rest of them look mediocre at best!

Just think of it as putting some relationship points in the bag for when Mom is fully recovered……


10 Things That New Moms Need From Their Husbands

This list is definitely not conclusive, and it depends entirely on your situation. These tips will give you a solid foundation. The most important things you can do as a husband is to offer support, understanding, solidarity, and help with the new baby. Oh, and do not forget to offer your services around the home too!

If Mom has just gone through a ‘classic childbirth‘ then these tips apply.

If however, Mom has just been through a horrendous ordeal like emergency surgery or a C-section, then there are some other things you need to consider. You are now looking at taking care of a person who has just been through some major surgery!

I have said it before in so many posts on this site but preparation is the key to success for pregnancy, childbirth, and being a new Dad.

You should be preparing months in advance for the first few weeks at home with a new baby. If you leave it until the last minute, you will add extra stress on to Mom and the new baby. The first few weeks can be a very stressful time because you are basically given a life to look after, and there are no medical people around to help!



Statue, wooden, posing in a patient stance
Patience is a key skill that new Dads need to develop!

The 1st thing that new Moms need from their husbands is patience!

Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.

That is your mantra for the 1st week at least, maybe for the 1st year. You will find out.

During the first few weeks, and because my wife had gone through terrible childbirth, I was on my feet quite a bit dealing with multiple requests for drinks, blankets, food, hot water bottles, and diapers. Then throw in the things my new Son needed and I was whacked out.

The important thing is when a brand spanking new demand arrived from wife or son, JUST AFTER I SAT DOWN, I needed to attend to it with a smile.

When a demand arrived for something that we didn’t have in the house, attend to it with a smile. Should a demand arrive for something that is not in the house and it is 3 am, attend to it with a smile.

Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.



Man standing above a why
New Moms need someone to understand what they are going through.

Listen, Mom has just been put through the wringer. Everything hurts. Literally, everything.

You need to understand that.

During the childbirth of my son, I had 15 minutes sleep in 3 days. I had a heavy cold (a sore throat, blocked nose), but all of that was kept quiet because my wife was going through something much worse.

As long as you understand what Mom has just been through, the rest should come naturally.

Your job is to also understand what new Mom needs from their husbands physically too. This isn’t just a mental thing, although that is more important.

New Moms need rest, and to be comfortable.


For Dad To Listen

Statues listening against wall
New Moms need Dad to listen!

One of my biggest challenges as a new Dad was to listen, which is something I really needed to work on.

I do listen generally in life, but when you are sleep deprived and your brain isn’t switching off, listening gets pushed to the back of the queue for your brain.

Bring it right to the forefront of your mind, just for Mom!

New Moms will have a lot to say, and they will also have a lot of questions that might need to be answered. Listen to what they are saying and asking, so you can respond quickly and confidently.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, text someone who will know and then report back to your wife. Easy.


For Dad To Take Charge Of The New Baby

Man in suit, looking confident, in charge
Dad needs to take charge of things at home, and with the Baby

This is huge, and really helped my wife recover and also helped to create a strong bond with my son (something which I hold very dear to me).

It is Dads job to take charge sometimes so Mom can chill.

Before my son was born, we agreed that the night feeds would be shared. It was one of the best decisions we made as new parents. One of us took the last feed (22:00ish) then the other would take 02:00, then we would swap again for 06:00.

It made the first few weeks much easier to handle.

Not only do you need to arrange the feeds, but there are also so many things that Dad will need to take care of. Here is a small list:

  • Make sure you have enough baby things (Diapers, cleaning wipes, etc)
  • Do some laundry (So everyone has clean clothes)
  • Do some shopping (So you have some food in)
  • Clean up (So the house is tidy for visitors, women panic about people visiting a dirty house!)


For Dad To Not Assume

Ask sign, lamp
One of the worst things Dad can do is assume without asking

Do not assume, just ask.

If you assume your wife is hungry and you make her some lunch, she might flip out (hormones, tiredness).

It may sound ridiculous because it is, BUT, when you are tired and hormonal, you tend to flip out over the little things.

Take away the opportunity for a major flip out by asking your wife if you can get her anything. Cycle through the same old questions:

  • Would you like something to eat?
  • Do you need to sleep for a while?
  • Can I get you a drink?
  • Are you comfortable?

This can be a bit overbearing, but it is important to ask these questions. If the new Mom has had an easy(ish) childbirth then they are likely to be able to do a lot of things themselves. They may get fed up with you asking these questions, so be aware of the responses.


Know Where Stuff Is

Drawers, highly orgnanized. Knowing where items are stored
Mom wants Dad to know where everything is. That way, he can be self-sufficient!

Do you know where the following items are:

  1. Diapers
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Baby monitor
  4. Ear thermometer
  5. Baby clothes
  6. Stroller
  7. Baby bottles
  8. Car keys

If you don’t, then go and find out exactly where they are. From 30 weeks onwards, all the important stuff was put in a place and I was shown where it all was. A few days later, it changed around. This process continued until my son was born. My job was to keep up and make a mental note for when the time comes.

There are some items in the list that will need replacing after a while, make sure there are replaced before they run out.

Being an organized person has huge health benefits, including making the right food choices, and improving sleep!


Ask Before Arranging Visitors

Toy characters watching something
Dad should always ask before arranging visitors! Mom will thank him for it!

When your new baby is here, everyone and their wife will want to come and pay you a visit!

That is good news because they usually bring gifts (drop some hints for yourself too, you also need a new Dad survival kit!)

It all seems too good to be true, they bring gifts AND they will take the baby off your hands while they are visiting. Win/win!

BUT – let’s not forget that the new Mom has just been through childbirth and may not feel up for visitors. It is definitely not a good idea to spring some visitors on at the last minute, especially if the house is also not up for visitors.

Arrange for visits together, and be prepared to cancel people at the last minute if it is not a good time. People understand.

Stress is never good, especially for new Moms, AND new babies!


Time Alone

New Mom sitting on a mountain, reflecting
New Moms need time alone to reflect everything that she has been through.

A Woman’s body is flooded with hormones when they are pregnant and they do not stop after childbirth!

Those hormones are pumped through the body to make them naturally be a good Mom. A downside is that they tend to put a block on being away from the baby for too long.

It is really important that Mom gets some time alone to reflect on what she has just gone through. When you return, her mental clarity will be better and she will (hopefully) be more rested.

To get to the stage where the hormone-ravaged wife will let you walk out with your baby, you need to convince her that you know what you are doing. Increase confidence by taking charge of small things at home. When the baby needs changing, get on your feet and do it. The more confident they are in your ability, the more relaxed they will be while you are out.


A New Mom Survival Kit

Mom and Baby is war zone, need survival kit
Mom needs her very own survival kit to keep it together!

I asked my wife what she would like in a new Mom survival kit, and this is what she said:

Try to steer clear of giving anything alcoholic if Mom is breastfeeding! It might just infuriate them, and you really do not want that…..



New Mom worried, mental health
Always ensure Mom has someone looking out for her mental health.

THE BIGGEST TIP ON HERE, but it is not what they want, it is what they NEED.

It is very important that Dads learn about Postpartum Depression and all possible symptoms.

Forwarned is forearmed. 

Health Professionals are excellent at spotting the symptoms. They are trained to ask the right questions to ensure there are no red flags that could indicate the onset of Postpartum Depression. Dads are not.

I genuinely think they should have classes JUST FOR DADS on the warning signs for things that can go wrong during, and after the pregnancy.

Around 1 in 10 women suffer from some of the most severe symptoms of Postpartum Depressionmake sure you know the symptoms so you can get some help for the new Mom before it escalates.



After asking my wife what new Moms need from their husbands, she gave me 9 of the 10 things above! The last tip was from me because Moms need someone to look out for them after giving birth!

The most important thing is that you remember exactly what they have just been through. Not just the whole childbirth thing, I am talking about the 9 months leading up to the childbirth too. As soon as women get pregnant, they are flooded with hormones.

It doesn’t stop there either, the hormones carry on well into the new babies life. Give them time, give them space and use a hell of a lot of patience to make sure they remain cool.

Sort things out and take control – you may not be thanked for it, but you will have a much happier, healthy family unit.

If you are a new Dad, congratulations! If you are about to be a new Dad, there is plenty of advice on to give you an advantage.

Good luck!

10 Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy. It is never boring.

Sure, it is tiresome sometimes, but it is not boring. What are the things a Dad should know about pregnancy?

I am going to give you 10 things I wish I knew about pregnancy when my Son was cooking in the womb.

Like most things in life, preparation is key. This is very true for pregnancy too. Speaking of preparation, make sure you have your hospital survival kit ready towards the end!

When Mom is pregnant, it can be a wonderful time for your family, but there are also times when Dads knowledge may be called upon.


10 Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

  1. Know the pregnancy stages
  2. What your partner will physically need
  3. What your partner will mentally need
  4. Her sense of smell is like a dog
  5. Do not worry about having sex
  6. Moods change at the drop of a hat
  7. Know how to make your baby move
  8. Learn pregnancy danger signs
  9. Understand what happens during childbirth
  10. Understand what you will both need for the hospital


Is this a conclusive list of things a Dad should know about pregnancy?

No, definitely not. For a start, there would be so many words on this page, you probably wouldn’t read them all!

These are simply 10 things that I wished I knew when my wife was pregnant.

My biggest tip is for you to learn what could go wrong during pregnancy. You REALLY need to know the most common issues that could spell trouble for you all.

Have a read through this page on pregnancy warning signs and please, if you are not sure about a symptom, it is REALLY important to get Mom checked out by a medical professional.


Things A Dad Should Know About Pregnancy

Here are the 10 tips! Enjoy!


Know the pregnancy stages

Pregnant ladies, various trimesters
Know the pregnancy stages, and more importantly, know what to expect at each stage!

This is the first thing Dad needs to know about pregnancy, and it is a very, very large subject. In fact, I have written a complete article about the stages of pregnancy, it is well worth a read.

I will give you a basic rundown though. the pregnancy is broken down into 3 trimesters:

  • 1st trimester – 0-12 weeks
  • 2nd trimester 12-28 weeks
  • 3rd trimester 29-40 weeks

Each of the trimesters will give you new challenges and a set of tasks to do.

Read my stages of pregnancy article for a breakdown on what you should expect your baby to be doing, and what you expect your wife to be doing.

It is always best to know what you are up against.


What your partner will physically need

Pregnant lady laying down holding her Baby bump
Look after Moms physical needs, and her mental needs will follow!

So many things. Honestly, so many! But, I have a small list of things below that actually really helped my wife during pregnancy:

  1. A pregnancy pillow – trust me, Dad will also get more sleep.
  2. Eye mask – to help with sleeping during the day.
  3. Dad to clean up after himself – just do it Man.
  4. Dad to take care of *stuff* around the house.
  5. Hot water bottle – because they just make you feel better!

During pregnancy, Dads job is to make Mom content, confident, happy, and ready for Childbirth.


What your partner will mentally need

Brain, mental needs
Mental needs are extremely important, so ensure that Dad does not neglect them!
  1. To get out of the house during the later stages – it stops cabin fever.
  2. You to understand – try not to argue back, and understand that hormones are driving every single one of her moods, good or bad.
  3. To relax – hosting a Baby must be tiring work, talk to her about her concerns and address them.
  4. To talk – Talking about how she is getting on shows and interest and increases the feeling that you are in this together.
  5. You to answer questions and to increase your knowledge – during pregnancy, she isn’t going to know everything. Take the lead and learn what is happening and what is going to happen. If she asks you a question and you have the answer, her confidence builds knowing that you are around.

I am sure you are aware that pregnancy comes a sudden rush of hormones, and not just once either!

During pregnancy, Dad needs to keep Moms mental health right at the forefront of his consciousness. It is vital that Mom feels she can talk to Dad about anything, at all times.


Her sense of smell is like a dog

Dog handing out of window, sniffing
Dad should always ensure the house is clean!

Make sure you have regular showers. Don’t go overboard on the scent and try not to cook food that is going to cause the entire house to smell for days.

Get some relaxing candles that Woman love, they release a subtle fragrance as they burn which will mask many smells.

The important thing here is that when you clean the house, make sure you cover everything. If you miss even a bit of the cleaning, her hound nose will pick it up in no time at all!

While I am on the subject, Mom will go through a stage of pregnancy they call ‘nesting‘. Nesting is where Moms natural instincts will kick in and she will want to prepare the house for the Babies arrival. When the nesting stage begins, all you need to do is move out of Moms way, she has everything covered. Always be ready for some instructions, and always keep an eye on Mom just in case she is trying to move heavy objects!


Do not worry about having sex

Two ladybirds having sex
….just don’t even think about it!

Literally, just don’t worry about it. It probably isn’t going to happen. It might happen, once or twice.

During the 1st trimester, things are a little fraught and her body is just not going to feel up to it, so you need to respect that.

A mixture of worry and a massive boost in hormones will take over and sex is probably going to be one of the last things on her mind.

Women tend to go into overdrive during the 2nd trimester, and that is when your chances are likely to arrive. When it does, don’t worry about hurting the baby, it just ain’t gonna happen Man.

If anything, the good hormones released during sex will make the baby happier in the womb. Try to use that line when you can!

The 3rd trimester is unlikely to bring you any sexy time. For a start, she is going to be huge. You have to remember that she may not look huge but in her mind, she is HUGE.

There is a fable that sex brings on labor, it isn’t true but it is well worth suggesting. It might be your last chance for a while.

A friend once gave me this advice.

When you first meet a girl, put some money IN a jar each time you have sex. After childbirth, take money OUT of the jar each time you have sex. You will soon realize that the jar will never be empty.


Moods change at the drop of a hat

Angry women, pregnancy hormones, Dad needs to know
Moods change quickly, get used to it and work with it!

Picture this, you are having a conversation with your wife. In that same conversation, she is laughing, crying, angry, and then back to laughing again. It doesn’t follow the same pattern, it is very sporadic. Try to keep up.

Do as much as you can to ensure your partner is not going to get too angry, or sad.

Respect that it is a sudden rush of hormones that are driving these moods. Do not get drawn into pointless disagreements.

During my wife’s pregnancy, arguments were very rare (I don’t tend to argue anyway, life is too short), so I got away with it. Some Dad’s paint an entirely different picture though.


Know how to make your baby move

Teddy bear on top of Baby bump
Knowing how to make your Baby move will relieve pressure and stress. Dads need to know this about pregnancy!

During pregnancy, one of the things a Dad needs to know if how to make your baby move.

There will be times when the babies activity slows down and there will be times when it just will no quit moving around.

You need to ask Mom regularly if she has felt the baby move recently, just to make sure everything is cool.

If Mom hasn’t felt the baby move for a few hours, there are some things you can do to wake the baby up:

  • Run a bath for Mom
  • Get Mom up and walking around
  • Put something cold on the baby bump

I remember one time when I had just got back home from work. My wife looked concerned, and after asking what was wrong I actually got an answer (which makes a change!). She had not felt my Son move that day.

I told my wife to lay down and close her eyes. I grabbed a packet of frozen vegetables and without her knowing, I stuck it on the baby bump.

It shocked my Wife and more importantly, made my Son give a belting kick from the inside!

Mom was happy, although she asked me to try something less surprising next time.

As far as I was concerned, it was a job well done.


Learn pregnancy danger signs

Warning triangle. Dad learns pregnancy warning signs
Most important of all, Dad needs to learn the warning signs that he needs to watch out for during pregnancy!

Please learn the danger signs to look out for during pregnancy!

It is really important to know what can go wrong during pregnancy so you can deal with it swiftly and effectively. That means calling a medical professional, by the way.

Prepare for the worst is the best approach. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be aware of the danger signs.

Just read as much as you can, and when you have finished reading about the danger signs, then read some more!


Understand what happens during childbirth

Brain, knowledge
Know what happens during childbirth so it does not take you by surprise!

I have a post that helps you understand what happens during pregnancy, have a read of that post and familiarize yourself with what you should be expecting.

Within the post, I run through what happens to the baby and more importantly, what you can expect your wife to be doing during pregnancy.

When you stroll into the hospital knowing what to expect, it will give Mom some confidence, which means less stress for her! Less stress is best, especially when you are about to go through the tremendous pain of childbirth!

Even after soaking up a vast amount of knowledge from books, friends, and medical experts, I was still not fully prepared for childbirth.

This is because it is not possible for somebody to know everything that could happen during childbirth.

As long as Dad learns what is common for childbirth then he is as prepared as he can be!


Understand what you will both need for the hospital

Pregnant lady laying in bed awaiting childbirth
Prepare Dad and Moms hospital survival kit weeks in advance of the due date!

Ultimately, you will need to have 4 things sorted before you even leave for the hospital, and that means preparing months in advance.

  1. Get the car ready for the journey and prepping the car to have a baby on board.
  2. Prepare your Dads hospital survival kit. That post will show you everything I needed during the hospital stay, and it was a stay too!
  3. Moms hospital bag.
  4. Get the house ready to host a newborn baby.

Get them sorted now, and your future self will thank you!


Why it is important for Dads to know about pregnancy

All of the tips above are genuinely things that a Dad needs to know about pregnancy, but why does he need to know?

Pregnancy can be a magical time for both parents, but it can also be a time when tensions are very high. This is especially true if it is Mom’s first pregnancy. Dad needs to be the person to turn to for advice, and for support.

A Dad needs to know about pregnancy because, like all things in life, preparation is key to success.

When my wife was pregnant, I went above and beyond when learning everything that I needed to know. I did this because I wanted to be able to answer questions, and I wanted to be able to offer support when it mattered most. Most of all, I actually WANTED to know the process.

I wanted to know what to expect, and that thirst for knowledge meant that I was able to be ‘the rock’ when my Wife had concerns.

Unfortunately, our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, which was the driving force behind me learning the vital warning signs that mean you need medical assistance.



When I was writing this post, the question wasn’t so much ‘What are the things a Dad should know about pregnancy?’ it was more ‘What did I wish I knew about pregnancy when my wife was pregnant?’

The rest was pretty easy!

Above all else, and this is good advice for pregnancy and being a new Dadpreparation is what is going to stop you getting into trouble. If you do not prepare, you do not know what to expect and it will cause much annoyance!

I prefer the easy life, so I get on it before I need to.

Now you are ready, it is time to have a look at the new Dad survival kit.

If you can think of anything else that a Dad will need to know about pregnancy please get in touch. Either leave a comment below or use the contact us page.

Good luck!

Top 5 – Best Baby Carrier For Flying

Best Baby Carrier For Flying

Flying with a Baby has the potential to be one of the worst flights you have ever been on!

How can you make it easier for you? How can you make it easier for everyone else on the flight?

You may be lucky enough to book a seat with a baby seat, or you may decide to wear a baby carrier.

What is the best baby carrier for flying?

Here, I take a look at the options…

The Best Baby Carrier For Flying

  1. LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier
  2. BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original
  3. Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling
  4. Baby Wrap Carrier
  5. 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Seat v Carrier For Flying

A few years back we took to the skies for a 9-hour flight, and because we booked early, we were able to book the ‘baby seat’ aisle.

It was awesome, but it had drawbacks. For instance, when the seatbelt sign was illuminated, my son had to move back to sit with one of us because it was unsafe to have him strapped into the baby seat. Every time he drifted off to sleep, the light would appear and we would have to disturb him. Every. Single. Time.

Using a baby carrier for flying is a fantastic idea and gives you the option to sit down, stand up, walk around, and lay back (a bit).

Maybe you can even catch some Z’s while your baby is!

The Best Baby Carrier For Flying – Top 5

The baby carriers are in order of my recommendation.

LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE Baby Carrier

LÍLLÉbaby  Complete All Seasons 6-in-1 Baby Carrier, Black

Lillebaby produces some awesome baby carriers, and this one is perfect for a plane journey due to the lightweight design and cooling airflow!

View Price On Amazon

In 2nd place, we have the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier, another fantastic option if you are looking for a baby carrier for flying, why?

Let me tell you:

  • Suitable from birth to 4-year old
  • Temperature regulating panels
  • Head support
  • Padded shoulder straps

The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier will keep you both cool during your flight, with the added confidence that you will be able to walk around the plane with total support. In fact, the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier has been given the seal of approval from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This is not just a great option for the plane journey, it can be used as a general day to day baby carrier too, so there is no excuse to not get your steps in!


BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original - Black, Cotton

The Babybjorn Original is still one of the best baby carriers! The excellent design will keep your baby comfortable on long plane journies!

View Price On Amazon

I have tried various ‘clip-on’ baby carries in my time as a parent, the model I purchased was, in fact, the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier.

I know how comfortable this is, and I know how comfortable my son was when he took a ride with me!

So why is it not the best?

Simple, when compared with the 1st option on this page, the ONLY thing it doesn’t have is the ability to increase airflow through the carrier. Sure, it is pretty ‘airy’ anyway, but it is good to have some extra options for when it gets hot, and it sometimes gets hot on a plane!

When it comes to putting the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier on and removing it, the process is very simple, even I can do it. When on, it is very sturdy and you will have no worries about the whole thing coming apart!

During the early years of my son’s life (well, the 1st year only, after that he wasn’t happy in any carrier), I used this carrier A LOT and never had any issues with my back, hips, or anything else.


Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling

Original Baby Wrap Carrier - by CuddleBug - Available in 8 Colors - Baby Sling, Baby Wrap Carrier, Nursing Cover - Specialized Baby Slings and Baby Wraps for Infants and Newborn (Grey)

Your baby will be snug in this awesome Baby carrier wrap!

View Price On Amazon

The Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling is the 1st of 2 slings I have taken a look at.

Wearing a baby sling has shown to be very beneficial for increasing the bond between parent and baby, so why not take advantage and build a strong bond on a plane too?

You probably know already, but babies love to feel snuggled up. You might already be swaddling your baby to help them sleep (If you don’t, you really should give it a go!). Wrapping your baby up in a sling will give them comfort, and will hopefully help them sleep during the flight?

If they are that great, why are they not the best baby carrier for flying?

I have not picked a wrap in the top two, simply because of the lumbar support that the others will give you. Part of your journey may involve walking around the aircraft in a fruitless attempt to comfort them. You might even spend a number of hours just walking around the same old plane!

If you do, then (IMO) you will need lumbar support because you don’t want a painful back on vacation, right?

Another drawback is as your child gets older, they will not find a sling as comfortable as the first 2 options. Having said that, you are probably here because you want to know the best BABY carrier for flying. The Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling will do the job.


Baby Wrap Carrier

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, Grey - Original Stretchy Infant Sling, Perfect for Newborn Babies and Children up to 35 lbs

This Baby wrap carrier will keep your loved one tight and comfortable throughout the flight!

View Price On Amazon

The Baby Wrap Carrier is the cheapest baby carrier on this page, but that does not mean it is inferior!

It is very similar to the option above and has exactly the same drawbacks.

The best thing about these types of slings is that they will be a cooler option for you and the baby. The material is much lighter than the first 2 options, and that means it could increase the comfort for you and the baby.

If your journey is going to be spent in a seated position (if you take a night flight, for instance) then I would recommend these types of slings above the others, simply because of the breathability.

I may get some conflict because baby slings have a strong following due to the closeness these slings give you when compared with the others, but I have tried these slings, and I have tried the clip-on baby carries. I vouch for increased lumbar support any day!

360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Windsleeping Baby and Child Carrier Backpack 6-in-1 Detachable Natural Latex Carrier Sling with Hip Seat, Suit for Newborn, Infant,Toddler,Kids - Black

Check out the lightweight design of this baby carrier! During long plane journies heat can be a problem, but not with this option!

View Price On Amazon

The 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier is the perfect baby carrier for flying!

Let’s have a look at the reasons why:

  • Easy to cool baby and parent
  • Lumbar support
  • Head support for newborns
  • Breathable mesh

One of the main pieces of functionality here is the easily adjustable panel that can be unzipped to allow extra airflow when things are getting hot on the plane! It is really important that you both keep cool during the flight so you can be as relaxed as possible.

If your baby is not happy and wants to explore the aircraft, take them for a walk! With the padded straps and lumbar support, it is going to be like a Sunday stroll through the woodlands…..

The 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier has to be the number 1 baby carries for flying!

Baby Carrier For Flying – What To Consider


The most important thing to consider is how comfortable the baby carrier is for both you and the baby, it goes without saying!

Remember, although the aircraft is going to have aircon, it can also get very warm. If I needed a baby carrier for flying, I would be looking at an option that allows the air to flow to stop us both getting too hot.

Easy Of Assembly

For me, putting together a baby carrier needs to be as easy as possible, especially if you are swapping around when one of you gets tired!

The baby carrier needs to be easy to wear and easy to put together. Do you want an easy to clip baby carrier? Or a baby carrier that you have to tie a few times. Think about the clips, are they going to dig in your back when you are sitting down.

Do Not Get A Bulky Baby Carrier

You are just going to annoy everyone, including yourself and your baby. Small, simple, and light are what you need.


Best Baby Carrier For Flying – The Conclusion

When you are looking for the best baby carries for flying, you need to consider your circumstances before you decide which one to go for.

Personally, I would prefer to have the option of a baby seat, although that is not always possible so you will need to consider an alternative.

The best baby carries for flying are detailed above and are in order of how much I rate them for the job they need to do.

As a Dad, I have been through different stages when flying. Before I was a Dad, hearing a kid scream on a plane would be annoying, then it happened to me, now when I hear a baby screaming on a plane, I just feel sorry for the parents!

Good luck on your flight!

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone? Try These Tips.

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone

Just when you think you have got to the stage where you can sleep peacefully through the night, your toddler hits you with a surprise! They no longer enjoy sleeping on their own. Nights = ruined. But what makes your toddler afraid of sleeping alone? They were perfectly fine last week…..

Getting your toddler to sleep is easy, KEEPING them asleep is now the challenge.

What makes your toddler afraid of sleeping alone?

There could be many reasons why your toddler has suddenly become afraid of sleeping alone. Let’s have a rundown of the most popular reasons:

  1. They regularly have bad dreams
  2. The darkness scares them
  3. They miss you and know you are only a cry away

In the tips below, I take a look at addressing these issues so you can get back to getting a full night sleep…..that is until they wake up FAR too early and expect you to play IMMEDIATELY.

8 Tips to make your toddler less afraid to sleep alone

Here are the 8 tips, but bear in mind the list is not exhaustive. Ultimately, you need to ask your toddler why they do not like sleeping alone.

When writing these tips, I attempted to talk to my toddler to identify any reason why he wouldn’t want to sleep alone. It was tough because his attention span is worse than a fish. I managed to get some info from him though, between random leg punches (he is doing the punching, by the way).

1. Talk to them

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone Talk To Them

Find out why they are afraid of sleeping alone

This is the most obvious first step and one that cannot be ignored.

Sure – you probably won’t get much sense out of them, but if you listen carefully they will give you a few hints.

As I sit here typing, I call my son over to ask him. The conversation genuinely went like this:

Me: Why would you not like sleeping in your own bed?

Toddler: Can I have a sandwich?

Me: Ok, only once you finish talking to me. Why would you not want to sleep in your own bed?

Toddler: Can I have peanut butter and butter?

Me: Just answer the question man!

Toddler: Monsters.

Me: Ok, but you know monsters are not real, right?

Toddler: They are real Daddy, there is one who lives in your room.

2. Be mindful about what they are watching

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone watching tv

Toddlers have got to the stage where they begin to concern themselves with things and objects that did not scare them before.

They are now learning that there are things in life to be scared of. When they are babies, they only have 2 fears, loud sudden noises, and falling.

As they progress through life, they begin to learn about other things that scare them. These fears are exacerbated by what they watch on TV. Even cartoons have scenes that introduce things to be scared of.

Be careful about what they watch on the TV, or on their tablet.

Ultimately, being scared of things is part of growing up. It is our job to teach them about irrational fears.

3. Get a light projector

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone light projector

I used a light projector when my son was smaller, and I use one now that he is a toddler.

There are tons of options out there, and I have even put together a list of the best light projectors to get your Baby or Toddler to sleep.

These light projectors are a great way to induce a relaxing sleep, and going to sleep in a relaxed mood should lay the foundations for a full nights sleep!

4. Get some plug-in nightlights

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone plugin light

In my sons room, we have 1 plug-in night light, and 1 battery powered Hulk night-light (He loves the Avengers!).

When kids first begin to get a fear of the dark, every item they see in their room has the potential to scare them!

Shadows in the dark – clothes hanging up in their room. In the dark, these can look pretty concerning to a toddler. If the room is illuminated (but not too much), when they awake, they can see these items are nothing to be afraid of and will (hopefully) comfort themselves and drift back to sleep.

5. Fool them

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone fool them

A few years ago, we went on a family vacation and my son slept in the same room as us.

We did not realize this was going to be a problem when we got back home, but it was. He would not settle down unless he could see one of us in his room. I am not going to lie, it took away at least 1 hour of precious time each night, and I wasn’t happy about that!

It was time to play dirty! 

Here is what I did:

I got a pillow and dressed it in one of my tops. I agreed that I would lay outside his room until he fell asleep. After a few minutes, and when he wasn’t looking, I replaced myself with the dressed pillow.

My evenings suddenly opened up to be much more productive! He didn’t have a clue…..but one day, I will tell him.

6. Get them to talk about their dreams

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone talk about dreams

We have all been there. You have literally just woken up from a bad dream, and for the first few minutes, you still think it is real.

In the morning, you remember your dream and think about how stupid it was!

Follow the same process with your toddler. Ask them in the morning about what was in their dream that scared them. Use that discussion to pinpoint exactly why it was a silly dream. Put their mind at rest that it was only a dream and it wouldn’t actually happen in real life.

Try to add some comedy into how they remember their dream, for instance, if they had a bad dream about spiders, get them to imagine a spider with a set of rollerskates on. Get your toddler to imagine it trying to stay on its feet!

Once they see the funny side, the fear factor will be much lower.

7. Spend as much time with them as you can

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone spend time with them

You may be thinking that your toddler is afraid of sleeping alone, but that may not be true.

Your toddler might simply miss you! If you work long hours and you do not get to see your child much, it is really important that you devote a lot of time to them when you can.

I am lucky, I get to spend a lot of time with my son, but I understand why some parents are not able to spend as much time with their kids.

8. Think about any changes in their life

Toddler Afraid Of Sleeping Alone any changes

Has there been a huge change in their life recently?

Most changes in behavior can be attributed to a change in life, so it is just a case of pinpointing exactly what that was.

It could be a new house, it could be a new pet, it could be something they have recently started watching. Have you read them a new book recently?

When we are chilling out, I am guided by my son on what we are watching (within reason, obviously). He tends to vouch for ‘Scary’ things to watch. He is also a little obsessed with TV programs and films that are not for toddler’s eyes. I am not talking about Horror movies, even things like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Carribean are too much for a toddler to watch.

Let’s face it though, some kids books are pretty wrong eh? Take The Little Red Riding Hood. (Spoiler Alert) in the end, the Granny gets eaten. Then a man arrives to cut Wolf’s stomach open and free her! That kind of thing can play on the mind of a toddler, so be aware.


Ultimately, you need to find out the reason why your toddler is afraid of sleeping alone. Only then can you do something to improve the situation.

The most important thing is that you speak to them about it. Kids will give you hints and clues as they mindlessly grasp for the right words to use!

Placate them by explaining why they shouldn’t be scared of certain things (like the dark etc).

If your toddler is afraid to sleep alone, then good luck, and work through the tips! I am sure you will get a successful outcome.

The result is that you get to sleep the whole night!

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old

Most Saturdays, it is just me and my Son. I love it! Now, some weekends I hit Saturday with a ton of plans, only for the weather to ruin everything. As I look outside and see rain streaming down the window, my first thought is, ‘I need some indoor activity ideas for a 2-year old’.

I need something fun, I need something energetic, and most of all I need something that does not involve a lot of cleaning up!

It is tough, and if the truth is told, he will be happy just sitting around playing with his toys, as long as I am with him then that is good enough for him. It is too late though, I have already tested myself with the question!


Are you pausing all outdoor toddler activities, just because it is raining?

No, certainly not. I have never been afraid of getting wet…but if it is cold AND wet, there is no chance of me stepping out of the front door!

It is not only the cold and rain that can prompt us to look for indoor toddler activities, but there are also many more reasons. You may not be feeling 100%, it may be TOO hot. Whatever your reasons, let’s take a look at some of the activities I have enjoyed with my Son.


Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the idea that you can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Mayne of the indoor activity ideas below include basic household tasks, but don’t scoff the ides just yet. Kids absolutely love helping out if you make it fun….honest they do.

I generally cycle through all of these activities whenever the weather is too bad to go outside, and I do not want either me or my Son to go stir crazy indoors. Some days, he is just not interested in one of them, so I move onto the next until he agrees.


1. Learning

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old learning

Your toddler is a toddler. They do not know much, and it is your job (in part) to teach them how to be a fully functioning human being. I love this part, it is like having a fresh canvas to work from, and their brains are ridiculously quick at picking things up at this age, so use it to their advantage!

I am not talking about letters and numbers here, I am talking about ANYTHING they do not know but need to.

Here is a quick list of subjects:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Eating (Using cutlery)
  • Going to the toilet (Potty training time?)
  • Crossing the road (Make your own road indoors, it is safer)

The list is actually endless because there is a great deal that a Toddler does not know!


2. Painting

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old painting

Ok, so it would be better if you are fully prepared for a Toddler painting session! If you are not prepared, and as long as you have water-based paints, it is cool.

What do you need for a Toddler painting session? Here is a list:

  1. Washable Paint
  2. Plastic Protection
  3. Old Clothes (for both of you)
  4. Paintbrushes
  5. Kids Apron
  6. Separate paint pots
  7. Painting Pad

Not all of that is necessary – but I have every single one of those items because it helps limit the mess they are going to make!

You could go ‘full on child artist’ and get a kids easel, that would save a bit of cleaning!


3. Assault Course

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old assault course

My Son and I absolutely love this one!

It involves getting anything and everything out….chairs, tables, beanbags, cushions… name it.

All you need to do is work with them to design the assault course.

Begin at one end of the house and place various objects in the way. Then simply run them through the course a few times and they are off!

This isn’t just about running around, get them crawling under chairs, jumping onto cushions, climbing over the bean bag. It is perfect! Setting up an assault course is a great indoor activity for a 2-year old, or older! You will get them worn out in no time and it is a great way to battle childhood obesity.

The only downside is clearing up afterward!


4. Cooking

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old cooking

Ok, so this one can get tricky and will get messy BUT, Toddlers LOVE cooking…and making a mess.

What could go wrong?

It goes without saying that you will take charge of any ACTUALLY cooking. Do not let them get near anything hot, including (but not limited to) the cooking hob, the oven, the microwave.

Take a cake, for instance…..Simply get a bowl out, get the ingredients ready (Google this one, I do!) and work with them to measure out the ingredients, place them in the bowl and stir it.

Some cooking ideas for you:

  • Cakes
  • Flapjacks
  • Cookies


5. Cleaning

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old cleaning

You could save this up for the end of the day and get the cleaning done AFTER your Toddler has made a mess of the house.

My Son loves spraying liquid from a bottle. Water, mostly. When it is time to clean up, I hand him a water spray and tell him where to direct it! We begin in the kitchen and work our way through the house, and all I need to do is make sure he has the correct bottle in his hand, and to make sure he is not doing something he shouldn’t.

DO NOT give your Toddler any ACTUAL cleaning sprays unless they are harmless. Keep them away from any power outlets. In fact, when walking past a power outlet, remind them that spraying anything there is not allowed.

We have a wooden floor covering most of our house which is cleaned with spray, and some cleaning slippers!


6. Create Something Together

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old creame something

Literally, there are TONS of things you can create together!

You could create a rewards chart together, so they can figure out their own rewards. Creating their own rewards will help to embed the whole ‘reward process’ in their brains, because they when you get them to think of the end goal, it is much easier to get them to behave!

Head on down to your local Arts and Crafts shop and load up on things like pipe cleaners, clay, and kids glueThose items will cover you to create loads of things! A new superhero, a fairy, a present for your partner (serious relationship points!


7. Build a Fort

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old build a fort

We all have some old sheets around the house somewhere, right?

It is easy, grab a few chairs, grab the sheet, load up on cushions. Push the chairs together, close enough so the sheet doesn’t fold in. Put some cushions around the edge of the sheet so you can spread it out. Ensure there is enough room inside for both of you.

Maybe you can both make a flag to stick on the top of it. If the sheet is truly old and you have no need to use it again, why not paint it first? Get some handprints on it to make it their own. Now you have turned an old sheet into memorabilia!


8. Build a Space Rocket

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old build a space rocket

I am not going to lie, this is very similar to the fort above, but this time you are going to throw in a few sheets of aluminum foil because we all know that the NASA rockets are made from old bedsheets and foil, right?

Has your toddler got a hat or a baseball cap? Wrap some foil around one to make a space helmet!

The important thing here is that you play your part. You are supposed to be in space (when it lands) so pretend to be in space.

You can use this as an opportunity to teach them about planets and the solar system. Pretend to me on the moon and explain that you need to wear shoes or you will float away. Don’t get too close to the Sun because it is hot. Run through a list of planets to kickstart a love of space and the planets!

Above all else, this is awesome fun, so enjoy the memories. It is one of the TOP indoor activities for a Toddler.


9. Write a Kids Book

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old create a story

Kids have an awesome imagination, so take advantage.

Begin with a pad and a pen. Explain that you are both going to write a book together (like a book you regularly read your Toddler).

First, you need a protagonist, what is their name? How old are they? Are they a secret superhero? If it even a human being, why not a Dog, or a Cat?

Then run through the story. I guarantee that (assuming they buy into the story!) you will be surprised and amazed as you witness their imagination kick in. Even as a 2-year old, it is surprising. This may be an indoor activity for a ‘late’ 2-year old, instead of a Toddler who has recently turned 2.


10. Make a Shop

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old create a shop

Kids love acting out things they see on a regular basis. As you visit shops with your Toddler, they are more than used to seeing shop assistants get on with their work. They will have been watching.

Simply set up a few chairs and grab some supplied from the kitchen (tins of food mostly). Get some loose change from your wallet (or use their piggy bank money, and don’t forget to put it back!).

Now you have a shop! Work through various transactions and use it as an opportunity to teach them about money. You can introduce some basic math, even if your Toddler is not interested, they are picking it up, I am certain of that.

In case you haven’t guessed, I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to teach them something!

It is also a good idea to introduce the concept of paying with a card.



If you are looking for indoor activities for a 2-year old then I have you covered in this post! In fact, it isn’t really just for 2-year olds, these tips cover some indoor activities for Toddlers in general.

These activities are cycled through on the days where it is just my Son and me, and outdoor activities are simply not going to happen!

Hopefully, these tips will stop you going stir crazy at home with a Toddler! They have certainly gone some way in preserving my sanity when the weather is not treating us nicely.

Whatever indoor activity you choose to do with your Toddler, always look for activities where they are useful, educational and there is not much cleaning up to do afterward.

If you think I have missed any activities off, then please get in touch, or by leaving a comment below.

Finally, I will leave you with this thought:

When my Son and I are stuck indoors and we are deciding what to do, I tell my Son what I want to do, he tells me what he wants to do. After a brief period of negotiation, we do what my Son wants to do.

Good luck!