13 Of The Best Hospital Snacks For Labor

You are preparing for the arrival of your baby (boy or girl). You are already packing the maternity bags. After all, the baby gear is ready, and you are already making plans for the birth announcements. You may already have a list of the family members to inform. 

Now, you need ideas on snacks to pack into the hospital bags for yourself and your partner. At this point, you may wonder, “Can I even eat during labor? What are the best snacks?’ So there is no universal answer to that question. 

You need to check in with your doctor and explain your pregnancy conditions. Your doctor will advise whether you can eat or not.

If your doctor/hospital policy allows or encourages you to eat during labor, below are some healthy snack options you can pack into your bags.

13 Of The Best Hospital Snacks For Labor

Best 13 Snack ideas for your hospital bag during labor

Trail Mix

If you love varieties, trail mix is a good option for you. You can get a ready-made one or get the ingredients and make one at home by yourself. I would do the latter if I were you.

Preparing the trail mix by yourself at home gives you the freedom to put in things you love. Some of the ingredients you can consider are nuts, chocolate, raisins, pretzels, and any other ingredients you would love (It’s your mix anyways).

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That said, if you get the trail mix from a store, you’d be glad you did all the same. Trail mix qualifies as one of the best snacks during labor because it is highly nutritious. 



Sandwiches can also be very nice, especially for the father-to-be. For example, you (as the mother-to-be) may not have much appetite. Nevertheless, your partner will appreciate a sandwich. 

He would need to eat during those breaks he gets from holding your hand. However, if your doctor/hospital allows, you can consider sandwiches with fillings like peanuts, cheese, etc. Just be sure that whatever you would be filling in your sandwich is healthy. 


Nuts are sources of healthy fats and proteins. They can also help lower cholesterol. Does that sound good? The nutritional benefit alone is a good reason to include nuts as a snack in your hospital bag.

Another advantage of nuts is that they do not get squashed or spilled in your hospital bag. Hence, it is easy to pack. So you have different nuts to pick from-plain nuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, chestnuts, hazelnut,  peanuts, pine nuts, walnuts, and lots more. 

You can pick anyone you love or even choose to mix them. 


Yogurt is not only a source of protein. It is also a source of probiotics-which helps keep your tummy calm. As if those were not enough, yogurt is also a great source of healthy calories. If you are not hungry yet need something light and delicious, you should consider yogurt.

It is better if the yogurt is unsweetened. Still, you can take it with nuts or fresh fruits (your choice). Freezing the yogurt will be nice too. 

Applesauce Pouches 

Applesauce Pouches

If the hospital does not have apple sauce, you should bring yours. Apple sauce gives you the same nutritional value as fresh fruits. Unlike fresh fruits, however, you do not need to worry about them getting bruised or crushed. 

Moreover, applesauce is one of the healthy snacks and is easy to suck down before and even after labor. There are different flavors available. Be sure to choose the kind of flavor that pleases you. 

Your partner (the father-to-be) will also find applesauce pouches refreshing while he waits to meet his baby. 

Cheese sticks 

Here is another pretty nice snack for your hospital bag. If the hospital food does not satisfy you, you and your partner will find cheese sticks the perfect snack choice. 

They are in varieties. There are different choices available at grocery stores. But if there is no freezer or fridge, you might want to eat them as soon as possible. So they do not spoil. An alternative is to keep them in cooler bags, where the cheese sticks last longer. 

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Honey sticks

The time of labor is not a fixed parameter. Honey sticks can come in handy when your time in the hospital is elongated-particularly for Dad. So, you want to pack along with other things in your hospital bag. 

It is very delicious and also a healthy option. They contain no processed sugar. However, if you get tired from labor and need an energy boost but can not take an actual meal, honey sticks can also give you the energy you need. 

Additionally, honey sticks are easy to pack as they are small. Hence,  they carry well in your hospital bag. 

Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Granola bars are especially great choices for mothers both during and after labor. As a source of fiber and carbohydrates, granola bars can be helpful to laboring mothers. 

It releases energy slowly. Therefore, it helps to keep stamina up throughout the labor period. So, make sure you stuff your favorite granola bars into the hospital bag. You will be glad you did. 

Fresh Fruit or dried fruit

After you have finally met the baby (that is, after birth), the mother needs a lot of vitamins. However, several fruits can be the primary source of vitamins. These can be fresh fruit or dried fruit. 

If you can keep them from bruises, you should pack bananas. They are perfect snacks before and after delivery. Bananas contain natural sugars, which can be very helpful in providing a quick energy boost if your labor is prolonged. 

Dried fruits are to be saved for later if you spend longer than expected at the hospital. You can also make the fruits into fruit leathers. Fruit leather is a blend of different fruit dried in the oven. Like dried fruits, it lasts longer than fresh ones. Still, it is as refreshing.

Banana chips are also a great option!



You can also include muffins as snacks in your hospital bag. Your muffins can be homemade. That way, you get to do it just how you love it. But you may not have enough time to start baking. 

So, you can have your partner get your favorite muffins from the grocery store or a bakery. Your partner should also remember to get some of his favorite muffins, should you stay at the hospital together. 

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Moreover, muffins contain a lot of carbohydrates. 


While waiting for the big news (announcement of the new baby’s arrival), the father may like munching on some crackers. The crackers can help handle the soft hunger pangs that he’ll most likely feel. 

As the mother also, crackers come in handy during nauseating moments. Furthermore, crackers are easy to pack and light. You can eat as many as you need to. You can pick any of the varieties available. 

Crackers are also lovely when you crave something light. 


Oatmeal is another healthy snack you can pack into your maternity bag. It is a good source of fiber and antioxidants. What’s more? It is gluten-free. Plus, it can also help to lower your blood sugar levels. 

Oatmeal is relatively easy to prepare (provided you have hot water or you can get it).  



How could we have mentioned so much to eat without speaking of water? Anyways, potable water may be obtainable at the hospital. However, making provisions for yourself is a safe choice.

Medical professionals advise women in labor to stay hydrated throughout the labor period. In addition to water as drinks, you can have electrolyte drinks or coconut water to keep you refreshed. That said, coconut water is recommended over electrolytes because it does not contain sugars.  

Tips when you pack snacks for the labor

Take note of the following when packing hospital snacks for labor;

  • Try and confirm that the hospital does not have what you are bringing. So you will not be stressing yourself unnecessarily.
  • Pack snacks that can be bruised/squashed (if you must bring them) in containers/snack packs.
  • Bringing ice cubes in a thermos flask can also be helpful.


Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! As you get closer to your due date, it’s essential to start thinking about what you will want and need during labor. These can all be included in your hospital bag snacks.

One thing to remember is that having snacks available can help make the experience more comfortable. The above 13 items are some of my favorite hospital snacks for labor.

Good luck with the childbirth, and prepare the snacks for your hospital trip soon! If you go into early labor, at least you will be prepared with a full-on hospital survival kit!

What snacks do you plan on bringing with you to the hospital?


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