The moment your kid walks for the first time is immense! I was lucky to be there when mine took his very first step!  It didn’t last long, and he fell flat on his ass after 4 steps. But they were his first. Immediately afterward, you realize they can reach stuff they couldn’t reach before. On this page, I give you some:

Tips for making your house toddler proof

…..because I have learned them (some the hard way), and because you will need them!

Before I start, there is very little time between the first steps, and them running rings around you, so act fast!

1. Get Electricity Socket Blanking Plates

Toddler safe house electricity

This is a must! Although most do not have holes big enough to get even the smallest of fingers in, there is always a danger of getting a wet finger close enough to be dangerous.

Get some blanking plates like these. They are cheap enough, easy to remove when needed, and they will make you a little bit more relaxed for when they start moving about.

2. Get Draw and Cupboard Locks

There are 2 reasons why you will want to get these.

  1. It stops them getting to dangerous stuff, like knives, forks, glue etc.
  2. It stops them taking stuff out, never to be seen again.

2 main options for you here are the magnetic door/draw locks, or adhesive door/draw locks.

3. Move Your Cleaning Gear To A Higher Cupboard

Drinking bleach has some pretty nasty side effects, like death. I understand that recovery from death is challenging.

Remove the potential for death from ingesting bleach by removing the bleach.

While you are moving it, make sure the rest of the cleaning equipment is moved too.

I am sure you can recover from drinking window cleaner, but it is an extra cost you do not need.

I simply moved the contents from the cleaning cupboard under the sink, to a cupboard (my) shoulder height.

By the time he can reach it, he will hopefully not be stupid enough to drink it.

Also – move the medicine up high!

4. Buy a Knife Rack For The Sharp Ones

hide the knives Toddler safe house

My toddler can no longer reach anything dangerous in the kitchen. That is a relief for me, as a semi-responsible grown up.

I have left some fun stuff within reach, like flour and rice, but that is the rebel in me.

Knives are different though, and I don’t want my toddler to accidentally cut off one of his ears…..or even worse, one of mine!

One of these is very useful for keeping them out of harms reach.

Or you could just turf your out and replace them with a knife set, including holder!

5. Make Sure Sweet Stuff Is Unreachable

Feel free to ignore this, but you your back is turned, they know where the sweet stuff is.

They will eat it, and they will spend the next hour being hyperactive before suddenly crashing.

That is not the worst part either.

They might be your sweets, so think about it.

6. Be Careful Of Electrics

Not to be confused with tip number 1!

Water and electrics do not mix. Water and kids rarely mix. Electric and kids also do not mix.

Put all three together and you are in big trouble!

There is no reason for a child to get hold of some water and throw it on an electrical item that is plugged in.

No reason at all.

But, will that stop them from doing it?


Take away the option. Do not leave anything plugged in that they can get wet.

My wife regularly left her hair dryer or straighteners plugged in and switched on.

The first step was to ask her not to.

Then I had to tell her.

Then I had to unplug them and put them on top of the wardrobe.

I got some grief, sure I did, but I would rather get some grief than the other, more permanent, deathy option.

7. Baby Gates

Toddler safe house stair gate

My toddler has only fallen down half of a flight of stairs, and he seemed cool with it.

Sure, he cried a bit….but it was more due to the shock. 

At first, he was holding on to the rail, all sensible like. He got halfway down the flight of stairs, taking it easy. I was behind him, by the way.

I said something, I can’t remember what. He turned to answer me, mid-step. That was the moment. Footing was lost…down he tumbled.

He had a lesson to learn, don’t look back when you are walking down the stairs. There was a lesson for me too, always walk in front of him coming down the stairs, always walk behind on the way up.

Anyway, I digress a little. Get yourself one of the . Better safe than sorry.

When you do buy one, make sure an adult can open it with one hand.

That will sort you out for a few months until they learn to open it….then you have no chance!


To conclude, the 7 tips for making your house toddler proof are an excellent start on your journey bringing up a little human.

Every time I walk into a room, I look around at everything. I check the table, the fireplace, the floor….literally everywhere.

I do this because I want to make sure there is nothing within reach that could do him some harm. If there is, I remove it.


If you know any more tips, get in contact!