Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old

Indoor Activity Ideas For A 2-Year Old

If you are looking for some fun, indoor activity ideas for a 2-year old, then I am here to help you out with these 10 tips!

When the weather is bad, simply cycle through these educational, fun, and (some) energetic activities to keep you both entertained.

help your child overcome fears

Help Your Child Be Less Scared And Reduce Anxiety

After a recent episode on a kids slide, I realized that maybe my Son was getting a little too scared of life, and needed some help, guidance, and reassurance that everything was cool. It was that moment when I decided to give some tips for making your child less scared and less anxious about certain things in life.

Teach your kid self defence

Why You SHOULD Teach Your Toddler Self Defense

Teaching your Child self defence will improve their mind, body, and will increase confidence when dealing with situations in life. I was taught Judo from a young age and I was a very confident kid! Not only does it give your child massive benefits, you also get to spend more time with them! Win-win!

entertain your toddler

Entertain A Toddler With These 5 Household Items

Time for Daddy Daycare! But, how do you entertain a toddler when they get bored so easily? If your toddler is anything like mine, they will have the attention span of a goldfish and become quickly bored with their regular toys! Use these safe household items to entertain your toddler and keep them quiet!

Surviving The Terrible Twos

Toddler Warfare – Surviving The Terrible Twos

When your child is going through the terrible two’s, you need all the help you an get.

In this post I give you my theory on the terrible two’s followed by some tips for survival!

There are also some prep ideas to reduce toddler meltdowns.

The key point is, DO NOT give in.

Kid refusing to eat

Kid Refusing To Eat? Here Are 8 Dad Tips!

When your kid won’t eat, it is as frustrating as all hell. They need to eat, and it is clear they are hungry. Are they just testing us? Probably. Here are 8 tips for you, which I have learnt in various battles with getting my child to eat his food.

Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks

Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks – Stop Toddler Intrigue

Here are the best child proof cabinet locks to make sure your kitchen remains safe! Knives, Glue and Chemicals are dangerous. Flour, Sugar and Rice are annoying to tidy up. Beer and Food are to be consumed in by you. Secure all these things using child proof locks in your kitchen!

Airplane Travel With Toddler

Airplane Travel With Toddler – 7 Top Dad Tips

Having recently taken another long haul flight with a toddler, I wanted to share with you some Dad tips for Airplane travel with a toddler. From picking the right seats to making sure you have all their toys on hand ready to stop a huge meltdown. Here are 7 tips to make the plane journey easier!