10 Gifts For New Moms That Aren’t For The Baby

Do you know somebody who has or is about to have a new baby?

You want to buy them something to accompany them into this new life they are about to discover.

Their sleep pattern will change, their body will be different (but still beautiful!), and the hormones that have ravished them for these nine months will continue to do so for a while.

Will all that in mind, where does that leave you, the gift giver? You want to offer her something for which she will find great use, but you don’t know where to start.

Here is where I come in, with my ultimate guide to the best 10 non-baby gifts for new moms.

Gifts For New Moms That Aren t For The Baby

Those First Few Weeks Are… Zzzzzz

Ask any new mom, and they will categorically tell you that having a baby is one of the best yet hardest jobs they have ever done.

Of course, the difficulty is replaced quickly by the notion that you have a beautiful newborn, but that doesn’t take away the change in both body and mind regarding a new lifestyle readjustment.

Moms are not used to being moms yet – and every woman I have spoken to knows that the journey certainly doesn’t stop when you give birth.

Everything is new, and it takes time to get your head around being responsible for another human being, so with all that in mind, a gift is not on the list of priorities for any mom.

Having a new baby means sleep, sleep, and more sleep, when you can, for however long you can manage.

10 Gifts for A New Mom That Are Not Baby Related

Of course, when a baby is born, the attention mostly diverts to their cute little faces. Everyone, and rightly so, will want to have a cuddle and a coo, and those are beautiful moments.

While you spend your time at one with the new arrival, your sleep-deprived friend or relative is sitting nearby wondering what she will eat that day, when she will start to feel normal again, and wondering what time of day it is.

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If I can offer you one token of information, the best gift you can give the new mom in your life is remembering her well-being during these frazzled yet fuzzy times.

With that in mind, let my ultimate list of the best gifts help and inspire you.

An Amazon Kindle

Kindles are absolutely amazing devices. When they first came out, people were slightly taken aback by their concepts (what are these things?!), but now, they have taken our hearts by storm.

What is great about them is that you can keep them on you at all times without the bulkiness of a book. Not only that, you are carrying around a device capable of housing millions of books!

41DeUXzCGVL. SL500

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As well as books, mom can read the newspapers curled up and comfortable in her own home without having to worry about nipping to the shops with a newborn, so good for those tired days when you still want to be in touch with the world.

Kindles are great gifts for new parents, and I am sure they will use them well.

A Spa Day At Home

There are some fantastic options for bringing the spa to your home. Although they may not have all the time in the world, there is always time to relax for an hour in the bath while the baby naps or is being cared for by a family or friend, and this mustn’t make anybody feel guilty.

After all, if a mom doesn’t take care of herself, she can’t take care of others.

Self-Care Subscription Box

A self-care subscription is very similar to a spa box, but it also includes some additional luxurious items that mom will love and will also use to chill out after a hard day of being a mom!

These boxes are put together with one goal: to relieve stress! Trust me, as a new parent, anything that relieves stress is ok in my book.

TheraBox has a beautiful and well-thought-out box available. It includes mindfulness activities and some real treats, and the value of the items is a lot more than the cost of the box – making it a winner in my eyes!

They are ‘Curated by therapists to increase happiness & reduce stress.’ It sells itself.

Diaper Tote Bag

Oh, how handbags change when you become a parent. Mom no longer skips out of the house with keys, a purse, and a phone.

And yes, I know this is a gift guide for non-baby-related gifts… but of all the gift ideas on this page, this is a real help to all parents.

New parents must consider diapers, creams, wipes, bottles, and spare clothes. That is the beauty of these tote bags! A diaper-carrying weapon in a new mom’s arsenal!

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Lekebaby has a great range, but this is by far the most popular, and I think it’s because it doesn’t look like you are carrying half your baby’s belongings around with you.

I love that it just seems like a cool bag.

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An Instant Pot Cooker

To live well, eating well is imperative. Sadly, juggling new motherhood may not be much time to chop, stir, fry, or roast an excellent meal to keep your energy and vitamins topped up.

That is where a slow cooker comes in!

41aKNwpnvgL. SL500

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Help them make sense of it all; these truly are the best ways to do that. Slow cookers mean you can throw everything into one pot and trust that it will cook itself. You have something warm, filling, and healthy waiting for you, and you’ve done the bare minimum to get it.

Post-Partum Bath Salts

I hate to break it to you, but childbirth sucks. You see in the media all these celebrities giving birth and the glorious time they have, but real life is messy and painful and can leave the body exhausted.

It isn’t comfortable to sit for a while, and scars may need to heal.

Bath salts will enable mom to unwind and take it easy for a little while.

41XAPm0h4NL. SL500

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I bought two packs for my friend because these salts are so incredible, and she used them so quickly she also treated herself to a pack.

Soothing and kind for any postpartum body!


Have you ever let your coffee go cold? You lose your cup; you forget it’s there or get busy doing something else.

Imagine you are a new mom, and you can’t even recall whether it is day or night, let alone where you put your caffeine fix.

Fear not! One of the best gifts you can give is a Thermos.

Seems crazy, right?

This simple gift idea can change the course of any new parent’s life by just being there and keeping warm.

Also, it would be great if you need a pick-me-up at the store.


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When I had my son, the house was scattered with cups of coffee, all half full (I’m an optimist) but either lukewarm or cold. It is soul-destroying when you have such little energy to get up and make something for yourself because your focus is not all about the baby, and I would have loved someone to buy me one of these.

Mom will appreciate any help she can get, and you may like to know that a gift like this would go down so well.

A Bath Robe

It’s 2 am, the baby is crying, you need to jump out of bed and see to him/her, and in your half-awake/half-asleep state, you shiver as you soothe or feed.

One thing’s for sure – you want to feel cozy.

She may appreciate a brand-new bathrobe.

41AqkEdICZL. SL500

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Mom Necklace

When a woman finds out she is pregnant, she wants to nest.

Everything becomes sentimental, from those tear-jerking adverts on the TV to certain songs she may hear on her journey to motherhood.

Why not continue the sentiment with a beautiful new mom gift like this necklace? I don’t know a soul alive who would not love to receive such a special and thoughtful gift that they can always keep.

41HgCNUeipL. SL500

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A Water Bottle

Drink, drink, and drink. New moms need to keep hydrated, especially if breastfeeding.

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Water gives lots of natural energy, so a reminder like this will be something they need.

Ensuring you have all the h20 necessary will keep the face, body, and mind as clear as possible with a newborn!

41dEFqCkf7L. SL500

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You might laugh as you think this doesn’t sound much like the sort of gift you initially had in mind, but I can assure you, water is the foundation of life, and after owning one of these, I can guarantee within a few days she would be lost without it.

Why Buy A New Mom A Gift?

Absolutely everything changes when you have children, and becoming a new mom means they will make little use of their time to self-care.

There will be diapers everywhere, new routines, and it won’t be easy.

Even in the middle of the night, when their baby is wide awake and singing (or screaming), new moms need to know that you have their back.

Ultimately – Think Self-Care and Gifts That Promote Positive Mental Health

Think outside the baby box when it comes to gift-giving for new moms.

First, let’s talk about the gift of self-care and relaxation. After all, what new mom wouldn’t appreciate a little pampering? A spa day, a massage, or even a simple but luxurious robe can go a long way in making a new mom feel like a human again.

And if the new mom in question is a bit of a bookworm, consider gifting her a subscription to an audiobook service or an e-reader, so she can read in peace, even when the baby is wide awake.

Speaking of peace, meal delivery and meal-kit subscription services are a gift that keeps on giving. It can be a lifesaver for a new mom trying to juggle a newborn’s demands and meal-prepping.

Imagine the joy of having a delicious, home-cooked meal delivered to her door without lifting a finger.

Also, don’t forget about the gift of a night out, treat her with a gift card for a restaurant or coffee shop, where she can enjoy a much-needed break from cooking and cleaning.

And lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a good book or a magazine subscription. A book or a magazine can provide an escape and a break from day-to-day monotony.

How about gifting a subscription to a book club or a magazine that she’s been meaning to subscribe to? Or, even better, a self-help book that will help her navigate the often-challenging journey of motherhood.

In short, when buying a gift for a new mom, remember that self-care and positive mental health should be at the top of your list.

A thoughtful gift that promotes relaxation, mental wellness, and much-needed “me” time will be appreciated more than anything else.

Conclusion – Thinking Outside The Box

The more you think outside the box, the more chance you will have of making a difference to the new mom in your life.

Many people would go for a baby-orientated gift – it is easy to find gifts like this, but let’s not forget that mom also needs stuff in her life that makes being a mom a little easier.

Whichever gift you choose, know that love is the personal reason behind it.

Good luck


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