Encouragement For Moms – Inspirational Quotes And Self Care Tips

How do you encourage a mom?

I was lost. Coming from a management background, I knew how to encourage employees, but a mom is a whole different ball game.

I wracked my brain for words of encouragement for mom… and although I got some awesome ideas, I thought it would be a top idea to ask a mom:

How do you encourage a mom?

This is her response:

Let’s face it; it is tough to get it right. We are teachers; we’re counselors. We’re cooks; we do it all.

No amount of books can fully prepare us for what it’s like to be responsible for a child of our own, and some days can be tough.

When we are pregnant, and even when our babies are firstborn and deep in the ‘New Mom’ stage, we get many visitors bearing gifts and words of wisdom. This wanes the older children get, and sometimes we can feel totally alone and, quite frankly, lost.

Having those moments where we can offer ourselves the gift of encouragement can be the difference between a bad day and a good day. It can be hard, though, right? One thing we need to do is be easy on ourselves.

Motherhood is a process, and every woman who begins this journey should know that.

Encouragement and Inspirational Quotes for Mom dadgodl parenting tips

5 Positive Mom Quotes to Use As Encouragement for New and Existing Moms

We all love mom quotes! Have we not all Googled inspirational quotes? I, for one, have been known to do so when I am feeling glum or wallowing in self-doubt. Lucky for us, we can make the best of these situations by a few taps on the computer or our phone, and before we know it, a plethora of encouraging words for moms are afore us!

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Here are 5 quotes containing my favorite words of encouragement for new moms. They also double up as great tired mom quotes!

Perfection Is Overrated

True as the sun shines, the perfect mom doesn’t exist. Even the ones who bake bread and iron fresh sheets with scented peony are not perfect.

What matters more than perfection is the ability to hold your hands up and say, ‘I don’t get it right all the time.’

inspirational mom quotes

On days where you feel like nothing is going right, rest assured that tomorrow will be better, and with a quote like this, you are sure to remember that we are not superheroes.

Kindness Rules

We know what a good concept of kindness is. We treat people how we wish to be treated, but how do we treat ourselves?

We forget, don’t we?

85% of the time, we aren’t focused or even considering our needs when elbow-deep in diapers or baby bottles.

Be kind to yourself quote

Remember that those seemingly never-ending moments of madness and sleep deprivation don’t last forever, and that’s what makes those gentle, calm, and soothing moments in between the chaos all the more worth it.

Be kind to yourself, and cut yourself some slack from time to time. You are the only one who can do that.

Don’t Doubt Yourself.

Am I doing it right? Will this texture be OK? Should I put them down more? Should I pick them up more?

The questions in our mind are circled like a Catherine Wheel, but what doesn’t help is how unsure we become of our own abilities to love and care efficiently for our children.

you are good enough quote

Your friend does it this way, your Mom did it her way, and should you be copying them? It is handy to see the advice others offer you, and even though they mean well, you need to make your own rules and routines because every baby, child, and teenager is different.

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What also works today may not work tomorrow.

You are good enough.

The Going Gets Tough

One aspect of motherhood that I know is relevant to many of you is that we forget our own strength. We did not get to today on fresh air and good luck; we got here because our own mothers raised us well, and we learned many a lesson along the way.

Life is tough mom quote

Today you may see life through slightly distorted eyes because you may be tired of wondering when it will get better, but in remembering how strong you are, you will be able to dig deep and push ahead.

The trick is to remember every mother goes through the same battles.

Affirmations, Ahoy!

AA. Milne is a timeless author with many positive affirmations, and this one is no different.

Stick Post-It notes around your room, give yourself a pep talk in the mirror today and start to love you as a mom.

Life is tough mom quotes

I know we may not believe them every day, but being a mom is different every day anyway, so you may well keep up the consistency of reciting affirmations.

If you particularly love one quote, have it on your phone as a background image, or written down and tucked in your purse for those moments, you feel like it’s all too much.

It Can Sometimes Be Hard Being A Mom

Now you have a few words of encouragement for mothers under your belt, and I need to offer some self-care tips that will help with mom encouragement by giving you some options for relaxing and unwinding!

Increase Encouragement – 5 Self Care Tips For Moms

Noting the importance of looking after ourselves is something we all need to be doing. In turning to self-care, motherhood

Never Underestimate A Bubble Bath

Take that much-needed time and space to relax and surround yourself with warmth. Light some candles, read a book, maybe your favorite drink of choice – we aren’t here to judge. We are here to encourage you! As much fun as it is to bathe your baby, mom also needs some tub time!

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Cook Your Favourite Meal

Remember the days you used to have the time and energy to cook up your favorite meal? You can still do this! It’s all about preparation, so even if you chop this or soak that throughout the day or the day before, you can make that dinner you used to adore. And you know what? If all else fails and you don’t have enough hours in your day, order it in.

Watch A Movie You Love

One of the go-to things I like to do is watch my favorite movie. I have seen them hundreds of times, but they offer me reassurance and coziness when I require them. Maybe your baby won’t settle or is wide awake at 2 am, which means you also are. If you want a lazy afternoon or an early night, the choice is yours.

Start A Hobby

Every mom is different, but good encouragement for mom can come in a new hobby. It doesn’t have to be water-skiing or rock climbing! You could try a knitting pattern or invest in some walking shoes. You probably don’t imagine so, but there is some time you can put aside each week for you to focus on something new, even if it is that new book you wanted to get your hands on.

Call A Friend

Have you got another new mom friend? Give her a call and release all your worries; I am sure she will do the same. If you have a friend that isn’t a mom, you may fair just as well giving her a call too.

You are still a person with an identity, and life doesn’t constantly revolve around giving birth and the pacifier debate. Make time for those who love and care for you.

Conclusion – Moms Are All In This Together!

Being a new mom can be daunting and scary. The journeys we undertake to get to that point where we are holding our newborn baby in a sleep-deprived daze are diverse and sometimes arduous. These words of encouragement for moms will help!

The biggest surprise is that the more you open your heart to new friendships and ideas, the less alone you will feel.

Keep going! You are doing a fantastic job!


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