Is Motherhood Worth It? 6 Reasons Why It Is

So many times, you hear that being a parent, specifically, a mom is the most thankless job in the world.

That when you have a baby, your whole life changes, and all of a sudden, you are fueled by caffeine and anxiety, running on fumes for the next few years.

New moms can paint it almost like a war zone, but when you ask them about it, they’ll tell you the good far outweighs the bad.

With so many stories, you may be wondering, is motherhood worth it? Even though the first few months are an adjustment, it’s not all bad!

Being a mom is rewarding and fulfilling in its own right, changing you and your life in ways you never imagined.

In fact, over 80% of women now become mothers, that percentage has increased!

Here are six reasons why being a mother is worth it.

Is Motherhood Worth It 6 Reasons Why It Is

6 Reasons Why Motherhood Is Worth It

I asked a good friend of mine to help me compile this list. She entered into motherhood as a young woman and has not looked back since!

Is motherhood worth it? Let’s take a look.

Learn and Grow as a Woman

mom holding her baby in the air laughing

You learn a lot about yourself and what you are capable of as a mother.

You never knew that you could achieve so much on so little sleep, but you push the limits to see what’s possible, learning about yourself along the way.

This is only compounded if and when you return to work, adding a new layer of responsibilities and stress.

It’s no secret that being a mother fundamentally changes your life, and while not for everyone, it is an important growth opportunity – and one that you cannot fully understand until you are a mother.

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If you thought you were at your limits before, you will learn just how much you can take on and start to grow in areas you never imagined possible in all the very best ways.

Foster Nurturing Side

mom nurturing her two children

Raising a child fosters a women’s nurturing side in new ways, helping you engage fully with another human being on a different level.

It’s a great responsibility and one that changes who you are at your core as a woman because you are no longer just responsible for yourself, your husband, your family, or your pets – there is another human being who is completely dependent on you for their existence, whether or not you choose to breastfeed.

You learn to put another’s needs before your own in new ways, developing new dimensions of sympathy and empathy that help you to care for your baby and fostering your innate sense of nurturing.

Role Model Behaviors

mom playing with her boy on skateboard

How you take care of your baby will completely shape who they become as a person – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Because of that, you will become much more aware of how you act and make changes in your own behaviors to be the best example for your child.

Our babies learn so much by watching us, that it is important that we become strong role models, reflecting on the things we wish didn’t happen as children or carrying on the positive behaviors that helped us become who we are today.

This is a responsibility that you should not take lightly.

Mothers are often our children’s first best friends, so it’s critical that you role model positive behaviors.

The next generation is a product of their parent’s actions. What you do can literally change the world, for better or worse.

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Become More Observant

woman observing through binoculars

Babies can’t communicate right out the gate in ways that are meaningful to you, but in some ways, you learn to become more observant and speak many new languages after you become a mom!

You will come to understand which cries mean your baby is hungry, wet, tired, or even that they want attention.

You will see small changes in behaviors that will signal a meltdown and learn how to distract to quickly avoid trouble.

You learn all these things by watching and understanding how to communicate with your baby. Now, this becomes easier as they develop language skills and can start to talk and ask for what they want or need, but in the beginning, it can be trickier.

As you piece together what it all means, it will also help you see, appreciate, and sometimes fear the world around you in new ways, but it’s all part of the process!

Having Fun

mom and daughter having fun on bike

The world is full of brand-new sensory experiences for your baby, and it is a great opportunity to let yourself have fun and explore!

Take your baby to the zoo and see all the baby animals.

Walk along the beach so they can smell the salty air.

Do all the things you want to do but may feel like you’re too old to do alone. You have an excuse now – you have a baby!

Having a baby gives you a do-over in some ways – you can explore and do all the fun activities that you wish you did as a kid.

And, seeing the world through your baby’s eyes gives you a whole new perspective. This is also beneficial for your child.

All these new experiences help further their development, so give yourself permission to have fun and explore the world around you through fresh eyes.

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Understanding of Love Changes

mom showing son she loves him hugging

No matter how much you love your partner, your family, your friends, and even yourself, once you become a mom, you understand a whole new dimension of love, one that grows every day.

This is because your body releases hormones when you become a mom, and these help you bond deeply with your child.

Through skin-to-skin contact, you are literally strengthening your bond minute by minute, which is why this bonding opportunity is so important for new parents, moms, and dads alike.

It’s not all psychological though. As you interact with your baby, guiding them through milestones, your love grows.

Your heart expands, making so much more room than you thought was possible.

You may think it is impossible, but you love your baby more each day, and that capacity to feel and love is a very powerful thing that fundamentally changes who you are and that alone is a big reason why being a mother is worth it.


The six reasons on this page clearly show that motherhood can change you for the better.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not to enter into motherhood, based on your own lifestyle and needs.

Some women are born maternal, and some are not.

Sure – motherhood has its drawbacks for women too. Lack of sleep, reduced social life, increased frustration with the baby doesn’t stop crying, to name a few. In my opinion, and it’s the same as fatherhood, parenting is totally worth it.

I can honestly say, I do not regret it in the slightest!

As your child progresses through each stage of life, your heart will be full of pride! Watching your child grow and develop is awe-inspiring!

Good luck.


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