Best Digital Ear Thermometer – A Vital Tool!

I have averaged 4.8 hours of sleep per night throughout the last 6 days as I write this. I’ve had a lot of time to work that out.

My disturbed sleeping pattern is my son has had the flu, with all of the classic symptoms! I should have taught him to blow his nose without disturbing me!

At 3 am this very morning, I thought, ‘I know what has come in very handy during this illness: a digital thermometer.’

Hence, this post was born! Here, I give you details of the best digital ear thermometer. I should know; I have owned enough of them!

How Does A Digital Ear Thermometer Work?

You stick it in their ear, press the button, and it tells you their temperature, right? Yes, but if you want to get more technical, read on!

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All temperatures above absolute zero emit thermal radiation; we can’t see this.

Digital ear thermometers use thermopile, which measures thermal energy and converts it into electrical energy. Ear thermometers read electrical energy and convert it to a predetermined temperature value based on the thermal reading.

So it uses infrared to measure the thermal radiation and converts it to show the temperature value.

The eardrum temperature has been clinically shown to be an excellent indicator of core body temperature, which you are trying to measure here.

The Best Digital Ear Thermometer – Braun Thermoscan 7

31mBdqafIaL. SL500

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  • Well known brand
  • Rapid measurement
  • Holds the last 9 readings
  • It must be comfortable – It never wakes my Son up!


  • More expensive than other options
  • Sometimes, I can’t find it, and I have to settle for another.

Top of the charts for the best digital ear thermometer is the Braun Thermoscan 7, which was the 3rd ear thermometer I purchased after I lost the first 2!

Out of the 5 I have owned since becoming a Dad, this is by far the best digital ear thermometer!

Without a doubt.

The temperature readings are very consistent, and it is so easy to use. Sometimes, when I take my son’s temperature, I immediately forget what I have just read! When you are reading the temperature of a sleeping child, you don’t want to be doing it twice. So even though it is a very comfortable thermometer, there is still a danger of them waking up. For that reason, I am thankful that it stores the last 9 readings!

It is the most expensive out of the 5 digital ear thermometers I have owned, but it is well worth it.

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If I need to take a temperature, I will look around the house for a thermometer. If I find this one first, I stop looking. If I see another one first, I might carry on looking for the Braun.

I hate looking for things so that in itself is probably the biggest endorsement I can give it!

The Best Cheap Digital Ear Thermometer – Alcedo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

41eqvQ9sQ L. SL500

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  • Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Holds 20 Readings
  • Clinically Tested


  • Must use the forehead function for kids less than 3 months old

I recently ordered this digital ear thermometer to replace the first 4 that are still lost in a house covered by toys.

I found the reading very accurate after taking the baseline temperature (you need to do this for all new thermometers).

However, this thermometer is a fantastic option for the price, and I will not hesitate to buy another when I lose this one!

Why Does Your Temperature Go Up When You Are Sick?

When you have the flu or an infection, it is either caused by a virus or a bacterial infection. In both instances, your body will initiate an attack on the virus. This can make your kid irritable and argumentative like they need a reason!

Let’s take the flu. The Flu virus causes it. To combat this virus, your body will react by:

1. Blocking Up Your Airway

It does this to stop other viruses and bacteria from getting into your body. Your body protects itself against a further attack with a blocked nose while dealing with the flu virus.

2. Raising Your Core Temperature

Your body will raise its core temperature to kill off the virus. You will need to keep an eye on the temperature because if a body gets too hot, it could begin shutting down essential organs in your body!

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You can treat a high temperature with certain over-the-counter drugs but be wary; a body is trying to kill the virus/bacteria by raising core temperature. If you treat a high temperature to try and bring it down, you work against the body! Sometimes, the high temperature will need to be treated. If you are unsure what to do, please speak to a professional (Nurse/Doctor).

3. Swelling

Your body will increase the size of the infected area in another attempt to ensure it blocks off any further infections entering the body.


It is essential to take a baseline reading when you first buy a digital ear temperature. Take a few readings when your kid is not ill and make a mental note. Then, when you have your baseline, you will be able to know if the temperature has gone up or down too much.

I have used a few digital ear thermometers as a dad, mainly because my wife and I are not that great at putting things back where they belong!

Also, when my son was old enough to pick things up, play with them, and when finished, put it in the deepest, darkest part of a room, we never go in, never to be seen again.

Time to buy another digital ear thermometer…and this time, we will put it back where it belongs.


Do you use a digital ear thermometer? Have you used the Braun Thermoscan 7 and have had a good or bad experience? Leave a comment below!


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