10 Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

Congratulations! You are going to be a new Dad!

Filled with a combination of nerves and excitement? I know I was.

In this post, I have put together 10 of my best tips for Dad during pregnancy! 

You now have what seems like an eternity to prepare for the birth of your Baby.

You don’t – trust me!

When you’re an expectant Father, you enter a new life where time moves much quicker than it did before. That never stops.

You need to spend that time very wisely!

10 Tips for Dad to be during pregnancy

10 Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy

Ask if you can do anything to help

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy offer support

During a pregnancy, Mom will be in some discomfort. Scratch that; Mom will be in A LOT of discomforts, especially in the 4th trimester. It is your job to see if she needs any help getting things done or needing food or a drink.

Basically, become a carer for Mom. You ask, and she demands. You do it. Life is much simpler, and this will earn you some serious relationship points.

Do not KEEP asking though

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy do not ask too much

Do not go overboard, though. Whilst it is good to ensure that Mom is as comfortable as she can be, it can get frustrating to be asked constantly if you are ok.

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If Mom says she is fine, then take that as the answer and get on with something else. We all know that even though Mom says she is fine, she may not be (time for me to duck)…but you have to accept that as the answer.

Let Mom relax

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy let Mom relax

Mom needs to relax because she is on a journey that ends in a whole world of physical pain, emotional exhaustion and will test her mental capacity to its limits.

During pregnancy, a big tip for Dad is to ensure Mom has everything she needs to relax and chill out from time to time. Stock up on bath salts, massage oil, and all that kind of stuff that Moms like.

Organize Baby stuff

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy organize stuff

While Mom is relaxing, it is your job to organize what the Baby will need when the time comes for childbirth.

A word of warning, though, before you order anything, check with Mom.

The list is endless, but take a look at my recommended gear for Babies and Toddlers for my personal favorites.

Being organized has some excellent benefits, including reduced stress levels and better food choices.

Keep the house clean.

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy clean the house

This is a personal favorite of my wife’s, especially during the latter stages of pregnancy when she was pretty much living as a beached Whale and couldn’t move much. I hope she isn’t reading this. If you are, I am only kidding, and you can stop reading now.

She was huge.

Keeping your home clean and tidy is not just Mom’s job. It is yours too. Ensure there is nothing to trip over and everything is put away where it needs to be.

Live clean

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy live clean

Eat clean, and eat well. Give up smoking (if you smoke), and cut down on your alcohol consumption.

Luckily, I gave up smoking many years ago, and to be honest, but if you are still addicted to nicotine, talk to a professional about getting some help to quit. You know you smell like a smoker, and with a Mom who has a sense of smell like a Dog, she will appreciate you not smelling like a smoker.

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As for drinking, I like to keep a clear head. You never know when you might need to act fast in an emergency. Pregnancy is a worrying time where several things can go wrong.

Stay within the limits of your local drink driving laws, just in case you are needed. Personally, I stopped drinking completely when my wife was pregnant, and I haven’t consumed alcohol much since.

Know the warning signs

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy know the warning signs

This is definitely the biggest tip for Dad to be during pregnancy!

Pregnancy, when it goes well, is Mother Nature at her very best. What happens during pregnancy is awe-inspiring. The Baby goes from one cell (right at the beginning) to billions of cells, and each one is created with devastating accuracy!

Unfortunately, pregnancy does not always go according to plan. Sometimes Mother Nature gets it wrong and mistimes a beat in the world’s greatest orchestra. That can have devastating consequences.

During my wife’s pregnancy, I took it upon myself to learn several danger signs that I should be looking out for.

You know that pregnancy can go wrong, and you now need to watch carefully so you can pick up on any issues quickly. If you spot a warning sign or something is happening that you are concerned about, do not hesitate.

Call a medical professional immediately so they can put your mind at rest or deal with it.

Prepare your home

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy prepare your home

Prepare your home for the arrival of your new Baby. Ok, so you have organized the equipment that the Baby needs, but have you assembled the crib? Have you decorated Baby’s room?

For me, this was one of the most stressful times of the pregnancy. Mostly because I am terrible at DIY, but also because I am TERRIBLE at DIY. I lose things…screws, screwdrivers, bits of wood, basically all the most important parts of the assembly.

Although, it does give you some time to yourself, which is also very important for a Dad during pregnancy.

It is not just Baby’s room that you need to prepare. Now is a good time to take a journey around your home to ensure it is safe for a baby to be in. I am talking here about moving knives out of reach in the kitchen, putting Baby/Toddler proof locks on the drawers and kitchen units.

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It will be some time before your Baby is navigating itself around your home, but you have time now. You may not have time again.

Know each pregnancy stage

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy get knowledge

I have put together a more detailed post for what a Dad should expect during each stage of pregnancyIn there, you will find out what Mom is going through, how the Baby is developing, and what is expected from you at each stage.

Forewarned is forearmed, so it is well worth you checking out that post in more detail.

Arm yourself with childbirth knowledge

Tips For Dad To Be During Pregnancy childbirth knowledge

Just after you learn about what to expect during pregnancy, you need to learn what is about to happen during childbirth. This is especially true if you are going to be a Father for the first time!

Things can happen very quickly during childbirth, so it is a top idea to arm yourself with knowledge. After all, knowledge is power!

While you are learning about childbirth, it is time to start thinking about what a Dad will need to help him survive the hospital. It is time to prepare your new Daddy hospital survival kit. From the 35-week pregnancy mark, always ensure your hospital survival kit is in the car, all ready for you to get to go when the time comes.


Above are the 10 tips for Dad to be during pregnancy. Ultimately, as the host of the unborn child, Mom needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts.

Put yourself in Mom’s position (without the huge belly overhang – if you are lucky), and think about what you would need.

  • Reassurance
  • Someone who deals with things
  • Comfort

You have to enjoy the ride too, but you must be selfless in almost everything you do. If Mom is the one who usually deals with things in the house, it might be a power struggle to get her to take a backseat. Dad needs to step up during pregnancy if he is not already dealing with things.

Remember to take some time for yourself as well, or you may hit the wall and burn out pretty quickly.

Good luck!


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