How Often Should You Wash A Toddler’s Hair? Here Is My Guide

Many parents struggle with how often they should wash their toddler’s hair.

Bath time is likely to be a battle for you if you have a toddler at home.

Many children cry, hit, and generally make it impossible to wash their hair. What suggestions do you need to know for that?

In this article, we’ll address them thoroughly so you can make an informed decision on how often you should wash your toddler’s hair and other related information!

How Often Should You Wash A Toddler's Hair Here Is My Guide

Toddler Hair-Washing

Many babies enjoy splashing around in the tub.

Even individuals who adore being in the water don’t always enjoy getting their hair washed.

If you waited a little longer between washes, she could forget about what was bothering her and be willing to try it again.

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Should You Wash a Toddler’s Hair Every Day?

Children’s hair does not need to be washed every day! But, as you may be aware, a two- or three-year-old may become extremely dirty in a short time. To begin with, a child’s body, especially the immune system, is still developing during the toddler years.

Head lice are always possible if your child goes to school or daycare, requiring an even more significant amount of washes than the average number.

What Are the Products That Assist in Washing Your Toddler’s Hair?

toddler washing hair (1)

Here is a list of some products that may help you in washing your child’s hair properly without any problem:

  • Shampoo washing cups. The brim of shampoo washing cups follows the contour of your toddler’s forehead; this makes keeping the soapy water away from her face and eyes much easier.
  • Clean flannel. Shampoo shields look like a cap or a sun visor and protect your toddler’s eyes from water and foam. Alternatively, your child could cover her eyes with a clean flannel or tiny towel while rinsing off the shampoo.
  • Special shampoos. No-tears shampoo is made specifically for newborns and toddlers, and it won’t sting their eyes if it gets into them by accident.

Why Doesn’t Your Toddlers Want to Wash Their Hair?

toddler crying hair wash

Almost every toddler goes through a phase where they refuse to get their hair washed. They may object if:

  • They have had shampoo in their eyes or lips, terrified of water.

Whatever the cause of your toddler’s bathtime tears, you may use a few tactics to help them calm down.

Can Any Accessories Help?

You don’t have to go it alone in this struggle! Purchase the following items to aid you:

  • To safeguard your toddler’s eyes while hair washing, use a sun visor, a special foam shampoo visor, or swimming goggles.
  • Earplugs can also be used to protect your child’s ears.
  • Allow your toddler to play with water as you wash her hair with bath toys, repurposed squeeze bottles, or spray bottles; this will not only divert her attention but will also help her link hair washing with fun!
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What Are Some Tips That You Can Follow?

toddler having hair washed
  • Accurate time. At the start of the bath, wash your toddler’s hair. If your child enjoys playing in the tub, she might be willing to put up with a hair wash in exchange for more fun.
  • Prevent stimulation. For small children, the sensation of shampoo running down their scalp might be overstimulating. So, before you apply shampoo to your toddler’s head, pour some on your palm.
  • Make sure you’re using a gentle shampoo. Washing a toddler’s hair is an adventure in and of itself! Don’t use a shampoo with a strong odor or excessively thick. Also, check if the shampoo you’re using has a tear-free formula.
  • Tilting. You might ask your toddler to bend her head backward while shampooing her hair. While you’re rinsing your their hair, hang some stickers on the ceiling to keep her occupied. If turning the head backward isn’t working, try forcing your baby to lean forward while covering her eyes with a dry cloth. While rinsing, this simple procedure will give her a sense of control.
  • Creativity. While shampooing your toddler’s hair, you can be creative. Some children enjoy having a large amount of water thrown over their heads. Others love a gentle trickle of water. See what works best for your child. You can also rinse their hair with a wet washcloth!
  • Eyes closed. Make sure your child closes her eyes while getting her hair washed. You can ask her to close her eyes or gently blow on her face. Finish your assignment as soon as your toddler closes her eyes!
  • Use dolls. Help your toddler become comfortable with this process by washing the doll’s hair together.
  • Use mirrors. Many toddlers like looking in the mirror while taking a bath. Acquire an unbreakable mirror and let your child watch themselves while you work.
  • Use Vaseline. Vaseline can also be applied to your toddler’s forehead to keep water out of her eyes.
  • Don’t stress. Don’t get upset if your toddler fusses while getting her hair washed. Keep it lighthearted and enjoyable.
  • Give comfort. You can’t stop all the tears, no matter how hard you try. So, after a hair washes, relax your child. Wrap her in a warm cloth and hold her close to you to do this.
  • Solve problems together. Rather than debating whether or not to wash your toddler’s hair, consider how to do it. You can ask her what concerns her the most if she’s old enough. Maybe she doesn’t like it when you splash water on her face or rub shampoo into her hair.
  • Do it together. Taking a bath with her is a good idea. Allow her to shampoo your hair and form silly shapes with it when it’s foamy. After having fun, she might realize that putting bubbles in her hair isn’t a huge problem.
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In summary, you do not need to wash your toddler’s hair daily.

Don’t be concerned if it continues to be a struggle. Most children grow out of their hate for hair washing as they age.

Hopefully, you know how often you need to wash your toddler’s hair and have a few extra tips in your arsenal for making it an enjoyable experience.

Good luck!


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