Toddler Demands Constant Attention? Try These 6 Tips

You are desperate to complete your chores, but your toddler will not leave you alone!

I have been there. You end up spending time with your toddler just to shut them up.

Chores never get completed, and yet your toddler still demands more of your time!

But it doesn’t have to be that way! Not at all.

In this post, I will run through the steps you can take if your toddler demands constant attention.

Hang on; before we start, ask yourself the following question:

Do I pay my toddler enough attention?

It could be that your toddler wants constant attention because they are not getting enough of it! Your toddler shows you affection but feels like they are not getting it back.

If the answer to the question above is yes, then we are good to go if the answer is no, then you know what to do!

toddler demanding constant attention

Why Do Toddlers Need Attention?

why do Toddlers need constant attention
There are many reasons why your toddler needs constant attention.

Toddlers need constant mental stimulation. Constant stimulation might be in the form of:

  • Learning
  • Conversing
  • Problem Solving
  • Imaginative Play

Without stimulation, your toddler will get frustrated and show frustration in many different ways.

It is essential as a parent to give your toddler the mental stimulation they need. If you are not taking care of that, your toddler may respond by constantly demanding your attention.

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Child Attention Seeking Symptoms

Child attention seeking symptoms
Let’s look at some of the most common child attention-seeking symptoms.

Let’s take a look at some examples of attention-seeking behavior in toddlers. Some are positive, some are negative, and some are point-blank charming!

Excessive Crying

This is the biggest child attention-seeking symptom. Crying. Why? Because they know that you will attend to them when they are crying.

Over time, you get to know your toddlers ‘cries’. You know when they are in pain, you know when they are sick, and you know when they are putting it on.

Excessive Questioning

Toddlers want to learn; they are in the best phase of their life for learning! They will question everything! When it is all of the time, it can indicate that your toddler is simply seeking attention.

When my toddler doesn’t pay attention to the answer, I know he is doing it to get my attention.

Excessive Hugging

Hugging is great, right?

Well, yes, but if it happens all the time, it can be very tiring! Especially when you have stuff to do, such as chores.

Toddlers can go one step further and want to be picked up constantly!

I am not going to say stop hugging your toddler, that just will not happen, just keep an eye on it and notice any patterns emerging.

Constantly Hurting Themselves

Does your toddler constantly hurt themselves, or are they prone to exaggerating an injury?

Unfortunately, toddlers are not very steady on their feet, which leads to excessive injuries.

However, if you notice that your toddler is injuring themselves on purpose, or exaggerating and injury, it could be a sign that they are pushing for more of your attention.

If your toddler wants constant attention and purposely hurts themselves to get it, you should consider speaking to a qualified medical expert to help stop it.

Fake Illness

Get yourself a thermometer, some plasters, and some bandages, because one of the symptoms of attention-seeking is to feign illness!

Unfortunately, it makes it difficult to distinguish between reality and fictional illnesses!

Overdoing Compliments

Don’t get me wrong; it does make you feel good. It is like having your positivity coach!

Overdoing compliments is a sign that your toddler is seeking your attention. They may well have learned that paying compliments will get your attention.

Toddlers learn fast!

Toddler Demands Constant Attention? Try These Tips

6 Tips If Your Toddler Demands Constant Attention Infographic

Positive Attention Seeking Chart

Toddlers love behavior/reward charts! You need to get involved if you do not have one because it 100% works.

The rules are simple. Be good, and you will be rewarded.

If you use a ‘star’ reward chart, promise your toddler a trip to the local park or a new toy when they receive a certain number of stars.

Be clear about what they are being rewarded for. Set expectations at the start, and it will not fail. Remove stars for bad behavior!

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Independent Play Ideas

Think of activities that encourage independent play.

Sand and water toys or lock and key toys are perfect for my son. He will sit there for hours (or what seems like hours) playing with these toys independently.

It gives me a chance to cover all the household jobs my wife has left for me!

Listen To Them

Your toddler may demand constant attention because they feel you do not listen to them.

While it is true their constant questions do get on my nerves from time to time; they are just learning about life. They need to be listened to.

If a toddler is never listened to, it may become a learned behavior that will be difficult to break in later life. 

Set A Timer When Doing Chores

One little trick I picked up when my son was demanding my attention was to set a timer when doing chores around the home.

Set expectations, such as, I am going to set a timer for 20 minutes. When the timer goes off, you let me know, and I will come over and play with you.

A timer also works well for bedtimes too!

Consider Play Dates

If you are drained and need some help with your attention-seeking toddler, why not arrange some play dates?

Please arrange for a friend to come over with a toddler and unleash them upon each other.

Sure, you will be refereeing for most of the playdate, but at least it frees up some time and teaches your toddler vital life skills, such as sharing and conversational skills.

Spend More Time With Them

I know it sounds counterproductive, but your toddler might need more attention than you give them.

Since the invention of smartphones, and our seemingly constant need to check in with friends every 2 seconds, I have noticed something. That is a reduction in QUALITY time spent with Toddlers and children.

Just because you are sitting there with your nose glued to your smartphone, it doesn’t count as time spent together.

Put your phones down and get involved with what they are doing.

I have done it before, and it is easy to be distracted by your smartphone. So whenever I feel it distracts me, I’ll leave it in another room.

Do Toddlers Need Constant Attention?

No, toddlers do not need constant attention! It is healthy to raise an independent toddler.

As a parent, it is our job to ensure our children are raised as independent kids, even though it is tough to let them go!

Why does my toddler constantly scream?

Under normal circumstances, screaming will elicit a reaction where you rush over to your child to see what is wrong. Your toddler will learn this!

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Another reaction (and one that I am certainly guilty of) is jumping when your child screams. Not only will that get your attention, but they will also find it funny!

Am I paying my toddler enough attention?

If you have noticed signs that you need to pay more attention to your child, then it might be true that you need to.
Consider other tasks you have in life and organize those for when they do not require your attention.
Every child is different in terms of neediness. Only you know your child, and you will know if you need to pay them more attention.

Are there any good ideas for independent play?

Yes, there are some excellent options for independent play, and finding the best ones is a matter!
I can guarantee that my son will play happily on his own with sand and water toys or lock and key toys. Duplo is another awesome independent play toy.

Your toddler may need some help when they first begin building things. Once their imagination takes over, they are away building things on their own.

Why does my child cry for attention?

Children cry for attention because that is what they are programmed to do. Nobody tells a baby they need to cry when hungry, upset, or scared. Instead, they are born with the natural ability to cry.

When a child gets to toddler age, they do not lose that ability. Instead, they have learned that crying will get your attention, which is what they do!

When should I seek help with my attention-seeking toddler?

The simple answer is; when you feel like you need to seek professional help!

Only you will know your situation, and professionals will help guide you through the process.


If your toddler demands constant attention, you can follow the tips on this page to help guide your toddler away from that behavior.

I like the idea that my son wants my attention. It means he enjoys spending time with me and always wants to do it. So I would miss the feeling if it weren’t happening.

Whilst a completely independent toddler sounds like a dream, how will it make you feel? Rejected?

There is a fine line between too much attention-seeking and not enough. When you hit the sweet spot, life is very cool!

Good luck!


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