Toddler Interview – 12 Fun Questions To Ask Your Toddler [Printable]

Are you looking to get to know your toddler more?

Do you want to get your toddler to interact with you more too?

An awesome way to do this is to give them a toddler interview!

Here are some thought-provoking and fun questions you can ask your toddler – expect some interesting responses! Some are open-ended, too, so grab yourself a coffee.

Also, some of these questions may seem a little challenging for a toddler, but it’s your job to reward the question if they struggle to answer them. Consider it a challenge for both of you!

Download the printable toddler interview here.

Toddler Interview – 12 Fun Questions To Ask Your Toddler

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At the best of times, kids come out with the funniest of things. Whether they be questions, answers, or simple observations. Let’s look at fun things you can ask your toddler to initiate potentially amusing or insightful conversations with them.

Always arm yourself with the idea that during the toddler interview, your toddler may fire these questions back at you – and will be waiting on tenterhooks for some equally creative answers!

Here is the toddler interview – 12 of the best questions for your toddler, good luck!

1. If You Had To Leave The House And Only Take Three Things, What Would They Be?

Ah yes, the good old, ‘what is the most important thing in this house?’ question. You think they will reply with answers such as the TV or their bed, but you might be surprised to hear what important aspects of their home they value the most.

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A question like this will give them some real room for thought. Your toddler might reel off items you hadn’t even thought of! It might be more ‘my bouncy ball’ than ‘daddy’s entire Star Wars collection,’ but roll with it anyway.

2. If You Were Given A Lot Of Money, What Would You Spend It On?

We all have our dreams, don’t we? Surfing houses for sale with an unlimited price range is something most adults do (don’t we…?) But children think far more outside the box. They aren’t interested in big houses and bright shiny cars.

You may have to prepare that your child may want $1,000,000 worth of sweets or Pokemon cards, and that’s OK. Luckily for you, your toddler is not in charge of that amount of money, so allowing them to daydream about a bed made of marshmallows is fine.

3. What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

The endless career possibilities of a toddler are diverse and, sometimes frankly, alarming. Hold on to your wallet as they list the world’s most expensively sought-after jobs, potentially on different days of the week. That adds up to a huge University bill, folks. Start saving now.

A doctor on Mondays and an Astronaut on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? Sure! The sky is the limit! Let their imagination and passion run wild as they inform you of their hopes and dreams. Ask again tomorrow, and you shall find yourselves with totally different answers.

4. If You Could Go Anywhere On Vacation, Where Would You Go?

Grandma’s house? The park? Maybe even a theme park? You want them to say, Bora Bora, don’t you? You want to picture yourself sunned and relaxed at one of the world’s most desirable places on Earth. Well, I had to break it to you, but.

Your child, to you, has the entire world to choose from but only really knows what you have shown them or what they have been taught. Expect a few giggles as their dream holiday may be simply the beach down the road. 

5. If You Were In Charge Of This Country, What Rule Would You Make?

Ah, yes, toddler leadership. It feels like the world is already run that way sometimes, right? Imagine for a second it was. What would children do to the world to make it run more efficiently? What do you think this world needs to gain some innocence back? Only one way to find out.

Your toddler might find ways here to rebel against your rules. ‘I would make all mummies and daddy’s let their children eat chips and candy every day forever.’ Wouldn’t that be fun, mopping up their puke as they indulge in yet another family-size bag of chips?

6. If You Were A Teacher, What Would You Teach?

Toddlers are highly likely to be unaware of academic subjects, so getting answers such as geography or physics is improbable. However, and far more excitingly, you may learn that there is such a career as a teacher of poop in your child’s world. Who knew?

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This is also an excellent opportunity to hear perhaps the surprising answers that intrigue your toddlers, such as a teacher of building things or a teacher of running or football. It’s a great way to ask and support those things your little one is interested in.

7. If You Opened Your Shop, What Would You Sell?

Playing shops is a very popular game with toddlers and children alike. Kids love to role-play, from selling fruit and vegetables to clothes or toys. But what exciting answer could they give you if you asked what they would sell in their shop?

Conversations that encourage talking in general, be it about great things or problems, are fantastic for allowing creative words to form and giving children the time to explain themselves to you. It may take a while for them to get everything out that they want to, but when you are silent to them, you are listening.

8. What Is Something You Are Good At?

Don’t assume this will be a one-answer question! Your child will think long and hard about what they love and what they are good at doing. It will be even more insightful if your child is naturally shy and doesn’t often give his or herself a pat on the back.

Great practice for allowing your little ones to consider their strong points. It indicates how confident they are regarding a bit of self-love talk or how they perceive themselves. Asking your toddler what they are good at is incredibly open-ended and is great for recognizing strengths, no matter how big or small they may be.

9. What Is Something You Are Looking Forward To?

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you ask this; there will always be an exciting occasion on the horizon for your toddler, even if it is what they will have for dessert that day. Little or large, there will be some extremely positive answers to this fun question.

This question is fun because you can look forward to something instead of the usual fret or worry that comes with the future. A great tool for shaping what’s to come in a more friendly light.

10. What Would You NEVER Want to Do?

It could be more fun than you think. You assume a perilous answer will come out of your toddler’s mouth. You assume you will hear their worst nightmares, and you probably will. But it is doubtful they will be what you anticipate.

‘I NEVER want to eat peas again.’ I NEVER want to get a pet spider.’ You can stifle a giggle as you hear something categorically OFF the cards for your little one. Often, young children get very little say in what they do as they are taken to the shops or places that the adult caring for them has to go, so in essence, you are opening a can of worms by asking this. A fun can, though.

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11. What Are You Scared Of?

Fears are a natural part of childhood, but they can easily cross the line to become real issues if not ironed out appropriately. The art of asking what scares your child allows us to see what is real and tangible in their eyes. Even if they seem irrational.

A toddler interview is a great way of finding out what scares your little one, and this is one of the best questions for a toddler because you can use the answer to improve their life!

Once you know what scares your toddler, you can work on diminishing these issues and interacting with whatever they seem to fear by exploring situations, animals, or items together. It is a great way to respect what makes your child tick and empower them by helping them move away from their fears.

12. What Is Something You Don’t Understand About Grown-Ups?

When putting together these questions for your toddler, this one nearly didn’t make it simply because it might be difficult to get an answer, but you need to give this one a go because it will clear up many misunderstandings.

Adults and children don’t see things the same. Face value is taken with little ones, with little thought or concern for safety or logical thinking. It is what it is. So imagine asking children what they don’t understand about grown-ups. They want to learn and play from when they wake up until they drop into bed at night. Their worlds are full of wonder. But what do they wonder about grown-ups?

It can shock the system when your child turns to you during the toddler interview and says that you aren’t much fun. We try our best. We also have those mundane tasks to do, such as cooking, cleaning, and creating a tidy home for our kids, but what about if we didn’t know how to kick back and relax? What if they weren’t sure why our dressers were filled with various ointments and creams? Let them ask, and we shall answer!


Getting to know your toddler has never been more fun, and the more you ask, the more their imagination is blown wide open with all possible, quirky answers. A toddler interview is an awesome way of getting to know them!

Children think, feel and behave differently from adults, so it is no surprise that any question you ask that invokes imaginative answers will flow from their minds – you know – those minds that are still growing.

Explore getting to know each other in these fun ways!

Good luck – and please share your funniest answers!


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