Kids are a massive challenge, but I am preaching to the choir here, right? If it isn’t your kid refusing to eat, refusing to sleep in their own room, terrible twos… it is behavioral problems like hitting, screaming, toddlers biting or generally doing anything to test your own anger management technique. Here, we are going to take a look at how to deal with an angry disrespectful child.

When you are a parent, there are a bunch of things that your child can do in public to act up and show you up. For me, there is nothing worse than disrespectful behavior, because it shows up your parenting skills!

Let’s take a look at how you can deal with disrespectful behavior.

How To Deal With An Angry Disrespectful Child

5 Reasons Why Your Child Is Angry And Disrespectful

First, you need to understand what is causing the disrespectful behavior. Contrary to what you believe, it is unlikely to be because your child simply doesn’t like you!

Here are 5 reasons why your child is angry and disrespectful.

Testing Limits

During their short lives as kids, they spent far too much time pushing limits! They push and push see how much you will take before your head goes pop and you unleash a torrent of bad words into the open.

Don’t do that. I know it is tempting, but you are only teaching them to deal with stress in the same way.

Nobody said parenting was easy.

Learning Emotions

Your child might just be learning how to deal with emotions. You might have just rejected a request for candy, or a toy. The only way they can deal with anger (at the moment) is by being disrespectful and angry.

We know that it is not the correct way to respond, but they don’t. It is up to you to show them how to.

Anger Issues

It sucks, but your child might have anger issues. Some folks have a short fuse, and that is fine if you both know how to deal with it correctly.

If the anger is too much, it might be time to call in an expert, so use your own judgment here.

Learned Behavior

Are you disrespectful and angry? When confronted with conflict, do you deal with it in the correct manner?

Kids learn from their parents, so one of the most important things you can do it take a look at the way you deal with things. Approach this with an open mind. If you truly want to stop your child’s disrespectful and angry behavior, you will have no problems questioning your own.

Your Child Does Not Respect You

It could be that you are simply not respected by your child or children. This is very dangerous because your child will see you as a target and they might begin to bully you too. If that happens, it is difficult to pull back from.

If you think that your child does not respect you, it is time for some serious changes in your life! Otherwise, it could lead to you being rejected by your child.

5 Ways To Deal With An Angry Disrespectful Child

5 Ways To Deal With An Angry Disrespectful Child Infographic

Dealing with disrespectful behavior in a child is not easy, and it is definitely not going to be a quick thing! You need to take your time, and be persistent. The first steps are the easiest, but keeping the momentum going is the challenge here.

Set Boundaries

First step: Set boundaries. You need to sit your child down and tell them what you expect from them.

Bad behavior is not tolerated. Disrespectful behavior is not tolerated. Anger is not tolerated.

Adhering to these rules will result in rewards, and adulation!

Failure to adhere to these rules will result in punishment. Tell your child what the punishment will be.

If your child is already disrespectful, their reaction will probably be to scoff your new rules. This is only the start. all you need to do is set the rules. Job number 1.

Ignore the scoffing! You are the boss now.

Stick To Your Boundaries

When the rules are adhered to, then you should reward your child. Every time. Make a fuss. Sit down and explain that the way they have behaved makes you happy, and proud.

When the rules are broken. Call it out as bad behavior. Do not ‘let it slide’. If you let your child be disrespectful, they will respect you less.

Follow Through With Punishment

Should the rules be broken, your job is to follow through with the punishment you clearly set out at the beginning.

Failure to follow through with the punishment will result in less respect.

I hear parents making empty threats too many times! Threats like this at the airport:

If you carry on, we will not go on vacation!

Like you are going to throw away an entire vacation! Your child KNOWS you won’t. It doesn’t mean anything. It is an empty threat. Do not be one of those parents.

Be Respectable

If you give the impression that you are a walk-over, then you will be walked over.

Failure to punish your child will result in further disrespectful behavior.

If you do not respect yourself, you will not be respected. This will result in your child being disrespectful!

It is time that you learn to respect yourself.

Teach Correct Behavior

You are the parent. As a parent, one of your key responsibilities is to teach your children, right?

Now is the time to teach your child how to behave. It is time to teach your child the correct response to any situation that makes them angry.

You should lead by example. If you respect yourself, and others, they your child will learn from you and will be more respectful.

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Why is my child rude and disrespectful?

Your child is being rude and disrespectful for a number of different reasons. They may be testing your limits or learning how to deal with emotions. It could also be that they straight up don’t respect you! It could also be learned behavior, which is why your need to consider your own actions.

What causes a child to be disrespectful?

Your child may just be going through a phase where their disrespect is at an all time high, it happens. Your job to to teach them how to respect people. Begin by respecting yourself.

What are disrespectful behaviors?

Arrogance, anger, threats, shaming, insulting. These are all examples of disrespectful behavior. It is important for you to learn what they are so that you can address them as and when they happen.


The 5 tips on this page will help you if you need to know how to deal with an angry disrespectful child.

One of the most important things that you can do is show that you are someone who needs to be respected! Follow through on threats of punishment, get stuff done around the home. It is easy for a child to disrespect someone who doesn’t respect themselves.

Improve yourself to improve your child’s behavior!

Be consistent too! When you start to call out your child’s behavior, it is the start of a long journey that you must not deviate from. If you let disrespectful behavior slide just once, then it will take 5 corrections to make up for it. Every correction is a little win.

Over time, the behavior will be better for longer periods of time, with fewer signs of disrespect.

Good luck.

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