Daddy Daycare Ideas – The Fake Food Trials

There are times when I wake up on a Daddy Daycare day, and my mind is blank!

How can I entertain a toddler today?

I will be honest, some days, I just let him take the lead – and the fact that those days usually end up in an entirely wrecked house should not put you off doing something similar!

This time I had a plan.

Daddy Daycare – This Weeks Plan

This week, I wanted something to use his imagination and take a chunk out of the day. A chunk where he is not going to make (too much of) a mess.

This week – he is going to cook for me!

Not real food, you understand; I do not want it ruined! I am talking pretend food here. It is incredible; not only does it keep him entertained for an hour, but it also sparks off the imagination of a toddler.

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What Equipment Do I Need For This Daddy Daycare Task?

1. Toy Food Set

Plastic Food Toy For Daddy Daycare

It would help if you had quite a bit of plastic food because kids get bored without the choice that a complete set gives them.

It should be fine as long as it covers the basics, though!

Check out some recommended Plastic Toy Food sets on Amazon.

2. Toy Microwave

Toy Microwave

When I first bought my son a toy microwave, he played with it for hours!

Then he forgot about it – and now it has made a re-appearance! It is essential to have a toy microwave to pretend to warm it up when making fake food!

3. Food Chopping Set

toy chopping food set

Honestly, this is such a fantastic idea!

A food chopping set is awesome. Each piece of food is either cut into halves, thirds or quarters and is stuck together using velcro. Use a plastic knife to cut into the food like a real-life grown-up!

Using a food chopping set is strangely therapeutic for you too! Honestly, check it out!

How Do I Play The Pretend Food Game With A Toddler?


You empty all the plastic food on the floor and task them with creating some meals for you.

Then, please sit back, relax and watch them in action!

Here are some of the meals my son prepared for me.

Daddy Daycare Food – The Crackerjack Burger


This meal is created for those who enjoy a little sweetness to their hamburger.

The ingredients are simple:

  1. Hamburger
  2. Tomato
  3. Donut
  4. Ham
  5. Cracker

The first bite was tremendous. The succulent burger, cooked to perfection, melted in my mouth, cooled only by a small chunk of the tomato. It was a good start!

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The second bite was a little different from any other sandwich I have tasted in the past. The difference is the sweet goodness of a donut. It is not standard practice, but give it a go.

Overall, I give this dish 7 out of 10.

Sausage De Orange


This is a classic breakfast dish in the mind of my 3-year-old son.


  1. 1 Egg
  2. 1 Sausage
  3. 1 Slice Of Orange

This tasted great until I bit into the Orange slice and was devastated.

I struggled to hold back the tears as I explained to my son that it was an incredible creation. I think he could improve the taste if he didn’t warm it up using the microwave:


I rate this dish 4 out of 10.

The Brocolorange Egg Bap – Featuring Random Green Pepper


This is more like it!

Put a dash of pepper in anything, and it automatically tastes better.


  1. Egg
  2. Burger Bun
  3. Green Pepper
  4. Slice of Orange
  5. Broccoli

Ok, I wasn’t keen on adding broccoli, but I went with it.

The sweetness of a donut could only improve this majestic blend of savory flavors. It is a shame he didn’t think of adding it, but hey, he is the chef!

In the background, you can see a classic hot dog, which was outclassed by this magnificent meal.

I rate this dish 9 out of 10. The lack of Donut stops a score of a full 10.

The Icecream Onion Ring Combo


This is a ‘melt in your mouth dish and something that will win over even the harshest of food critiques.

It would have melted in my mouth if he didn’t first melt it in the microwave.

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It is a clear winner, with the main ingredient being one of the classic food groups, ice cream.

When I got down to the onion ring, there was a slight pause as my brain adjusted to the flavors. Imagine biting into a chip only to find a wasp on the end of it. It was ok, though, because the ice cream flavor eclipsed the fried onion ring to create an ungodly concoction of flavors, dancing over my palette like a graceful ballerina.

This dish is a clear winner – 10 out of 10. Well done, Son.


Daddy Daycare is by far the best time of my week! I can’t think of anything else I would rather spend my time doing, which is the truth.

You don’t always have to find things to do for Daddy Daycare; sometimes, just chilling out is enough!

During daddy daycare, you can find me being beaten up with a sizeable Incredible Hulk, being hit over the head with boxing gloves, or sparking his imagination by giving him toy food and asking him to cook me something!

Enjoy Daddy Daycare. They do not stay this little for long. I plan to enjoy every minute because I know he will get older, and he will spend his weekends out playing with his friends, leaving me to spend time on my own, getting things done.

Wait that sounds pretty awesome.


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