35 “I Love My Mom Quotes” to Appreciate a Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is unparalleled!

Her sacrifices, encouragement, advice, support, and commitment to her child’s success are unmatched. These are qualities of a good mom!

Mothers deserve to be loved.

And one of the ways you showcase your love for your mother is by sending her thoughtfully crafted and beautifully written quotes.

So, if you’re looking for “I love you, mom” quote ideas that correctly and beautifully express your heartfelt gratitude and love for your mother, then you’re in the right place.

This post is a list of thirty-five carefully curated and inspirational “love you, mom” quotes you can send to appreciate your mother and give some encouragement.

You either use them verbatim or choose to tweak them as you wish; your choice. So, whether you just want to say “happy mother’s day” or send notes to your mother for her birthday, delve in and pick anyone that resonates with you.

35 I Love My Mom Quotes to Appreciate a Mother's Love

35 “love you mom” quotes to express your love for your mother

i love mom

Mothers deserve all the love they get and more. You do not need to wait until it’s mother’s day or her birthday to celebrate your mom.

But, if you’re at a loss for words to express your love to your mother, or you’re looking for words that capture just how you feel about your mother, the quotes below should help you.

  1. When all I see is darkness, you show me the light. When the going is tough, you never stop cheering me on. And even when uncertainties creep in, you keep believing. I love you, mom, and nothing is going to change that.
  2. Mom, I have learned so much from watching you. Hard Work, resilience, patience, and, most importantly, love. You showed me what love is by the way you cared for me. And for that, I cherish you a lot.
  3. To the person who first cared, to the person who first loved, to the person who is still there, I appreciate you, mother.
  4. My sweet mother, you’ve given up so much so that I may have so much. Your sacrifices and encouragement have helped me this far. I want you to know how much I love you.
  5. Mother, you’re my first teacher. You taught me to be strong, love, and work hard. You’re so dear to me; you’re my angel. I love you.
  6. You love me, even when I least deserve it. Even when there seems to be no light on the horizon, you give your all, regardless. To experience your love, mother, is to experience true peace. I love you, ma.
  7. If there’s someone who always pushes me to be the best version of myself, it’s you, mother. You’re worth a hundred schoolmasters. I love you.
  8. There’s no place as soothing and comforting as a mother’s arms. I could have a hundred friends, I could have met a thousand acquaintances, but none of them can be you, mother – my truest friend.
  9. Mother, you’re the shoulders I can always lean on and the ears I can always trust to listen. I love you so much; my life’s story isn’t complete without you, mom.
  10. To the one who never leaves, even in the darkest times, mother, I love you.
  11. Dearest mom, I know we sometimes disagree, argue, and even fight. Yet, I hope you know that I love you so much because even in fights and arguments, your love is still evident.
  12. Words are not enough to do justice to how I feel about you. But I believe you’ll understand what I truly mean when I say I love you, mom.
  13. You’re the bond that holds everyone in the family together. Mother, to be with you is to be at home. Thank you, mom, for your love.
  14. Mommy, even if the whole world turns its back on me, I am sure you wouldn’t. That’s how lovely and unique you are. I cannot express my love for you enough.
  15. It’s a privilege to have you as my mommy. I couldn’t have made it this far without you. You’re my biggest inspiration. I love you till a day after eternity, mom.
  16. Ma, you’re my teacher, friend, cheerleader, support system, and best critic. I could have asked for a better mother. I love, love you, mom.
  17. You’re the best, mommy. You truly are. Your compassion, sacrificial nature, and unconditional love are best wishes for any child. And I’m glad to have experienced that. Thank you very much, mother. I love you.
  18. Your presence adds so much color to my life. The earth is blessed to have you. And I’m grateful to have you as a mother. I love you, mom, and I want to see you happy.
  19. You’re my North Star, mommy; I’d be so lost without you to guide me. So for the guidance, and everything, thank you. I love you with my whole being, mom.
  20. To the one who taught me to be a good person, seek the best for others, and love, I say, “Thank you, mom. I love you.”
  21. Your love is one of the fuels that drive me to do the impossible. Your smile when you look at me is the most beautiful to see. How can I ever hope to repay such love? Mom, thanks for being you; I love you so much.
  22. Motherhood is beyond birthing and genetic relationships. It’s the sacrifices and unconditional love that genuinely characterizes motherhood. You’re a true mother, mom. I adore you very much.
  23. Mom, you’re the definition of awesome. Despite myself, you never stopped loving me. You never stopped rooting for me. And you were always there to clap for my wins and cheer me during darker times. Thanks a lot, mom. I love you.
  24. No one can match what you’ve done for me, mom. Your sacrifices, love, lessons, corrections, and prayers have shaped me into who I am today. I’d never forget all you’ve done for me; I love you so much, ma. 
  25. Mom, I can only try to articulate what you represent in my life: a teacher, caregiver, blessing, and my biggest motivator. You’ve always been with me through thick and thin; how can I not love you, ma? I love you to the moon and back.
  26. When I look at you, mom, I see a confidant and a friend. You mean so much to me. Of mothers, you’re the most beautiful and dearest. Much love, dearest mama.
  27. Whenever I’m confused and feel lost, all I need to do is to listen to your comforting, gentle, and uplifting words. And my spirit is fired up again. You did not just brighten me, mom; you’re a herald of light in my life. Thank you, ma – for everything.
  28. I don’t think anything I could buy would equal your sacrifices over me, mom. I’m forever indebted to you, my priceless jewel. I love you.
  29. I am eternally grateful for the gift of you, ma. You’re the best mom there is. I don’t think anyone like you can love and care for me. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. Thank you, mommy; I love you.
  30. Mommy, thanks for loving me, even when I had nothing to repay you when I troubled you as a kid. You told me I could count on you, and you’ve always been there. I love you with all my heart, mom.
  31. There’s a saying that children are what their mothers made them, and I can say that, to a large extent, the statement is true. I am what you’ve made me: strong, vibrant, active, and excellent. Thanks for making me who I am, mom.
  32. It takes more than a biological connection to be a mother. Motherhood requires sacrifices, forgiveness, patience, commitment, and, most importantly, love. You gave these and more to me, mom. I love and appreciate you, mother.
  33. Once a mom, forever a mom. You’ve been there for me for as long as I can remember. Thanks, mom, for being my biggest fan, cheerleader, caregiver, and adviser – all in one.
  34. Mother, you were tasked with raising me and did it excellently. You taught me everything I needed to be a great, ethical, responsible human being. Whatever I am today is because of your love, selflessness, and sacrifices. I love you dearly, mom.
  35. Mother, I want you to know that you’re amazing, and I love you for it.
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There you go. Those are some mom quote ideas to appreciate and express your love and heartfelt gratitude to your mother (either on mother’s day or any day at all).

You can also use it as an inspiration to craft quotes that better suit you for your mother.

So, send that beautiful message and appreciate your mother. Let her know that motherhood is worth it!

She deserves it.


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