26 Pros And Cons Of Having A Baby – Weigh Up Your Options!

Deciding whether or not to have a baby is one of life’s most significant decisions.

To say that is a life-changing decision is an understatement!

You need to weigh the options to make sure you are making the correct decision for yourself and your relationship or family.

What are the pros and cons of having a baby?

This post will discuss 26 pros and cons that you should know.

26 Pros And Cons Of Having A Baby

26 Pros and Cons of Having a Baby

Pros and Cons having a baby

Here they are, 13 of each (unlucky for some!)

Let’s make a start.

Pro: It Is Magical

Having a baby is magical. Incredible.

They will start as a baby (that’s not big news), completely dependent upon you and other carers. You feed, change, bathe, and care for your baby.

Then as the month’s progress, your baby will become more and more capable of dealing with things themselves. Crawl, pick things up, throw things, start communicating, and then will start walking and learning more and more.

That progress is absolutely magical to watch. Their progress will make your heart burst with pride.

Con: Expense


Babies are expensive!

A newborn baby needs so many things for comfort and survival. You will need to source new furniture, tons of baby clothes, medicine, diapers, creams, and shoes. This isn’t a complete list.

You should be financially secure before deciding to have a baby.

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Pro: You Become Responsible

I like to look at this as a positive. Some people have a natural responsibility, and some develop it over time (through their careers and other life experiences).

Either way, it is time to don the hat of responsibility and own it. Not only will this enhance your life as a parent, but it will also enhance your life outside of parenthood.

Con: You Become Responsible

Becoming responsible can also be negative.

Look at it this way; before you have a child, life is a little more carefree. You can be more spontaneous. Yes, there are consequences, but you are the one that has to deal with them.

Once you’ve become a parent, you must consider how the consequences impact your new family.

When making a buying decision, you need to consider whether or not your baby needs something before you slash the cash on something for yourself.

Pro: Can Bring a Couple Closer

close couple

The bond between a couple is usually pretty strong before entering into parenthood. But, after having a baby, there is now an unmoveable link between you both.

This brings with it a stronger bond, talking from experience. I admit, for some couples, that is not always the case.

Usually, the relationships that were not strong before the baby arrived suffer the most.

Con: Lack of Sleep

This is one of the most significant drawbacks for me. When considering the pros and cons of having a baby, sleep deprivation is high on everyone’s list.

Before kids, I’d sleep until 7 am during the week and 10 am during weekends. That changed significantly!

Suddenly, I was being woken up every 3-4 hours for feeding and changing (not me, the baby!)

Pro: It Is Exciting

Having a baby is the biggest decision you can make in life. It is also the most exciting because your life will change immediately.

Creating the baby is exciting, and moving through pregnancy is exciting (and a little nerve-wracking too). Then your baby is born, and you wake up in a new, exciting world. It is your new family life!

Con: Constant Worry

Constant Worry

From the moment of ‘confirmed pregnancy,’ the worry begins for many parents.

It doesn’t stop until you take your last breath.

When they are a baby, you worry about their health (that doesn’t stop); as a toddler, you worry about them falling downstairs, choking, or one of the other million things they do to risk their lives (daily).

Then as they get older, you worry about bullying, schooling, and every time you give them a little more independence.

When they are a young adult, you worry every time they leave the house.

Then they get older, have their own kids, and you worry about them too!

You can only raise them to be sensible and guide them to make good decisions.

Pro: You Will Grow as a Person

Raising children enhances you as a person. You stop thinking about yourself (or you should do) and begin looking at life from a much broader perspective.

That wider look on life allows you to grow as a person.

Con: More of a Challenge to Travel

Traveling with a baby or a toddler is a challenge!

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It’s also more expensive. If you enjoy your vacation, you might want to save a little extra money so the travel and add on some extra time too.

Pro: It’s The Best Job in the World

best job being a parent

Creating a new human being is the best job in the world. Your daily life will change dramatically, and as your kids grow, you will see them progress and develop to do new things.

Each time they do something new, your heart beats a little harder because of the extra pride you feel.

Watching your baby crawl, walk, run, and many other things will bring you to the brink of tears.

Con: Things Take Longer To Do

In your new life as a parent, one thing is for certain. Leaving the house takes longer.

When they are a baby, you must pick up all the items you need until you return home—diapers, food, pacifiers (if required), and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Get used to it because it doesn’t stop; even when your child is more capable of getting their stuff together, it doesn’t happen.

Pro: Tons of Snuggles

Picture this: You’ve changed your baby’s diaper and fed them. Now is a great chance to have them rest on your chest until they fall asleep.

There is something magical about this moment, and the best thing is you can do it whenever you want.

Don’t get too used to it; a toddler probably won’t be as interested.

Do not do this if there is a risk of you falling asleep with your baby on your chest! Falling asleep with a baby on your chest increases the chances of SIDS.

Con: Can Put a Strain on a Relationship

Strain on a Relationship

Tired parents, crying babies, and lack of intimacy create increased relationship friction.

That is why your relationship must be good before you decide to have a baby.

If you were arguing before having a baby, I guarantee you will be arguing after!

Pro: It Is a Challenge

Challenges are good! They push our boundaries of what we think we can achieve. As you face each challenge and rise to it, your life becomes more fulfilling.

Con: It Is a Challenge

Contradiction time: Some people are unprepared for the challenges a baby brings. You should wait a little longer if you are going through some difficult times.

Pro: You Become More Giving, Less Selfish

There is no doubt about it. When you become a parent, your child’s needs supersede your own.

Once you accept that, you become more giving and less selfish.

When you give more, your relationships flourish, and so does your happiness.

Con: Less Privacy

Less Privacy

Imagine this; you are sitting on the toilet, and your child bursts in, needing a pee immediately. Or worse!

It happens.

Unless your child is asleep, you don’t have any privacy.

Pro: You Will Pass Life On

When I considered the pros and cons of having a baby, one of the biggest pros for me was when I eventually take my last breath, I will have left my mark on the world in the form of children I raised to be excellent, valuable members of society.

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Con: Your Career May Suffer

This is especially true if you are a woman, even in this day and age (unfortunately).

If you have a child and want to take time off to raise them, you have to take a hit on the progress of your career.

The good news is the world is moving in the right direction, although nearly half of women say having a baby will interrupt their career.

Pro: You Will Have a Purpose In Life

Your purpose is to be the best parent and role model for your child or children.

If you didn’t have a purpose before, you now have the biggest purpose in life! It is truly a fantastic feeling.

Con: Loss Of Freedom

No more late-night parties for you! After giving birth (that’s you or mom), your whole life changes.

Personal freedom takes a hit. You can’t simply take a call from a friend on a Friday night and disappear for a few drinks. You’ve got bigger fish to fry now.

I found that when I had my first, my need to go out and socialize was dwarfed by my need to sleep.

Pro: You Give and Receive Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Kids need to be loved, and that will happen unconditionally.

I would do absolutely anything for my kids if it kept them safe and healthy.

Giving that love is also reciprocated, even when they hit the teenage years and hate you.

Con: Extra Stress

I don’t need to tell you how stress can impact your life.

Some people can deal with stress a little easier than others, and I must admit to being one of these people. I am lucky.

If you suffer from stress, you will need to seek some destressing assistance before taking on the role of a parent because it doesn’t get any easier.

Pro: Camaraderie

Camaraderie – the mutual trust and friendship among people who spend most of their time together.

When raising your child or children, you will be raising people to stand side by side with you in life.

You will have a new best friend!

Con: You Might Need a Bigger House

big house

This also falls under expense. If you live in a small house now, you might consider moving to a larger property to give your child and you some additional space.

And if you didn’t know, houses are very expensive!


There you have the 26 pros and cons of having a baby! Now it is up to you to go and decide whether a baby is for you.

Preparing for fatherhood is the next step for us guys, and understanding these pros and cons will help you decide.

Good luck, and stay healthy!


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