Why Do Toddlers Hide When They Poop? 3 Reasons Why

As a parent, there is rarely anything more draining than teaching your toddler to use the potty.

But before you can proceed to that, they might throw a little something else your way: your child can start hiding when they feel like they have to poop.

What’s the reason behind this? Why do toddlers hide when they poop? If these are the questions you struggle to answer, I’ve got the answer right here!

Privacy, embarrassment, or fear might be the reasons why toddlers hide when they poop and how you can help them to get out of this situation. It might also be why your toddler suddenly hates having their diaper changed!

Do keep in mind that this is quite common among toddlers, and there isn’t something that you have to worry about.

So, let’s take a look!

Why Do Toddlers Hide When They Poop 3 Reasons Why

Reasons Behind a Toddler Hiding as They Poop and How to Solve Them

Before we dive deeper, first put yourself in your child’s shoes. What would force you to hide while you poop? If you can find the answer, you might already figure out the issue.

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That being said, here are the possible reasons and solutions to why your toddler might hide from poop: 

1. They Want Their Privacy

dog on the toilet

This might come as a shock to you, but children develop a sense of privacy by noticing their parents and surroundings. Your child might have seen you go to the bathroom during certain times of the day and just want to imitate you.

In many cases, this is the primary reason they hide while they poop. If your toddler tends to react to your actions and tries to copy them, you can be assured this is why they are doing it.

Also, have you ever explained to them that you don’t poop in the open instead of in the bathroom? It’s the basics of privacy, right?

To determine that this is the reason why your child is hiding when pooping, you can look for two signs. First, they would want their pants changed immediately and might even try to get them out themselves.

The second is whether or not your toddler is also trying to copy everything you do.

Your toddler notices things!

How to React to This Situation

In this scenario, you should support your child’s decision regarding privacy. But when they try to hide, guide them to the bathroom and tell them where they should take a poop.

Don’t be harsh or try to force your child to get into the bathroom. This might take a bit of time and coercion. Try talking to them about it. Believe it or not, your toddler understands you more than you think. I know it never seems that way!

Remember getting them inside the bathroom is already a win; they don’t need to sit on the toilet or the potty chair. Go slow and with care; you will witness positive results pretty soon.

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2. It Is Embarrassing

embarrassed toddler

It is also possible that your toddler is just embarrassed when they poop and want to hide when this occurs. Some children tend to get disgusted at the sight of poop, so it is quite natural for them to hide when they are the ones who are doing it.

If you had ever shown disgust or scolded your child when they pooped, this can also be why they feel embarrassed and go into hiding.

Also, have you ever been out walking and said things like ‘careful, there is some disgusting dog poop over there.’ Your toddler will listen to that, and they may associate poop with ‘disgusting.’

Children want to impress their parents too, even when they are extremely young, so pooping might seem embarrassing to them in front of you.

To be sure that this might be the reason behind your toddler hiding while pooping, you can look for the following; they try to hide the fact that they have pooped, they start to move around uncomfortably, and they want to change their pants or diapers as soon as possible.

How to React to This Situation

If your child is embarrassed that they have pooped, then your first responsibility is to make them understand that this is normal. And that there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

You need to help them understand that it is not only them. Everyone poops. If they are getting embarrassed about making a mess and dirtying their pants, then it is up to you to help them so that it is not that big of a case.

Start teaching your toddler to go to the bathroom and ask to remove the pants or diapers when they feel like taking a poop. 

Make pooping fun instead. Try talking about it more openly so your toddler can break out of their shell.

Help your toddler to understand that it is natural, and everyone needs to do it. I have some friends that sang to their toddler whenever they needed a poop! It worked for them and might work for you too. 

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3. Scared of Pooping

Scared toddler

It is not uncommon for toddlers to get scared of pooping. It can hurt sometimes, the smell isn’t pleasant either, and they might also think it is happening only to them.

All this can lead to your toddler freaking out. The effect is also the same if you had ever shown a negative reaction when they were pooping.

If your toddler wasn’t making eye contact when they hid to take a pop or don’t want to admit that they have taken a poop, it might indicate that they are a little scared. 

How to React to This Situation

First, you need to put your toddler at ease if this is the case. Tell them it is normal to poop and it is natural to do so. If your toddler is haunted by the fact that it hurts as they poop, then tell them it is nothing serious, but at the same time, do contact your doctor if you think this may be a medical problem. 


If you have ever wondered why your toddler hides when they poop, this post has some of the most common reasons.

Try to understand why they are hiding, and take the steps to make them feel a little easier about going for a poop.

Life is a constant challenge for toddlers. They need to learn and adapt to tons of new situations. It is our job to guide them through life challenges!

Finally, it is worth considering whether or not it is time to begin potty training. This will free up your time and help your toddler become more independent. It will also save you some money buying diapers!

Good luck!


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