19 Cause And Effect Activities For Toddlers

Toddlers are endlessly fascinated by the world around them, particularly when they can do something that has an observable effect on that huge and baffling world.

These cause and effect activities for toddlers will allow your little scientist to experiment and explore.

Raising a toddler is fun… and these activities prove it!

Let’s take a look!

19 Cause and Effect Activities for Toddlers

19 Cause And Effect Activities For Toddlers

Really anytime that you allow your toddler to explore, they are learning cause and effect. The more that your child can explore various environments and materials, the more they will learn.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite activities here to get you started.

1) Water and Dye

Toddlers love to watch vivid colors spread through water. You can give them some food-safe dyes in the bath or set them up with a basin of water and non-toxic dye.

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They’ll be delighted to watch the resulting shapes and colors. Make sure to give them something that makes it easy to add the dye slowly, like a plastic dropper.

2) Block Towers

This classic tower toy still merits a mention. Instead of heavy, pricy wooden blocks, make do with what you have.

Empty plastic bottles (particularly cylindrical containers) make wonderful lightweight blocks, and so do cardboard boxes. They all encourage learning.

You can stack them high in no time, and your toddler will delight in pushing the stack over and watching them fall.

3) Bring Out the Paint

toddler painting the wall

Mixing paint colors will teach toddlers cause and effect, as will spreading them about on paper. Let them experiment with different methods of painting.

Fingers, brushes, and even toys with wheels are all great fun. They are also excellent opportunities to improve fine motor skills too!

4) Make a Sound Wall

You can find various inexpensive household items at your local thrift store and use them to create a sound wall for toddlers. Tin pans, plastic bowls, wooden spoons, and metal whisks are all wonderful additions. Your toddler will love to experiment with the many different sounds that they can make.

5) Create a Home Library

Even something as simple as turning the pages of a board book to discover new pictures will help toddlers grasp the process of cause and effect.

Board books are best for young toddlers, but hey, tearing out paper pages is cause and effect too! Buy inexpensive used books and keep your own precious books out of reach.

6) Take Them to the Park

Small children learn a great deal simply from watching older children. A park is a fascinating place for toddlers. They enjoy pushing swings, rolling balls down the slide, and exploring cause and effect in a million different ways out in the fresh air.

Out of all the activity ideas on this page, this one is the cheapest… because it is free! Don’t forget the ball…

7) Let Them Play With Their Food

toddler playing with food

They’re going to do it anyway, so why not embrace it? Set them up in a space that’s easy to clean and give them the freedom to explore.

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Flour, uncooked rice, and cooked spaghetti are all fun to play with. Give them some food dye for extra fun!

8) Blow Some Bubbles

Even the youngest toddlers will delight in the cause-and-effect joys of popping bubbles. It keeps them entertained for hours.

Older toddlers can use bubble wands to create bubbles of their own, further exploring cause and effect. Invite them to get their hands soapy and try to catch the bubbles without popping them.

Blowing bubbles is one of the classic cause-and-effect activities and is an awesome distraction technique for your toddler too!

9) Ice on a Hot Day

Toddlers love playing with ice and watching it melt. If you can, give them the chance to play with ice in shade and sun, cool water, and warm water. Food coloring makes everything more fun.

10) Contact Paper Art – Fine Motor Skills Activity Too!

Contact paper is like one huge piece of tape. You pull off one side and are left with a sticky surface that toddlers can use to create collages.

Your toddler can rip up bits of paper to create colorful art or collect leaves and flowers outside to create a nature collage.

11) Fun With Jello

toddler making jello

Make jello together, letting your toddler check on it in the fridge as it transforms from a liquid to a gel. Allow them to play with it, squish it, and see what happens when they add warm water.

12) Make Bread Together

Toddlers are more capable than most people give them credit for. They love to help scoop flour, measure water, and mix everything up.

Remember that baking with your toddler is about the process rather than the final product.

Embrace the mess and the fun, and watch their eyes light up as their creation transforms.

13) Baking Soda and Vinegar

Toddlers will be amazed by the foam and fizz of this classic mixture. Extend the activity by inviting them to pile baking soda on a tray and then add food coloring to the baking soda, the vinegar, or both.

Give them small plastic pipettes so they can drop vinegar on the hills of baking soda to watch the colors rise and bubble.

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14) Soap Jars

Help your toddler put soap and water in a plastic jar, then close the lid tight. Invite them to shake the jar and watch how the mixture foams.

This is a top sensory idea too.

15) Light Show

light show

Toddlers love to play with flashlights.

Give them their own and let them explore a dimly lit room. Use colored plastic (magnatiles work well) to cover the light and shine in different colors.

16) Car Ramps

Use cardboard or a natural hill to create ramps for cars and let your toddler explore angles and gravity.

17) Pour Water

Toddlers love to pour water from one container into another. Set them up with cups of various shapes and sizes.

Give them food coloring, and they’ll be able to explore mixing colors as well, and it gives them an awesome sensory experience too!

This is an awesome activity for your toddler’s bath time… and will also help you out if your toddler hates baths too.

18) Fun with Magnets

Give your toddler a magnet (one that’s too big to be a choking hazard, of course) and let them explore to discover which surfaces it sticks to.

19) Blow Up Balloons

balloons red green yellow

Your toddler will have so much fun with balloons, especially if you blow them up yourself. They love to throw them in the air and watch them float gently down.


There you have it, 19 fun cause and effect activities and tips you can do with your toddler!

Cause and effect is a big part of a child’s cognitive development, so you should be teaching them at this stage, and you can even start this when they are a baby. Kids love to learn at any age, don’t they?

There are a few cause-and-effect toys that you should consider too, just for those rainy days at home.

Good luck!




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