Child Overly Attached To Mother? Try These Tips

What do you do when your child only wants their mom?

When a youngster is extremely devoted to one parent, it strains that parent, leaving the other feeling excluded, discarded…unneeded!

It can be worse… When your child is obsessed with their mother, it leaves poor Mom feeling worn out.

It is difficult for both parents, but it does not have to be that way. In this post, I’ll look at some things you can do to help your child stop wanting mom all the time.

It is worth remembering that kids go through phases. One moment they only want mommy, the next moment, dad is the favorite parent!

Why Does My Toddler Only Want Mom?

why are Children overly attached to mothers
Here are some reasons why your child may be overly attached to Mother!

Because moms are awesome, right?

Well, yes, they are… but when your toddler spurns everyone else except mom, you have a problem.

There is no doubt that a unique link exists between mother and child. When you spend your first 9 months of life within another person, you become emotionally linked to them… until the cord is severed!

If you get a lot of attention from only mom as a baby, that bond keeps growing. This is how it should be. It’s a common reason you will have a 2-year-old attached to mom more than dad.

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However, if dad or other carers take turns caring for the baby, that bond will grow stronger with all of those folks.

Your child will learn that mom is the source of all they need if you are present when they are terrified, with them when they are hurt, and when they are sick. This may cause them to appear to turn their back on everyone else.

Child Overly Attached To Mother? Try These Tips

Fix Toddler attached to Mother
Here are the tips, good luck!

Praise Good Behavior

I can’t emphasize this enough – rewarding good behavior works with most behavioral problems in the toddler years!

Get a reward chart, and discuss what it is with your toddler. When they are well behaved when mom is not around, make sure you start the chart. Make a big deal about it too!

Do Not Withdraw 

One thing you must not do is withdraw from your toddler! That includes any forms of punishment if they are too clingy to Mom.

Withdrawal might lead to increased conduct in which they are afraid of losing mom. It simply means that they will want to spend MORE time with their mom, which will lead to the ‘obsession’ category.

You don’t want that.

Encourage Family Time

By encouraging family time, you let your toddler know that you are all involved in their upbringing.

If dad is ‘on form,’ then your toddler will begin to see dad as a source of entertainment too!

Take Time Off

Don’t let this ruin your plans. If you need to get up and leave to go somewhere else, then go and do it.

If you are all in the same room (mom, dad, child), then get up and leave dad to it. You will be around if needed, but make sure dad and toddler spend some time together.

So if you have a daughter or son attached to mom, try sharing the entertaining between you!

Discuss Fears and Anxiety

I know this sounds like a trainwreck, but it is a good idea to (try and) discuss things with your toddler about things that might be upsetting them.

It could be several things… dreams, darkness, loud noises. Whatever it is, discuss it with them as a family. Dad and mom need to be involved!

Talk Before You Leave

Before you get up and leave your toddler with dad or another carer, explain what is happening. I would approach it like this:

Talk When You Return

When you return from where you have been, you should first speak to your toddler to see how they have got on and what they have been doing.

This is the time to praise any good behavior. Ensure that dad is present for the conversation, too, so you can praise together. Don’t forget to add a star on the reward chart for good behavior!

If their behavior wasn’t good – it is time to discuss that.

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Hand Things Over To Dad

If your toddler is overly attached to their mother, it could be because Mom looks after them when they are sick or anxious.

Have a frank discussion with dad to let him know that it is his turn when your toddler is ill. You know toddlers, the next sickness bug is always just around the corner.

The next time your toddler is scared, at night, for instance, then dad needs to go and placate your Toddler. 

These things will begin to build the understanding that dad is also there to look after and protect your toddler.

What Is Excessive Attachment Of a Mother?

Excessive Attachment Of a Mother
Excessive attachment issues may lead to a full-blown obsession!

Toddler Cries For Everyone Else

You may find it impossible to leave your toddler with anyone else. As soon as you walk out of the door, you know your toddler will be crying for mom!

Toddler Will Not Leave Mom Alone

When your toddler is at home with mom, poor old mom may not get any time to herself. She may have to deal with a clingy toddler constantly.

Toddler Doesn’t Use The Potty When Mom Isn’t There.

If you are potty training your toddler, you may find that they will regress when mom is not around.

Toddler Asks For Mommy Constantly

When mommy isn’t there, does your toddler constantly ask where mommy is?

Your toddler may become cranky and clingy unless they are in the eyeshot of mommy. Then you have a needy toddler on your hands!

Toddler Needs Constant Attention When Mommy Isn’t There.

When a toddler needs constant attention, it is a huge draw on your inner resources! Especially when they only need attention when mom isn’t around.

What Causes Attachment Issues In Children?

What Causes Attachment Issues In Children
What is to blame for attachment issues in Children?

I touched upon this briefly at the beginning of this post, but here is a rundown of why a toddler may have attachment issues:

  • They are worried that only mommy can help if they are ill
  • Your toddler thinks that only one parent can save them from being scared
  • They may think that only one parent can feed and water them
  • They are not used to being in the company of other people
  • They feel protected around one parent only

It is important to get to know the reasons why your toddler is overly attached to their mom. Only then can you fix it!

Consequences of Excessive Attachment in Children

A secure attachment relationship is essential for healthy development and can provide children with a sense of safety, security, and emotional support. However, when a child becomes excessively attached to their mother (or another primary caregiver), it can lead to many consequences that can affect their overall well-being.

One potential consequence of excessive attachment is difficulty with separation. Children who are overly attached to their mothers may have a hard time being apart from them, even for short periods. This can make it challenging for the child to attend daycare or preschool, participate in activities without their mother present, or even be left with a babysitter.

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Another consequence of excessive attachment is difficulty with socialization. Children who are overly attached to their mothers may have a harder time interacting with their peers and forming relationships outside the family. This can impact their social skills and ability to function in group settings.

Finally, excessive attachment can also hinder a child’s ability to develop independence. Children who are overly reliant on their mothers may struggle with self-care tasks and may be more reliant on their mothers for decision-making and problem-solving.

It’s important to remember that every child is different and may exhibit different consequences of excessive attachment. However, addressing this issue and supporting a child’s independence and social skills can help promote healthy development and a sense of self-reliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Child love one parent more?

Although it may seem this way, a child is unlikely to love one parent more than the other. Usually, when a child exhibits more feelings towards one parent, it is because they are going through a phase!

If there is a genuine feeling that one parent is more loved, both parents need to work together to resolve the issue before it gets too bad.

Can a Toddler be too attached?

Yes – when the attachment is so bad that it affects the family dynamics, they are too attached.

Families are a unit, and they must work together to share the load. If dad feels left out, then it could be disastrous. The same if mom feels left out!

Why is my Child so clingy?

There are so many reasons why a child is clingy. Common reasons are; illness, tiredness, scared, or just wanting someone to be around.


When a child is overly attached to one parent, it causes strain on the family. If your toddler is overly attached to their mother, then everyone in the family suffers. You can use the tips on this page to resolve the issue.

Think about it. If a child only wants a mom, the dad is left out, and siblings fight for attention. If a child only wants their dad, the mom feels left out, and the siblings still have to fight for attention!

When implementing the tips on this page, you will get some kickback from your toddler; this is expected behavior, especially if your toddler tries to give you affection.

Your job is to clearly define what will happen and stick with it.

Good luck!


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