10 Vital Items For Your New Dad Survival Kit

The thought of being a new Dad had me looking like a Rabbit between headlights!

How was I going to cope?

Well, you can chill out because I have your back here with 10 vital items needed in a new Dad survival kit!


Are you looking to Dad a gift to help them through the tough early months? I have put together a list of things I personally would like love in a new dad survival kit.

Mom’s and babies get tons of gifts! Which is fair enough, when you think about what they have both just been through.

Childbirth is tough, for both Mom and baby, and they deserve to be treated, right?

But…it is only fair that poor old Dad gets a gift too!

Well, how about a gift that will help him survive?

If you are looking for some inspiration on what to put in a new Dad survival kit, then check out these 10 items:

New Dad Survival Kit – All 10 Items

Being a new Dad is tough, especially if this is your first.

It doesn’t matter how much prep you do, it can still be pretty daunting.

Here you are, in charge of this thing that wasn’t even about a few weeks ago.

Not just in charge – RESPONSIBLE FOR! Wow.

This new baby is useless.

Pretty standard stuff.

The only things it can do by itself is poop and breathe. The rest, you have to do for it.

You will also need to support the Mother, don’t forget that! She has been through a lot.

But hey, we need to be treated too….we need to survive these early stages of being a Dad.

We need a new Dad survival kit! But what do we actually want in it? What will make our lives easier, now that we are a responsible, good-looking, extremely humorous Dad?

C’mon, it can’t be just me!


As a New Parent, What Do We Want In Our Survival Kit?

I wanted to create a post that explains the best things we would LIKE to see in a new Dad survival kit.

Straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Because it is all well and good receiving gifts (thanks by the way) but we actually like to be able to use them too.

By the way, the list below doesn’t have to be the complete kit….but it is a good list to give you some ideas of what to put in the kit. Don’t go spending all of your hard-earned cash on every item in this list.

Unless you are rich, then go ahead!


New Dad Survival Kit – My Top 10 Items


TV Subscription

new dad survival kit tv subscription

The rumor is that you don’t get a lot of time when your baby is fresh into this world.

It’s a lie!

To some extent at least.

The truth is, when they are older, you look back on the time when they were a new-born baby and wish you could go back because you had more time!

Trust me, when your kids begin crawling, you are on your feet a lot more than you were when they are a baby….and that is only warming you up for when they start walking…..then running!

When your baby is sleeping, it is the perfect time to get onto Netflix, Amazon or any of the other streaming subscription services.

Our heads start to spin a bit with everything going on in the early stages of parenthood. We need to kick our feet up and unwind by escaping reality for a few short hours!

On the plus side, the whole family can enjoy it!


Photo Frame

new dad survival kit photo frame

We genuinely do love this as a gift. A photo frame with a picture of our kid in is not just something that Mothers think is cute.

At work, I have a picture of my son on my desk (The picture was taken when he didn’t answer me back). It to relieve the stress at work. Looking at the picture will give Dad some added focus on what they are trying to achieve.

I was trying to achieve a stable, safe and warm environment for my son to grow up in.

This is now the reason I work, and I look at the photograph every time I need to be reminded.



new dad survival kit coffee

Ah man, you have got to put some coffee in it!

If he does not like coffee, fine, move along. But if like me, he does, then put some in.

Ground coffee (Italian please), instant coffee (why?) or coffee beans. Just coffee.

If you can, figure out the coffee he likes. Take a look in the cupboard if he has bought some recently. What you are looking for is the ‘Roast’ level.

The roast level is all very technical. Just find his favorite.

Caffeine has also been linked with some health benefits too. Notably a reduced risk of Parkinson’s, a long lifespan and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease!

Being a total coffee addict, for me, that truly is fantastic news!



new dad survival kit chocolate

And hey, keep away from it! It is OUR chocolate!

Chocolate isn’t just for Mothers…..I love sitting down in front of the TV with a huge bar….it is part of my chilling out routine.

The sugar will help during those tired moments. The ‘pick-me-up’ will give Dads the extra burst of energy needed.

With sugar and caffeine….we are unstoppable!

Anyway, dark chocolate has some awesome benefits for everyone, including a Dad!

Recent studies have added weight to the growing evidence that chocolate can have positive effects on heart health.

That’s right! Look after his health with some dark chocolate!


A Book About Being a New Dad – Make It Good

Pocket Commando Dad

Pocket Commando Dad is an awesome book for surviving the first year of being a Dad!

Trust me, he will love this book! It gives practical and funny advice!

Pocket Commando Dad is a book that is not only highly rated by me, but it is also highly rated on Amazon. Neil Sinclair (The Author) presents this book in a no-nonsense, you need to read this to survive a newborn kind of way.

Extremely well written for the Dads and Dads to be out there!

It is also a great read for both parents, but it is his present….so let him read it first.


New Dad Utility Belt – Batman!

New Dad Survival Kit belt

All the top people wear a utility belt! Look at Batman…

These are pretty funny, very useful, and I wish I had one of these when my son was a baby!

They are baby utility belts, that have spaces for everything you will need for those stinky tasks that form part of a parents job!

As soon as he is called upon to take on one of these thankless tasks, he will grab his belt and rush off like the regular superhero he is.



New Dad Survival Kit vitamins

Lack of sleep can induce some health problems.

So what can you do to give the immune system a boost? Multi-vitamins is the answer!

Tiredness during the day can dumb you down and force you into making silly mistakes too. Vitamin B12 can perk you up and increase awareness when you didn’t get enough sleep the night before!

With a multi-vitamin, you can be sure that despite your lack of sleep, and despite your erratic eating patterns (welcome to parenthood!) you will be getting the daily dose of what your body needs, in terms of vitamins.

Dad’s will need these! So will Moms.

Berocca is very good for a quick boost, so throw some of these in for some extra Dad energy.



New Dad Survival Kit Condoms

Give him some hope, and raise a smile with a packet of rubber friends!

Give him some light at the end of a long and lonely tunnel!

At the very least, a packet of condoms is awesome for mocking him…

Sure, you won’t be ready as soon as you come out of the hospital, we know that. Tiredness will kick in with both of us and neither of us will have the energy.

As long as some magic happens before the use-by date passes!

……and hey, it also protects us both from another round of childbirth!

PS – don’t get too many, you don’t want to set unrealistic expectations. A friend of mine once said to me, after becoming a Dad:

‘When you first get together with a girl, put a coin in a jar every time you have sex. When you become a new Dad, take a coin out every time you have sex. You will soon realise that the jar will never be empty.’



new dad survival kit time

Time is very, very precious! 

If you could package up some free time and add it to our Daddy to be survival kit, that would be awesome!

You might be getting enough sleep, you might be getting your daily dose of vitamins but NOTHING helps me reset than having time to myself.

I know that the Moms will also want time do to their own thing too, before you bring that up!

Why not print off some ‘Time Promises’ and put them in a new Dad survival kit. It’s a cheap present and probably one of the most effective too!

Get a bit of A4 paper and print, or write, 1-hour slots marked as ‘Dad’s Time’. Cut them out and put them in the gift box.

Dad gets to call on these promises whenever he needs to, within reason! i.e. not just after he notices the kid needs a change!

While you are at it, do the same for the Mother! Then she can also call upon these cards in times of need.

The rules are simple – when these ‘time promises’ are called upon, they are only to be disturbed in an emergency.

Dad’s – if you use these to go and have a drink, you need to use the rest to get over a hangover. Do not blow them all in one go!


Bag for ‘New Dad Stuff’

new dad survival kit backpack

This one is a bit more expensive than the rest but it is still a great idea! So if you have loads of cash, maybe you could put ALL his gifts in an awesome diaper backpack!

An all-in-one backpack for Dad is a great idea.


Because we really do not want to be walking around with the one you have bought. I know you think it looks cute, but it really isn’t that functional.

Something like this backpack is perfect for everything we need to take the little one out and about.

You don’t have to go overboard, and it doesn’t have to look pretty. Basic man colors are fine. Black, Grey and Dark Blue.

No flowers. I don’t care if it is a girl, just no.



So there you have it. 10 items that I consider to be VITAL in a new Dad survival kit.

All you need to do now is package it all up and give it to him with a smile, that would be awesome!

Don’t forget, one of the biggest gifts you can give a new Dad is absolutely free! Support.

New Dads need support too, although the best of us make it look like we are taking it in our stride. Sometimes we need a bit of advice and for someone to go easy if we mess up, which we are sure to do once in a while.

Hey, we are only human, right?

Like I mentioned above, it genuinely is fantastic to receive a gift as a new Dad. Sometimes, we are missed out because all the attention is on others. Probably rightly so!

I know, lets get a violin out for poor old Dad!

Don’t get me wrong, it does not bother us to be missed out (it didn’t bother me at least) but when you get unexpected recognition, by way of a survival kit, that’s pretty special!

After all, it is called a survival kit because it is something we need to help us survive…..

Speaking of surviving…..is the Dad even ready for the childbirth? That’s another part of life that he will need to survive!

If you think we should add something to this list, let us know, we will gladly consider it!

Finally, good luck! And look out for each other!