What To Do When Your Toddler Doesn’t Like You

A stable and loving parent-child relationship is the key element to raising toddlers, especially when they have crossed their initial few months and entered toddlerhood.

Those are the years when they seem to bond with you the most, develop feelings of safety and security, express their emotions, and gain the confidence to explore things around them.

However, there are times when toddlers seem to show resentment towards one of the parents or even both.

Toddlers want to feel loved and look at their parents as the best caregivers. If you are wondering ‘why my toddler wants nothing to do with me?’ or ‘why my toddler doesn’t like me?’, scroll down to check out the reasons and the tips to develop a better bonding with your toddler.

What To Do When Your Toddler Doesn't Like You

Why Your Toddler May Not Like You

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Let’s start with the obvious, just because you think your toddler doesn’t like you; it doesn’t mean it is true. Just because they are being mean to you, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

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Toddlers are likely to seem less attached or resentful towards a parent if they feel like they are not getting enough time and attention from one or the other.

They like the parent more who spends quality time with them. They can want nothing to do with you if most of the day you are busy doing jobs like being at work, cooking, shopping, laundry, and more.

If you are not sharing the fun chores with your kid, they may not connect with you.

Oh, and there is also discipline! Toddlers do not like to be disciplined, do they? Your toddler might seem to hate you if they feel you are too strong.

There are better ways to discipline a toddler that will help to strengthen the bond.

10 Things You Can Do You Help Build A Bond When You Toddler Doesn’t Like You

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Here’s what all you can do to make your child feel more comfortable around you, gradually making them like and love you more, right from playing with them to making them feel so more much appreciated.

Don’t Withdraw

If your toddler seems to push you away, always make sure not to let it show.

Also, avoid withdrawing yourself from them as it will only make your toddler feel more uncomfortable around you. Instead, let your little one know that you are always into him or her even if they don’t at the moment.

Smile More and Make Eye-Contact

mom and toddler having fun playing

Eye contact has been shown to improve the bond between parents and kids.

Toddlers find peace and happiness in watching their parents smile, taking it as a symbol of love and care for them. Whenever you talk to them, get down on the child’s eye level and interact one-on-one to let them know that they are the focus of your energy and thoughts.

When your kid asks for food, bend down, get on their physical level and ask them what they would like to have. Such short conversations will help to build the child’s confidence in your love.

Make Them Laugh or Act Funny

Kids totally love to be around people who make them laugh and have fun with them.

Learn a few activities that can help you win favors from your toddler, like making funny faces or noises, singing silly songs with them, talking funnily, or suddenly popping up something they like in front of them.

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You can tickle them to turn even a grumpy mood into playful laughter. Bring a few toys over and let them climb over you.

Be Attentive

If your toddler feels that you are not listening to what they are saying, they are likely to feel that they don’t really matter.

When your child seems excited about something and talks about it, make sure to listen and pay attention while also commenting on the same.

Ask your toddler questions to get to know them. Listen to the answers!

Feed your Toddler

Little kids are likely to get hungry very quickly while also getting bored equally soon. What comes to the rescue is some yummy snacks.

Feeding your child some snacks will not only keep them full but will also enhance their mood. At the same time, it will give them another reason to like you and feel more cared for.

Engage More in the Daily Parenting Tasks

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Try to share some of the day-to-day parenting tasks so your little one connects with you more and knows you can be fun. You can read them a book daily, even if it’s reading the same book a few times.

Kids love story-reading sessions, especially when you make sound effects while you read. You can bathe them and let the child play in the water. Other tasks may include changing their clothes, putting them to sleep, or watching cartoons with them.

Praise your Toddler

Make your child feel appreciated by praising them or jobs well-done, good behavior, or any positive characteristics you see in them.

Did they get their potty training right?

Did your toddler learn to follow a proper nap routine?

Praise them and celebrate such milestones with a little playground trip or an ice cream. Praising a child brings happiness to them.

Take them for Walks in a Stroller.

dad pushing toddler in stroller

Toddlers enjoy sitting buckled in a stroller and taken for walks to see new things. They love to check out all the cool stuff outside, right from the lovely sounds of the birds to the bright colors of the flowers.

Taking them for walks makes them feel the fresh winds and connect with you better.

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Drive their attention to different things you hear and see by pointing towards the same. To make the walk sessions last longer, you can also carry some toys or snacks along. Keep moving so that your child doesn’t get bored.

Play with Them and Take Them To Parks

Playing with your child is one of the most significant aspects of bonding with them. Engage them in fun hide-and-seek around the house, or take them for a trip to the park. Things get even better if the park has swings as you can help them in the same and let them have a gala time.

However, if heading to the park is not possible, you can spend some playtime with your toddler in your backyard. Let them play with their toys, dig in the sand of the yard, or spend some time in an inflatable mini pool. Playing with them will make your toddler look at you as not just a parent but also a friend.

Bring them Gifts

Warning – this could foster more challenging behavior. It would be best if you only used this as a result of good behavior. There should be a reason, such as:

Here is a gift, because you did an awesome job at…[fill in the blank].

It’s also about expressing more compassion and assuring your little one that you are someone they can always bank upon right from their early years.


I said it earlier… just because you think your toddler doesn’t like you, it doesn’t mean it is true. The tips on this page will help you strengthen your bond, so you never have to question it again.

The toddler years are tough but are tremendous fun. Join in… enjoy spending time with your toddler. That is one of the best things you can give them. It is free too!

Good luck!


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