Why Do Toddlers Scream, And 5 Ways You Can Get Them To Stop

Having a toddler screaming your house down is a nightmare!

You find yourself lacking in concentration and at your wits end trying to get them to give you just five minutes peace. Am I right? Raising a toddler is tough.

I’ve got five ideas on how you can get your toddler to stop screaming, so you can start to relax already.

You are not alone.

Almost every parent dreads the phase that toddlers go through where they love to scream for no reason. It’s a frustrating situation to be put into, and many parents wonder what causes it and how you can put it to a stop, and you may be wondering the same thing.

Toddlers love to scream because they have learned that they can communicate by making loud noises, and they use their outbursts to express themselves or garner attention. They may even scream more if they see that they get attention and a reaction from you whenever they scream.

There are multiple methods that you can use to encourage your young child to stop screaming. Some of these include gently teaching them that it is not good to scream, designating an area where they can scream if they need, confronting them about their bad behavior, and many more ways.

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Read on if you’re interested in learning about the reasons behind toddlers screaming and also how you can get your beloved little one to stop screaming.

5 Ways You Can Get Your Toddler To Stop Screaming

Why Do Toddlers Scream?

toddler screaming into the camera

While it may be extremely annoying and frustrating for you to deal with your screaming child, you must keep in mind that they are not always screaming to be naughty, have tantrums, or ruin your peace of mind.

Always remember that toddlers are growing up, and as they grow, they learn new and fascinating things that they can do. One of these new abilities that your child will notice as they grow is that they can make a sound all by themselves – and loud sounds, at that!

Once they realize this, you can expect them to start using their newfound ability quite a bit. That means that they may want to scream to get attention or to enjoy themselves and their ability to make noises.

Toddlers don’t yet know how to control themselves in a public place and lack much control over their impulses. So, if they feel that they want to scream, they will most likely scream to their heart’s content, much to the ire of their parents.

How Can You Stop A Toddler Screaming?

woman saying stop with hands whilst covering her face

There are quite a few methods that you can attempt to implement so that you can get your toddler to stop screaming.

Bear in mind that not all of these will work with every toddler, so take steps to find the best solution that won’t traumatize or upset your child.

Play Some Calming Music

Toddler’s attention spans are definitely not the best, and if you distract them with another form of noise, they may just stop their screaming and calm down.

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Playing some music that they can sing along to is a wonderful way to encourage them to stop screaming while still providing them with a healthy outlet for their screeches.

You can play soft and calming music to help teach them that they can use their voice softly rather than loudly. This helps teach them that it is good to use their voice but that they need to learn how to control it and the volume at which they use it.

Talk to Them

Much like playing music that they can sing along to, simply engaging in a conversation with your little toddler is a great way to encourage them to stop screaming.

You can teach them how to communicate at acceptable levels and also get to spend some enjoyable time with your child.

If you speak to them calmly and quietly, they will be encouraged to emulate the way you speak. That means less screaming and more controlled sounds. This is a great way to teach them how to communicate and enjoy their voice without the need for screaming.

Keep the Noise Within the House Down

If your toddler is in an environment that is very noisy, they may also feel the need to be noisy so that you can hear them.

This may lead to a screaming toddler!

You can cut down on their screaming by ensuring that the environment within your home is quiet and calm.

Don’t play the TV so loud, and keep any radios or music at a calm and acceptable level that won’t encourage your child to scream.

Also, please do your best not to scream or shout yourself, as this could show your child that it is acceptable to be loud.

Take Your Toddler Outside

Screaming is a normal thing for children to do, and it is a great outlet to allow them to stretch their voices and enjoy their childhood.

When it just seems that they are having a hard time keeping the noise down, you can take them outside.

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Go for a walk around the backyard and tire them out. Then, play some games with them and make it so that they enjoy their time outside.

The chances are that they will become distracted with playing and forget that they want to scream.

Remain Positive!

When you need to discipline your toddler, make sure that you keep it positive! Positive reinforcement goes a long way and ensures that your child doesn’t suffer any traumatic experiences related to using their voice.

You can teach them to use their inside voice while actively providing for them the encouragement and teachings that they will need to remain sure of themselves and confident that they will learn to control their voice all by themselves.


Thankfully, the screaming phase that your toddler might be going through will not last forever. They’ll eventually grow out of it, and you can go back to worrying about the other things that they do to annoy you.

Your toddler screams will be a distant nightmare!

These are just a few steps that you can take to try and get your toddler to stop screaming. Always remember that positive reinforcement goes a long way, and getting angry with your toddler or screaming back at them can actually make things worse and traumatize them.

With patience, you can work with your child to show them that they can control their voice, and you’ll see that they will learn quickly. Hopefully, this article will help you to deal with your little one’s screaming without needing to resort to using earplugs until they grow out of it!

Good luck!


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