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Dad of 2, Blogger, part-time superhero. I am giving you all the tips that I wish I had when I was a new dad! Bringing up a child can be tough... and I want to use this blog to give you some parenting tips I picked up throughout my journey as a dad (so far!), along with some recommended gear that I use to help make the dad journey much easier!

5 benefits of shantala massage

5 Awesome Benefits Of Shantala Massage

If you wanted to know the top benefits of Shantala massage, then this page has given you 5 of the best! Massages will relax your baby, which is the best benefit

How to Discipline a Toddler guide

How to Discipline a Toddler

Do you have an unruly little one that’s giving push-back at your every word? If so, then use the techniques in this guide to effectively discipline a toddler.

qualities of a good mother

12 Best Qualities Of A Good Mother

What are the qualities of a good mother? I asked a mom friend of mine, and we worked collaboratively to come up with this list of the 12 best qualities!

My Child is Mean and Rude

Help! My Child is Mean and Rude! 5 Tips

If you are screaming out ‘my child is mean and rude, please help!’ then my 5 top tips on this page will help you out! We also have 5 reasons why they act out!