10 Clear Signs That Your Toddler Loves You

Every day is an adventure with a toddler.

As kids develop their personalities and assert their individuality, they may not always be the best at expressing their love and appreciation for you – one of the many joys of parenthood!

Even at their worst, your toddler is still showing they love you in their own ways.

Here are 10 signs that your toddler loves you.

Remember these when you’re having a bad day and know no matter what, you are doing your best, and it will get better!

Looking for signs that your toddler loves you? Whilst they are learning to show emotions, here are my top 10 signs that your toddler is trying to show you love!

You Toddler May Show Love Using One of These 10 Methods

toddler happy laying on mom

Here are 10 things that show us parents that our toddlers love us!


Cuddling is one of the most popular ways your toddler expresses their affection for you. They may want to cuddle up with you for warmth, comfort, and so much more when they are injured, asleep, or just plain quiet.

Cuddling is a clear form of affection – after all if you don’t like someone, why would you want them to touch you?

Touching, especially skin to skin, helps to strengthen your bond with your toddler, but don’t be disheartened if your child isn’t particularly cuddly.

Some toddlers, particularly those with sensory issues, may not like to be touched. This is completely normal!


toddler kissing mom outside

Most toddlers love kisses – the sloppier, the better! It’s a classic sign of love!

These big, wet kisses are a clear way that your child is showing that they love you. When you give kisses to your toddler, they are learning that is a clear form of affection.

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So when they do the same to you, they show you just how much they love you too!

Toddlers do not yet understand social signs, so they will often go for the mouth and remain a little longer than is comfortable, but this is all part of the learning process.

Enjoy those big sloppy kisses while you can.


There are few moments in life that are as precious as hearing your kid laugh – especially for the first time.

This is a sound of pure, uninhibited joy, and it is a great indicator that your toddler loves you.

We laugh and grin the most when we are around those who make us feel the greatest, and even if your toddler cannot yet speak, they may still laugh to express their enjoyment and affection.

Gazing into Your Eyes

We like to look at things and people that we love. It brings us joy, and babies are no different! This eye contact is important in establishing trust and a bond between a parent and a toddler.

While nonverbal, when your toddler gazes at you, especially in your eyes, they are telling us how much they love you.

Please pay attention to their facial expressions, which can give you an extra clue into their feelings when looking at you.


Our toddlers learn a lot about human behavior by watching us, so when they replicate our actions, facial expressions, speech patterns, and so on, it is a method for them to demonstrate their affection.

Because they are so perceptive, we must be mindful of our own actions in the presence of our toddlers so that we do not teach them undesirable habits. The sooner we establish a positive example for our children, the better off they will be!

Tracking Your Movements

toddler looking through glass

We often keep our eyes on the things we love, and toddlers will do the same, tracking our movements as we move around the room.

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They will frequently turn their heads if they hear our voices, smell our odors, or detect other signs that indicate where we are and how long it will be before we return to our toddler.

They often make noises to get us to come back to them faster, especially if they can see us from where they are located.


It is such a special moment when your toddler learns to share, and often when they share with us; it is a sign of love. This could be simply giving us their favorite toy when they realize that we are sad, sharing a picture they colored or offering up a snack.

Some children are eager to share new things they have learned or been given.

Every time your child shares with you, they demonstrate how much they care about and respect your input. They are proud of something and want to share it with those they care about.


When you come home after a long day, how does your toddler greet you? Do they start smiling? Squealing? Running into your arms?

Even screaming can mean that they are so excited to see you they don’t even know how to react! Your toddler may also smell you when you come home because it is comforting to them.

There are many different cues that your toddler can use to show how much they miss you, so make sure to pay attention to how they react.

It may be subtle, but it’s an important way your toddler shows how much they love you.

Burying Head into You

toddler hugging mom and dad on sofa

When your child is in an unknown situation, or they are scared and lean into you, this is a way that they subconsciously show you just how much they love and trust you.

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They trust you to protect them against harm or to introduce them to something new.

You are their rock, their comfort in any situation, and it’s another proof of the bond between you and your toddler.

Experiencing Separation Anxiety

It can be heartbreaking when your child cries every time you leave the room, but this is also a sign of their attachment to you.

They love you so much that they do not want to be away from you!

Now, that’s not always possible. You can’t be with your toddler 24/7, so you’ll need to work with them on healthy ways for them to assert their independence and grow.

This is an important aspect of development, so while you should cherish all the love and unrestricted cuddles you can get, they must learn to be comfortable on their own.


Your little one is still growing and learning how to deal with some tough emotions (ones that even adults struggle with). Love is the strongest emotion, and I am sure your child loves you, and this post gave you 10 ways they will show that.

The toddler years can be challenging, but if you keep an eye out for these signals of affection, they can really help relieve anxiety when your child refuses to brush their teeth or execute another simple duty!

Don’t forget; your toddler also needs your affection, love, and trust. It’s also up to you to teach them how to show love. Please give them the signs they can use on you.

Good luck.


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