Childbirth, Babies and Toddler Survival Guide For New Dads

help your child overcome fears

Help Your Child Be Less Scared And Reduce Anxiety

After a recent episode on a kids slide, I realized that maybe my Son was getting a little too scared of life, and needed some help, guidance, and reassurance that everything was cool. It was that moment when I decided to give some tips for making your child less scared and less anxious about certain things in life.

Teach your kid self defence

Why You SHOULD Teach Your Toddler Self Defence

Teaching your Child self defence will improve their mind, body, and will increase confidence when dealing with situations in life. I was taught Judo from a young age and I was a very confident kid! Not only does it give your child massive benefits, you also get to spend more time with them! Win-win!

Daddy Daycare Ideas

Daddy Daycare Ideas – The Fake Food Trials

Sometimes I struggle ideas on how to entertain my toddler Son during Daddy Daycare. Other days, it is IN THE BAG! This weekend, I spent some time working on his creative side by asking him to prep me some food! What I received was an unusual mix of flavors. Can he be the next Gordon Ramsey? Unlikely.

best baby light projector

Best Baby Light Projector Get Your Kid To Sleep

Getting your child off to sleep can sometimes be a huge challenge. Make it easy on yourself by using technology! The best baby light projectors will help to relax your child, using calming waves of light and sound. Here I give you 5 excellent choices and 1 ultimate Cosmos baby light projector.

Best Baby blocks

Best Baby Blocks – Early Learning Toys

I take a look at the Best Baby blocks on offer in this post. Baby blocks are an awesome, and educational toy which doubles up as a sensory object too. A Babies brain is perfect for learning, and with so many toys out there it is difficult to know which ones are the best. Baby blocks are highly rated by me!

get rid of the pacifier

Ditch The Pacifier – How To Wean Your Baby Off

It is one of the most difficult battles you will face in the early years of your life! How do you get your Baby or Toddler to give up their pacifier? How do you stop the conflict in the middle east? Here I give you 7 tips for getting your kid to ditch the pacifier, I teach you nothing about the middle eastern conflict.

What Not To Say During Childbirth

Dad Guide – Childbirth And What NOT To Say

Childbirth is not an easy task! There is no doubt, it is worse for the women! We can make it better, we can make it a little less bad for them. We can do this by knowing what to say and do during childbirth….but here, I tell you what you should definitely NOT say during childbirth!

entertain your toddler

Entertain A Toddler With These 5 Household Items

Time for Daddy Daycare! But, how do you entertain a toddler when they get bored so easily? If your toddler is anything like mine, they will have the attention span of a goldfish and become quickly bored with their regular toys! Use these safe household items to entertain your toddler and keep them quiet!

Trimester Pregnancy Rundown

New Dad Guide For Each Pregnancy Trimester

When you are a new Dad, you need to know how to survive the pregnancy! For you to survive the pregnancy, you need to understand what happens at each stage. In this article, I explain what your partner will be going through, what is expected of you, and how the baby is progressing through each trimester.

Expectant father gifts

10 Awesome Expectant Father Gifts

Looking for gift ideas to buy an expectant Father?

Take a look at 10 ideas here. On my way to becoming an awesome Dad, I once was an expectant Father.

I would have loved each one of these gifts too! Some I wouldn’t have even thought about at the time too.

All of the gifts here will help him out in his journey!

best baby sleeping movement monitor

Best Baby Movement Monitor [Includes Alternative]

The best baby movement monitor is reviewed here!

I cannot emphasise how important it was for me to use a movement monitor when my Son was a newborn! It resulted in me and my Wife getting some quality sleep (when we could!), knowing that we would be alerted to any issues during the night!

Travelling With a Newborn

Travelling With a Newborn? Boss Mode Car Prep

Travelling with a newborn can be a bit of a nightmare!

Make it easy on yourself by travelling with all the equipment you will need to keep your newborn content and your car in good condition!

Here are 10 items every car needs when it is hosting a baby!

best digital thermometer

Best Digital Ear Thermometer – Stuff Dads Need

When you are faced with a child who is going through an common cold, or infection, a digital ear thermometer is the greatest tool in your kid tool box.

You need one your can trust, so here I give you my opinion on what is the best digital ear thermometer, along with the best cheap digital ear thermometer!

Tips For Surviving Work After Paternity Leave

10 Tips For Surviving Work After Paternity Leave

So you have got through childbirth…and you have survived the first few weeks of having a newborn baby.

Now it is time for your paternity leave to be over, and for you to return to work.

How do you get through it though? Here are 10 tips to help you get back to work.

Getting through your first week as a new dad

How To Survive Your First Week As A Dad

You’ve done the hospital bit, and now it is time to get your new baby to their home!

Congratulations, you are a Father!

Now your first task, is to get through the first week. How do you do that?

Here I give you 10 tips for getting through your first week as a brand new Dad!

How To Get Kids To Sleep

How To Get Kids To Sleep – Boss Mode Level 4

9 tips to help you get your kid to sleep | You’ve had a tough day, and you are desperate to relax! But wait….it is bedtime. That glorious time of the day when you get to claw some of your own time back! Nothing you are doing works though, your child will not sleep!

Kids Making You Angry

Kids Making You Angry? 10 Tips To Stay Cool!

When your kids are making you angry, it is such a challenge not to loose the plot and shout back at them. Remember who the adult, and leader is. Here are some tips for keeping cool when your kids make you angry. There are also tips on avoiding it in the first place!

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor – Top 5

Infrared is awesome! Baby monitors are necessary. Why not combine both and get your self one of the best night vision baby monitors! We have 5 choices here, including a fantastic all rounder, a great expandable monitor, the best value for money and a truck load of reassuring features!