6 Awesome Car Seat Toys For Toddlers

best car seat toys for toddlers

The mere thought of traveling with my toddler used to bring me out in cold sweats. Gone were the days where I could strap him into his car seat and he would immediately fall asleep. Boy, I miss those days.

Now, he needs entertaining. But how? How could I entertain him AND drive?

Here, I take a look at the best car seat toys for toddlers. These toys will remove some of the stresses of traveling with a toddler!

And you won’t have an unhappy and (frustratingly) audible passenger. Light relief from a toddler who is demanding your attention

The good news is that there are tons of car seat toys for toddlers on the market. The bad news is that you will need weeks, if not months, to browse through most of them before you get your hands on the best car seat toys for your baby. Of course, unless you’re on this page, then your work is reduced to choosing between just six of the very best. Heck, you can even get all of them!

Best Car Seat Toys for Toddlers Reviews

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

VTech Turn and Learn Driver

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This colorful toy will get your cute little driver tooting with every turn you take. Designed in the shape of a car dashboard, it features an adorable dog character that moves back and forth when the toddler turns the steering wheel. And that’s not even the best thing about the toy.

Best Features

  • 3 play modes: your toddler can switch between driving, animal and music modes. Whatever the choice, he/she will get entertaining sounds that will keep him/her engaged.
  • Educational: more importantly, the 3-mode feature helps the child to learn the various aspects of driving, nature, and music. For one thing, your toddler will be introduced to steering, shifting gear, using the mirror, braking, and even traffic lights. When those cease to entertain he/she can switch the signal lever to music. There are over 60 melodies, songs and phrases to learn, not to mention the many built-in animal sounds. That’s what makes the VTech Turn and Learn Driver one of the best car seat toys for toddlers – because it helps in speech, language, and cognitive development.
  • Imaginative play: in addition to cognitive development, this handy toy packs lots of features for pretend play. At the very top are 5 icons with images of varying cars and animals. When your toddler is not picturing him/herself in a particular type of car, he/she will probably be “petting” an animal or turning the steering wheel while shifting the pedal and trying the brakes. Whatever the case, this kind of imaginative play is a solid building block for creative thinking.
  • Easy and safe to use: every single piece on this plaything moves with ease. Equally important is that there are no small or removable parts that can cause a choking hazard.
  • Powers easily: two replaceable AA batteries are included for powering up the entire set.

Any Deficiencies?

The one thing that could improve is usability inside the car. VTech didn’t design it to be installable in a stroller, so you have to be creative when trying to attach one. Otherwise, it’s an awesome indoor and outdoor baby toy. 

Beloved Belonging Kids Travel Tray

Kids Travel Tray for Toddler Car Seat | Toddler Car Seat Tray Organizer | Large ipad Holder A Road Trip Essential | Soft Padding, Waterproof, Food & Snack Lap Tray Carseat, Stroller, and High Chair

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How about getting your tech-savvy toddler this car seat tray organizer? It has a large tablet holder, you know, in case your little one wants to be the next Steve Jobs. Alternatively, you can put your iPad in that holder and let your kid play with his/her other toys. And there can be plenty of them!

Best Features

  • Supports unlimited toys: the beauty of this particular unit is that it’s a travel tray – kind of a surface for holding toys. That means you can carry your child’s house toys to the car and let him/her play with them as you drive or enjoy the ride. It will remain steady thanks to the added quick buckle and securing straps.
  • Animal-branded surface: its more than just a tray because on the surface are images of a few animals, including rabbit, bat, cat, giraffe, and fish. At the very least your toddler will learn how to identify animals.
  • Pockets: in addition to the large surface where your child can place toys, the Beloved Belonging Kids Travel Tray has pockets on either side. You can throw in a water bottle, your phone, snacks, crayons, painting pads, extra toys, and whatnots.
  • Foldable: the best part? You can fold and carry the tray, together with everything inside. It has 3-inch reinforced walls and zippers that keep everything safe. Talk about portable entertainment for your little one and convenience for you. You can pack it while in the house and then unfold it when you get to the car or plane.
  • Waterproof construction: the BPA-free material used to make this tray cleans up easily. It only takes one wipe for the entire tray to look fresh as new.

Any Deficiencies?

The construction is decent enough but the material doesn’t feel strong enough for the long haul. If you’re the type of family that goes on many road trips per year you may have to buy more than one unit of this. Regardless, it’s an excellent tray that fits on planes and car seats, including booster seats.

Kenley Toddler Busy Board

Toddler Busy Board - Montessori Basic Skills Activity Board for Fine Motor Skills and Learn to Dress - Educational Learning Toys for 1 2 3 4 Year Old Toddlers - Sensory Toy for Airplane or Car Travel

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Do you want your toddler to master essential dressing skills from a young age? This is the perfect gift for that kind of learning. It’s an entire set with a buckle, buttons, lace, zipper and a few other items that are used in fastening clothes. A few days with this board and your little one will be a champ in getting ready for school.

Best Features

  • It’s a learn-to-dress board: the whole concept behind this piece is to teach your kid how to dress properly but in a playful and low-stress environment. The baby places the board on his/her laps and learns how to tie laces, open & close zippers, fasten or loosen buckles, open buttons and close them and so on. There’s a total of 9 learning items, all of which instill hands-on dressing skills.
  • Motor development: any skill that your toddler learns contributes to motor development. In this case, he/she masters an astounding NINE skills. Every time your toddler uses this toy he/she learns how to put on shoes, pants, shirts, coats and any other clothes. Let them use it a few times in the car and you may find them ready for school by the time you wake up.
  • Engaging: all the items on the Kenley Toddler Busy Board are great, but the buckles are arguably the best. Why? Because there are several of them and each one has a varying level of difficulty. Once your child tries one, he/she can move to a more difficult one. Believe it or not, kids love such types of challenges. He/she will sit quietly trying to solve the puzzle, as you enjoy the drive. This alone makes it one of the best car seat toys for toddlers.
  • Comfortable: the Montessori-inspired board is made of soft wool. Its surface is comfortable to the touch, even for the tender hand of a toddler. While you can’t wash it with a machine, it’s fairly easy to clean using a wet cloth.
  • Portable: with dimensions of 12.8 x 11 x 0.5 inches and weighing in at 0.4 pounds, this car seat toy is designed with toddlers in mind. You don’t even have to carry it to the car for your child, he/she can manage to do that for him/herself. There’s a removable strap to make the work easier.

Any Deficiencies?

Some people don’t like that it’s not foldable. If you force it, it will fold. But then it will wrinkle and can get damaged. It’s not that big anyway that you will want to fold it.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board

Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board (Developmental Toy, Sturdy Wooden Construction, Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills, 39.37 cm H x 29.21 cm W x 3.175 cm L)

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The Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board makes the list because of the many activities packed in one board. It has latches, rooms, shapes, colors, images, numbers and lots more.

I have to admit, I love the Melissa & Doug range! They appear on many of my articles, including lock and key toys, and garage toys for toddlers.

Best Features

  • Engaging activity board: when you look at this board the first thing you will notice is a set of 6 house designs. Each one has a different type of latch and color. They are all numbered from 1 to 6, and on the bottom row are 4 flowers. The simple process of identifying all these things will keep your toddler quite engaged in the car.
  • Learning toy: more importantly, everything that’s included contributes to your child’s learning process. When not opening latches he/she will be looking at the various colors, counting numbers or even observing architectural designs. Yep, your kid will learn a thing or two about house designs. Animals are there too, behind the doors. 
  • Interactive play: this is yet another feature that makes the board one of the best car seat toys for toddlers. Two or even three kids can use it at a time. When one is opening the “house’s” doors the other one will be counting the number of houses whose doors are still closed. This is the kind of play that not only improves a child’s social skills but also builds motor skills.
  • Solid construction: the entire board is made of solid wood, which is safe for kids. It doesn’t have small parts that can cause choking hazards.
  • Perfect for travels: equally important is that the wood doesn’t bend. Your toddler can place the board on the laps while in a car.

Any Deficiencies?

The latches are the biggest attractions for kids with their clicking sounds. Unfortunately, they are not named. If your toddler likes to ask questions like “what’s this one called?”, you may end up with a puzzler. Anyway, the board has a draw latch, sash lock, cabin hook, crossbar, door chain, and lock hasp in that order from 1 to 6.

Funtasit Kids Travel Tray

funtasit Kids Travel Tray All-in-One Carry Bag, Play Table, Storage and Tablet Holder with Detachable Back - Side Pockets - Sturdy, Leakproof, Easy Clean. Gray/Silver/Green. Bonus Bracelet

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Why buy a work board, car seat organizer and tablet holder separately when you can buy this travel tray and have them all in one package? With its vibrant colors and child-friendly design, it is designed to keep your toddler as calm as possible during a trip.

Best Features

  • Best when used as a travel tray: it’s basically a travel tray that has a hard surface on which your toddler can place his/her toys and play with them. He/she can even use it as a study tray while at it. If you don’t mind your kid using a tablet, then you’ll be pleased to know that this tray’s cover doubles up as a tablet holder. You can actually remove the entire back and use it as a stand-alone tablet holder.
  • Puts safety first: in addition to the sturdy walls of the tray, its top part can be attached to the seat in front so that the whole thing doesn’t fall down.
  • Lots of pockets: one reason why this tray ranks among the top car seat toys for toddlers is that it has many pockets. Just beneath the tablet holder is a zippered pouch that holds fairly sized items. There are smaller pockets on either side of the tablet holder. These ones can store smaller items like pens, crayons, and pencils. If you have something bigger (like extra toys and snacks) you can put it in the tray’s side pocket. On the top surface is a hole that holds a bottle (for water, juice, etc.)
  • Educational surface: the lap tray is more than just a work table. It has drawings of farm animals, vegetation, a house, flag, waterbody, boy and lots of colorful stuff that your toddler can draw or trace. He/she can also use them to learn various animals, colors, and whatnots.
  • Cleans easily: the top surface is made of PVC. First, the material makes it easy for your kid to draw or trace things that are on the tray. Secondly, you can wipe off whatever the baby drew on the surface with ease using a piece of wet cloth.

Any Deficiencies?

Yes, the plastic smell! You may have to wait for a month or more before the smell finally goes away. Other than that, not much to complain about this toddler travel tray.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet

LeapFrog Scribble and Write

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The idea behind this toddler toy is a brilliant one. It’s designed to look like a tablet that’s easy to hold for a child. The package includes an easy-grip stylus for tracing, writing and scribbling numbers and letters on the screen. Now that’s the kind of toy you need if you want your little one to learn and keep busy while in the car.

Best Features

  • Learning toy: this is one of the most brilliant car seat toys for toddlers, at least as far as learning. It allows your kid to trace lights and practice writing letters A to Z and numbers 1 to 10. Every time the child writes a letter or number correctly, the toy sounds it to help with pronunciation as well. It’s simply amazing.
  • Increasing difficulty: there’s level 1, which basically involves scribbling letters and numbers, and then there’s level two, which requires more accurate writing of letters and numbers. With this toy, your child gets a very nice pre-school learning toy that can teach him/her how to write numbers and letters accurately as well as handwriting development.
  • Motor control: the part that some people probably don’t see is where this toy develops the child’s hand-eye coordination. He/she views, traces and then hears the sounding of the word/letter. That’s a very big part of overall motor control.
  • Attached stylus: the easy-grip stylus that comes with this tablet is attached so that the child doesn’t lose it.
  • Easy to use: for starters, it’s a lightweight toy. At only 12.8 ounces, a toddler can use it comfortably while placing it on the lap or table. Besides, it has rubberized sides for an easy grip.

Any Deficiencies?

It’s safe to say that LeapFrog assumed that every kid who will use this toy is right-handed. The cord holding the stylus is rather short for a left-handed child. He/she will still be able to use it but may struggle at times. Overlooking that, the tablet is awesome for pre-kindergarten learning.


In case you’re wondering, all these toys are surprisingly affordable. They’re all priced at under $50. With such prices you have every reason to get more than one; say a travel tray and something like the Vtech Turn and Learn Driver or LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet.

That way your little one will have a variety of the best car seat toys for toddlers to play with while in the car.

Good luck choosing!

6 Awesome Toys With Steering Wheels For Toddlers

best toys with steering wheels for toddlers

Kids also need to know how to drive. But obviously, you can’t put your toddler behind the wheel; unless, of course, it’s one of the most awesome toys with steering wheel for toddlers!

In which case you can never buy enough of those, and there’s every possibility that your car-crazy child will love every single one of them (it is also worth checking out these garage toys for toddlers).

Why Steering Wheel Toys Are Awesome For Toddlers

Toys with steering wheels for toddlers are great for play, but more importantly, they help with the development process. Every time the child manipulates something on the steering wheel and sees the car reacting, he/she learns the concept of cause and effect. Turn the wheel and the car will turn, press the tiny horn and there will be a honking sound. What a child is learning is that actions come with reactions.

And not just that. Simulated driving is great for a toddler’s concentration and imagination. As your little one gets carried away in that imaginary world, he/she will find him/herself focusing on the visual (like looking at the road ahead), actionable (like turning the steering wheel) and auditory (like hearing the horn) aspects of the play.

That develops motor skills and coordination from a very young age.

Besides, turning a toy steering wheel is in itself a physical activity. It helps the child’s muscles to develop and bones to strengthen. If it’s a ride-on car then the child will be using almost every muscle in his/her body to power it.

Not many exercises come close to that.

So, if you can find a toy that combines exercising with motor control you will help your child to develop in a healthy way. In light of that, we have taken the liberty to review the best toys with steering wheels for toddlers.

Let’s dig in, shall we?


6 Best Toys With Steering Wheel For Toddlers

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin' Up Fun Food Truck - French Edition

Not only is this an awesome toddler toy with a steering wheel, but it also gives your toddler a complete role-playing opportunity!

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Kicking off the review is this awesome food truck for toddlers. The two-sided toy has a truck dashboard on one side and several culinary playthings on the other side. There’s no actual driving involved but the dashboard side features a steering wheel, gear shifter and clicker key.

It’s pretty realistic and great for your toddler’s imagination, just as the counter side is.

The latter has a food prep area that’s fitted with a light-up grill, “full” cash register with 4 menu cards, a wash-up sink, and a service bell. Just below the counter, on the outside, is a recycle bin. In total, your Toddler gets over 20 removable pieces to play with.

And that’s not even the most fun part! The cash register reads out all the menu cards while the tiny stereo system plays over 125 songs and sounds. To put it simply, this truck provides hundreds, if not thousands, of learning opportunities for kids.

From singing to culinary skills, interactive play, hygiene lessons, and so much more, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Servin’ Up Fun Food Truck has them all. That’s why it gets a spot among the best toys with steering wheels for toddlers.

How the Fisher-Price Food Truck Enhances Toddler Development

  • The realistic truck side will help your baby understand the basics of driving and road etiquette as the food prep area teaches him/her something about being a chef.
  • Built-in songs, tunes, and phrases are great for a child’s academics. They focus on counting and sizing.
  • Promotes interactive play. At least 3 kids can use this toy at once, with one of them being the chef, another one taking the driver’s position and the third kid as the food buyer.
  • If they are many, toddlers will learn to take turns and in the process acquire the skill of patience. It can be used by kids of crawling age all through 11 years, so don’t be afraid to let them explore this magical truck.


Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

My Son had this Likkle Tikes car as a toddler, and he still plays with it now!

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A toy car is nice, but a smiling toy car is even better for a toddler. And that’s exactly what your child will get in the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – a colorful, smiling ride-on coupe. It’s not just a likable and amusing toy, it’s also quite realistic. It has four wheels and a steering wheel, complete with a working horn.

The clicking ignition switch is bound to make your child feel like he/she has started a real car. At the back is a small gas cap that opens and closes, so don’t be shocked when your baby pulls up next to you at the gas station!

Of course, they won’t, but what they can do is ride the toy.

Its removable floor cover enables your child to power the toy car with his/her feet.

Steering isn’t hard since the front wheels can turn through 360 degrees. When your toddler is tired, you can simply carry the whole car with them in it! There’s a sturdy grip at the top, fitted for that particular purpose.

How Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Enhances Toddler Development

  • Provides physical exercise, muscle development, and bone-strengthening when the child powers the car him/herself
  • A nice educational tool for young drivers. They can know all the basics of driving, from starting a car to fuelling and a lot more
  • Requires assembly. Doing this with your child’s help will teach them how to build things.
  • Encourages role-play and imaginative play, both of which are great for mastering social and communication skills.


Best Learning My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel

BEST LEARNING My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel - Interactive Educational Toys for 6 to 36 Months Old Infants, Babies, Toddlers - Learn Colors, Shapes, Feelings & Music Game - Ideal Baby Toy Gifts

Geared towards younger toddlers, this steering wheel is fun and educational!

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How about getting your toddler a colorful toy that’s rich in visual and academic features? That’s what My Spin & Learn Steering Wheel from Beat Learning brings to the table. The circular steering wheel has three modes.

First, there is the color mode with white, red, blue, yellow and purple. When this mode is active the LEDs will come on, highlighting the colors for the child to see. The second mode involves shapes. Here your kid will learn to identify a triangle, square, pentagon, star and circle. Again, LEDs light up to highlight the shape for your child to take note.

The final mode teaches feelings.

Your toddler can learn joy, surprise, anger, fear, and sadness. You guessed it right, LEDs light up to highlight each feeling.

The best part of this learning wheel is the songs, sentences, and phrases. Whenever a color, shape or feeling is highlighted in LED the toy plays an accompanying song, sentence or word to teach the child what he/she is looking at. In other words, it triggers both the visual and auditory senses of your child.

How cool is that?

That alone puts this wheel up there among the best toys with steering wheels for toddlers.

How the Best Learning Wheel Enhances Toddler Development

  • Teaches kids to identify basic shapes, colors, and feelings.
  • Accompanying songs are great for a child’s vocal and vocabulary development.
  • It’s an engaging toy that can teach your toddler how to concentrate.
  • There are buttons that change the mode when pressed. More importantly, they trigger a baby’s curiosity as he/she tries to find out when will happen when a button is pressed
  • It’s a wheel, so there’s the driving aspect of this toy.


Mickey and Friends: Activity Pinball Ride On

Mickey and Friends: Activity Pinball Ride On

This is one of the classic toys with steering wheels for toddlers! It doesn’t have to be Disney themed, but any toy like this will be played with for hours!

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Who wouldn’t want a piece of Mickey’s positive vibes? He has a way of putting a smile on kids’ faces what with his hilarious voice and sparks of light. No wonder toddlers get excited at the sight of a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar or a Mickey-themed park.

Well, those are two ways of getting your baby a piece of Mickey and Friends; if you want to do it once or twice a year! The other way, the better way, is by getting a Mickey and Friends Activity Pinball Ride On. This nicely decorated ride-on toy has Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and all the beloved characters from the show.

It has activity buttons that play Mickey’s favorite tunes, giving your toddler time to enjoy the music and learn the words as well.

A turn-able knob spins colors and blinks signal lights just like in real cars. It comes complete with a tiny ignition key and gear that revs the engine to produce an engine sound.

Long story short, this toy has an amazing ability to mimic real cars. That’s one of the reasons why it’s among the best toys with steering wheels for toddlers – because kids can learn about driving from a tender age.

How Mickey and Friends Enhances Toddler Development

  • Mimics real cars, which makes it an amazing tool for driving lessons. You can teach road etiquette when your child is young.
  • Has a peek-a-boo window for imaginative play, which is known to enhance social and communication skills.
  • The included removable toy phone makes it even easier for a child to learn communication.
  • Baby can sit and ride on or push the toy. Either way, it offers good exercise


CASDON Sat Nav Steering Wheel

CASDON Sat Nav Steering Wheel

Your toddler will love the realistic sound effects with this steering wheel toy!

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Link: https://www.amazon.com/CASDON-Sat-Nav-Steering-Wheel/dp/B0037LJ0YG

Kids love to pretend play, and they find it more fun when the toy is realistic. Speaking of which, CASDON’s Sat Nav Steering Wheel is the closest substitute for an actual steering wheel. It’s a toy satellite navigator and steering wheel as well; a combination that makes it the perfect tool for toddler play, learning, and development.

The toy wheel is packed with several realistic features that include a revving engine, horn that honks, braking tool and something to imitate gear change.

So while your little one won’t be driving an actual car, he/she will get enough fun from pretending to. Indicators and flashing lights make it even more realistic, and you can use them to teach your child about traffic rules.

How CASDON Sat Nav Steering Wheel Enhances Toddler Development

  • Motoring sounds and commands that interact with the wheel to help your child learn the basics of driving
  • Flashing lights and indicators can teach your child a thing or two about traffic rules
  • Based on an instructional play that teaches your child left and right directions
  • Your toddler can develop hand-to-eye coordination by playing with the wheel
  • Has spoken instructions which also help with your child’s hearing and vocabulary


Taf Toys Infant and Baby Car Wheel Toy

Taf Toys Car Wheel Toy

This is an awesome steering wheel toy when your child is leaving the baby years and moving into toddler territory. Plus it gives them something to do on long journeys!

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Are you the type of parent/guardian who enjoys the occasional drive with your little one? You can make the experience more fun for your toddler by adding the Taf Toys Infant and Baby Car Wheel Toy into the mix. The little steering attaches to the headrest of the seat in front and allows your toddler to imitate the driver’s actions.

In addition to a steering wheel, the toy has a gear lever. It makes sounds and produces light; both of which are very amusing to toddlers.

More importantly, they stimulate your baby’s senses while providing fun on the road.

How Taf Toys Car Wheel Toy Enhances Toddler Development

  • Allows baby or toddler to play pretend by imitating driver’s actions, therefore encouraging learning by imitation.
  • By watching and imitating, the baby can develop motor skills and coordination.
  • Sounds and lights help to develop baby’s visual and auditory senses
  • Great tool for teaching a child cause and effect through imaginative play


Which Steering Wheel Toy Should You Choose For Your Toddler?

If you want a ride-on car that will give your baby all the exercises that he/she needs then Little Tikes Cozy Coupe makes the best pick. The Fisher-Price Food Truck, on the other hand, is perfect for gaining as many skills as possible – from culinary to driving skills and everything in-between.

Mickey and Friends is good for riding on, playing tunes and learning colors, which is also the case for Best Learning Wheel. The latter adds the benefit of learning about feelings as well.

CASDON Sat Nav Steering Wheel and Taf Toys Car Wheel are both excellent for teaching a toddler the basics of driving, traffic rules and how to treat other road users.



Each toy on this page is a fantastic option if you are after a toy with steering wheels for your toddler!

Your toddler will love role-playing as a driver, and be just like you when you are driving… so make sure you don’t go cursing at other drivers because they will copy you as they play!

In other words, each of these toys with steering wheels brings something to the table. Feel free to grab whichever option is most suitable for your toddler.

Even better, two or three toys can make your little one happier while teaching him/her a lot more about driving and whatnot.

Good luck!

Toy Garage For Toddlers – 6 Of The Best

best garage toy for toddlers

It is quite natural for toddlers to find cars as well as tracks to be extremely interesting! With that in mind, I am going to take a look at some awesome options if you are looking for a toy garage for toddlers.

A toy garage will enable your little one to make their dreams of running vehicles come true!

At present, play garages are available in various sizes as well as shapes and it is imperative to provide your toddler with playthings that will encourage them to be innovative in the long run.

The majority of these toys happen to be resilient as well as intriguing. Below, we will run through some popular garage toys for toddlers.

Toy Garage For Toddlers – Best 6

1. Service Station Parking Garage Toy from Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage (Vehicles, Functional Elevator, Easy to Carry, 6 Pieces)

Melissa and Doug toys are geared towards the development of children, which is why this garage toy for toddlers is top of my list!

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This awesome product from Melissa & Doug features a two-level wooden service station which is an intriguing multi-purpose toy. It is the best toy garage for toddlers, and I absolutely love all toys by Melissa & Doug! Their mission is to:

Provide a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose.

…you can’t argue with that, right?

Anyway, back to this toy… Your toddler will enjoy running the cars inside the carwash. After this, they will be driving around to the subsequent level parking deck.

Finally, they will reach the top using the elevator.

These toys are fantastic for creativity as well as tactile sensations. They are, in fact, more open-ended as compared to those playthings which come with lights as well as sounds. This specific toy will provide your toddler with the opportunity of producing their personal sound effects and also imagining conversations that take place between the drivers without any distraction whatsoever.

There is likewise a compact-sized footprint with the product in case you do not have adequate space. It might be a problem if you have two or more children since it will be difficult for several children to play with this toy at any given time.

Reasons why I recommend this toddler garage toy

  • Comes with 2 toys in one
  • Features a gas pump for effortless hand-eye coordination
  • Comes with vehicles

Manufacturers recommended age: 36 months +


2. Lock and Key Garage Toy For Toddlers from Battat

Battat - 3 Car Garage - Shape Sorting Toy Garage with Keys and 3 Toy Cars for Toddlers 2 years + (5-Pcs)

This Battat garage toy is awesome, and it helps develop recognition of shapes and colors!

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Battat is reputed for being a business that came into existence approximately 114 years back. We all know this company to produce some astounding playthings and toys for kids for over 40 years. The company markets their toys using methods that are more effective than advertising: they encourage conversation between parents on a one-to-one basis in playgrounds, classrooms, and any other place where children love to play.

Here, this amazing 3-car garage happens to be one of those remarkable products manufactured by the company that has captivated the hearts of numerous kids (and parents) across the globe.

After finding this toy, I had to add this one into my post for the best lock and key toys for toddlers too!

This innovative 3-car garage manufactured by Battat comes with as many as 3 colorful vehicles that include 3 differently-colored garage doors as well as 3 keys which are color-coded.

It is essential to match every single key to the appropriate colored carriage so that the doors can be unlocked and you will observe the vehicles rolling out.

This garage is particularly designed for promoting color matching and they also assist in developing hand-eye coordination while encouraging the little ones to get some more knowledge regarding cause as well as effect.

Apart from this, the garage comes with a handy fold-down carry handle which will allow you to play with this fun vehicle in the best possible way. In fact, this garage is ideal for children who are above 18 months old.

The box consists of one single garage, as many as 3 vehicles, not to mention 3 keys as well. Toys with locks and keys will also keep your toddler entertained for hours by the way!

Reasons why I recommend this toddler garage toy

  • Manufactured from top-quality materials.
  • Extremely resilient.
  • Teaches the children new skills regarding using colors and keys.
  • Any child who is more than 18 months of age can use this toy easily.

Manufacturers recommended age: 12 months +


3. 4-Level Garage Toy for Toddlers from Matchbox

Matchbox 4-level Garage

Your toddler will spend hours of fun playing with this!

View Price On Amazon

Here, you will come across one vehicle for every single mission. In fact, this playset is going to fulfill your toddler’s requirements in case their vehicle requires a tune-up, a top-quality carwash, or anything similar. There are several levels of different types of creative adventures.

You can easily send your vehicles through as many as four activity levels, turning around the spiral ramp, halting for filling up the fuel tank at any gas pump or reaching the summit by means of riding a crane on an elevator.

What you will find inside each box?

Every single box is going to consist of the following things:

  • As many as 4 activity levels including a gas pump, track, a genuine working elevator, crane, not to mention a spiral ramp as well
  • A 4-level large-scale garage that comes with easily identifiable real-world features and activities
  • Comes with a top-quality car wash for all their Matchbox vehicles and trucks
  • Service station for repairing the Matchbox automobiles
  • Comes with one single tow truck from Matchbox which will provide lots of fun to the kids once they end up opening the box.

Reasons why I recommend this toddler garage toy

  • Is properly designed and features easy-to-understand assembly
  • Does not require any batteries
  • Reasonably priced

Manufacturers recommended age: 36 months +


4. Wooden Race Track from Top Bright

TOP BRIGHT Toddler Toys For 1 2 Year Old Boy And Girl Gifts Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer With 4 Mini Cars

This toy is very sturdy and awesome fun to play with!

View Price On Amazon

This garage toy includes 4 Wooden Race Cars, 1 Toy garage for vehicles, and 4 Car Ramps.

The vehicles can be collected by your toddler on their own while preventing any loss of vehicles and also enhancing the sense of storage.

Montessori toys for toddlers are intended for kids aged between 2 and 3 years and help to enhance the coordination of the hands and eyes, intrinsic motor skills and sharing abilities, plus problem-solving capabilities as well.

Outdoor Playthings for 18-month-old toddlers – Vibrantly colored racing track sets help to attract boys and girls and also keep them engrossed for hours together.

This toy will help children to be aware of colors too. They can likewise practice their skills of counting;

The recommended age is upwards of 3 years.

Reasons why I recommend this toddler garage toy

  • Helps to develop hand-eye coordination of your toddler
  • Ensures 100% safety (certified with CPC and ASTM)
  • Manufactured from the best material available
  • Remarkable customer support
  • Simple to store
  • Comes with sturdy wheels

Manufacturers recommended age: 24 + (adult supervision under 36 months)


5. Little People Take Turns Skyway from Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

Fisher-Price knows how to make toys that kids will keep coming back to! Time and time again…

View Price On Amazon

This particular product happens to be the tallest Wheelies track set on the market that comes with as many as 3 different types of tracks which includes one that is able to launch the vehicles into the air.

This amazing garage toy for toddlers from Fisher-Price will provide the kids with plenty of racing fun and they can likewise learn how the playtime can be transformed into an entirely new gear simply by taking turns.

It will be feasible for the children to send their Wheelies vehicles zooming down the racetrack one at any given time while some fun phrases will remind them to begin taking turns.

They will start observing how it is possible to enjoy the game by being patient as well as by taking turns. It will be possible for the children to make use of their creative skills for developing stories while playing with the help of easy-to-handle cars out there.

Their little hands will receive a fantastic workout while they grasp the cars and send them down the racetracks at a tremendous speed.

Reasons why I recommend this toddler garage toy

  • Will teach the children fantastic social skills
  • Will enhance their creative power
  • Children will adore the different tracks as well as the various sounds that are produced while playing the game
  • The track is tall and amongst the most attractive out there
  • The toy is very simple to put together and this can be done within 30 minutes

Manufacturers recommended age: 18 months +


6. Nesting & Sorting Cars & Garages from Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars, Developmental Toys, Match-and-Stack Set, 7 Cars & Garages, 15.5" H x 6.5" W x 5.75" L (Renewed)

Another option here from the fantastic Melissa and Doug range!

View Price On Amazon

There are various innovative ways to play with this breathtaking learning set including zooming the wooden vehicles, building with the help of blocks, matching the vehicles to their respective garages, and so on.

There are as many as 7 graduated garages out there which can be organized according to one’s preference. They can also be stacked to construct a lofty structure that will provide lots of learning opportunities.

Simple and neat storage is not a problem!

Above all, each one of them is going to match one of the 7 stackable cars by color, size, as well as number thus opening up limitless opportunities in front of the kids.

These toy garages will aid in developing proper hand-eye coordination of your toddler, and they will be able to have a sound concept of color, numbers, and size.

At the same time, their problem-solving abilities are going to be improved significantly and they will become more creative in the long run. These toy garages are going to be a fantastic gift from any child between two and four years of age.

Reasons why I recommend this toddler garage toy

  • The colors of the cars are vibrant and fun
  • The garages are quite strong and thick
  • Will help to enhance the counting abilities as well as creative powers of the children
  • These are absolutely safe for the kids and they can use it without any risk at all

Manufacturers recommended age: 24 months +


How imaginative play helps with Toddler development

By the term “imaginative play” I mean playing freely that encourages the healthy development of your toddler. Here, we have mentioned some essential benefits provided by imaginative play at present.

A garage toy for toddlers will enhance imaginative play and will help your toddler through an important developmental stage!

1. Social development

While participating in imaginative play, kids are actually experimenting with life’s social roles. In fact, imaginative play is able to affect the development of the essential skills of a child which are important for his success with their friends. While playing creatively along with their buddies, children learn how to compromise and cooperate (hopefully).

2. Language development

Imaginative play will help children to expand their vocabulary and they can also experiment freely with different words in their own convenient time. There is no risk of feeling embarrassed in case they pronounce these words incorrectly.

3. Physical development

Children will be able to express themselves both verbally as well as non-verbally by means of imaginative play. They will be able to use their muscles as well as their senses for achieving this.

Working with different art materials will enhance their motor skills significantly along with their hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, their gross motor skills will be stimulated in case they are encouraged to participate in dancing, large construction projects or mutual painting.

4. Thinking abilities

The mental development of children is enhanced by imaginative play to a great extent and they will learn how to think and solve problems effectively.

5. Emotional development

Last but not least, imaginative play will help your toddler to express positive as well as negative feelings. They will also be able to get the better of difficult emotions through their improved understanding.


In this post, we looked at 6 of the best garage toys for toddlers. Each one of the options is robust and enjoyable, built for toddlers!

It is essential that you provide your toddler with proper playthings that will keep them engrossed for hours.

The toy garages mentioned above will enable your toddler to develop in the best possible way. They will also enhance vital life skills!

Your toddler will have the opportunity of playing with various models and can also imagine various scenarios like a race, a trip to the garage, a crash, and so forth.

Hopefully, the 6 garage toys mentioned above will help you to pick the appropriate plaything for your toddler! One they can use for amusing themselves in a healthy and creative manner.

Good luck!

Best Pirate Toys For Toddlers, Me Hearties!

best pirate toys for toddlers

Ahoy, me hearties. All hand hoy and avast ye! Here I serve ye up the best Pirate toys for toddlers!

Let’s save the pirate lingo for September 19th, shall we? Nonetheless, one undeniable thing is that pirate jargon and stories make life a bit more adventurous and fun.

“There was an old pirate…who swallowed a fish, a bird, a map, some gold, and even a whole pirate ship!” – goes one of Jennifer Ward’s most loved verses. It really does pull kids in. They’ll want to know what happened to the old Pirate, and why he swallowed all those things.

As you and your little one catch up on such bedtime stories and brush-up on your pirate lingo, don’t forget the most important accompaniment – toys.

Besides spicing up the story and using them to play pretend games, toys will help your toddler to visualize events. That’s a very important part of the child development process.

But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick just one or two pirate toys for 2-year-olds or 3-year-olds? Since you’re here, we thought we would narrow down your options to just 5 of the best pirate toys for toddlers.

This is our ultimate list based on plenty fun research.

Best Pirate Toys for Toddlers: Review and Buying Guide


LEGO Duplo Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure

LEGO DUPLO Jake 10604 Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Building Kit

Toddlers aged 2+ will love constructing this DUPLO Pirate set!

View Price On Amazon

The beauty of Jake and the Never Land Pirates is that it makes toddlers go bananas; unsurprisingly so.

Between the heroic Jake, feisty Izzy, cool animations and tons of sensational musicals, there’s plenty to like about this Disney Junior show. And now you can bring Jake, Izzy, and the Never Land Island to your living room thanks to this LEGO set.

Alongside Jake and Izzy figures, the set includes a buildable island complete with a treasure chest, lifting bridge, palm tree, and slide. Use them to bond with your baby as the two of you build Never Land Island then help Jake and Izzy to find buried treasures (gold doubloon) and hide them in the treasure chest.

You can rebuild the island in many different ways. To make everything magical, LEGO included magic pixie dust that your toddler can use to make Jake and Izzy fly.

Overall, the LEGO 10604 Duplo makes a great toy for teaching 2 or 3-year-olds some building skills. That is what makes it one of the best pirate toys for toddlers.

Reasons to Buy the LEGO 10604 Duplo Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure

  • Allows you to build the island in many different ways. There’s a slide that goes straight to the sea
  • Bricks are well-built for duration
  • Great for toddler’s basic building skills and role play
  • Never Land Island is sufficiently big to fire imagination. It measures 5 inches high, 5 inches deep and 8 inches wide. The characters are realistic too.
  • Easy and fun for kids in the 2 to 4 years age bracket to assemble



Playmobil Floating Pirate Ship Toy For Toddlers

Playmobil Pirate Ship Building Set

From 18 months, your toddler will love this Playmobil Pirate toy with characters!

View Price On Amazon

For Toddlers, bath time should always be sailing time. With Playmobil’s 1.2.3 Pirate Ship, you and your baby can sail the high seas, steer your pirate ship and fire water through the front-facing cannon.

With colorful decorations and a pirate flag, this ship is both a play tool and something for your child’s imagination. It comes with two figures, a treasure, and a parrot.

When the crew isn’t firing jets of water through the cannon it will be out searching for treasures.

The best part? Your child can use the ship in the water and when out of the bath. It works best in the water though because of the rotating wheels and water-firing cannons.

Reasons to buy the Playmobil 1.2.3 Pirate Ship

  • Eye-catchy colors make it one of the best pirate toys for 2-year-olds and 3-year-olds
  • Comes as a full set that contains ship, pirate figures, cannon with red firing button, parrot and treasure
  • Rotating wheels make it easy for toddlers to push and steer the ship
  • Doesn’t have small parts that your child can lose or swallow
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship - Amazon Exclusive

Spark your Toddlers imagination with the Little Tikes Pirate ship!

View Price On Amazon

Want to encourage your pirate-loving child to play outside games more? Use the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship to entice him/her to the outdoors.

This toy also features in our top picks for sand and water toys too.

The water table is packed with plenty of pirate-like features; from a ship that is laced with a pirate flag to a water-firing cannon and everything in-between.

Measuring 40 by 29 by 38 inches, the playset is big enough for three or even four kids to use at the same time. That interaction and creative play are very important to a developing child. And it gives this set a huge selling point, placing it up there among the best pirate toys for toddlers.

So what do the kids (and you, of course) get? First, there’s a huge pirate ship that floats when the set is filled with water. There are two ways of adding water: by pouring it into the crows’ nest using jars or simply using a pump.

The ship has two pirate figures. Anyone of them can be a commanding captain and take a position at the top of the mast, towering above everything else.

There are spinners that create waves or currents, you know, just to make it more realistic. The water cannon and anchor add some spice to the already fun set!

Kids can squirt water using the cannon and raise or lower the anchor using a cranking handle.

Considering its height, it would be accurate to say that Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship is one of the best pirate toys for 3-year-olds. If your toddler is younger they may find it a bit too high for their height.

Reasons to buy the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

  • Can be used by many kids at a time
  • In addition to the ship, pirate figures, the package includes a squirting shark and several other playthings and accessories (like a bucket, scooper, strainer, and boat). The downside (or fun side – depending on how handy you are) is that it requires assembly.
  • One of the most realistic pirate sets for kids
  • It’s generally an outdoor toy, but can also be used indoors
  • Plenty of activities for a child to do using this toy


Little Tikes 2-in-1 Pirate Ship Toy For Toddlers

Little Tikes Play N Scoot Pirate Ship

Your toddler will love wheeling this 2-in-1 Pirate ship around the vast Ocean of their bedroom!

View Price On Amazon

What’s better than having a pirate playset? Having a pirate playset that comes with its own riding toy! That’s precisely what Little Tikes is offering with this 2-in-1 Pirate Ship.

Rather than having a ship that floats on water, you get one that has wheels, so that your child can ride it or simply push it.

It’s one of the best pirate toys for toddlers who can’t play with water for one reason or another (like catching a cold easily). Included in the set are figurines, a cannon, pirate flag, and anchor.

The deck hatch is also a storage for all the accessories that come with the toy. And since it won’t be in the water, you can even add your own to make it more fun.

Reasons to Buy the Little Tikes 2-In-1 Pirate Ship

  • It’s a 2-in-1 toy; i.e. your child gets a ship that he/she can ride
  • With a height of roughly 9 inches (floor to seat), it makes one of the best pirate toys for 3-year-olds
  • Very sturdy and durable. Can support two kids without breaking
  • Forces the child to push forward using his/her legs and torso, which will provide some good exercise for your child
  • Can double up as storage for other play toys


Toomies Pirate Ship Bath Toy

Toomies Pirate Ship Bath Toy

This Pirate ship toy is perfect if your toddler is going through a phase of hating bath time!

View Price On Amazon

Kids hate bath time. Okay, maybe not all of them, but a good majority are never thrilled about it. Unless, of course, there are some toys in the mix.

And what’s a more fitting toy than a pirate ship? This pirate ship from Toomies.

Made for toddlers who are at least 18 months, this ship is an ideal pick if you’re looking for pirate toys for 3-year-olds or 2-year-olds. If the water cannon, spinning wheel, and squirting octopus do not bring a ‘saily’ feeling perhaps Pirate Jake and his dingy will.

The ship’s deck has several colorful toys that make a mast.

When he is not having fun in the bubbles Captain Jake can sit atop the mast and get a bird’s eye view of everything.

While his big front canon is always ready to ward off oncoming danger with splashes of water, the playful octopus watches the sides and sends intruders away with quick squirts.

That ability to enhance play is what makes the Toomies Pirate Ship Bath Toy one of the best pirate toys for toddlers. And it gives you a chance to bond with your baby during bath time.

Reasons to Buy the Toomies Pirate Ship Bath Toy

  • Designed with bright, attention-grabbing colors
  • Cannon, octopus and spinning wheel add to the fun by splashing water
  • Doesn’t use batteries and is safe for toddlers who are over 18 months of age
  • Your child can use it in and out of the bath
  • Well-built for durability


How Imaginative Play Helps With Toddler Development

It’s nice to know the toys that you should buy for your toddler. What’s even better is knowing why you should buy them. Generally speaking, they encourage imaginative play, or what is commonly called role-playing. Most adults don’t understand just how important imaginative play is, so here are a few benefits:

  1. Develops and improves the social skills of a toddler through interactive play. This is more so when there’s an adult (who has well developed social skills) involved. And if you are their parent/guardian or basically someone who is in the child’s life then it turns into an awesome bonding session as well.
  2. Boosts language development. When playing with adults, children will pick up new vocabulary and lingo by listening to the adult(s). When they are among other children, they will experiment with language freely. Either way, their language development will be boosted. So don’t be so surprised when your child picks up some new pirate lingo a few days after gifting him/her with a pirate toy.
  3. Enhances physical exercise. All the walking, arranging and pushing that comes with role-playing is almost enough to keep a child physically healthy.
  4. Leads to emotional development. Kids use imaginative play to express, and by extent, understand their feelings – both positive and negative feelings. By doing so, they figure ways of working through difficult emotions and enjoying pleasant ones.
  5. Last but not least, imaginative play boosts creativity. Children sharpen their minds every time they try to imitate what they saw on a TV show or what their friends are doing. That’s how they gain new knowledge and even increase their cognitive abilities.

That is to say, get your child the best pirate toys and they will serve him/her in every aspect of his/her life.



So there you have it, Captain! The best Pirate toys for toddlers, yarrr….

Whilst we are discussing Pirate related toys, don’t forget the following:

Toddlers love imaginary play, so get involved and me their first mate.

Good luck, and enjoy!

Best Engineering Toys For Toddlers

Best Engineering Toys For Toddlers

So, you want your help your toddler to develop some important motor skills, right?

With so many toy options on the market, how do you know which one to go for?

In this post, I will take a look at the best engineering toys for toddlers. So you can give them an awesome start into the world of engineering!


Engineering Toys – Give Me An Overview

Engineering toys are part of a specific group of toys called STEM toys. The STEM toy industry is getting bigger and bigger. Spurred on by Governments.

STEM is an acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

STEMS toys are fun and educational toys that will help your toddler develop some important skills during an extremely important phase in the development of their brain.

Here are a few engineering toy examples:


Building Sets

The amount of building sets on the market is vast! It is vast for good reasons too…

Building sets offer your toddler complete freedom to build whatever they want to. They will put some bricks together and it will fall over. They will learn.


Construction Toys

Construction toys do not have to be building sets, they can be any kind of construction kits!

For example, build your own toy cars, or a box full of nuts, bolts, and bits of plastic they can bolt together. Plastics nuts and bolts, obviously! Hint, see the best construction toys for toddlers below, you can see one there…


Chain Reaction Toys

Chain reaction toys are awesome! Think marble runs, the Mouse Trap game, etc.

With chain reaction toys, your toddler will have lots of fun constructing the routes before unleashing the marble to see what happens!

Dominos is also an excellent example of a chain reaction toy.


Best Engineering Toys For Toddlers


Hape Early Explorer  HAP-E1042 Dynamo Dominoes - Multicolor

The ultimate engineering toy for toddlers! Use them to build, or use them to create a chain reaction!

View Price On Amazon

This dominos set is the perfect toy to begin your child’s journey into the world of engineering! You can build out, build up, and set up the classic reactional environment before your toddler begins the chain reaction to knock them all over again.

This kit comes with 100 dominos, 7 bonus trick add-ons, and the ability to build up and well as across.

Engineering covers many aspects of science and technology, and dominos will easily cover designing buildings and structures. It is also tremendous fun watching them topple over, hopefully creating an awesome cascading domino show!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3


DUPLO Bricks

LEGO Duplo My First Bricks 10848 Colorful Toys Building Kit for Toddler Play and Pretend Play (80 Pieces)

LEGO has been at the top of engineering toy lists for years!

View Price On Amazon

My don has progressed through DUPLO and he is now onto LEGO. It is his experience with DUPLO that gave him the perfect start to designing and constructing various buildings and bridges! It really is a joy to watch too.

LEGO and DUPLO sets have moved on from when I was a kid, where we would simply receive a box full of LEGO pieces where we can use our imagination to build whatever we wanted. These days, LEGO concentrate on designing and selling kits when you can build exactly what is shown on the box.

Whilst these include some very nice kits, it takes away a lot of the imagination aspect that I enjoy about LEGO. 

When buying DUPLO for your toddler, go for a box with random bits in. They will then need to use their imagination to create whatever structure they have in their heads!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 1 1/2 -3


NextX Engineering Toy

NextX Building Construction Toy 300 PCS Creative Plastic Engineering Toys 3D Puzzle Toys Educational Building Blocks For Kids

Imagination is the only limitation! Your toddler can build and engineer until their heart is content.

View Price On Amazon

This 300 piece engineering construction kit will allow your toddler to create structures, buildings, and even vehicles!

It really is such a simple, and cheap introduction to engineering…

The various parts are easy to assemble, they simply click together, which is excellent for those heavy-handed toddlers!

This NextX kit will help your toddler with:

  • Color recognition
  • Shape recognition
  • Developing imagination
  • Developing fine motor skills

This 300 piece set also comes with a carry case, so you can store the sticks, and wheels away when not in use. And don’t worry, these are BPA free and non-toxic too!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3


Magnetic Construction Set

Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks for Kids - Set of 100 Blocks to Learn Shapes, Colors, & Alphabet - STEM Magnetic Toys Develop Motor Skills & Creativity, Colorful, Durable Magnet Building Tiles & Idea Book

Use the instructions to build whatever your toddler wants! Magnetic engineering toys will spark innovation!

View Price On Amazon

This magnetic construction set is perfect for those toddlers who love to engineer and design 3d buildings!

Not only does it have standard pieces which they can use to build whatever structure they want to, but it also has windows as doors too.

It is not simply an excellent engineering toy, it also has some basic learning aspects too. Some of the pieces have letters on to help your toddler learn.

There is also an awesome carry case, which is vital when you have 100 pieces to store away!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3


Nut/Bolt And Drill Engineering Set

Haifeng Educational Toys Drill Stem Learning Creative Design Kit Original 193 Piece Construction Engineering Building Blocks Creative Fun Kit for 3, 4 and 5+ Year Old Boys & Girls Best Toys Gift

Improve fine motor skills and innovation with this nut and bot engineering toy!

View Price On Amazon

I am not going to lie, my son absolutely loves playing with this! It is such a simple idea for a toy that sparks their imagination and allows them to construct various buildings, vehicles, whatever they want!

The idea is that your toddler will use the screwdriver (battery powered – 2 AA’s, not included) to mesh the pieces together to create and engineers whatever they want to build.

All of which can be stored away in the carry case for easy transport.

This is a perfect STEM toy for preschool children because it aids some really important developmental areas, such as:

There are some small parts in this kit, so always ensure that you observe your toddler when they are playing with this.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3-7

How Engineering Toys Can Help Your Toddler Develop

Creative Thinking

When a toddler is put in front of a toy with no instructions, you are telling them to create something. Your toddler may struggle at first as they get to grips with how the engineering toy works, but when they get used to it, their creativity will flow.

There has been a recent rise in LEGO and DUPLO kits that have instructions for what to build. These are excellent for allowing children to follow instructions but it does limit their imagination. I tend to buy boxes of LEGO for my son, so he can build whatever he wants to.


Innovation is what it spinning this wonderful world we live in. Engineering toys will allow your toddler to build whatever they see inside their heads.

With engineering toys, especially the construction types, your toddler can innovate to solve any problems they come across.

Fine Motor Skills

LEGO and other engineering toys are an excellent way of developing fine motor skills!

To start with, your toddler may find it a challenge to pick up the pieces and to attach them together. After some practice, their muscles will develop, and their coordination will improve so they can engineer with ease!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Toddler stem toys?

Toddler STEM toys are an educational toy build with one of the following in mind; Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics.

Is my child old enough for engineering toys?

You can start your child’s journey into the world of engineering at a very young age.

A child’s brain has completed 90% of its development within the first 5 years of life, so why wait?

If your child is too young for the toys on this page, then why not consider a book called ABCs of Engineering, by Chris Ferrie.

What other toys are good for my toddler’s development?

Anything that developers an important life skill in an entertaining way. Lock and key toys, DIY/Construction toys, sand and water toys all offer this.

How will engineering toys help my toddler develop?

Engineering toys will help your toddler develop some important skills, such as; creative thinking, innovative thinking, and fine motor skills.



Construction toys for toddlers will spark their imagination and improve important skills in the process. The toys on this page are a perfect way to get your toddler involved in engineering at such an important age for learning!

As with all my posts regarding toddler toys, always check the recommended manufacturers age guide. Some of the toys can include small parts that pose a choking hazard to smaller children.

Good luck!

Best Sand And Water Toys For Toddlers

best sand and water toys for toddlers

Sand and water have been entertaining toddlers since the dawn of mankind!

Are they simply fun toys, or can they play an important role in the development of your toddler?

In this post, I am going to take a look at the best sand and water toys for toddlers. I will also be looking at some of the benefits that these types of toys will bring to your child.

Some can be used in the bath too, which is great if your toddler is hating bath time!


Sand And Water Toys For Toddlers

Ultimately, if you want to give your toddler hours of fun, then you should definitely consider Kids sand and water toys!

Not only will they give your toddler some excellent, social play, but they will also entertain you as you watch them.

Oh, and you really should watch them too, because any play that involves water can be potentially dangerous!


Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark

Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark - Amazon Exclusive

Toddlers will have hours of fun playing with the Sandy Lagoon!

View Price On Amazon

The Sandy Lagoon by Little Tikes is an awesome sand and water toy that your Toddler will have hours of fun playing!

The pit comes with 2 characters. These characters can race down the twin slides to see who enters the water first.

In terms of size, this sand and water toy is perfect for toddlers. The measurements are 26.5 x 26.5 x 34.5 inches.

For toddlers, it is an awesome toy, where they can splash and dig until their hearts are content!

For Parents, you will be totally entertained by your toddlers activities! From far enough away that you do not get wet, obviously!

The Sandy Lagoon and all other sand and water toys help to develop hand-eye coordination, social, and active play.

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+


Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship - Amazon Exclusive

Yarrrrh! If your toddler is into Pirates too, then this sand and water toy is a winner!

View Price On Amazon

My Toddler absolutely loves Pirate toys! He also loves sand and water play.

The Anchors Away Pirate Ship by Little Tikes covers the fun from both angles.

Playing with sand and water toys will certainly give your toddlers imagination a workout. Throw in a Pirate themed toy and their imagination will go into overdrive!

I mentioned above that there is a small danger that you will get wet if you are too close to your toddler playing. The Anchors Away Pirate Ship takes it a little bit further too!


Because it comes with at least 1 item that squirts water!

First up we have the cannon. Thankfully, the range is not that great. Secondly, we have a totally portable shark squirter. I’ll say that again:

Totally portable!

Which means you are a target wherever you are observing the play from.

The build quality of the Anchors Away pit is outstanding. Little Tikes really do know how to make toddler toys that are built to last!

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+


American Plastic Toy Sand and Water Play Set

American Plastic Toys Sand & Water Playset

With so many games to play, your toddler will spend hours of fun with this toy and sand toy!

View Price On Amazon

Next up we have the awesome American Plastic Sand and Water Play Set!

This toy is a mix up between a fun sand and water toy, and a construction toy for Toddlers.

Boy does it know how to spark their imagination…

Let’s take a look from a construction angle first.

This toy comes with a rotation crane and a dumpster to return the sand to the pit. This is a great toy for Toddlers obsessed with construction, and will also help with developing hand-eye coordination.

Now we look at the sand and water play!

What I like most about this playset is the mini waterway which allows easy transportation of sand and water all the way to the other side.

The journey can be a perilous one for the tiny barges. They will need to deal with any waves created by the snap-on wave creator!

All in all, this is an excellent sand and water toy that will keep your toddler entertained for hours.

Manufacturers recommended age: 18 Months+


Step 2 Splash N Scoop Bay

Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay Sand and Water Table

This sand and water pit is an awesome choice for a toddler!

View Price On Amazon

Next up is the Step 2 Splash n Scoop Bay!

This extremely sturdy, ultra-fun sand and water toy is perfect for Toddlers.

From a toddler’s perspective, the best thing about this toy is the water tower, which can be combined with the mountain to create a cascading waterfall.

If you know toddlers, then you will already know how much they love pouring water! Over, and over, and over, and over…

Another great thing about this toy is that you can cover the sand if you are not a fan of combining sand and water. Toddlers will happily play with either side for hours.

Obviously, when you have a toy with both water and sand you know they are going to get mixed up, right?

Along with the tables, you will also receive a small bucket, a weird ‘half-shark’ scooper, and a toy rake/spade.

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+


Seaside Sidekicks Funnel Fun

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel

Going to the beach? Then take a long this awesome sand and water toy by Melissa and Doug!

View Price On Amazon

Melissa and Doug are very quickly becoming one of my favorite toy manufacturers! Not only do they appear on this list, but you will also see them on the following posts:

I said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Melissa and Doug are renowned for creating fun, educational toys for Toddlers.

They really are!

Although this last toy moves away from the standard sandpit type toy, I wanted to include it in this post because it is awesome in its simplicity.

It doesn’t matter how big a toy is, it only matters that your toddler is engaged with it. Trust me, toddlers will be engaged with this sand and water toy!

It is simple, sand or water can be poured into the top of the toy and your toddler can watch it cascade through to the bottom.

The best thing is, it is much more portable than any other option on this page.

If you are having a day out at the beach, then why not take it along!

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+


Toddler Benefits – Playing With Sand And Water

Develops Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are vital. Some of the toys on this page offer your child the challenge of getting water or sand from one part of the toys to another.

It will not be long before they develop their problem-solving skills to overcome this.

Develops Cause And Effect Association

When you pour the water or sand into a funnel, the result is that it comes out the other side.

These toys offer something very similar, especially those with long, winding funnels, or those with buckets or spinning water wheels.

Social Play

These toys are immense fun when a toddler is playing on their own. Add another person into playtime and your toddler will be learning some important social interaction skills.

These skills are vital for when your toddler reaches a School age and begins interacting with new friends!



In this post, I have detailed 5 items that I consider to be the best sand and water toys for toddlers. I also threw in some details about how these types of toys will aid your toddlers development.

Let’s take a second to remember one extremely important point here:

Any toy that involves water can be dangerous.

Did you know that there are around 10 deaths per day that can be attributed to (non-boating related) unintentional drowning?

1 in 5 of those are 14 years and younger.

It is VITAL that you oversee any play that involves water! It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to keep Kids safe.

It is not just drowning that you need to be concerned about either. If you have read a number of articles on my blog, then you will already understand that keeping my toddler safe in his house is right at the top of my list of important Dad duties!

If your toddler is playing with water:

  • Do not let them run, they might slip over
  • Keep them away from electrical items, they might get a shock
  • Always observe, they might drown

Good luck!

Digger Toys For Toddlers – The 6 Best Options

best digger toys for toddlers

Digger toys are awesome, right?

There is no greater feeling than the feeling you get when watching your toddler playing. But, when they are into diggers, which toys are best for them?

In this post, I am going to take a look at some of the best digger toys for toddlers.

The best thing is, there are tons of different types of digger toys available. Some are simply toy diggers, and some are functional diggers! I must admit that my son loves the functional types best, but when the weather isn’t great he will pick up the indoor versions.

I am going to cover both options right here and let you choose!


Functional Digger Toys For Toddlers

Functional digger toys are basically small diggers that are used to pick up sand or dirt, before dumping it somewhere else.

The benefit of these type of digger toys is they allow the toddler to immerse themselves in being a digger operator. Throw in a hard hat and they are in their own little world, they ARE a digger driver.

Let’s take a look at some options now.


Big Dig Ride-On Working Crane Digger

Reeves International The Big Dig Sandbox Digger Excavator Crane with 360° Rotation with Base, Great for Sand, Dirt and Snow, Steel Outdoor Play Toy

The Big Dig Crane allows toddlers to roleplay, but do not forget the hard hat!

View Price On Amazon

Here we have the awesome Big Dig ride-on fully working digger that will be adored by your toddler!

The best thing about this digger toy is its durability. In fact, all of the toys on this page have been selected for their durability. When shopping for toddler toys, I always check to see how sturdy it is before buying.

I know what toddlers are like…Girls, or Boys, toys do not last long if they are not durable!

These ride-on digger toys are not only awesome for toddlers who need to develop their hand-eye coordination, but I have also seen Kids queuing up to have a go in a local park 6 deep. None of them were under the age of 5! These are toys that will last for years.

It was this moment that prompted me to buy one of these for my own son.

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+


The Dig and Roll Ride-On with Wheels

Reeves International The Big Dig and Roll Ride-On Working Excavator with Wheels, Excavator Crane with 360° Rotation, Great for Sand, Dirt and Snow, Steel Outdoor Play Toy

With The Dig and Roll Ride-On toddler digger, they are able to get moving too!

View Price On Amazon

The highly durable Dig and Roll sand digger is an excellent toy that will keep your kids entertained.

Many of the sand diggers available are on a base, which means they are difficult to move when you are small. This option allows your child to move the unit around with ease! If you recognize the design, it is because it is the wheeled version of the Big Dig working crane above!

If they have run out of sand or dirt, they can simply wheel it over to another spot and begin digging again.

Don’t forget the hard hat!

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+


ALEX Toys Active Play Super Sand Digger

ALEX Toys Active Play Super Sand Digger

The Super Sand Digger by ALEX Toys is another awesome example of a ride-on digger for toddlers and younger kids!

View Price On Amazon

With dual hand control, wide base, and a working shovel, your kids will love playing with this super sand digger.

There is one major benefit to this sand digger…it can be packed away and stored neatly when it is not being used! Which is great for those who have small yards, and it is also great if it looks like it is going to rain.

The fact that it is easily stored means you can even pack it away and take it on any beach trips.

Manufacturers recommended age: 4+


Other Toy Diggers For Toddlers


Ucradle Take Apart Digger Toy

Ucradle Take Apart Toy, Construction Toy Kit - Assembly Toy Excavator Constructions Set, Digger Vehicle Play Set Screwdriver, Ideal Educational Toy Birthday for Toddlers, Boys & Girls Aged 3, 4, 5, 6

I am a big fan of take-apart toys! This Digger take-apart Toy is awesome!

View Price On Amazon

Toddler toys that can be taken apart and put together BY A TODDLER (I have to add that bit) are an excellent way of developing hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills.

When I considered the best DIY construction toys, I had to slip in a build-it-yourself toy car!

My son has a take-it-apart toy car, and he absolutely loves playing with it.

This take-apart digger toy is an excellent choice and has many different types to choose from too.

They will begin with 18 objects that need to be placed in the correct order. Using the screwdriver, they need to add these objects together to build the digger. Once it is built, they get to play with it.

This take-apart digger is very robust and durable, which is great news – we all know what toddlers are like when ‘playing’! Even when they are not toddlers anymore, they will keep coming back to these take-apart toys.

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+


LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator 10812 Dump Truck and Excavator Kids Construction Toy with DUPLO Construction Worker Figures (26 pieces)

Kids love LEGO, so why not give them a digger LEGO toy?

View Price On Amazon

LEGO is an awesome toy, period.

It has so many benefits to a child’s development, such as:

This DUPLO set includes a digger, a dumpster, 2 characters, a roadwork sign, shovel, and various pieces of DUPLO that can be picked up by the digger.

As with all DUPLO sets, it is very easy to build, and your toddler can use the pieces to rebuild anything.

The only limit is their imagination!

Manufacturers recommended age: 2+


Bruder CAT Skid Steer Digger Toy

Bruder 02435 Cat Skid Steer Loader

The Bruder CAT Skid Steer digger toy is simple and robust, perfect for toddlers!

View Price On Amazon

When you are looking for toddler toys, you need something durable, right? And, when you are thinking about durability, then CAT fits the bill.

The Bruder Caterpillar Steel Loader is highly durable has been built to last. It is a basic digger toy that will work on any surface.

The only moving parts on the Skidsteer are the bucket and the 4 tires. Having said that, when you are a toddler and you LOVE diggers, then they can while away the hours picking up sand, water, dirt, or random pieces of LEGO!

Manufacturers recommended age: 3+


Toddler Benefits – Playing With Diggers

Develops Motor Skills

For the ride-on toddler digger toys, they will need to get used to the controls and understand the consequences of what happens when they pull the lever. This type of toy will help to develop some important motor skills. Specifically, these toys will help develop gross motor skills.

Develops Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are vital, and giving a toddler a digger toy, especially a ride-on type, will help them to develop their skills.

Think about it, after digging a hole in the sand, they will want to fill it back up. What is the solution? Use some of the excess sand in the pile they have just made!

Develops Spacial Awareness

Spatial awareness is an important life skill. I should know because my wife has absolutely none!

When a toddler is using a ride-on digger toy they will need to get used to the distance between the sand and the levels. When they first sit on a sand digger they will not be able to hit the spot straight away.

Given time, they will learn about space between, and their skills will improve.


Again, this is for the ride-on digger toys. With nearly 1 in 5 children suffering from obesity, it is vital that you get them outside performing some physical activity.

Lifting a few pounds of sand will definitely get their hearts pumping, right?



Here we discussed the best digger toys for toddlers along with some of the benefits of playing with them.

You now need to consider which one fits your needs, and more importantly…

…always ensure that you go the manufacturers recommended age for each toy!

I have an awesome time playing with my son whenever he wants to dig, but I draw the line when it is cold!

Good luck, and have fun!

Best 5 DIY and Construction Toys For Toddlers

best diy toys for toddler

It happens every time I get a screwdriver or a hammer out! My Son wants to use it…

The first time it happened, I used it as an excuse to NOT do the DIY job I was given. Boy did I call that badly…I had holes in the walls, and scratches on the floor! He needed his own DIY kit, and it needs to be tough enough to be used by a Toddler, but not tough enough to make holes in my walls! Here I take a look at the best 5 DIY toys for Toddlers.


Best DIY Toys For Toddlers


120 Piece Toddlers DIY Toy Shop Tools

Toy Choi's Toy Tool, 100 Pieces Kids Construction Toy Power Workbench for Toddlers Kids Power Tool Bench Construction Set with Tools and Electric Drill, Children Toy Shop Tools for Boys

Your Toddler will not know where to begin with this huge 120 piece DIY toy workbench!

View Price On Amazon

This DIY tool toy bench has 120 pieces, which is too many to mention all of them in this post! But here is a rundown of the most important tools in this toy DIY kit:

  • Saw
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Safety Glasses
  • Pliers
  • …and much more!

Let’s begin with the DIY bench. The most important thing here is the bench needs to be sturdy because Toddlers will be leaning all over it. If it is a flimsy build, then it will soon become yet another pile of toys on your Toddler’s floor.

You will be pleased to know that the build quality of the Choi’s DIY Toy Bench is excellent! It is extremely sturdy and clearly built by people who totally understand just how destructive a Toddler can be.

You will need some batteries for the drill by the way…

I love the color theme of this DIY Toddler toy, although you may recognize the branding if you have a keen eye!

When a Toddler is choosing a toy, they are first attracted to colorful objects, which makes the bright yellow the perfect choice.

I mentioned early about the danger of ending up with a pile of toys on the floor, but there is no need to fear with Choi’s DIY Toy Bench because it can be packed away easily, ready to carry to another DIY location. This is easily one of the best construction toys for Toddlers!

This toy is the beginning of a full-on building set!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+


Think Gizmos Pretend Play Sets

Think Gizmos Pretend Play Sets For Kids - Fun Play Sets For Boys & Girl (Tool Set)

The Think Gizmo DIY toy is an excellent option for Toddlers! The kit contains every toy needed, and can be carried inside the toolbox!

View Price On Amazon

The Think Gizmos DIY Pretend Play Set has 40 items, but it is still too many to list here!

A basic rundown is:

  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wrench
  • Pliers
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • …and much more!

Similar to the Choi’s DIY bench above, the Think Gizmo option also has a battery-powered drill, which is going to be the most popular tool that your Toddler will want to play with! I would put money on that…

In terms of portability, this DIY toy comes with a carry case so your Toddler can march around the house looking for various things to fix, or break further!

This Think Gizmo DIY toy is well built and definitely strong enough to stand up to Toddler play time.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+ (There are some small bolts)


Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit Wooden Toy, Pretend Play, Sturdy Wooden Construction, Promotes Multiple Development Skills, 9.9" H x 5.5" W x 4.8" L

Melissa & Doug are experts in creating awesome, educational toys for Toddlers! With over 30 years’ experience!

View Price On Amazon

Melissa and Doug pride themselves on providing a wide range of well-built toys aimed at developing your Child’s motor skills. The Take-Along Tool Kit is no different.

What stands out most about the Take-Along tool kit is that it is built from wood, which offers slightly better build quality than those made from plastic, but heavy play may damage the wood.

The Take-Along Tool Kit has a functional toolbox, which already has pre-drilled holes that your Toddler can use to practice using the nuts and bolts that come with the kit.

You may have also noticed that I rate Melissa and Doug toys very highly! In fact, I have recommended the Lock and Roll set in my search for the best lock and key toys!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 3+


Workbench Kids DIY Tool Toy

deAO WKS-B 2-in-1 Workshop and Tools Carrycase Play Set with Fold up Design, Multiple Accessories and Electric Drill

This workbench DIY toy for Toddlers is excellent value for money, and contains all of the essential toys!

View Price On Amazon

Here is another awesome toy workbench that is easily packed away to be carried over to the next important DIY task!

Filled with 12 toy tools, your Toddler will be fascinated with how they all work and what they can do with each.

The drill will need batteries, and as I mentioned above, this will be the most used tools in the set, so load up on batteries, because you are going to need them!

In terms of price, this workbench offers the best value for money. When compared with the Choi’s DIY Toy Bench, there are certainly fewer toys but the build quality is the same. That is extremely important when your Toddler is going to be playing with it, right?

The only other difference is the manufacturer’s minimum age recommendation. This DIY toy is recommended for 2+, which allowed a smaller Toddler to begin learning about DIY and construction!

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 2+


Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It

Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It!, Fine Motor, Pretend Play Toy Tool Set, 6 Piece, Ages 2+

The Learning Resources DIY Toy Set is an awesome option for younger Toddlers!

View Price On Amazon

This is a fun little toolbox that includes:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench

It is an excellent starter kit to develop your Childs interest in DIY and construction. It does not include items such as nuts and bolts, which are key to developing fine motor skills, but it is awesome for them to use these while you get on with the real DIY!

All items can be carried inside the toolbox to the next important DIY task, and the build quality is excellent.

I had to put this as an option, simply because it has a lower minimum age, which makes it great for smaller Toddlers.

Manufacturers Recommended Age: 2+


Why a Toddler WILL LOVE A DIY Construction Toy Kit

Let me begin by naming just some of the skills that a DIY toy can develop in your Toddler:

Personally, I rate DIY construction toys as the best way to improve hand-eye coordination, simply because Toddlers love playing with them, and the nuts and bolts require them to slow down and match up both items perfectly. Sure, there will be some frustration at first, as there always is when a Toddler cannot do something! The more they practice the better they will be, and they can then apply the same patience and coordination to other areas of life.

Ultimately, Toddlers want to do everything that a grown-up can. When they see a grown-up performing some DIY construction tasks, they will want to help, and the best way of getting them to keep quiet is to give them their own set of DIY tools to perform the same jobs that a grown-up is doing!

There are a few optional extras which you may want to consider when looking at DIY toys for Toddlers:

It is not simply the construction based DIY toys that grip a Toddlers attention. My Son spent hours as a Toddler playing with two other DIY based toys because he absolutely loves them:

It is well worth considering both of those as an option too, although there is a common theme for both of those, and that is a working drill!



If you are looking for DIY toys for a Toddler, then this page has identified 5 of the best, and 5 that will suit any budget.

You can go for a full-on workbench, or simply opt to go for a smaller toolbox. Either one will be absolutely adored by a Toddler!

There are three things to bear in mind though:

  • Teach your Toddler to pack the items away after use (I know, easier said than done!)
  • Watch how they use the tools, and make sure they are not doing anything dangerous with them!
  • Always check the manufacturer’s recommended age.

Take the opportunity to teach them how to use tools correctly. Have a goal in mind too! My Son wanted to use the real tools, and I promised him a small turn only when he had learned to use his tools first. That was clearly a bribe to help develop his motor skills a little more.

Construction toys are top of my Sons playtime list, along with fire station toys, and digger toys!

Good luck!

Best 5 Fire Station Toys For Toddlers

best fire station toy for toddler

If your toddler is anything like mine, then they will have a fascination with an emergency service of any kind! My Son has been through the Fire, Police, and Ambulance Service, with the Coastguard thrown in for good measure. Here we take a look at some of the best Fire Station toys for toddlers.

Fire safety is extremely important, and by allowing your toddler to play with a Fire Station toy, it will also allow you to introduce the danger of fire to your toddler, but in a fun way!

Along with a Fire Station toy, you might also want to consider a Fire Chief outfit, so they can really spark their imagination!

Best Fire Station Toys For Toddlers


Lego Duplo Fire Station Toy

LEGO DUPLO Town Fire Station 10903 Building Blocks, 2019 (76 Pieces)

The Lego Duplo Fire Station toy is awesome fun for a toddler! It comes with a Fire Truck, Station, and various other toys to enhance the fun!

View Price On Amazon

The Duplo Town Fire Station is perfect for imaginative little heroes!

I absolutely love Duplo and Lego because it allows my Son to build his own toys and use his imagination, whilst developing his motor skills.

Construction toys will present your toddler with the opportunity to develop important life skills, such as spatial reasoning, creative thinking, and cognitive flexibility.

Anyway, onto the actual Fire Station toy! The Duplo Fire Station toy has some very exciting features:

  • Realistic flashing lights/siren
  • Fire Chief mini figures
  • Pop-up fire
  • Fire Truck

The Fire Station is easy to build (being Duplo, it always is!), and is a great way to introduce your toddler to the concept of building and creating their own toy.

Your toddler will spend hours popping up the fire in random places, before rushing the Fire Truck over to be the hero and save the day!

Also included in this kit is an adjustable ladder and a dog figure.

Please remember to put the Duplo away if it is being stored! I have stood on too many pieces to neglect that rule!

Recommended Age: 2+


SainSmart Jr. Happkid Fire Station Toy

SainSmart Jr. Happkid Fire Station Toy Fire Department House Playset for Kids, Electronic Fire Truck Toys with Fireman Figures with Christmas Box

The Happkid Fire Station toy has realistic siren sounds to fully immerse your Toddler into play time!

View Price On Amazon

Made of non-toxic ABS material, the Happkid Fire Station has realistic lights and sounds, along with some other emergency service toys that your toddler can enjoy.

With the Happkid Fire Station you will receive:

  • Fire Station (with spinning pole)
  • Control Centre
  • Fire Truck
  • Police Motorcycle
  • Helicopter
  • Figures
  • Fire Station Entrance
  • Ambulance

Right from the off your toddler can immerse themselves with the roleplaying. As soon as the fire is reported, the fire chief can use the spinning pole to get to the fire truck or helicopter. After rushing to the scene of the fire, your toddler can use their imagination to bring in the rest of the emergency services to ensure the job is complete!

The Happkid Fire Station is an excellent opportunity for roleplaying, and may also drive your child’s future career options!

Recommended Age: 3+


Toot-Toot Drivers Refresh Fire Station

VTech Toot-Toot Drivers Fire Station

The Toot-Tool First Station has a spinning pole, pop-up fire, and a fire truck with a movable ladder to keep your toddler entertained!

View Price On Amazon

If there is one thing I remember from my toys as a child, it is the classic road/toy sets, just like this Toot-Toot Fire Station toy from Vtech!

Your toddler can use the many vehicles to navigate through the roads putting out the pop-up fires which are scattered around the track.

There are options to play with the helicopter, ambulance, or fire truck rescue vehicles.

Many toys such as this option are flimsy and break very easily, but you will be pleased to learn that the Vtech is extremely well built. It is clear that the manufacturers understand just how destructive a toddler can be!

In terms of sounds (to keep your toddler entertained further), the Vtech has 2 sing-along songs and 6 melodies that are sure to get on your nerves!

The Vtech Fire Station can also be used to develop your toddlers motor skills as it comes with 6 interchangeable track pieces to spark their imagination.

Recommended Age: 1+


LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck Building Kit

LEGO Duplo Town Fire Truck 10592 Buildable Toy for 1-4Year-Olds

All Duplo toys are awesome, and the fire truck building kit is no different!

View Price On Amazon

Although there is no Fire Station that comes with this Duplo version, I had to put it on this list simply because it is Duplo! Let’s not forget that your toddler has an incredible imagination, so anything can be the Fire Station!

This Fire Truck is very easy to build, and I know I have mentioned it a few times on this post but building this Fire Truck will help to develop your toddler’s motor skills.

The best thing about this Fire Truck is the crane on the back which is adjustable and allows the Fire Chief to get to those hard to reach places when tackling a fire.

As the recommended age is 2+, I highly recommend this as an awesome fire truck toy for toddlers! They will have hours of play with this rescue vehicle.

Along with the Fire Truck, you will also receive a pop-up fire and a window. I am not sure why the window is included…but I am not the one with an incredible imagination!

Recommended Age: 2+


Melissa and Doug Lock and Roll

Melissa & Doug Lock and Roll Rescue Garage: Wooden Toy Play Set + 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (#04607)

Develop your toddlers motor skills by giving them playtime with 3 emergency service vehicles!

View Price On Amazon

I have covered this toy in my post about lock and key toys for toddlers, but as it has a fire truck and fire station, it had to be on here too.

Toddlers absolutely love playing with locks and keys, almost as much as they love hiding the keys so you will never find them again! Mental note – always put the key away when they have finished playing…

Melissa and Doug is renowned for creating fun, educational toys for toddlers.

Along with the Fire Station and truck, this toy also comes with a Police car and an Ambulance. The toy has a sturdy carry handle which can be used to transport it with ease.

The vehicles are very well made and glide across the floor with ease (a huge plus for those who do not want their floor damaged!).

Recommended Age: 3+


Why a Toddler WILL LOVE Fire Station Toys

Toddlers love roleplay, especially when it comes to emergency services!

Roleplaying an emergency service is very rewarding and allows your toddler to flex their troubleshooting muscle whilst also playing the hero.

A Fire Station toy, along with the additional items will give a toddler many scenarios to play through, and considering their imagination they will never run out. Most of the toy options on this page also include mini-figures, a Fire Truck, and a pop-up fire. Your toddler will spend hours pretending to respond to various fire emergencies.

Not only is a Fire Station an excellent toy from an imagination point of view, but it will also begin to teach your toddler to respect the services and the people working for them. It will also begin to build cause and effect relationships.



If I were looking for a Fire Station Toy for a toddler then any of the options of this page are an excellent choice!

When looking for a new toy, always consider what your toddler is already into.

My Son loves Lego/Duplo and spends a lot of time playing with figures. For this reason, I put the Lego Duplo Fire Station toy at the top. Your toddler might be different, so take a look through all of the options and decide which one is better suited.

There are many toys that my son keeps going back to, time and time again. He loves rescue vehicle toys, and digger toys too!

Good luck!


Best Toddler Toys With Keys And Locks

Best Toddler Toys With Keys And Locks

When it comes to entertaining a toddler at home, I know all the tricks!

I’ve been there before, the time when your brain shuts down and you totally run out of playtime ideas. Your toddler is on your case, and stress levels rise!

Luckily, I stumbled upon a guaranteed way of keeping toddlers entertained. That way is to keep a toddler busy working with keys and locks.

Believe it or not, toddlers (especially mine) absolutely love locking and unlocking things. For that reason, I have scoured the internet for the best toddler toys with keys and locks to make your life as a parent just that little bit easier.

You’re welcome!

It is worth mentioning here that when your child plays with interactive toys, such as those with locks and keys, it helps to develop their cognitive skills.

No other intro is needed, so let’s crack on with the list.

Best Toddler Toys With Keys And Locks


Melissa & Doug Lock and Roll

Melissa & Doug Lock and Roll Rescue Garage: Wooden Toy Play Set + 1 Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle (#04607)

The Lock and Roll set by Mellisa and Doug is an excellent lock and key game that will keep your toddler happy for hours!

View Price On Amazon

The Melissa and Doug Lock and Roll toy is awesome! Not only does it have locks…and keys, but it also gives your toddler the opportunity to use their troubleshooting skills to figure out which keys go to which locks.

You would think that as they grow older they will know which color key goes with which door, but it doesn’t stop them playing with it!

What I love most about the Lock and Roll toy is that it is made of wood, which means it is robust. This toy was built to last.

You will enjoy watching your toddler lock and unlock each of the wooden units for hours!


Lock and Key Garage Toy For Toddlers from Battat

Battat - 3 Car Garage - Shape Sorting Toy Garage with Keys and 3 Toy Cars for Toddlers 2 years + (5-Pcs)

This Bettat lock and key toy is an awesome, fun toy that will keep your toddler interested!

View Price On Amazon

This awesome lock and key toy from Battat slides neatly into 2nd place after I discovered it during some research into the best garage toys for toddlers.

I simply had to add it to this post too!

It is easy to see why. It has 6 locks, and 3 keys which are easily stored towards the back of the toy.

Your toddler will absolutely love using the keys to unlock the garages, but it doesn’t just keep Toddlers entertained with keys…

For a start, the keys are different colors, and your toddler will need to match the colors for the keys to work. Also, the keys will only work in the correct lock, so they will also need to familiarize themselves with the shapes for each key.

The best part is that the toy is built to be neatly packed away, and there is even a handle for your toddler to carry it around with them!


A Padlock

Padlock, 2 keys

A padlock is a cheap and easy lock and key toy for your toddler! Just keep an eye on where the key is!

View Price On Amazon

It sounds pretty simple, but let me tell you about a game I play with my son, even now when he has moved out of the toddler years.

Basically, I would give him a padlock and he would lock it on something while I was not looking.

I would then have to search the house until I find it and unlock it. Then, it was my turn to lock the padlock onto something, and he would go looking for it.

A word of warning here, always ensure that you keep hold of the key. When it is your toddler’s turn to unlock it, hand it over and then take it back.

Even now, whenever he finds the padlock in his vast mountain of other toys, he spends a bit of time locking and unlocking it!

All you need is a simple padlock, and you will be able to play plenty of toddler lock games and keep kids entertained for hours!

A quick word of warning here, always make sure you know where the key is! I know a padlock is cheap and easy to replace, but save yourself from buying them time and time again when your toddler throws the key in some random place in your home, never to be seen again!

Also – as the key is very small, you must observe your toddler when playing with a padlock!


Pirate Treasure Box

pirate treasure box

Yaaarrrrr! A Pirate box is an awesome lock and key game, and tons of fun for parents too!

View Price On Amazon

So, you want a toddler toy with keys and locks? Well, this might not strictly be a toddler toy, but kids love unlocking things…and most kids love pirates (and pirate toys)! Why not combine both and get a pirate box that can be locked and unlocked?

Why not throw in some pirate gold coins too, just to make the whole game a little more lifelike!

Honestly, this is hours of fun.


Melissa & Doug Lock and Latch Board

Melissa & Doug Locks & Latches Board Wooden Educational Toy (Sturdy Wooden Construction, Helps Develop Fine-Motor Skills)

The Lock and Latch Board by Melissa and Doug is awesome, with an added bonus that you will not lose the key!

View Price On Amazon

Give your Toddler some tremendous fun with the Melissa and Doug Lock and Latch Board!

Here we have a wooden skills activity board with 4 lots of doors for them to open and explore until their heart is content.

It is a pretty sturdy design, which is awesome because we all know that toddler has absolutely no self-control when they get excited, right?


Toddler Handcuffs

handcuffs toys for toddler

Handcuffs are a classic toddler toy, you will spend hours in a fake cell!

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I have spent many hours locked in a cell! Obviously, I am talking about at home…and the cell is usually a different room or even an imaginary cell in the same room as my son.

One of the games he loves to play the most is where he is the Police and I am a bad guy. First, he gives me a few seconds warning, then I have to run away and he catches me. Then, on go the handcuffs and I am marched over to wherever he decides the cell is.

He takes the cuffs off my wrists and slams the imaginary cell door.

Repeat that sequence. Time…and time again.

It is awesome fun for him, and I get a bit of exercise too, so everyone is a winner!

Similar to the padlock, you must ensure you follow the key.

Toddlers have a habit of putting things down and not remembering where they left it. If you lose the key, you take away a lot of the fun and you will quickly find the handcuffs put to the back of the toy room never to be seen again.


Why a Toddler WILL LOVE Toys With Locks and Keys

My son absolutely loves playing with his toys, what Kid doesn’t?

Toys come and go, especially when they are a toddler and are progressing very quickly.

During my son’s years as a toddler, the toys that he would go back to, time and time again, were the toys with a lock. In fact, he still plays with them now!

Kids observe grownups and want to do everything that we do.

They want to grow up quick!

They see us unlocking the house, and unlocking the car, and they find it interesting and want to copy us, which is cool! Unless they find your keys, and then you will never see them again!

As I mentioned early in this article, toys with locks and keys help to develop motor skills in young children. Motor skills have been linked to improved school readiness, which is a huge reason why you should be encouraging it.



Personally, if I were looking for the best toddler toys with keys and locks, I would opt for both the padlock and the Pirate treasure chest.

The padlock will give your toddler hours of fun, on a daily basis. As they get older and more trustworthy with the key, you can leave them to it and go about your daily chores while they pretend to lock things up.

My Son and I invented an awesome game with a padlock! First, I would find a place to lock it, and my son would go and hunt for it. Then once he found the padlock, he would hide it and it was my turn to hunt for it! It was hours of fun, mostly for him…but playtime with Dad is extremely important for building a strong bond.

As for the Pirate treasure box, well that is just as much fun! Especially if you throw in some Pirate coins too.

If you have a yard, why not bury the box and go searching for Pirate treasure together? It is an awesome idea, which will bring you closer together too.

Whichever one you choose, I am confident that your toddler will enjoy playing with them!

Good luck!

Daddy Daycare Ideas – The Fake Food Trials

Daddy Daycare Ideas

There are times when I wake up on a Daddy Daycare day and my mind is blank!

How can I entertain a toddler today?

I will be honest, some days I just let him take the lead – and the fact that those days usually end up in a completely wrecked house should not put you off doing something similar!

This time I had a plan…….

Daddy Daycare – This Weeks Plan

This week, I wanted something that is going to use his imagination and is going to take a chunk out of the day. A chunk where he is not going to make (too much of) a mess.

This week – he is going to cook for me!

Not real food, you understand, I do not want it ruined! I am talking pretend food here. It is amazing, not only does it keep him entertained for an hour, but it also sparks off the imagination of a toddler.

What Equipment Do I Need For This Daddy Daycare Task?

1. Toy Food Set

Plastic Food Toy For Daddy Daycare

You need quite a bit of plastic food because kids get bored without the choice that a complete set gives them.

As long as it covers the basics, it should be fine though!

Check out some recommended Plastic Toy Food sets on Amazon.

2. Toy Microwave

Toy Microwave

When I first bought my Son a toy microwave he played with it for hours!

Then he forgot about it – and now it has made a re-appearance! When making fake food, it is important to have a toy microwave to pretend to warm it up!

3. Food Chopping Set

toy chopping food set

Honestly, this is such a fantastic idea!

A food chopping set is awesome. Each piece of food is either cut into halves, thirds or quarters and are stuck together using velcro. Use a plastic knife to cut into the food like a real-life grown up!

Using a food chopping set is strangely therapeutic for you too! Honestly, check it out!

How Do I Play The Pretend Food Game With A Toddler?


Basically, you empty all the plastic food on the floor and task them with creating some meals for you.

Then, sit back, relax and watch them in action!

Here are some of the meals my Son prepared for me……

Daddy Daycare Food – The Crackerjack Burger


This is a meal created for those who enjoy a little sweetness to their hamburger.

The ingredients are simple:

  1. Hamburger
  2. Tomato
  3. Donut
  4. Ham
  5. Cracker

The first bite was tremendous. The succulent burger, cooked to perfection melted in my mouth, cooled only by a small chunk of the tomato. It was a good start!

The second bite was a little different to any other sandwich I have tasted in the past. The difference is the sweet goodness of a donut. It is not standard practice, but give it a go.

Overall, I give this dish 7 out of 10.

Sausage De Orange


This is a classic breakfast dish in the mind of my 3-year-old Son.


  1. 1 Egg
  2. 1 Sausage
  3. 1 Slice Of Orange

It goes without saying, this tasted great until I bit into the Orange slice. I was devastated.

I struggled to hold back the tears as I explained to my Son that it was a great creation. I think the taste could be improved if he didn’t warm it up using the microwave:



I rate this dish 4 out of 10.

The Brocolorange Egg Bap – Featuring Random Green Pepper


This is more like it!

Put a dash of pepper in anything, and it automatically tastes better.


  1. Egg
  2. Burger Bun
  3. Green Pepper
  4. Slice of Orange
  5. Broccoli

Ok, I wasn’t keen on the addition of Broccoli, but I went with it.

This majestic blend of savory flavors could only be improved by the sweetness of a donut. It is a shame he didn’t think of adding it but hey, he is the Chef!

In the background, you can see a classic hot dog, which was absolutely outclassed by this magnificent meal.

I rate this dish 9 out of 10. The lack of Donut stops a score of a full 10.

The Icecream Onion Ring Combo


This is a ‘melt in your mouth’ dish and something that will win over even the harshest of food critiques.

It would have melted in my mouth if it wasn’t first melted in the microwave.

It is a clear winner, with the main ingredient being one of the classic food groups, ice cream.

Ok, when I got down to the onion ring, there was a slight pause as my brain adjusted to the flavors. Imagine biting into a chip only to find there was a wasp on the end of it. It was ok though because the ice cream flavor eclipsed the fried onion ring to create an ungodly concoction of flavors, dancing over my palette like a graceful ballerina.

This dish is a clear winner – 10 out of 10. Well done, Son.


Daddy Daycare is by far the best time of my week! I can’t think of anything else I would rather spend my time doing, and that is the truth.

You don’t have to always find things to do for Daddy Daycare, sometimes just chilling out is enough!

During Daddy Daycare, you can find me being beaten up with a large Incredible Hulk, being hit over the head with boxing gloves (The same ones I used to wean him off his pacifier!), or sparking his imagination, by giving him toy food and aking him to cook me something!

Enjoy Daddy Daycare, they do not stay this little for long. I plan to enjoy every single minute because I know he will get older and his weekends will be spent out playing with his friends, leaving me to spend time on my own, getting things done.

Wait….that actually sounds pretty awesome……

Entertain A Toddler With These 5 Household Items

entertain your toddler

Are you struggling for ideas on what to do with your kids? In the past, I certainly have.

It isn’t just a one-time thing either. My Son likes to keep me on my toes when it comes to Daddy Daycare.

I am lucky enough to have at least one day every week where it is just me and him, and I absolutely love it. As long as I approach the day with the expectation that I will not get anything useful done.

With excitement, I suggest we do something that he thoroughly enjoyed the previous week.

Nope, he’s not interested.

‘But you loved it last week!’ I say.

‘No Daddy, I don’t like it’


There are some activities and regular household objects that hit the mark a lot more than they fail, so let me tell you about those.

Entertain A Toddler With These 5 Household Items

1. The Padlock Game


I know, it sounds risky, but let me explain!

Basically, you get a padlock. A simple, cheap padlock. I picked one up from the local hardware store for pocket change, but they are also available online.

It is similar to hide and seek. You give the unlocked padlock to them and ask them to attach it to something.

Your job is to find it. When you find it, swap roles.

You may think this is a bit tedious….but genuinely, it is the top tip for a reason!

I made this game up a few months back to stop an argument between 3 toddlers when one of them found Grandads padlock.

Immediately, the argument stopped and the fun began! I would lock the padlock somewhere, then I would disappear and let them find it.

Here is a tip, make sure you hide away any spare keys!

Last Saturday, it kept my Son entertained for a full hour! This Saturday, it was at least 30 minutes.

Games involving locks and keys are a great way of entertaining a Toddler at home!

2. Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

The picture above is a recent project undertaken by my Son and Wife. They made an elevator! I am not sure who it entertained most but I guess that doesn’t matter.

A child size cardboard box is an awesome idea to keep kids entertained.

First, they will just get in and out of it. Then once you suggest that you both make something, you will entertain them while you make it, and then they will entertain themselves playing with it!

Recent cardboard box projects include:

  1. A Space Rocket
  2. Puppet Show Stand
  3. Elevator (See above)
  4. Air Plane and Racing Car (with the same box)

If you are like me, and regularly order items from the internet, you will have at least one box per week!

3. Party Time


One balloon gives you a couple of minutes of time. More than 5 balloons and they go crazy! It is a cheap way to spend time during Daddy Daycare.

If you are planning on blowing up more than 5 balloons, get yourself a pump to make life easier.

That way, if your child is like my son, when he bursts then, you can quickly replace it with another!

Balloons are very cheap, and tremendous fun for a kid to play with.

Party Whistles are also great fun, but can get annoying. Being Dads, most of us are oblivious to annoying noises, so it should be fairly easy for you to ignore.

On the approach to my birthday, he wanted some ‘Party Trumpets’ to help me celebrate. So I bought a box in preparation. The box has lasted a couple of months now and every few days he will find one and annoy the hell out of anyone within earshot. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

4. Bubble Wrap/Packaging

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a definite time killer! Most items you order online have some kind of protection inside the box.

Take it out, put it away for Daddy day care. When the time comes, just hand it over and watch them go.

You may be asked to help out with ones that are difficult to burst, but for the most part, they are happy just laying it out on the floor and jumping up and down on it!

This will give you 20-30 minutes of Dad time.

5. Feather Duster

Feather Duster

A feather duster has a large number of uses, both for an Adult (Easy!) and for a Child.

For my son, it is mostly a pink, fluffy sword. It has also made an appearance as a magic wand before falling back to its default role – a cleaning device! That’s right, he likes to use it as a cleaning device!

When this happens, you really need to take advantage of it, and get them cleaning walls and doors! Make it fun, believe it or not, they actually like cleaning when it is fun.

When your partner comes home, tell her you did it. Win-win.


Basically, kids get bored of their tools one day, and the next they love them. Repeat that on a daily basis.

The household items above are enjoyed by kids (mine at least) enjoy (almost) every time!

You are likely to already have most of the items on this page, you MAY NOT know how entertaining they are to kids.

By the way, these household items are safe enough for toddlers over 3 years old. I would not recommend giving a baby a padlock. for a start, they are unlikely to find it that interesting. We have tips on how to make sure your house is toddler-proof, everyone needs a safe house to play in!

Good luck with your Daddy Daycare!