best digital thermometer

Best Digital Ear Thermometer – A Vital Tool!

When you are faced with a child who is going through an common cold, or infection, a digital ear thermometer is the greatest tool in your kid tool box.

You need one your can trust, so here I give you my opinion on what is the best digital ear thermometer, along with the best cheap digital ear thermometer!

Surviving The Terrible Twos

Toddler Warfare – Surviving The Terrible Twos

When your child is going through the terrible two’s, you need all the help you an get.

In this post I give you my theory on the terrible two’s followed by some tips for survival!

There are also some prep ideas to reduce toddler meltdowns.

The key point is, DO NOT give in.

Tips For Surviving Work After Paternity Leave

10 Tips For Surviving Work After Paternity Leave

So you have got through childbirth…and you have survived the first few weeks of having a newborn baby.

Now it is time for your paternity leave to be over, and for you to return to work.

How do you get through it though? Here are 10 tips to help you get back to work.

Getting through your first week as a new dad

How To Survive Your First Week As A Dad

You’ve done the hospital bit, and now it is time to get your new baby to their home!

Congratulations, you are a Father!

Now your first task, is to get through the first week. How do you do that?

Here I give you 10 tips for getting through your first week as a brand new Dad!

First Time Expectant Father Preparation

First Time Expectant Father? 9 Tips For The 35 Week Mark

How do you prepare during the final 5 weeks of pregnancy?

During that time, you could get the call at anytime to hit the road to the Hospital!

It is even worse when you are a first time expectant Father, but fear not! Here are 9 things you can do to prepare for the big day.

How To Get Kids To Sleep

How To Get Kids To Sleep – Boss Mode Level 4

9 tips to help you get your kid to sleep | You’ve had a tough day, and you are desperate to relax! But wait….it is bedtime. That glorious time of the day when you get to claw some of your own time back! Nothing you are doing works though, your child will not sleep!

Kids Making You Angry

Kids Making You Angry? 10 Tips To Stay Cool!

When your kids are making you angry, it is such a challenge not to loose the plot and shout back at them. Remember who the adult, and leader is. Here are some tips for keeping cool when your kids make you angry. There are also tips on avoiding it in the first place!

Get Prepared For Childbirth Now

Get Prepared For Childbirth Now – Dad Tips

Childbirth is a daunting task, mostly for the Mothers. But how do you prepare for this life changing event as a Dad? I have put together a guide that will help you through childbirth. This is from my own experience of a torrid time!

Kid refusing to eat

Kid Refusing To Eat? Here Are 8 Dad Tips!

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When your kid won’t eat, it is as frustrating as all hell. They need to eat, and it is clear they are hungry. Are they just testing us? Probably. Here are 8 tips for you, which I have learnt in various battles with getting my child to eat his food.

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor – Top 5

Infrared is awesome! Baby monitors are necessary. Why not combine both and get your self one of the best night vision baby monitors! We have 5 choices here, including a fantastic all rounder, a great expandable monitor, the best value for money and a truck load of reassuring features!

Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks

Best Child Proof Cabinet Locks – Stop Toddler Intrigue

Here are the best child proof cabinet locks to make sure your kitchen remains safe! Knives, Glue and Chemicals are dangerous. Flour, Sugar and Rice are annoying to tidy up. Beer and Food are to be consumed in by you. Secure all these things using child proof locks in your kitchen!

Toddler Proof Your House

Toddler Proof Your House – 7 Self Learnt Tips

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Falling down stairs, grabbing a knife, grabbing the glue…its all happened! It could happen to you too. Learn from my mistakes, secure your house and make it safe from your lurking toddler. When they start to walk, you need to know this stuff.

Airplane Travel With Toddler

Airplane Travel With Toddler – 7 Top Dad Tips

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Having recently taken another long haul flight with a toddler, I wanted to share with you some Dad tips for Airplane travel with a toddler. From picking the right seats to making sure you have all their toys on hand ready to stop a huge meltdown. Here are 7 tips to make the plane journey easier!