14 Essential Items -Road Trip With Toddler Checklist

When you are a grown-up, road trips are fantastic!

You get in the car with some buddies, stick on some tunes, open the windows, and drive. It’s relaxing, chilled, and nothing like a road trip with a toddler.




Can you make it easier? Yes – by prepping a road trip checklist for your toddler! The vacation checklist is also worth checking out!

I have picked the 14 most essential items to ensure your road trip goes better than expected (it is the best you can hope for), both for you and your toddler.

14 Items For Your Road Trip With A Toddler

14 Essential Items -Road Trip With Toddler Checklist Infographic

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is essential whenever you are away from your premises with your baby and, most importantly, when you are on the road.

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A quality diaper bag must contain lots of pockets to enable you to locate each item without much struggle.

Every parent loves the grab and goes thesis, and you admire the ease it creates, right?

Grab a diaper bag and take your toddler on that road trip.

Travel System

While hitting the road, you should have the appropriate stroller and car seat to ensure your precious little one is safe. This mainly involves a car seat that flawlessly fits into a stroller and makes traveling life much more comfortable for your toddler.

A car window shade for your baby is vital to protect your young toddler from extreme sunny weather conditions.

Also – it is worth considering some car seat toys for your toddler to play with.

Changing Clutch

A changing clutch is one of the items that will ensure the most simplified diaper changing experience for your toddler.

An easy-to-clean changing clutch should be made from PVC- non-toxic materials to prevent your baby from unclean surfaces.


Baby clothing items come in different categories, including sleeping jammies, bathing suits, blankets, and changing clothes.

Packing clothes is an excellent guideline for your trip. This occasion is the perfect opportunity to utilize dark clothes to hide dirt and stains.

Anticipate for weather changes and pack easily layered garments.

You never know when a bathing suit will come in handy.

Feeding Utensils

Nowadays, you will find countless brands of baby feeding sets that encourage your baby’s independence and minimize spillage.

As a dad, this is the ideal baby feeding plan for you when you want to enjoy your favorite ice-cold drink and watch your baby fill its belly!


This is one of the best travel activities for toddlers in the car! Want to keep your toddler quiet? Then, don’t forget a tablet (not a good idea if your toddler gets car sickness, though).

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Load the tablet up with some movies or TV programs that your toddler can watch during the trip.

Headphones are a good idea too, but it does result in your toddler shouting a lot!

Bathing Stuff

You might need to stop off from time to time to freshen up. Make sure you take all the bathing stuff your toddler needs to stay fresh.

I am talking about shampoo, sponges, etc.

Toys are also a great idea, especially if your toddler doesn’t like bathing!

First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit should contain at least the basics:

  • Bandages
  • Medicine (Pain Killers, Anti-Histamines, etc.)
  • Instant Ice Pack
  • Wound Cleaning Wipes
  • Thermometer


Not only is a book a great way to keep a toddler entertained through the road trip, but when it comes to getting your toddler to sleep, you have books to read to them!

Toddlers may struggle to sleep with the excitement of a road trip, so keeping to a good sleeping schedule is essential.


Having something to do will help to keep your toddler entertained during your road trip.

Make sure you load up with some crayons and a drawing pad.

Sick Bags

My son went through a car sick stage. It wasn’t pleasant. It meant we couldn’t give him his tablet to watch anymore because it worsened his car sickness.

There were times when vomit just poured out of him (sorry for that image). So it went everywhere in the car. So the next step – find somewhere to pull in to clean up my son and my car.

Dealing with a toddler and car sickness is a challenge, but it is easier if you have a sick bag and some warning!

Hand Gel

Hand gel is vital. Why? Because it is convenient. There is nothing better than soap and water to clean hands. In the absence of water and soap, anti-bacterial hand gel is a good substitute.

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Make sure you pack some for when you have emergency toilet breaks!


Blankets are good for cover and warmth, and comfort for a toddler.

If you are traveling through the night, you will have no problem getting your toddler to sleep in a car! They love the hypnotic effect of driving.

Kick start the melatonin production by covering your toddler with a blanket in the car.

Disposable Bags

Man, having a toddler in your car is messy. It doesn’t get better either, just warning you.

Make sure you take some disposable bags with you on your road trip. You will find a use for them. They will fill up super quickly, and I guarantee you that!

Save your car, take some bags.


I have been on a few road trips with my son. Some of them lasted for many hours at a time. So if you are planning a road trip with your toddler, this checklist will be handy!

The most important thing about a road trip is that you all get out of the car occasionally to get some exercise. Being cooped up in a car for hours and hours is only going to frustrate your toddler and will make your toddler hate traveling.

Also – during your road trip, you must stick to speed limits and pay attention to the road at all times. If your toddler requires your attention, pull in somewhere safe to deal with it.

Good luck!


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